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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 5

Gazort's Melancholy

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 1, 2013 22:08 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right) Onward, to a new section!!
Souma: Thanks for deciding
Souma: to come to our trumpet section.

Box: I lost to the intensity of his wholehearted request for help...
Souma: Please, Kamine-kun.
Box: ...that was part of it, but above all,

Box: I was just happy
Box: to feel needed.

???: ...As I thought,
???: Otowa isn't here today, either.

Kamine: ...Is the tyra... I mean, Otowa-senpai,
Kamine: a member... in name only?

Souma: No... he comes everyday.
Boy: Hey, Souma!!


(left): The tyrant appears... but he's in a completely different horn section. What's going on...?!

Boy: The tyrant's over in our section!!
Boy: Can't you do something about him?!

???: Hey,

Boy: don't blow into your instrument like that.
Boy: You'll kill the melody.
Trumpet section leader
Otoha Satoi
Opus 5: Gazort's Melancholy | Shinkai Hideo
(note: Gazort is a monster from the Ultraman series)


Souma: --A trumpet's tone is...
Souma: well, it's very prominent.

Souma: No matter how large the orchestra,
Souma: you can't drown out the brilliant sound of a single trumpet.

Souma: It stands above the layers of sound created
Souma: by the other instruments, like a king.

Souma: As section leader, Otowa is 1st trumpet - the best among them.
Souma: ...and yet,

Souma: since joining the concert band,
Souma: he hasn't practiced together with the trumpet section even once.


Souma: He joins other sections' practice sessions as he pleases and finds fault with their playing.
Souma: He doesn't stop until he loses interest.

Souma: The biggest problem
Souma: is that there's too much of a gap in ability between himself and others.

Souma: ...There he is.

Souma: Otowa's skill is on a completely different level.
Souma: No one's performance can match his.

Souma: He oppresses the other band members with the overwhelming power of his music.
Souma: That's why he's a "tyrant."


Box: What incredible presence...!!
Box: It's swallowing up the sounds around it!!

Box: Even though he's playing alongside them, the sound isn't working together at all.
Box: It's as if a normal human were being forced to run a three-legged race attached to an enormous monster...!!
(above person): Gyaa!

Box: Like this,
Box: those playing with him will...

(Girl): I can't do this...
(Girl): I can't match him with my strength...!!

(Girl): I was such an idiot, thinking I might be able to manage it...!!
(Girl): No more...!!


(Girl): I don't
(Girl): want to play anymore...!!

Otowa: ...You're


Kamine: Any more than that,
Kamine: and their spirits will break.

Girl: Ah...

Otowa: Kamine
Otowa: Shouta.

Otowa: You want to conduct, right?
Kamine: Yeah.

Otowa: Do you know what it means to be a conductor?
Kamine: Huh?
Kamine: Um?
Otowa: Are you studying music composition?
Otowa: What about solfège?
Kamine: Er-
Otowa: Have you learned Helmholtz pitch notation?
Otowa: Can you play the piano?
Otowa: Can you play any instrument at all?


Box: H...he's turned his fangs on me...!!
Box: What's with this intense character of his...!!

Box: Does he plan to... break my spirit, too...?!!

Creature: Aa!
Creature: Aa~
Creature: Aoo~

Creature: Au~

Box: Wha?


Baby: Aa~
Baby: Aba!

Box: Th...there's a...
Baby: Aoo~!

(Baby sfx): Kya kya
Box: baby inside?!

Otowa: And you've even improved that
Otowa: hopelessly dull Tokisaka's sound a bit.


Otowa: You guys seem interesting.
Otowa: How about I have a session with you next?

Tokisaka: Very well.

Tokisaka: The two of us will show you an excellent session
Tokisaka: on even ground, Otowa-senpai!!

Souma: Wait, Otowa!
Souma: Show up to the trumpet section's rehearsals!!

Otowa: That... won't happen.


Otowa: Playing trumpet by myself
Otowa: won't change a thing.

Otowa: Oh, right.
Otowa: Horns.
(sfx): Jolt

Otowa: Practice your lip slur fundamentals.
Otowa: Also, pay more attention to the off-beat when the tempo speeds up.
Otowa: Don't use alternate fingerings. They throw off the tuning.
Otowa: That will make it... a bit better.
少しは... マシになる

Souma: --There are plenty of band members who lose confidence after a session with Otowa and stop coming to rehearsal...

Souma: Ignoring the trumpet section, going around scaring other sections...
Souma: and keeping his friends at a distance, just what is Otowa trying to do...!!

Student: Speaking of Otowa-senpai, he's got a lot going for him.
(above students): Yeah yup true


Student: He can sight-read perfectly,
Student: he's super smart,
Student: good in sports,
Student: and a looker too, right?
Student: My friends keep telling me he's really cool.

Student: Plus, he's the only child of the "Otowagaoka Hospital", isn't he?
Student: Y'know, that huge hospital?

Kamine: Otowagaoka...
Tokisaka: That's where Moko is hospitalized.

Student: I bet he can do anything.

Box: ...Really...?
Box: But there's... something that doesn't make sense.

Girl: Sorry! I still can't play this piece yet.
Girl: I'll go practice it on my own!
Girl: Alright~


(Otowa): "Playing trumpet by myself won't change a thing."
Kamine: Um... Souma-senpai.
Kamine: Have you ever seen

Kamine: Otowa-senpai play by himself,
Kamine: even once?

Souma: Well, if there were a need for him to practice on his own...

Souma: No,
Souma: I haven't.

Box: The reason he doesn't come the trumpet section...
Box: him forcing his way into sessions...
Box: "That will make it a bit better"...

Box: And that "heart" of his...
Box: Rather than keeping people away... it's like...

Tokisaka: You've figured something out, haven't you, Kamine.
Kamine: Yeah... fortunately or unfortunately, we're his next target!


Kamine: So how about
Kamine: we see this through to the end.

Kamine: Let's head back to Otowa-senpai...!
Kodama: Oh, there you are, Souma.

Kodama: I have a message from Otowa.
Kodama: He said "I've got cram school, so I'm going home."

Kamine: Oi, Tokisaka, it doesn't have to be today!!
Kamine: We can do it tomorrow!

Tokisaka: No, today!!
Tokisaka: It has to be today!!
Kamine: Why!!

Tokisaka: That's obvious!


Tokisaka: Because I'm in good form today!!
Tokisaka: And it'll be more worthwhile directing me under these circumstances, too!!

Kamine: ...Ha?
Kamine: What's all that about!!

Tokisaka: There he is!!

Kamine: Heeey!!
Kamine: No good, he's too far away!!
Kamine: We're gonna lose him!
Tokisaka: Don't worry!

Tokisaka: I'll use my music
Tokisaka: to bring him to a halt!!

Box: C'mon, reach!!


Box: We got his attention!!

(Otowa sfx): Grin

Kamine: Okay! Let's hurry over to the other si...

Box: Wha...

Box: ...Fr...

Box: From all the way over there?!


Box: W...what incredible presence...!!
Box: That clear sound is just as... no, it's even more intense than the sax beside me, and they're in perfect sync.

Box: Wait... that's strange.

(Kamine): How are we... able to have a session...
(Kamine): with sound coming from such a distance?


(Kamine): The other party is so far away that it would produce a time lag between "the music you play" and "the music you hear",
(Kamine): making an actual song impossible.
(diagram, top arrow): (2) Hear | Delay in reaching | (1) Play
(diagram, bottom arrow): (3) Additional playing | Even longer delay | Gap -> (4) Hear

(Kamine): And yet, they're... pulling off a duet...?
(Kamine): The fact that we can hear it like this means...!!

(Kamine): He's calculating the time lag and purposefully delaying his sound,
(Kamine): without the level of the performance dropping in the slightest.
(Kamine): And he's completely calm!!!

Tokisaka: I never thought he'd be such...

Tokisaka: a genius... no,
Tokisaka: a monster...!!


Woman: Honey?
Woman: Did you hear?

Woman: Satoi received another award for his trumpet playing!
Woman: He's really incredible!
Woman: You know, there was a phone call from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra a while ago...

Man: How pointless.

Woman: ...Pointless... he's trying his hardest, you know... it wouldn't hurt to show him a little recognition...
Man: It's merely a hobby.

Man: Satoi will become a doctor.
(left): Otowa's circumstances... are somewhat complicated?!
Man: A concert band would be positively meaningless.

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#1. by duenneud (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 2, 2013
thank you very much, lynxian!!
hope the next chapter will be released soon.
#2. by lynxian (Translator)
Posted on Oct 2, 2013
I intend to pick up the pace on the series (chapter 6 is about 75% translated), so we'll see how it goes!

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