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Soul Catcher(S) 3

Like The Asuras

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 2, 2013 01:19 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) All eyes on him...!!
Kamine: I'm Kamine Shouta.
Kamine: I've joined... because I want to conduct.
Box, left side: The story so far
Box, right side: Kamine became determined to join the concert band as a result of Tokisaka's invitation. The club advisor, Kodama, set forth quite a demanding requirement for the "aspiring conductor" - gain the approval of all the instrumental section leaders!!

(below panel) An increase to 23 pages for chapter 3 of the new serialization [SOUL CATCHER(S)]!!

Box: They're not being welcoming at all. Well, it makes sense...
Box: I'm "an amateur who joined in the fall to conduct rather than play an instrument", after all.
(bottom right heart) Huh?
(top, combo safe) Kachack
(top, lock) Slam
(top, shutters) Roll roll
(bottom left heart) Wait, what?
Box: I've got to... get all of them on my side...!!

Girl: I heard that performance of "I Need to Be in Love"! The stuff Tokisaka-kun said went right over my head, though~
Girl: You're not about to let him conduct for the "competition", are you, sensei?

Kodama: He's a normal band member who has ambitions to be a conductor.
Kodama: I'm going to have him rotate through each section once and choose which instrument he wants to play.
Kodama: I just want you section leaders to judge his character based on your interactions with him.


(right, top)
Kamine Shouta
A boy who can see people's hearts. After meeting Tokisaka, he's set his sights on becoming the concert band's conductor.
(right, bottom)
Tokisaka Hibiki
A genius sax player. By borrowing the strength of Kamine's ability, he hopes to realize his goal of the concert band making it to the national competition.

(sfx) Whisper
Toki: Kamine,
(all bubble sfx) Whisper whisper whisper
Toki: you are no ordinary band member.

Toki: You are the one who will lead and conduct these people
(sfx) Whisper whisper
Toki: at the next competition.
(sfx) Whisper whisper
Opus 3: Like The Asuras
Soul Catcher(s)
Shinkai Hideo

(below panel) It's all uphill from here!!!


Kodama: ...So... where will you go first?
Kamine: Er... um.

Kamine: ...Let's see... I don't really know anything about this stuff...
Kamine: Hrm. Well... speaking from an amateur's perspective,

Kamine: That... I guess.
Kamine: How should I put this. It's like... sorry,
Kamine: this might be a bad way of putting it, but
Kamine: if we're just talking about producing sound, then... those would be easier than something you blow into... basically, I think it looks like something even I

Kamine: could-
Kamine: Sorry.

Boy: The hell'd you just say, huuuh?!
Boy: That even if you go in half-assed, you'll be able to play immediately?!
Boy: That the world would still turn, even without percussion?!
Kamine: I didn't say anything like that!


(right, star) He's a man whose soul blazes as he draws!! You can only read Shinkai Hideo-sensei's manga in Weekly Shounen Jump!! Thanks for the support!!

Boy: Percussion is the rhythm of a piece!! It even controls the music's atmosphere!!
Boy: It livens up light songs!! It weighs down dark songs!!
Boy: If you're not gonna put any soul into it, then you're not fit to play!!
Percussion Section Leader
Utebi Tooru

Box: He has a low boiling point!!
Box: I'm horrible dealing with his type!!

Utebi: Tokisaka brought ya along, so I was wondering what sorta guy you'd be... I ain't gonna approve of ya.
Utebi: Start over and go join the club normally.

Box: This person is impossible...
Box: Maybe I'll start with someone who seems kinder...

Box: No.
Box: That's the same
Box: sort of thinking I've had until now.

Box: If I run away here, neither his heart nor anything else will change.
Box: I'll keep having difficulty if I leave things like this.
Kamine: There's...
Kamine: got to


Box: I'll even deal with the types I'd usually want to avoid!!
Kamine: be something
Kamine: I can do about that!!

Souma: C'mon, Utebi.
Souma: Percussion is easier for a beginner to play, and it'd serve as a good introduction to the concert band.

Utebi: ...I'm a busy guy.
Utebi: If you get in the way... I'll kick you out on the spot.

Souma: ...he's scary, but everyone in the section gets along, so
Souma: you can take it easy.

Kodama: We're rehearsing again tomorrow, so I'll leave the preparations to you.
Kodama: Dismissed!

Box: ...Take it easy...?
Box: That guy's... heart...


Box: The way it rages like a storm, with that terrifying appearance...
Box: is definitely not normal...!!

Utebi: --You're gonna help us bring out the stuff we need for today's practice.

Box: Percussion sure has a lot of variety.
Box: Does one person play a bunch of these? It must be tough to divvy them up...
Kamine: What're these wooden sticks for?

Utebi: Don't strike the claves so carelessly.
Utebi: You trying to break'em?
Kamine: Sorry.

Utebi: Don't drag that! Lift it up and carry it!!
(right of Kamine) Eep!

(right of Kamine) Eep!
(sfx) Grab
Utebi: That doesn't get picked up!!

Box: Handling instruments is friggin' scary!!
(small text) They're so delicate!!
(left of Kamine) YEEK!
Utebi: Okay, you guys are all set, right!!
(behind Utebi) Yes~


Utebi: We're gonna put soul into our practicing like always, got it!!
Students: Yes, chief!!
Kamine: Chief?!

Box: It's a really unified section, no doubt about it.
Box: Everyone is wholeheartedly focused on Utebi-senpai.

Box: He's such a strict person, though...
Kodama: Alright, here we go! From the top! Tutti!
(Tutti is a musical term meaning "all together")
(left of bubble) Okay!

Kodama: Three, and...


Box: Listening to the percussion this close-up is so intense!!
Box: It feels like my whole body is drowning in it!!

Box: The very sound he's making is energizing him?!
Box: This guy... really loves percussion down to his very core.

Box: !! The rest of them are getting fired up by their own sound, too!
Box: You can tell they're enjoying it a lot.

Box: ...Hrm... but something's...
Box: a bit off...
Kodama: Stop!


Kodama: Percussion! You haven't fixed it at all!
Kodama: There's just no "sense of unity" among you!!

Kodama: Especially the glockenspiel and snare drum.
Kodama: Is there an issue?!
Box: Glockenspiel
Box: Snare drum

Boy: Sorry about that.
Girl: Sorry.
Kodama: Once more!

Box: If I were to put it into words...
Box: While everyone else is fired up... those two are the only ones
Box: who aren't...


Kodama: No matter how many times we do it, you're still not getting it right!! You're not meshing with the other sections at all!!

Utebi: Sorry. Takita and Imakane are both still in a slump...
Taki/Ima: Chief...
Utebi: I'll... take responsibility.

Kodama: ...We'll practice
Kodama: this part without the percussion.

Student: ...I'm sorry, chief...
Student: This is all our fault...

Utebi: You two've been playing those instruments since elementary school.
Utebi: You're basically the best players we've got.

Utebi: I just couldn't get you to overcome that slump before the concert.
Utebi: That's all.

Girl: Chief...


Box: There it is again...
Box: What is that?

Box: I've got a feeling that that really
Box: isn't all there is to it...

Kamine: Umm...
Kamine: Perhaps... you two... this is just a hypothetical, but

Kamine: maybe it's... not because you're
Kamine: in a slump...?

Utebi: The hell's with you?
Utebi: Pretending to be a conductor, are ya?!


Utebi: You don't know shit about music, do you?!
Box: That's true, but...!! It's still bothering me...!!

Kamine: This is completely hypothetical!
Kamine: But what if they don't want to play percussion anymore to such an extent
Kamine: that it's eating away at them...!!

Utebi: I already told you
Utebi: that if you get in the way, you're gone.

Utebi: I'm done babysitting.
Utebi: Get out.


Kamine: I hit a dead end... really quickly.
(sfx) Shiver shiver
Toki: So going to Utebi-senpai right off the bat is too difficult, hm...

Toki: Are you sure they aren't actually in a slump?
Toki: "Music is soul and the soul is music", you know.

(right-hand hearts, from top to bottom): Yeah | This is fun | Yay! | Nice!
Toki: Anyone would be happy, feel good, and get fired up about practicing and becoming skilled at performing a song they like, but
(left-hand hearts, from top to bottom): Nope | Can't | Too hard | Noo...
Toki: if you can't make it sound the way you want it to, you'll gradually lose confidence and fall into a slump... it's only natural.

Toki: No matter the person, "their own sound" and "their own heart" are constantly influencing them.

Kamine: I think the section...

Kamine: can't maintain a sense of unity because something is off with their hearts, rather than their sound.
Kamine: That's all the more reason why I can't overlook it.


Kamine: If they were actually in a slump,
Kamine: then those two wouldn't be hiding how they really feel!!

Toki: So, basically,

Toki: if we move their hearts and their music gets better,
Toki: Utebi-senpai will also come to acknowledge you, right?!

Toki: Things are looking up!! Those two are the key to everything!! Let's go back!
Toki: They said they were going to stay behind today to practice!

Toki: I can do a performance to...

Kamine: No,
Kamine: Sorry, but
Kamine: that won't work.

Kamine: Your music captures the audience's hearts, but
Kamine: those two are musicians who share the same goal as you.


Kamine: This is my fight as a conductor,
Kamine: to gain acceptance... from the musicians.

Toki: Got it!

Kamine: Ah, but, could you come with me?
Kamine: I'm scared after all...
Toki: Got it.

???: Over there! I can hear the two of them playing.

Box: ...? This sound...

Kamine: ...'Scuse me, we're coming in...

Kamine: Umm


Boy: Kamine... and
Girl: Tokisaka?!

Kamine: ...Huh?

Kamine: Hold on a second... erm...
Kamine: Just now...

???: D...don't tell anyone!! Not a soul!!
???: We're... just fooling around!!

Kamine: ...So you really... do want to stop playing...?

Kamine: It isn't a slump that's keeping you
Kamine: from getting fired up over the music... that's not it at all, is it?


Girl: ...We haven't told anyone about it...
Girl: I'm sure no one knows, and yet...
Boy: ...Kamine... you only listened to the concert once, so...

Boy: How...
Girl: did you know...?!

Toki: Won't you tell us why?
Toki: We may be in different sections, but we're all part of the same band.

Kamine: ...Shouldn't... you tell that to Utebi-senpai...
???: No!!


Boy: Something like that... we absolutely can't...!
Girl: Please... keep quiet about it...!!

Box: For them to be that frightened...
Box: They're sure daunted by their fear of Utebi-senpai, huh...

Kamine: I'd thought it was strange...
Kamine: that he had everyone call him "chief".

Kamine: It might look like a closely-knit group, but... in actuality,
Kamine: maybe everyone is so scared of Utebi-senpai that they only grudgingly obey him...!!


Kamine: They've managed to get by until now, but a rift has finally begun to form.
Kamine: That would be... these two...
Kamine: And all the while, Utebi-senpai's been the only one having a good time...!!

???: "Chief" is a nickname he inherited from the previous section leader.

Girl: We're the ones
Boy: who choose to call him that.

Kamine: What now, Tokisaka...?
Kamine: The section members must really be suffering like this.

Kamine: Unless we stop Utebi-senpai's reign of tyranny--
Boy: Kamine.


Boy: We don't follow him out of fear.
Boy: It's not that we're cowering and can't talk to him.
Boy: He's not a tyrant or anything like that!!


Boy/Girl: Don't badmouth the chief when you don't know the first thing about him!!

???: He's the one overworking himself and
???: suffering the most!!!

Box: What should I do...? I've gotten them angry... How did it turn out like this...?
Box: Nothing good comes of

Box: concerning myself
Box: with others' hearts.


Toki: Kamine... are you alright?

Kamine: As if I'd really be able
Kamine: to pull this off...

Kamine: I've always run away,
Kamine: and kept from dealing with others' hearts...
Kamine: I'd thought... that changing them was an impossible feat...

Kamine: until I heard
Kamine: your music.

Kamine: I had it all wrong... I finally understand that, after speaking with those two and getting them angry.
Kamine: Utebi-senpai has been the key to everything from the start.

Kamine: It isn't that he's rampaging with that terrifying appearance and making those around him cower.
Kamine: He's had no choice but to become like that!!


Kamine: Utebi-senpai will be an ally!!
Kamine: He's someone I absolutely must win over!!

Kamine: I'm scared... but I've got to do this...
Kamine: I'll give it a go...!!

Toki: ...Kamine, there's another rehearsal
Toki: tomorrow.

Kamine: Sorry, but tomorrow's rehearsal
Kamine: is gonna be rough!!!
(left) There's a storm on the horizon!!
(bottom right) Next time, the inevitable clash with Utebi!! Will Kamine really be alright?!



[page 2]
The Asuras - The Asuras are low-ranked deities in Buddhism. They are depicted as having three heads and 4-6 arms and are primarily associated with wrath and pride. They are said to represent the mental state of someone who can only solve things through violence.

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