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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 6

The Kaijuu's Ballad

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 7, 2013 19:13 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: I'm back.
(left): A conversation between father and son... in the Otowa household...

Otowa: Dad.
Otowa: You came home today.

Dad: ...You're still
Dad: doing that club, Satoi?

Otowa: ...It's not affecting my grades... I always take the top spot in the mock exams, too.
Otowa: You shouldn't have any complaints, even if I'm involved in a club.

Dad: That level of unpreparedness will send your life into chaos, you know.
Dad: It's not like the concert band will get you into Tokyo University's medical science department, right?


Dad: Let today be the last of your participation in that club.
Dad: Starting tomorrow, you will focus on studying for your entrance exam.
(left): His father's heartless words!!!
(bottom): Opus 6: The Kaijuu's Ballad | Shinkai Hideo
(note: Kaijuu are the monsters from tokusatsu shows like Ultraman)

Dad: In the end, you only have your own power to rely on, after all.
Dad: ...Understand?


(Kamine sfx): Fukhaaaa

Kamine: ...I don't think I can do this.
Souma: Make your lips vibrate, but don't strain yourself.
(sfx): Puuui puiii


Kamine: No matter how much I practice, there's no way I can be like Otowa-senpai...
Souma: Well, he was a special case.

Kamine: ...was?

Kamine: Why did you use past tense... come to think of it, which section is Otowa-senpai in today...?

Souma: He quit.

Kamine: Wha?
Souma: Kodama-sensei told me, after hearing about it from Otowa himself... apparently it's due to personal reasons.


Students: I'd never have imagined he would suddenly quit like this.
Students: He'd seemed a bit isolated, though...
Students: His skills were off the charts, too...
Students: I guess playing in the concert band with everyone wasn't his thing...

Box: No way in hell that's true.
Box: Something must've happened.

Box: That guy is "starved for human contact."
Box: He's a baby who received a tremendous level of skill without knowing how to moderate it.
Box: I just don't see... someone like that wanting to quit.

Kamine: ...What'll you guys do about a section leader?
Souma: Kodama-sensei told me to handle it for now.
Souma: The section leader can't remain absent like this.

Kamine: Is that really alright with you...?
Souma: Of course it isn't! ...but what else can I do!!


Souma: What the hell, Otowa... I don't understand his thinking at all...!!
Souma: So just what am I supposed to do...!!

Souma: Seeing as Otowa's ended up leaving, those of us in the trumpet section can only do the best we can...!!

Baby: Aoo~

Kamine: ...I'm sorry, Souma-senpai... this...
Kamine: really is bothering me, after all.

Kamine: I've got a feeling that we shouldn't
Kamine: just leave things like this with Otowa-senpai...!!


Kamine: I'm! Gonna go look for him!

Kamine: Tokisakaa!! Huh?! Where is he?!
Utebi: Yo, Kamine. What's up, punk!!
Kamine: 'Sup!!

Kamine: Utebi-senpai!! Do you know where Tokisaka is?
Utebi: Huh? You don't know? He left for a bit.

Utebi: He went to the hospital
Utebi: to check up on Moko-chan.


Kamine: Tokisaka FOUUUND!!
Tokisaka: YOWCH!!

Kamine: O...Owa... Owa... Oto... Ototowatowaa!!
(sfx): Wheeze pant gasp wheeze
Tokisaka: Kamine?!
Tokisaka: What is it?! What's wrong?!

Tokisaka: I didn't know that... so then, Otowa-senpai...
(sfx): Gulp gulp gulp gulp
Kamine: Still, where could he have gone...?
Tokisaka: Well,

Tokisaka: Otowa-senpai's house is apparently right near here. I don't know if he's there, but
Tokisaka: let's go pay a visit after we see Moko!
Kamine: Alright!

Tokisaka: Hasn't it been a while?
Kamine: She's not gonna get pissed about something like that.

Tokisaka: Moko,
Tokisaka: I've come to vi...


Moko: Ah!
Moko: Hibiki!
Moko: And Kamine-san, too!

Tokisaka: Otowa-senpai?! Why're you here?!
Otowa: Be quiet in the hospital.
(sfx): Shh.

Box: What's with this combination?!
Tokisaka: Otowa-senpai... what manner of relationship do you have with Moko?

Kamine: Tokisakaaaa!! And your heart, too!!


Moko: When I was singing in rehab, suddenly this trumpet joined in and it turned into a jam session!
Moko: Satoi-san is really skilled!

Box: I see... so he was interested in her beautiful voice...
Box: As I thought, the people he chooses to play alongside all have skill...

Tokisaka: When? How long have you known each other?
Kamine: You're being a huge pain in the ass today!!

Moko: Hey, Hibiki, did you know that Satoi-san's father is the director of this hospital?!
(sfx): Clap
Tokisaka: Yeah.

Moko: And he's incredibly nice! I really like him!

(creature sfx): Grrr...


(Otowa sfx): Glance

Otowa: I'm heading home... it's almost "that time."
Otowa: Sorry for the trouble.

Moko: Aww!!

Moko: But those two finally came by too,
Moko: so stay a little longer, Satoi-saaan!!
Otowa: Eh?

Tokisaka: That's right. I also have a mountain of things I'd like to ask you.

Otowa: ...No, seriously, I have to go...
Otowa: He's coming...

Moko: Aww, c'mon.
Tokisaka: C'mon.


Dad: Moko-chan, I've come for your checkup.
Dad: How are you doing today?

Moko: Ah! Director!

Dad/Otowa: ...!

Box: Wha?
Baby: Uu...

(around baby): Uueeehh

Box: Huh...?


Box: loud!! It burst into tears?!

Box: Otowa-senpai's dad...
Box: It's because of him...!!

Dad: Alright, let me get a look at your throat.
Moko: Kaay.


Kamine: Otowa-senpai,
Kamine: could I... have a minute?

Otowa: ...I've already quit the band... so you shouldn't have any business with me.
Kamine: ...That might be true, but

Kamine: Was this... really your own decision?
Kamine: Maybe... it has something to do... with... your father...?

Otowa: How could you know that...

(Otowa): How about I have a session with you next?
(Moko): It turned into a jam session!
(Souma): I've never seen Otowa playing
(Souma): by himself...


Kamine: Concert band really isn't any fun
Kamine: when you're all alone... is it.

Otowa: ...I see... so this is how Tokisaka and Utebi... were won over, huh.

Otowa: ...With wind instruments, you usually can't produce multiple, simultaneous sounds by yourself.
Otowa: Even if you play alone, there's nothing fun about it.


Otowa: Every instrument produces a different sound and feel, and that creates harmony.
Otowa: The trumpet only shines with all of that present.

Otowa: Of course it's more fun... playing with 2 people, or 8, or 55...!!
Otowa: That's the point of a concert band!!

Otowa: And yet no one's kept pace with me... they give up partway through...
Otowa: Is it wrong... to give your all?
Otowa: Is it wrong... to do what you love?


Otowa: Even my father only thinks of me as a way to continue the family business.
Otowa: My existence has no meaning outside of that.
Otowa: My fate is to give up music and become a doctor, as per my father's wishes.
Otowa: The thing I love most... is the most unnecessary thing in my life...

Kamine: You can't quit.
Kamine: The band needs you.

Otowa: You... don't know the first thing about me.
Kamine: I know enough.

Kamine: Suffering through a reality you can't change... nothing going the way it should... being shunned and avoided by other people... losing sight of your reason for existing...
Kamine: It's so painful you could die.

Kamine: But you're
Kamine: nothing like me.


Kamine: I ran away from it, but
(Otowa): "That will make it
(Otowa): a bit better."
Kamine: you still tried to get involved with people.

Kamine: You're
Kamine: incredibly cool!!

Box: He can't help wanting to be noticed by his dad and everyone in the band.
Box: As if I could just leave someone like that alone!!
Kamine: Please come back to the band!!

Kamine: Let's get your dad to give his permission!


Kamine: Tokisaka and I
Kamine: will help you!!

???: ...I see!!

Tokisaka: With you, me, and Otowa-senpai performing, we should be able to move the director's heart!

Kamine: ...No, that alone won't work.
Kamine: There's one more problem to deal with.

Kamine: We have to do something
Kamine: about the trumpet section itself.
(left): Just what will they do?!

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