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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shiinake no Hitobito 19

You really are a great guy

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 24, 2013 02:55 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 19

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Man: And now, some opening remarks for the 2nd term, courtesy of General Chair Otoha.

Box: My name is Shiina Haruhiko.
(right of Utsuki) Hrm!
(Haru): Otoha-san's hair really grew...
Box: As you can see, it's already September.


Box: I haven't seen Otoha-san since the battle with Kaneko Akira-san.
Box: Even if I did encounter her, I'm sure she wouldn't be too pleased with me, and...

Box: If the master dispute intensifies from now on,
Box: I'll eventually have to fight her...

Boy: No mistake, this is the place.


(bottom) Chapter 19: You really are a great guy


Kusu: It's been a while, Shiina-kun!
Migi: Haven't see ya since we went to the beach.
(small text) Did things go alright after that?

Haru: Kusunoki-san! You cut your hair!! And Migimachi-kun, you got a tan?!
Haru: Everyone's sure changed, huh...

Haru: Well, even if I say that, Sano-kun hasn't really...
Sano: My eyebrows have squared off.

(right of Utsuki) Eheh.
Utsuki: Even Haruhiko-sama has changed. You're stronger...


Utsuki: right?!
Haru: Erm, I'd probably lose to you in that category, Utsuki-chan.
(text) That's my sister's uniform...

Utsuki: ?! M...my apologies. It's been such a long time, so...
Haru: It's been a while since I was last at school too, so figuring out what sort of retort to use is tough.

Kusu: I thought she'd gotten a bit more normal, but
Kusu: she's still got a ways to go.
Boy: But that's what's so great about her!


Boy: What's wrong?
Boy: Did I say something weird?


Kusu: Who the heck are you?!
Boy: Hahaha. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Haru: That uniform... are you from another school?

Haru: Why are you here...?!
Boy: To see her!

Utsuki: ...! You're!!

Boy: I've been looking for you,
Boy: Utsuki!


Boy: Marry me.

Utsuki: Ma...
Utsuki: ...r...ry?

Kusu: H...hold on, what are you saying?!
Haru: Please don't just skip over the conversation! There's an order to these things!!


Boy: Yeah...
Boy: I guess I'd like to have 100 kids?
Haru: He's jumping the gun again!!

Haru: How does he know you, Utsuki-chan?
Utsuki: Um... to be frank, I'm not really sure either...

Utsuki: Wh...what should I do?
Haru: He's waiting for a response with such an incredibly happy expression... you've got to give him a proper answer here, or this will definitely become trouble.

Utsuki: U-
Utsuki: Umm...


Utsuki: Impossible impossible impossible
(repeated to fill up the entire bubble @_@)

Student: Instant K.O.!!!
Student: As you'd expect, the unknown boy has taken massive damage!!

Utsuki: Um... was that a bad way of doing it?
(small text) I tried to say 100 people's worth...
Haru: Well... I think he'll give up.


Haru: For now, let's bring him to the infirmary.
Utsuki: R...right!

Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: What a predicament.

Otoha: Someone rather unexpected has turned up.

(sign) Infirmary
???: Phew...


Haru: It'd be nice if we could figure out who he is, but...

Utsuki: In that case, let's try searching his clothes!
Haru: We can't do that, Utsuki-chan!!
(small text) We're not bandits, y'know...

Haru: He's kinda strange, but it's not like he did anything bad...
Haru: Let's wait until he wakes up.

Boy: You really are a great guy,
Boy: Shiina Haruhiko.


Mina: Preparations are complete, Hiromu-dono.
Hiromu: Got it!


Haru: Minazuki-san?!
Mina: We meet again sooner than expected, Shiina Haruhiko.

Mina: This is a result of your naive way of thinking.

Utsuki: I see... him knowing my name was also
Utsuki: due to him being a master candidate...!!

Hiromu: Nope, not quite!

Hiromu: I knew you a bit further in the past.
Hiromu: Utsuki of the Moon Village's Juunigesshuu!


Hiromu: My name is Shidou Hiromu...
Hiromu: I guess it'd be easier if I said "The Shidou Financial Group", huh?

Utsuki: The Shidou Financial Group!!

(Haru): The Shidou Financial Group...
Haru: You mean that building that's the tallest in Yamanaka Town?!

Utsuki: ...Yes.
Utsuki: I might have mentioned it before, but
Utsuki: we of the Moon Village receive requests and payment from corporations and millionaires in this town.


Hiromu: In other words, The Shidou Financial Group is...
Hiromu: one such client.

Hiromu: ...I remember that day clearly
Hiromu: even now...

(Hiromu): The assembly hall where prominent people from town had gathered for a party was taken over by terrorists... I, who was young at the time, could only tremble in fear.

(Hiromu): It happened in an instant...


(Hiromu): The one who saved me wasn't a policeman or some burly bodyguard...

(Hiromu): but a small girl who seemed

(Hiromu): about my age.

Hiromu: She was so... mesmerizing.


Hiromu: Your eyes have sure gotten kinder since then,
Hiromu: Utsuki.

Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama,

Utsuki: right now, even if you were to fight against him, you would inevitably lose.
Utsuki: I will open a path somehow, so please use that opportunity to escape.

Haru: ...Eh?!


Haru: Wait a... Utsuki-chan?!


Naga: Hey, wait!
Naga: Hold up, anego!
Naga: We know that that guy's the son of the Shidou Financial Group and a master candidate.

Naga: So then why've we gotta be prepared to escape?!

Otoha: Because we can't win against him.

Otoha: As we are now, no matter how much we struggle, we won't be able to win... that is the only reason.
Otoha: I'd wanted this to be where I repay my debt to Shiina-kun, but the opponent is much too dangerous...
Otoha: It's rather unfortunate.


Naga: Th...
Naga: Then why?

Otoha: ...The Shidou Financial Group amassed a fortune through transporting all manner of goods. It is the foremost company in this town.

Otoha: So here's the question.
Otoha: What do you think they transported to give them that standing?

Naga: Wouldn't it be food or something?

Otoha: You really are an idiot.
Otoha: Take a look at the sky.


Otoha: It's military-grade weapons.


Otoha: As the son of the distinguished Shidou Financial Group, Shidou Hiromu possesses
Otoha: both military power and a ninja corps.
Otoha: You could say he is the strongest and worst master candidate.


Woman: Behave yourself,
Woman: "Devil Rabbit"...


Hiromu: Even though she was in the wrong, don't shoot, Shizuka.
Hiromu: Just restrain her.

Shizuka: ...Aye aye, sir.
(sfx) Tch.

Haru: ...!! Utsuki-chan!

Hiromu: It's not like I'm going to smack you guys around, y'know?

Hiromu: I'm here for only one reason.
Hiromu: Utsuki.

Hiromu: I don't care about anything else.


Mina: Hiromu-dono?!
Hiromu: Yeah, yeah. I already said I'll uphold the promise I made with you!

Hiromu: But that's just until I get ahold of her.
Hiromu: After that, you can rule the Moon Village or whatever however you want.

Hiromu: ...and so, that being said,

Hiromu: give me Utsuki's piece!


Utsuki: ...Haruhiko-sama!

(Haru sfx) Swallow

Haru: I'm sorry, Utsuki-chan.
Haru: It's true that I might lose...


Haru: But
Haru: that's no reason at all to hand over Utsuki-chan!!

Hiromu: ...so that's your answer, even against this many opponents.
Hiromu: You really are a great guy.

Hiromu: In that case,
Hiromu: I shall respond thusly.


Hiromu: Shiina Haruhiko!!
Hiromu: Out of respect for your courage...
Mina: Wha?!
Hiromu: I propose we engage in single combat!!

(Haru): HUH?!

Hiromu: If you win, we will withdraw! If I win, I'll take Utsuki's piece!
Hiromu: It will be a one-on-one master showdown.
Hiromu: Alright?!

Haru: Wha?!
Haru: Er, hold on...!


Hiromu: What? Do you have an objection?
Haru: No, it's actually appreciated on our end, but...
Hiromu: Then it's settled!

Hiromu: I shall be using this...

Hiromu: However, if I use this, you undoubtedly won't be able to combat it with that kunai.
Hiromu: Shiina Haruhiko, I shall give to you a weapon with which you can fight on even ground with me!

Hiromu: Please take a look behind you!


Hiromu: It's a rocket launcher.

(Haru): WHAAAAT?!

Haru: Wait a... just what are you thinking?!
Haru: If I shoot off something like that in the infirmary, it'll turn into a serious problem, y'know?!
Hiromu: Even I know that much!

Hiromu: However, the only thing which could oppose this is a rocket launcher!!
Haru: Then show some self-restraint!!
(small text) What is that thing, anyway?!

Mina: Your opponent has a point.
Hiromu: ...I get it already. Somebody lend me a knife.


Hiromu: Now then...
Hiromu: Let's begin!


Utsuki: Ha-
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama!!

Hiromu: ...Not bad, Shiina Haruhiko!!
Hiromu: So you're not just some ordinary guy after all!!

(Haru): ...I've been training for just this sort of reason!!
(Haru): I won't lose so easily!!


Haru: Why are you facing off against me?!

Haru: You could win no sweat in one attack without having to do something like this!!

Hiromu: I already said it, didn't I?
Hiromu: It's because you're a great guy.

Hiromu: By having a match like this,
Hiromu: we'll settle things without any future problems!!


Hiromu: Well,
Hiromu: I'm only saying this as something I want us both to "agree" on.

Haru: Yeah.
Haru: I know exactly how you feel.

Haru: --However,


Haru: taking Utsuki-chan's piece by force

Haru: because she rejected you...
Haru: Will that truly satisfy you?!


(sfx) Drip...


(Hiromu): That's right!!
Haru: WHAAA?!

???: Instant KO!!!
Ninja: Hiromu-dono!! Get ahold of yourself!!

(Haru): So weak-willed!!
(Haru): He's ruled by his emotions?!!!


Hiromu: I see... Just what am I doing... what I want isn't Utsuki's piece, but "Utsuki" herself.

Ninja: Damn you, Shiina Haruhiko!! How dare you do that to our master!!
Haru: Do what?!

Hiromu: Stop!
Hiromu: Whatever you may think, this is my loss.
Hiromu: ...I shall withdraw from here.

Mina: B...but Hiromu-dono!!

Hiromu: Minazuki!! Don't embarrass me!!
Mina: You're saying that now...?


Hiromu: My apologies, Utsuki...

Hiromu: ...see you later.

Box: Thus...
Box: Shidou Hiromu-kun, who had whirled in like a storm, whirled out again the same way.

Box: And then, a few days later...


(above girl) Morning~

(Haru sfx) SIGH

Haru: I still have Hiromu-kun fatigue.
Utsuki: It seems he could do something again at any time, so we mustn't let our guard down...

Haru: Since it's him we're talking about, he'll transfer in and...
(right of Haru) Ahaha
(top sfx) Ding dong ding

???: Alright, take your seats!


???: I have something important to tell all of you today.

???: Hrm... now where should I start?

Hiromu: My name is Shidou Hiromu.
Hiromu: I'm 16.


Hiromu: Though we're all around the same age, show me the same respect you would any other sensei.
Hiromu: I may look like this, but I graduated from Har**ard University and have all the qualifications to be one of the teaching staff.

Hiromu: Also, Utsuki!
Hiromu: I haven't given up yet!!

(sfx behind Shizuka) GYAAAAAAAAH!!
Box: Hiromu-sensei's assistant


(left of Yayoi)
Hah... hah...
I hardly did anything this time around, but
Hah... hah...

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