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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 4

Thor's Hammer

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 1, 2013 22:06 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Kamine: Utebi-senpai,

Kamine: please let me stay
Kamine: in the percussion section just a little longer.

(below panel) Kamine makes his move in order to confront Utebi's "heart" head-on...!!

(Boy): "Don't reject those who come to you."
(Boy): "Become the kinda guy who's tolerant of others, Utebi."

Utebi: Make sure you don't get in the way.
Utebi: ...other than that, do what you want.

(bottom right)
Opus 4: Thor's Hammer
Shinkai Hideo


(Utebi): I've tried being like that, and all sorts of things have become clear.
(Utebi): You're only a year above me, but... you really are amazing,

(Utebi): "Former section leader"...

(Utebi): Those two have been throwing themselves into practice, even after school.

(Utebi): We're bound to
(Utebi): have gotten better than yesterday, for sure!!

Box: I don't know if an outsider like me intervening will fix things...

Box: But it
Box: probably
Kodama: And also...
Box: needs to be said.


Kodama: what's going on, percussion?
Kodama: You sound exactly the same as yesterday.

Kodama: C'mon, where's your sense of unity? Are you having trouble keeping it together?

Utebi: Why... just what's going wrong... all the notes and timing are spot-on...!!
Utebi: What's that "sense of unity" thing supposed to mean...!!

Utebi: Dammit...!!

(Utebi): Don't
(Utebi): get in my way.

(Players): Don't tell anyone!
(Players): Especially... not the chief!


(Tokisaka): Let's
(Tokisaka): play music together!!

Kamine: Utebi-senpai,
Kamine: may I... have a word?
(sfx) Sway

Utebi: Shut up.
Utebi: I'm busy right now.

Kamine: This is... just a suggestion, but


Kamine: how about you... switch
Kamine: their instruments?

Ima: You...!!

Utebi: Assigning instruments is
Utebi: my job as section leader.

Utebi: You trying to say that I screwed up?!
Utebi: Going and acting like you're some bigshot conductor, are ya?!!


Kamine: Guh...

(Tokisaka): ...Kamine.

(Tokisaka): Believe in your "power" and keep moving forward!!

Kamine: Those two...!! Realized it in spite of themselves...!!

Kamine: That their current instruments aren't right for them!!
Tokisaka: Won't you tell us how that happened?

Ima: At first, I thought I was in a slump.
Ima: Things were always going badly and it really started wearing me out...

Ima: While I was taking a break,
Ima: I happened to try out the glockenspiel.

Ima: It was
Ima: really fun...


Ima: and it turned out that Takita'd also been thinking...
Ima: about playing a different percussion instrument.
Ima: It's like we were a perfect match for each others' instruments.

Kamine: Every since, they've been switching instruments on occasion...
Kamine: Sorry, guys... It just had to be said...

Utebi: So
Utebi: what?

Utebi: We're talking about how to bring out a sense of unity!
Utebi: Don't bring up shit that's got nothing to do with it!!

Utebi: Anybody would be glad to have a breather!!
Box: ...Say it.
Box: Say it.
Box: Say it...!
Utebi: If I let them switch now, the whole section would keep falling to pieces!!
Box: Say it!!
Utebi: They're fine leaving things this way too, and that's why they've never said anything!!


Kamine: It's for your sake
Kamine: that they haven't said anything!!!

Utebi: Wh...
Kamine: They got seriously angry
Kamine: where you were concerned!!

Ima/Taki: Don't badmouth the person
Ima/Taki: who shoulders everything by himself!!

???: It's all because the chief... Utebi-senpai is...
???: aiming to be like the "previous" section leader...!


Ima: He's always thinking about us.
Ima: He's a kind senpai... who's going to retire and prepare for college exams soon.
Ima: But even as that time approaches, he's desperately trying his hardest...!

Taki: All of us love Utebi-senpai...!!
Taki: We would all want to stay in the percussion section forever if he were our section leader!!

Ima: We're the ones... who forced him to shoulder all that responsibility and pressure.
Ima: We have to endure whatever we can!

Ima: Because we don't want to
Ima: selfishly trouble the chief any more than we already are...!!

Kamine: Did you know... that the members of your section...
Kamine: thought of you like that?

Kamine: Utebi-senpai...
Kamine: you probably


Kamine: have difficulty
Kamine/boy: thinking beyond the big picture.

Kamine: That liveliness that comes out when you're playing percussion
Kamine: is the real you, isn't it?

Kamine: You become overly anxious, vigilant and hard-working when something is difficult for you,
Kamine: but end up losing sight of your section members, right?

Kamine: These two hiding their discomfort made it more difficult to notice, but... it should have been easy to do so,
Kamine: because your sound has been the core of the percussion section from the very start!!


Kamine: Soul is what's important, just as you said.
Kamine: Music comes from the human heart, after all.

Utebi: You...

Utebi: Mouthing off as if you...
Utebi: know everything...
Ima: Chief!

Ima: We would also like to request
Taki: a... change in instruments.
(sfx): Bow...

(door sfx): SLAM!


Utebi: Do whatever you want...
Utebi: I... don't care anymore.

Kodama: Let's
Kodama: continue.

(Utebi): Dammit... what the hell.
(Utebi): That bastard Kamine...

(Kamine): "You probably have difficulty thinking beyond the big picture."
(Utebi): Why'd he say the same thing
(Utebi): as the "previous section leader"...

(Utebi): The "previous leader" took care of everything, so I could focus on playing percussion.
(Utebi): I just want to be the same way and give my all for these guys!!

(Utebi): There's no way the sound's gonna
(Utebi): get better based off some amateur's opi-
Kodama: Percussion!


(Utebi): -nion...

(Utebi): ...huh?

(Utebi): ...it's different than usual?!
(Utebi): Even the sound I'm putting out... I can hear that it's different...
(Utebi): No, that's impossible!

(Utebi): He hardly knows a thing about it...
(Utebi): there's no way... the sound could be...


(Utebi): The section... is unified?!
(Utebi): No way... then what... have I been doing all this time...!!! ...And what is this feeling...

(Utebi): Hearing this sound is... getting me all fired up?!

(Boy): "You're fine like that,
(Boy): mindlessly hitting away on the drums like an idiot."

(Boy): "Watching you happily pound away,
(Boy): everyone else will be drawn in with smiles on their faces."

(Utebi sfx): Gasp!!


(Utebi): ...I get it. This sound
(Utebi): is the one I love most.

(Utebi): You lot... going and jumbling everything up without caring what might happen.

(Utebi): That's just
(Utebi): fine by me!!

Box: The percussion section's hearts have become one...!!!
Box: What the... this sound.
Box: Who'd have thought that their hearts... sound... and music...

Box: would be
Box: this amazing, once they'd united together!!!

Box: The impact is on a whole nother level!!
Box: It sends a shock straight to my heart. ...This is just like


(Kamine): Thunder and lightning!!!


(from building): Thanks for your work today.

Kamine: Erm... sorry for being so brazen...
Utebi: Nah, don't say that.
Utebi: Thanks to you, I remembered

(Utebi sfx): Grin
Utebi: that I'm just
Utebi: a "percussion idiot"!

Utebi: I've given up on thinking stuff over by myself! I'll talk everything over with the whole section and we'll decide that way.
Utebi: That sorta leader ain't so bad.

Utebi: That said... you're an "aspiring conductor", right?
Utebi: If anything happens,


Utebi: lemme hear your opinion on it, too.

Utebi: I'll be counting on ya.

Kamine: S...
Kamine: Sure!!
(Kodama): He's gotten Utebi's approval, huh...

(Kodama): A conductor's job is to bring together not just one, but many sounds to form a whole.
(Kodama): It was just in one section,
(Kodama): but he managed to do it! ......Even so,

(Kodama): he still has
(Kodama): quite a ways to go.

Utebi: You're gonna rotate around different sections again starting tomorrow, right?
Utebi: You decide where you're going next?
Kamine: No...
Kamine: Not yet, but...


Souma: In that case,
Souma: Kamine-kun,
Souma: why not come to ours?

Utebi: O... oi, Souma?!
Utebi: You can't be serious!!
Kamine: Souma-senpai's section...?

Tokisaka: The trumpet section...!!

Souma: Please, Kamine-kun.
Utebi: Didja lose your mind, Souma?!
Utebi: Do you even know what you're saying?!!

Utebi: The trumpets' section leader is
Utebi: a friggin' tyrant!!!
(bottom left): Overcome one formidable enemy, and another's right around the corner...!!

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