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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 61

A Team's True Strength and The Small Beast

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 31, 2013 01:49 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 61

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Hahaha... forgot to post this one up. Remember: All Haikyuu!! translations from here on out will only be posted after the scanlated chapter is released.



Jiri: Win!!
Jiri: Win a ton of games...!!
Jiri: Win in our stead!!!

(Shou): "The final set."

(sfx) Hoo...
(Shou): If we lose this,

(top right) Onward, to the final set!!
The "Haikyuu!!" novelization goes on sale 6/4!!
Chapter 61: A Team's True Strength and The Small Beast
Furudate Haruichi
(Shou): it's all over.


Crowd: Gooo! Gooo!
Crowd: Seijooouu!
Crowd: Go go Seijou!!
Crowd: Push'em back, Seijou!!

(above crowd) One mooore!!
Boy: Seijou's cheering squad has sure gotten loud...
Boy: The set count's 1-1 now, so Seijou's got no room for error.

Girls: Oikawa-san, good luuuck!
Shimada: Urgh...

(bottle sfx) Shake
Taki: Here! What d'you think? Not bad, right?!

Impromptu cheering equipment
Plastic bottles filled with pebbles
Taki: Well? Are they winning?!
Shimada: It's only just started. Anyway, they're keeping the rally* going so long that it's a bit tough to watch...
(below panel) ※ Rally: When the ball is repeatedly hit back and forth

Shimada: Uoh,
Shimada: he kept it in play again!
Oikawa: Nice receive, Makki!


Shimada: Both teams are really into it.
Asahi: Left, left!
???: 3 blockers!!
Shimada: But
Shimada: at this rate...

Taki: Damn, he's good.
Taki: He aimed for the blocker's fingertips just now... Seijou's #4
Taki: doesn't just have power going for him...

Iwai: Yesss!!
Taki: This is probably where the difference in real ability's gonna come out...

Crowd: Way to go, Hajime!
Crowd: Push'em back, Hajime!
Crowd: One more!!
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Top Box (top):
Kageyama | Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata | Sawamura
Top Box (bottom):
Iwaizumi | Oikawa | Matsukawa
Kindaichi (Watari) | Kunimi | Hanamaki
(right of top box) ※ 3rd set starting rotation
Bottom Box (top):
Hinata (Nishinoya) | Tanaka | Kageyama
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima
Bottom Box (center): Net
Bottom Box (bottom):
Hanamaki | Kunimi | Kindaichi
Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa | Iwaizumi
(right of bottom box) ※ Current rotation

Player: Nice serve, Iwaizumi!


(Suga): We'll make use of what we learned in the 1st and 2nd sets
(gray bubble): So they're aiming for the spot the rear guard setter has just vacated, huh!

(Suga): to avoid making the same mistakes.
Asahi: Got it!
Tobio: Nice receive!

Suga: The timing of Seijou's quick strike seems to be just a bit slower than ours.

(Suga): Since we've reached the 3rd set, we're already used to our opponent's attack patterns.

(Suga): We can handle this if we keep calm, and

Suga: "Start off by talking!"

Player: Oikawa-san, give'em a good one!!

(Suga): ...Ahh.
(Suga): Yeah,
(Suga): it's alright,


(Suga): we'll be able to fight back.

Boy: They're on the 3rd round...
Boy: So Seijou hasn't won yet?

Boy: Heey! Seijou's playing a full set!
Boy: Seriously? Who're they against??

Boy: A team from Karasuno.

(above box) ※ Current rotation
Box, top:
Tanaka | Kageyama | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
Hinata | Sawamura | Azumane
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom: Kunimi | Kindaichi | Iwaizumi
Hanamaki | Matsukawa (Watari) | Oikawa
Player: Nice receive!!


(Kin): #10...!!

Crowd: Push'em back, push'em back, push'em back, Seijou!
(on banner) Dominating the court
Box: Before the start of the 3rd set

Seijou's coach
Mizoguchi Sadayuki
Mizo: Think it over!!
Mizo: Talk it out!!

Iwai: They've probably already changed the signs for that superhuman quick.
Oikawa: Signs are simple, so I'm sure that switching it up a number of times will work better for them~
Oikawa: Plus, the one thinking up the signs probably isn't either of the simple-minded duo involved,

Oikawa: but the guy on the sidelines.
Kin: Even so, don't we have any clues to knowing which they'll use...

Matsu: If he seems to be watching the ball for a while, it's a normal quick,
Matsu: and if he just jumps right in, it's the supernatural one?
Hana: Watching #10 himself would definitely work best.
Kin: Ah, got it!

(Irihata): --We can't get too caught up in focusing on #10...
Irihata (half-hidden): #10 is
Oikawa: Still, shorty is first and foremost an excellent "decoy."

Oikawa: Don't forget that,
Oikawa: OK??

Player: Yeah!
Oikawa: Good.


sfx bubble: Whoosh
Kin: Oryaa!!

Player: Nice one touch, Kindaichi!!

(Tobio): It's getting harder and harder to score in one hit...!

Watari: Free ball!!

Shimada: The rally's still going...
Taki: --On average, Seijou's likely got
Taki: the upper hand in both defense and blocking, but

Player: It's a feint!!!

Noya: Yesss!
Taki: our side's got an incomparable libero who's a defensive force to be reckoned with.


Shou: Noya-san, nice receive!!!
Player: Nice one, Nishinoya!

Player: Cover it!
Player: Left's coming this way!!

(Ukai): --We're in a situation where both sides essentially have all their cards on the table...
(Ukai): If there's one aspect of Seijou that's still unknown, it'd be...
Ukai: That guy, he's probably...
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
Crowd: Way to go, Tooru!
Crowd: Push'em back, Tooru!
Crowd: One more!

Noya: Asahi-san!!

Kunimi: Oikawa!!
Oikawa: Hurgh.

Crowd: Their setter took the receive!
Crowd: Now he won't be able to toss it!


Crowd: Their attacks are becoming predictable! They'll probably go left!
Crowd: This is Karasuno's chance to block...

Oikawa: Watacchi!!!

Watari: Got it!!!
(Watari): I'm no match for... the genius libero Nishinoya when it comes to defensive power,
(Watari): but

Iwai: LEFFFTT!!!


Shou: The Grand King's

Shou: doing a back attack?!!


Boy: Good thing that blocker was on his own, huh.
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Boy: Ooh, that's the first time this set that there's been a 2-point difference.

Crowd: Push'em back, Tooru! One more!
Ukai: --When I was watching that DVD of Seijou's match...
Ukai: there weren't any plays that went this far, so I'd thought it a "possibility", but

Player: Watari!
Watari: Got it!
Watari: Hanamaki-san!
Player: It's a back attack!!
Ukai: I noticed it during the 1st set.

Ukai: Seijou's libero... might have originally been a setter.
Ukai: Either that, or he's stacked up enough practice to be close to it...
(around Iwai) Nice toss!!
Ukai: His tossing technique is more than average...

Girl: The guy in different colors is really good~
Girl: That was like Oikawa-kun.

Taki: That toss just now... wasn't just good. It was amazing...

Taki: Liberos have a lot of restrictions placed on them. If someone spiked an overhand toss like that one just now, which was delivered in front of the line in the middle of the court, it would be a foul.
Box: Attack Line
Box: Front Zone
Box: Back Zone
Taki: Erm... basically, the rules state that the toss itself is allowed, but hitting it isn't.
Taki: That's why it's a situation where you can't toss it.
Taki: So

Taki: just now, that libero delivered the toss by launching himself into the air from just behind the line.
Taki: There wouldn't be any problems spiking it, in that case.


Shimada: Even when the setter can't carry out his role, they're still capable of a high-level attack.
(white sfx) Tweeet
Shimada: Moreover, Oikawa, who has a lot of offensive power, can also attack...!
Shimada: Being able to do all of that on the spur of the moment is what's most amazing of all...
Shimada: Watching something like that, you can really see why they're champions...

Daichi: YESSS!!
Player: Daichi-san, nice receive!!

Player: Asahi-san!!!


Girl: He got it!
Girl: Ahh!
Girl: But
Girl: the ball's gonna go over the net!!

(Shou): I can push it over!!

Oikawa: Urgh!

(Tobio): He was able to toss it up that close to the net...!


Iwai: ORYAA!

Crowd: He tossed it!!
Crowd: He hit it!!

Taki: That was really down to the wire... he nearly had a net-touch... and since Oikawa's in the rear guard now,
Taki: he can't do a dump shot, either...
Taki: That was some toss...
Taki: and the spiker hit it so naturally, too...

(left of Iwai) Nice toss!!
Taki: It's as if they're perfectly in sync.

Shou: Incredible.

(white sfx) Tweeet
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai
Boy: Oh, Karasuno called a timeout.
Karasuno High School
1st Time Out


Ukai: Alright, you guys are able to fight against them just fine! Keep your cool!
Team: Osu!
Ukai: It seems they're getting used to the attacks hit mid-court too, so
Ukai: use the full width of the court as much as possible!
Team: Right!!

(Suga): --How can there be no gaps in Seijou's attacks!
(Suga): No matter who it is, or where they are, or what the situation,
(Suga): they keep the play connected to perform a strong attack as if it were completely natural...!

(white sfx) Tweet
Player: Let's do this!!!
Team: Ossu!!!

(Ukai): Karasuno has certainly pulled themselves together since Sugawara went in.
(Ukai): They aren't excessively riled up or nervous.

(Ukai): Now, it's likely that
(Ukai): no matter who it is, they'll be able to bring out their natural strength.
(Ukai): Because of that,

(Ukai): it's slowly becoming apparent
(Ukai): that there's a difference in their true strength as a team...!


Player: Nice receive!!
Player (half-hidden): 2 blockers over here!!

Crowd: Something about Seijou really makes them seem like they're on a higher level, huh...

Iwai: Dammit!!

Tanaka: Nice going with the "Nasty Feint That Comes When You Least Expect It", Tsukishima!!!
Asahi/Tsuki: That name's so tasteless...
Daichi: C'mon now, speak up!
Noya: Take that!

Boy: They're pretty lively~
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left: Aobajousai

Takeda: ...When they're putting out 100% of their power,
Takeda: the other side is undoubtedly stronger as a team.
Takeda: But

Takeda: that dropping to 70%, or jumping to 120%, is the sort of thing
Takeda: that happens in a match, isn't it?

Takeda: And in Karasuno,


Takeda: we have the "strongest decoy" here, so that everyone
Takeda: can put out 120% of their offensive power.

(Shou): Amazing. Amazing.
(Shou): Seijou's incredible.
(Shou): I want to go out there already.
(Shou): I want to go out there already.
(Shou, half-hidden): I want to go out there already I want to go out there already
???: Hinata!

Yama: You'll get a warning if you step too far in!
Shou: Ah! Sorry!

(Yama): ......Must be nice.
(Yama): I also

(Yama): want to get out of this warmup zone
(Yama): soon.

Player: Matsukawa, nice spike!

???: Hinata,


Crowd (half-hidden): Way to go!
Crowd (half-hidden): Push'em back push'em back!
Suga: do you remember what Ukai-san said earlier?
Shou: "Use the full width of the court for attacks"... wasn't it?
Suga: That's right.

Suga: The attack most suited for that
Suga: is one you haven't used much at all this time around.

Tanaka: Hurg!

Player: Nice one, Tanaka!!!
(Oikawa): Ahh, how annoying.

(Oikawa): Our lead hasn't changed,
(Oikawa): the team's completely calm and stable,
(Oikawa): and yet
Scoreboard, right: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left (cut-off): ajousai
(Oikawa): In spite of all that, when "he" comes onto the court, all short and unskilled,

(Oikawa): I can't help but feel uneasy.
Box: Tsukishima's serve
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box, top:
Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Azumane | Sawamura
Kageyama | Tanaka | Hinata
Box, center: Net
Box, bottom:
Oikawa | Matsukawa | Hanamaki
Iwaizumi | Kindaichi (Watari) | Kunimi
(below box) ※ Current rotation

(???): The small beast whose frustration has been building

(???): in the warmup zone.
(left) The wild nature within bares its fangs...!!!
Box: Hinata IN

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