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Shiinake no Hitobito 21


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 10, 2013 15:51 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 21

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Box: 3 hours after the sports festival. 7 PM.

Utsuki: Did you find Haruhiko-sama?!
Ninja: Well... even with all of us searching the area, there's no sign of him...

Hana: No doubt about it, he appears to have been kidnapped.
Hana: Was it Otoha... or Shidou...


Yayoi: You're barking up the wrong tree.
Yayoi: They were quarreling with each other, but they didn't view Shiina Haruhiko as hostile.
Yayoi: Moreover, if they intended to steal his pieces, they'd have done so a long time ago.

Yayoi: It's likely... that a "third party" snuck into the sports festival and waited for a chance to strike...

(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama...
Utsuki: I shouldn't have taken my eyes off him back then...!!

Utsuki: Who's there!!!


Ninja: Rest assured,
Ninja: I am your ally.

Ninja: Understand? Calm down and listen to me.
Ninja: You have been made subordinates of Fumizuki-dono and our horse faction.


(bottom): Chapter 21: Sorry


Box: Something's in the back of my mind...
Box: I know what it is, and yet I can't seem to remember.

Box: But
Box: this was

Box: back when I met her for the first time...


Utsuki: Hello.
Utsuki: Allow me to guard you from today onwards.
Utsuki: I am (black squiggles go here)

Haru: ...Okay.
Box: Her eyes
Box: seemed like those of someone who had already given up on living...


Haru: ...Huh?
Haru: When did I fall asleep...?

(Haru): It's after 7... so it's already dark out.

(Haru): Erm... is this the infirmary?
(Haru): The scenery's not what I'm used to, so...

(Haru): That's right... we were right in the middle of the sports festival!!


(Haru): Where am I?!

???: Hmm... your tonsils are pretty badly swollen.
???: I'll give you some medicine, and if the swelling doesn't seem to go down, please come see me again.

???: Hmm...
???: I think you'll be fine, but if this doesn't cure the problem, we'll remove them.

???: Goodbye, and take care.

???: Now, then.


???: That's the last of my patients for today...

Woman: Now it's your turn, hmm~
Woman: Shiina Haruhiko-kun.


Woman: Your body is in excellent condition...
Woman: Hmm... we do MRI scans here too, so shall we take a look inside your head?

Man: Junko-dono, that should be enough playing around...
(above Junko): Hmm~
Junko: A little more wouldn't hurt.

(Haru): !! She's a master candidate?!
(Haru): So I was grabbed, huh!!

(Haru): Even so... I don't have any injuries... and I haven't been tied up, either...

(Haru): If I bide my time, I might be able to escape from here!!!


(right of bubble): Hmm~
Junko: Are you thinking of doing something?

Haru: Whaa?!
Haru: N...not really!!

Junko: Ah! You really are, aren't you?
Junko: But, well... sorry?

Junko: Let me clear up any grand misconceptions you might have with an "undeniable truth"...
Junko: Hmm...


Junko: There are 3 master candidates in your school, right? That's why I had Fumizuki infiltrate by himself.
Junko: I thought he might not be able to make off with any pieces during the confusion... but who'd have suspected it would be this easy?
Junko: Well~ simply put,
Junko: you have already lost.


Shiwasu: Hey there,
Shiwasu: Haruhiko-kun.

Shiwasu: It's unfortunate
Shiwasu: that you'd have to retire like this.

Shiwasu: You remember the rules of the master dispute, right?


Shiwasu: The losers'
Shiwasu: memories are erased for the sake of shinobis' continued survival.
Shiwasu: You've seen it with your own eyes... so you already know about it, right?

(Haru): Erase... my memories?

Box: That would mean
Box: I'd forget all about Utsuki-chan and the rest?
Box: No way... I don't want that.


Box: I think I'm
Box: finally able to remember her now, y'know?!

(Haru): --- No.


Hiromu: Shiina Haruhiko was abducted?!

Mina: Right! I put in considerable effort and ultimately learned that it was likely the work of Fumizuki of the Juunigesshuu.
Mina: Additionally, Utsuki and Yayoi's pieces have fallen into the hands of Fumizuki's master.

Mina: In other words, Hiromu-dono,
Mina: there is no longer any need for you to hold back.
Mina: Come,
Mina: let us go plunder the pieces from Fumizuki!!


Otoha: My oh my.

Otoha: This is why I gave him that advice.


Otoha: That boy is always concerned about other people.
Otoha: It's been the same during his participation in this master dispute...

(Otoha): "I've said it before, but
(Otoha): you are lacking one very important thing."

Otoha: What Shiina-kun lacks is
Otoha: "a sense of self."

Otoha: Someone who only thinks of others and loses sight of himself isn't likely to survive in this master dispute.
Otoha: Well, only thinking of yourself is a problem too, but...


Shiwase: Unfortunate indeed.

Shiwase: Well,
Shiwase: might as well get started.

Ninja: Wait, Shiina-dono!!
Ninja: You have already lost!!
Ninja: Even if you run, you don't have any shinobi under your command anymore!!


Ninja: Tch!!
Ninja: What a fool!!


(Haru): No!!


Ninja: This guy...!! Does he think he'll even be able to escape against these numbers?!

Ninja: --What the?!
Ninja: A smokescreen coming from our side?!


Ninja: Kyouko-dono ordered that I "comply with the path you choose"!
Ninja: And she says, "with this, we are even."

Ninja: My assistance ends here.
(Haru): Otoha-san...
Ninja: Go!

Ninja: --Damn!!
Ninja: How disgraceful!!


Ninja: Follow him!!
Ninja: Give pursuit!!

Shiwasu: Quite disgraceful indeed.
Shiwasu: To think there was a spy from the boar faction in our midst...
(small text): How long have you been here?

Shiwasu: Weeell, sorry about that, Junko-chan.
Shiwasu: I'll go settle things in accordance with the rules.


Haru: Haah
Haru: Haah
Haru: Haah

Box: I'm sorry.
Box: I'm sorry, Utsuki-chan.


Utsuki: Hello.
Utsuki (half-hidden): Allow me to guard you from today onwards.
Box: I haven't been able to recall everything yet, but...
Utsuki: I am Utsuki.

Box: That was definitely her!!

(Haru): You're already covered in cuts and bruises.
(Haru): And instead of getting medical treatment,
(Haru): Even though I'd forgotten our promise,

(Haru): You've always,
(Haru): always, believed in me.


Haru: Guh...

Ninja: Did we get him?!
Ninja: I'll go check. You seal off the area!

Ninja: ...Tch!


Ninja: Even though he's such an honest guy, he's sure tough...

Haru: Urgh...

Haru: Haah
Haru: Haah


Haru: Utsuki-chan...


Haru: Utsuki-chan!!

Utsuki: Haru...
Utsuki: hiko-sama...


Utsuki: ...I'm sorry.


Shiwase: Well, that was an illusion just now, but

Shiwase: if she came through here,
Shiwase: that's undoubtedly what she'd have said.


Haru: ...How.

Haru: How could you understand her feelings?!

Shiwase: Of course I would.
Shiwase: Because that's what it means to be a "shinobi."

Shiwase: It doesn't just apply to her. We shinobi hold true to our laws.
Shiwase: It is absolutely unforgivable to disobey them.


Shiwase: She will never appear before you again.

Shiwase: Do you understand now?

Haru: I don't understand at all.

Haru: Utsuki-chan has been...
Haru: waiting all this time, without forgetting the promise we made.


Haru: I still can't remember exactly what it is yet, but...
Haru: if I don't see her now, I'll end up making her wait again!!

Haru: That's why... that's why I...
Haru: want to see Utsuki-chan!!


Shiwase: Unfortunately, that would be impossible.
Shiwase: You don't have any pieces, and, more importantly, aren't a master candidate.
Shiwase: We'll return you to your quiet everyday life...

Haru: NO!!!
Haru: I won't forget!!
Haru: I don't
Haru: want to forget anymore!!!

???: Umm... sorry to interrupt when you're so busy, but


Hazuki: If it's pieces we're talking about, he's got one.


Haru: ...Ha-
Haru: Ha-
Haru: Hazuki!! ...san?!

Hazuki: You're the same as always, huh...
Hazuki: Shiina!

Haru: Wh... what's going on?!
(small text): Weren't you kicked out of the Juunigesshuu...?
Hazuki: Yup.

Hazuki: So now, this guy's Hazuki!
Haru: WHAA?!


Hazuki: It wasn't exactly as clear-cut as that, though.
(small text): Despite how I just put it...
Hazuki: I'm "Retsu", a chuunin of the ram faction and the current Hazuki's subordinate.

Retsu: More importantly, do you remember
Retsu: the rule you came up with?

(Haru): When you
(Haru): approve of me... of Shiina Haruhiko as a master, please entrust me with your piece.

Retsu: Let me just say this to start.
Retsu: It's not like I acknowledge you or anything!
Retsu: I'm just... following Hazuki's orders.


Retsu: See?
Retsu: He's telling you to take it.

Haru: ...Hazuki...san.

Haru: Erm...
Haru: I...is this okay?!

Shiwase: ...Memory erasure is done for the sake of our survival.
Shiwase: Seeing as you've become a master again, there's no reason to make you forget.


Shiwase: This means the seeds you've sown have unexpectedly borne fruit.
Retsu: Hmph!

Shiwase: Still,
Shiwase: I will go report this to Fumizuki's master.

Retsu: HEY!! What the hell are you relaxing for!!
(sfx): Jolt!!
Haru: S...sorry!!

Retsu: It's not like things have been settled yet.
Retsu: If you space out, you'll get your piece snatched away again.


Retsu: Give us your instructions, master.

Haru: That's a no-brainer.
Haeru: We're taking back Utsuki-chan and the others' pieces!


(right): But I have to go home and put on some clothes first...
(sfx): Drip drip
(left): Clothes should be the last thing on your mind!

[covercb (flaps)]

(right flap)
I won't give up, Shiina Haruhiko!

(left flap)
Utsuki: Ah,
Utsuki: please pull that part out carefully, Haruhiko-sama.
Utsuki: A...amazing, you're very good at this.

Utsuki: Ah-
Utsuki: Ahh!!
Utsuki: No, please don't do any more than that, Haruhiko-sama!!
Utsuki: It's... coming down.
Utsuki: I can't...!
Utsuki: Ah...
Utsuki: Aah~~ ♥♥

Ninja: Jenga's sure fun, huh...
Ninja: It sure is...

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