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Shiinake no Hitobito 20

We've hit bottom

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 20, 2013 12:43 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 20

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Boy): "Why are you always focused on the ground?"

(Utsuki): ...I look up when necessary, too.
(Boy): "But you're always looking down."
(Utsuki): ...It is easier that way.
(Boy): "That's because you've never lifted your head up to the sky."

(Utsuki): ...That is impossible. It is too bright to do so...


(Haru): "How about now? Not as bright, right?"
(Haru): "You can look up at the sky this way too, can't you?"

(Haru): "It's okay if you take it slow."
(Haru): "Let's walk together with our heads held high..."

(sfx): Shock


Hiromu: Hey there, Haruhiko!
Hiromu: You awake now?
Box: My name is Shiina Haruhiko.

Box: A master candidate has come to my school,
Box: and as a teacher, for some reason...
Hiromu: Well then, time to start class!!


Hiromu: Dismantle this in under 10 minutes!
Haru: Hiromu-sensei! What exactly are you trying to impart to us with this lesson plan?!

Utsuki: All done.
???: That was fast!!

Hiromu: As expected of Utsuki.
Hiromu: Let's get marri-
Utsuki: Impossible.

Box: Well, be it one thing or another,
Box: this school, with its abundance of common sense, is being reduced to chaos.
Box: ...are we gonna be alright?!
(Hiromu's writing): Utsuki


(bottom): Chapter 20: We've hit bottom


Man: Erm... Hiromu-sensei? What exactly are you doing to the school grounds...?
Hiromu: Don't worry about a thing! I've gotten the principal's permission.
Man: That's... but what are you doing...?!

Hiromu: What, you ask? The sports festival is coming up soon, isn't it! Please leave all the dangerous work to me.
Man: What are you saying you'll take care of, with that tank driving around?!

Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: Whatever could you be planning?

Otoha: That girl may be your objective, but for you to come to a school alongside two other master candidates...
Otoha: perhaps you have something up your sleeve, as the next president of the Shidou Financial Group?


Hiromu: Who're you?

Shizuka: Hiromu-sama...
Shizuka: She is Otoha Kyouko, a master candidate who manages this school as its General Chair.
Hiromu: Ohh!
(small text): Really?!

Hiromu: Sorry, I didn't realize that!
Hiromu: But rest assured, this is just me doing my professional duty as a "teacher."

Hiromu: I don't have any crafty schemes or strategies.
Hiromu: Please don't worry about a thing and enjoy the festival!

(right): Hiromu-sensei!!
(left of Hiromu): Coming.


???: Tch.
???: That's one brazenly cheeky bastard.

Naga: Let's wait for an opening and strike under the cover of darkness, anego!

Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: We still won't stand a chance, you know...
(small text): Calm yourself, Nagatsuki.

Otoha: At least... not as long as his aide, that assassin called Shizuka, is on her guard.

Otoha: Still,


Otoha: if he keeps looking down on me, I won't be able to remain so cordial.
Otoha: Perhaps I shall give him a reason to remember the name Otoha Kyouko.
Naga: A...anego?!

???: General Chair Otoha!

Haru: Um... I'd like to to ask you about some of the arrangements for the sports festival...

Otoha: Listen well, Shiina-kun.

Otoha: If I'm going to do this, I will completely crush him,
Otoha: so make sure you're not on Shidou Hiromu's side, okay?


Haru: Er...m...
Haru: In other words...?
Haru: What does that mean?!

Girl: Well then,
Girl: October has finally arrived!!

Girl: It's time for Otokoyamanaka High School's sports festival!!
(small text): By the way, I'm the MC, Aoi Sora!
Sora: All students in our school are divided up into two teams - red and white - which will compete against each other!!


Sora: That said, the red team is made up of Classes A and C!
Sora: They are led by the 16-year old teacher, Shidou Hiromu!!

Sora: And on the opposing white team is none other than... General Chair Otoha Kyouko!!
Sora: She'll be spearheading Classes B and D!!

Hiromu: Let's have a good one!
Otoha: Oh my, you took the words right out of my mouth.


Student: Huh? That teacher's participating too?!
(shirt): Satou
Student: What the heck is he thinking?!
(shirt): Tanaka
(shirt): Kusunoki
(Utsuki/Haru's shirts): Shiina
Student: General Chair Otoha is unusually fired up, huh.

(Haru): ...I get it now.
(Haru): This is what she meant!!

(Haru): But this is a chance to gain Otoha-san's trust!
(Haru): I'll go all-out on the offensive here, and we'll become even better friends!


Hiromu: I'm sorry, Utsuki!

Hiromu: As a result of an impartial lottery... we've ended up as enemies...

Hiromu: Even so, going easy on each other would be the pinnacle of stupidity!
Hiromu: Let's fight fair and square, in the spirit of good sportsmanship!


Utsuki: Um... I'll say this now, but
Utsuki: you are an enemy in the battle between master candidates.

Utsuki: As such, I cannot see you as anything other than a member of the Shidou Financial Group.
Utsuki: Do you understand?

Hiromu: Yup, I get it!
Hiromu: That's all the more reason why I won't do anything you don't like!

Hiromu: That scowl of yours is cute too, Utsuki!

Hiromu: Again?!


Sora: Well, then!!
Sora: The sports festival has hardly begun, and sparks are already flying!
Sora: The first event is tug of war!

Sora: Is everyone ready for it?!

Sora: Ready, and... go!


Sora: Yikes!! What in the world was that?!
Sora: There are people flying everywhere!!

Sora: We've determined that the cause is a girl from Class A, on the red team.
Sora: Red team suddenly takes the lead!!
(on Yayoi's shirt): Hanajima
Yayoi: Hmph.
Yayoi: How ridiculous.

(Haru): That's right, they have Yayoi-chan on their team!!
Haru: Kh...!!

Utsuki: Do not worry, Haruhiko-sama.


Utsuki: Even without brute strength... I can best the enemy with a special technique!
Utsuki: Please leave it to me!

Sora: White team loses for foul play due to using some strange tool of some sort!!

Box: We...
Box: ended up failing because she used that...

Sora: Moving on, next we have the ball-toss game!!


Etsuko: Wait!! Not the red ones! We have to throw the white balls!!

Hiromu: Good going, Utsuki!
???: Please fall, you coward!
???: "Good going" my ass! You're in the way!!
???: If you stand there, we can't get our red balls in either, y'know?!

Sora: ...and now they're already signaling the end of the event!
Sora: Make way for the judges.

Sora: Red,
Sora: red,
Sora: red!
Sora: Somehow or other, all the balls in the basket are red!! How in the world did that happen?!


Man: I see... take a look at that.
Former Class 1-B teacher

Sora: H...Hiromu-sensei is covered... in blood!!
Takami: He has a habit of getting a nosebleed upon taking emotional damage.

Takami: It's likely that the white balls were dyed red as a result of the jeers from earlier.
Sora: Is that even legal?

Shizuka: Very much so.
Sora: Th...that's right, it definitely is!

(left sign): White Team


(Haru): Our class is clearly sabotaging itself!!

Hiromu: Sheesh... the way this is going, it's not even a challenge at all.
Hiromu: Maybe I should stop participating for a while, as a handicap?
Hiromu: Nah... guess I'll just have to hold back, then...

(Haru): EEEEK!!!


(Haru): Th...this time, we absolutely have to win!!
Sora: The next event is the "baton-eating relay."

Sora: Hmm?! I've never heard of this event before?!

Sora: Seems like it's a mix of a bread-eating race and a baton relay...

Sora: Apparently it's a relay race where the batons are strung up like the bread would be, are pulled down by mouth, and then passed along.


(Etsuko): Why the hell are they mosaic-colored!!
(on headband): Kusunoki for life
(Sano): So you already knew that I, Sano, was the one behind it!!

Sora: A...anyway, it's quickly changed into a normal relay race!


Box: ...Not good!!
(left of Haru): She's struggling...!!
Box: She lost time hitting Sano-kun and now she's in last place!!

Utsuki: Um... please leave the next one to me, Haruhiko-sama!

Utsuki: I have familiarized myself with the rules of this "relay."
Utsuki: Speed is my specialty! I will not make any mistakes!


Sora: She...

Sora: She's overtaking everyone in an instant...?!
Sora: This is unbelievable! In the blink of an eye, she shot out into first place!!!

Hiromu: Just what I'd expect...

Haru: Utsuki-chan!!

(Utsuki): ...all that's left is to entrust this stick to my master!!

Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama!


(on shirt): Shiina

(center panel): Augh--

(Haru): We've hit bottom.
(small text): Er... no pun intended...


Utsuki: M...my deepest apologies, Haruhiko-sama!!
Haru: 'sokay.
Haru: I'm the one at fault, for not being able to take the baton...

Otoha: My oh my.

Otoha: How long do you intend to remain depressed?

Otoha: You have nothing to fret about.
Otoha: Everyone has their own
Otoha: strong points and weak points, so it's a matter of being the right person for the job.

Haru: O... Otoha-san!


(on paper): Trash

Sora: The white team has dominated the borrowing race!!
Sora: They've overtaken the red team, which had almost reached the goal!!!

Sora: Maan, I thought they were gonna lose without a fight, but... General Chair Otoha has
Sora: charmed her way through to the bitter end. ...That's gotta be a real blow to Hiromu-sensei!!


(Haru): The item was "trash"...

Utsuki: Ha...Haruhiko-sama...
Etsuko: He's already out for the count.

Etsuko: Let's just leave him be.
Etsuko: The next event's about to start.

Haru: ...Kusunoki-san's right. You should hurry and get going.
Haru: I'll just be lying here on the ground like the trash I am.
(small text): Hahaha...


Sora: And nooow,
Sora: thanks to the white team's hot pursuit, now this is anyone's game!
Sora: It's time for the final event, and of course it's none other than...

Sora: pole toppling!

(Hiromu's shirt):

Sora: The rules are very simple! If your team can knock down the opponent's pole while protecting your own, you win!

(on Otoha's shirt): Otoha


Sora: On your marks,
Sora: get set...

(large white sfx): BOOM

Box: Come to think of it...
Box: I've never once excelled at something...

Box: Even if I study like there's no tomorrow, I get failing grades due to impatience and anxiety...
Box: and even despite all the effort I put into getting stronger, I was still no match for him.


(black sfx): Sigh...
(Haru): As if I'd really become an outsanding master and be able to attend Tokyo University like this...

Haru: ...What are you doing, Utsuki-chan?

Utsuki: Waiting, of course.


Utsuki: For you to lift your head...

Utsuki: When I was younger... someone told me
Utsuki: "if you look up, there's a huge sky above us..."
Utsuki: "It's a bit bright, but it will definitely warm your heart."
Utsuki: "So let's walk together, with our heads held high..."


(sfx): Roll

Haru: That's... kinda a childish way of encouraging someone.

Utsuki: If I hadn't learned to "look up" because of that,
Utsuki: I probably wouldn't be here right now.

Utsuki: Please don't give up,
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama...
Utsuki: Let's...
Utsuki: walk together with our heads held high.


(Haru): It's okay if you take it slow.
(Haru): Let's walk together with our heads held high...

Haru: Wait, isn't that...

Sora: What's this?! The white team's pole is leaning...
Sora: Are they gonna be able to pull off a miracle once again?


Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama!

Utsuki: Let's go!!

Haru: --yeah!


Haru: The red team's pole is closer!! Let's bring it down before they bring down ours!!
Utsuki: Right!


Yayoi: Heh.
Yayoi: Finally shown up, have you...
Yayoi: From the very start, I've had no interest in these games!!

Yayoi: My only interest
Yayoi: lies in revenge against you!!

Haru: K...Kaoru-chan!
Utsuki: Please go on ahead, Haruhiko-sama!

(below panel): ※ When they're enemies, he calls her Kaoru.

Utsuki: I have faith in you!


(Haru): I might have
(Haru): greatly misunderstood all of this...

(Haru): Thinking back on it, why didn't I notice... when it was right in front of me...
(Haru): Was it because she'd changed so much?

(Haru): I guess I should ask her about it when this is over.

(Haru): Utsuki-chan.


Sora: This heated sports festival
Sora: ended with a difference of only 21 points!!
Sora: It was... truly a close contest.

Sora: Our winner is
Sora: the red team!!


Hiromu: That was enjoyable, Otoha Kyouko!
Hiromu: I'd like to fight without hesitation like this in the master conflict, too.

sfx bubble: Tch.
Hiromu: Huh? Did you just click your tongue? You did, didn't you?!

Utsuki: ...Haruhiko-sama!
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama!!
Etsuko: Not showing up for the closing ceremonies...
Etsuko: Shiina-kun must have been crushed.


Boy: Heh.
Boy: What idiots.

Boy: You're too busy having a good time at your festival,
Boy: so you might not even know what's happened to your master yet.
(on shirt): Fumizuki
Fumi: Utsuki! Yayoi!
Fumi: I, Fumizuki, have gained possession of your pieces.

Fumi: Fufufufu...


(above Fumi): Kukuku


Boy: Ah.

Box: It was something that happened at summer's end...

(top left) ※ This story is a prologue to chapter 18!
Special bonus manga
[ Kasashita-ke no Hitobito] 5
(those of the Kasashita household)

(sfx): Cicadas chirping
Boy: H...hey.

(Boy): Gaah, I ran into someone awkward in this damn heat...

Itsuki San
There's no real problem when she's with Natsumi, but if I'm alone with her, I've got no clue what to do... she's way beyond the level of an enigma...


(Boy): Above all, this girl...
Boy: Maan, today's pretty hot, huh~ Where're you headed?

(Boy): completely ignores pleasantries.

(Boy): What the heck! I really wanted to come up with a stupid reason to avoid you, but seeing as that's impossible, I'm acting all friendly, okay?!
(Boy): The least you could do is say something back!!

San: Excremely.
(Boy): She said something, but she combined it with a completely unnecessary word!!

(Boy): ...Geez. I just can't stand being around her any more than this.
Boy: Well, seeya.

(sfx): Sigh...


Boy: But man, there's just no end to these hot days, huh...

Boy: -hey, hold on.

Boy: Why're you following me!
Boy: You were going the other way, weren't you?
Boy: I'm only heading back home, y'know?
Boy: ...you're not planning to follow me all the way there, right.

sfx bubble: Grin

(Boy): Huh?! What the?! You're kidding, right?! She's seriously coming with?!
(Boy): Wait... look who we're talking about. She might really come along... at this rate, things will get bad!!

(Boy): For the sake of my continued existence as a shinobi, I'll make a swift esca...


San: Are you alright?
San: I'll carry that for you.
Man: Ah, sorry for the trouble...

(Boy): So that's it...
(Boy): She was just worried about that old man...

(Boy): That must be heavy and tough for her to carry on her own.

Boy: Hey, Itsuki!

Boy: I'll give you a han--
(sfx): Pshhh

(above old man): Fuo fuo fuo
sfx bubble: Zz
sfx bubble: Zz
Box: He is still unaware that Itsuki San is a shinobi just like him.

(bottom): To be continued



[page 47]
This is a pun that doesn't translate well at all, so I had to take some liberties. San actually says "うん〇", which is meant to be read as both yes (うん, un) and poop (うんこ, unko). The circle used is meant to look like an oversized period (periods in Japanese look like this: 。), but it's a symbol commonly used to censor words in Japanese. The narration following her statement basically says that she "added an unnecessary character to the word."

The best I could do was make use of two words that sound similar (extremely and excrement) and were along the same vein as San's original answer. Thus, "excremely."

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