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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Assassination Classroom 44

Drowned Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 31, 2013 01:47 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Student: First off,
Student: the question is whether or not Korosensei really can't swim.

Korosen: It absorbed water and swelled up,
Korosen: since the air's so humid.
Korosensei's weaknesses (12)
Getting wet
Students (half-hidden): That's just like uncooked rice!!
Yada: We've already seen that he bloats when there's a lot of humidity.

Isogai: And before...
Isogai: the only places that swelled were the ones Kurahashi hit with water.

Student: If his whole body temporarily swelled up with water...
Student: even if it's not enough to kill him,
Student: there's a pretty high chance that he'll have an extremely hard time moving around.
(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom]

(left, star) During class at the pool, Korosensei's newest weakness came to light... "he can't swim"!! Will this become the key to a summer assassination?!


Kataoka: So, here's
Kataoka: what I've been thinking, guys.

Kataoka: At one point
Kataoka: during this summer, we'll pull Korosensei underwater.

Kataoka: That alone won't kill him, so...

Kataoka: we'll likely also slow his defensive reactions with knives and guns.

Kataoka: Then,
Kataoka: when he's bloated and can't move well...
Kataoka: students who have been lying in wait underwater will strike!


Kataoka: I'll be underwater, so just leave that part to me.

(top left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 44: Drowned Time
Matsui Yuusei
Volume 1 has sold over one million copies!! Volumes 1-4 are all on sale!!
The paperback edition of "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro", volumes 1-10, are on sale too!!
(right, star) Such a dignified nape!! This is the reliable class rep, Kataoka!!
Kataoka: With the anti-sensei knife built into my barette...
Kataoka: I'll be ready to go anytime.

Maehara: Ooh~
Student: So basically, it's time for Kataoka Megu,
Student: the swimming team's 2nd year representative for crawl stroke last year, to have a turn.


(right) He's utterly delighted with his Korosensei iPhone case!! You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's manga in Jump!!

Kataoka: The most important part now
Kataoka: is getting Korosensei near the water area without arousing suspicion.

Kataoka: We've got the entire summer,
Kataoka: so let's keep an eye out for our chance!
(sfx) Yeah!!

Mimura: Yep,
Mimura: just what you'd expect from "Ikemegu."
Sugaya: It's really amazing how much we can rely on her at a time like this.

Box: Even though the female class rep Kataoka-san
Box: is a girl, she's an ikemen.


Box: Since she's good in both athletics and academics, very helpful,
Box: and looks smart and dashing,

Box: she gained the nickname "Ikemegu."

Kayano: You know, when she jumped in and saved me before,
Kayano: she was so cool that I think I might have fallen for her.

Box: I wonder why a capable person like her...
Box: was dropped into Class E.


Kataoka: Ritsu,
Kataoka: what's my time?

Ritsu: 26.08 seconds.
Ritsu: That's still 7 milliseconds slower than your personal best for 50 meters.
(on swimsuit) Ritsu

Kataoka: Still a gap, huh.
Kataoka: I told them to leave it to me, so I have to make sure I carry this out flawlessly.

Kayano: ...Wow, how cool.
Nagisa: She sure has a huge sense of responsibility.


Korosen: She certainly is cool.
Kayano: K-Korosensei?!

Korosen: I don't know what she's been entrusted with, though.
(sfx) Grin

Box: We can't let him find out that we're aiming to kill him in the water!!
Box: I have to change the subject!!

Nagisa: Hey, Korosensei...
Nagisa: You sent a fanletter to Tade Haruko, that actress with a huge chest, didn't you.
Korosen: Nyuaa!
Korosen: How do you know about that?!!

Nagisa: I caught sight of it on your desk.
Nagisa: You sure spend a lot of time thinking and rewriting, huh.
Korosen: YEEK!
Korosen: D-don't tell me you read all those?!


Nagisa: Writing things like "when I look at you, it really perks up my tentacles"...
Nagisa: Normally, if she saw that, it'd be sexual harassment, y'know?
Nagisa: I wonder what would happen if someone found out that a teacher sent it~
Kayano: Nagisa,
Kayano: you can stop already.
Kayano: He's utterly mortified.

(Ritsu sfx) Ping!

Ritsu: Kataoka-san,
Ritsu: you have an e-mail from someone named Tagawa Kokona.

Kataoka: ...Ah...
Kataoka: She's a friend...
Kataoka: Sorry, but could you read it to me, Ritsu?

Ritsu: Sure.

Ritsu: Megumegu, what's up~? (face emoticon goes here)
Ritsu: Aaactually, I'd like you to help me with some school stuff again~ ♡
Ritsu: Let's meet up at the family restaurant in front of Torima Station~ (face emoticon goes here) Yay~! (star emoticons go here)


Ritsu: ...that's everything.
Ritsu: It would seem that she has a somewhat low IQ.
Kayano: Hey now.

Kataoka: ...alright.
Kataoka: Reply back with: I'll be right over (face emoticon goes here)
Ritsu: Understood.

Kataoka: Later, you two.
Kataoka: Something's come up, so I'll be going out for a bit.

Nagisa: ...I wonder what that was, so suddenly.
Kayano: Yeah.
Kayano: That's a pretty gloomy expression for someone going to meet up with a friend.


Korosen: How about we go take a peek at the situation.
Korosen: I'm especially worried because she is such a level-headed person.

Korosen: Those who everyone relies on...
Korosen: tend to keep their own hardships to themselves.

Kataoka: I keep telling you, you've got the grammar wrong in this part.
Kataoka: The right way to do it is...
Tagawa: Oooh. I get it, so that's how it works!!


Togawa: Finals are coming up, y'know!
Togawa: Megumegu's in Class E, but you're good in all my bad subjects.

Kataoka: ...I guess.

Kataoka: ...say, Kokona.
Kataoka: Right now, there's something I want to do.
Kataoka: We're not in the same class anymore, so you calling me out all the time is, well...

Togawa: ...what do you mean?
Togawa: I'm relying on you, and yet
Togawa: you're telling me not to call you anymore?

Kataoka: ...No,
Kataoka: that's not what I'm saying, but...
Togawa: ...how cruel.


Togawa: And you were the one who nearly killed me, too.

Togawa: I almost died because of you, and now...
Togawa: I'm so scared that I can't even get in the water.

Togawa: You'll support me, won't you?
Togawa: Forever.


Box: Wh-
Box: What's with that girl...?!

Togawa: Ah!
Togawa: Look what time it is~
Togawa: I promised to play with my friend, and I'm gonna be late.

Togawa: Laaater, Megumegu~♪
Togawa: From here on, you'll always be my exclusive Ikemegu!!

(Kataoka sfx) Sigh...

Kataoka: ...so,

Kataoka: what business does that suspicious trio over there have with me?
(sfx) Gulp


Kataoka: Last summer,
Kataoka: that girl, who was in my class, asked me to teach her how to swim.

Kataoka: Apparently, the boy she liked and his friends were going to the beach
Kataoka: and she didn't want to look bad in front of him.

Kataoka: After one session of training,
Kataoka: she'd improved enough to more or less swim the length of a pool.

Kataoka: Still,
Kataoka: swimming in the ocean is much more dangerous than in a pool, so
Kataoka: I planned to teach her a bunch of other times after that, as well.


Kataoka: ...However,
Kataoka: for some reason or other, she wouldn't come to practice anymore since the first one
Kataoka: and ended up going to the beach like that.

Kayano: ...Why?

Kataoka: She must have thought that it was enough if she could swim a bit.
Kataoka: From the start, she was the sort who hated practicing things repeatedly, after all.

Kataoka: ...and, sure enough,
Kataoka: she was swept away by the ocean current, practically drowned, and was dragged back to shore by a rescuer.

Kataoka: ...it's been like this ever since.
Kataoka: She'd say "I have a trauma from being utterly humiliated and nearly dying"
Kataoka: and "give me compensation for that useless swimming instruction."


Kataoka: Each time a test rolls around, I give her constant studying lessons...
Kataoka: but at the same time, I ended up growing worse in my weak subjects and landed in Class E.

Kayano: No way...
Kayano: Isn't she taking advantage of you just a bit too much?

Kataoka: It's alright.
Kataoka: I'm used to this sort of thing.

(Korosen sfx) BEEEP
(Kataoka sfx) Jolt

Korosen: That's no good at all, Kataoka-san.

Korosen: If you grow accustomed to others clinging to you...
Korosen: someday, you'll be dragged down with them.

Korosen: For example, like this.
(on book)
The Melancholy Housewife


Wife: Wait, what are you planning to do with today's rent?!
Hubby: Shut up, I'm going to the slots! The slots!!

Hubby: Don't get in my way! Move!!
(sfx) Whack
Wife: Kyaa!!

Hubby: ...Sorry.
Hubby: The rent ended up turning into a bar of chocolate.

Hubby: Don't abandon meeee...
(sfx) Hug
Hubby: You know I'm the sort of guy who can't do a thing without you...

Wife: ...Geez,
Wife: You really are hopeless... ♡

(sfx) Shudder
(left of Kataoka) Could this really happen...?
Korosen: That is what you'd call codependency.
Korosen: You end up becoming dependent on others' dependence on you.


Korosen: Kataoka-san,
Korosen: The way you look after her and your sense of responsibility are truly incredible.

Korosen: Even so,
Korosen: at times, you need to nurture the other person's spirit of self-reliance.

Korosen: "No matter how much I cling to this person, we won't sink."
Korosen: Someone who thinks like that will stop trying to swim under their own power.
Korosen: It doesn't do her any good, either.

Kataoka: What should I do, Korosensei?


Korosen: That much is obvious.
Korosen: She needs to be able to swim under her own power.

Korosen: Please don't endure such a burden alone, and rely on your sensei.
(right, star) An octopus who doesn't swim is just an octopus... no, it's not even that...!!
Korosen: This octopus will teach her mach swimming, which makes even fish blanch with fright.

(Nagisa): He's going to teach her to swim?!
(Nagisa): ...then that means he really can swim after all?!



[page 4]
Ikemegu / ikemen - I ended up leaving this as-is because trying to put it into English would be horribly awkward. An "ikemen" is a cool/good-looking guy. I guess the closest English approximation would be "stud" or "hunk." Ikemegu is a portmanteau of ikemen and Megu's name.

[page 16]
Kamishibai - Literally translated as "paper story", this is a form of storytelling which uses a bunch of illustrated boards inserted into a small wooden box which serves as the "theater." There's a really great example on www.janm.org/janmkids, for those interested.

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