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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Catcher(S) 8


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 15, 2013 16:17 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

-> RTS Page for Soul Catcher(S) 8

Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(right): A memory between Kodama and Souma...
(Kodama): Souma... do you know why the members chose you as band president?

Souma: Not really. My musical skills and knowledge aren't much to speak of, so...
(left of Kodama): Agh, I can't reach.

Kodama: It's because you interact with people earnestly and sincerely, isn't it?
Kodama: Moreso than anyone else.
Souma: Huh?

Kodama: You calmly consider others' feelings and promote an environment where everyone gets along.
Kodama: Having you around probably puts everyone at ease.
Kodama: "If Souma's here, everything will be fine", and the like.


(right): Their full-power session has finally begun!! He'll connect everyone's hearts and guide them... with that baton!!

Kodama: That's why, even if the entirety of the band is in disarray,

Kodama: you alone, as band president, must remain unflappable.

(bottom): Opus 8: Gallop | Shinkai Hideo


Kamine: All of you in the back row!!

Kamine: This song is "Bugler's Holiday"!!
Kamine: It's a melody used at sporting events in Japan!!
Kamine: You need to make it sound more fun!!
Kamine: It should be faster!! A steady gallop!!

(Student): But...
(Student): If we deviate on the tempo...
(Student): It will throw everyone out of whack...!
Kamine: It's alright!!

Kamine: Souma-senpai is here, so
Kamine: everything will be fine!!!

(Souma): How...
(Souma): do you know about that!!


Box: Souma-senpai has even helped me out twice already.
(Souma): C'mon, Utebi.
(Souma): Let's have him join as a normal member for now.
Box: Your heart, as president, is the band's "core"... its "center."

Box: It might be the first time... I've encountered a heart so genuinely bright.
Box: Looking at it really gives you peace of mind...!!

(Souma): It's just as Kamine-kun says...

(Souma): The instant I heard Otowa play for the first time,
(Souma): I ended up thinking there was no way I could win against him.

(Souma): But!! Making the members, who have been swayed by that alone, uneasy... what am I doing!!
(Souma): I even... did the same to Otowa...!!


(Souma): I should act
(Souma): without hesitation!!
sfx bubble: Pah-pa-ra

(Souma): Sorry for everything up to now,
(Souma): Otowa.


Dad: Satoi...
(Dad): I...

(Dad): had never seen what Satoi looked like during a performance, as I thought it was an unnecessary aspect of his life.
(Dad): Even if you're on your own, so long as you have the strength to live, you can get by... That's the sort of place this world is.
(Dad): I've taught Satoi that... for his own good.

(Dad): But to think your face would be... so animated
(Dad): among such a large crowd of people.


Box: Here it comes.
Box: Here it comes!!
Kamine: Pick up the rhythm!! Trumpet section, advance as one!! Souma-senpai will take the reins!!

Box: Otowa-senpai is the head!!
Box: Souma-senpai has the band's body!!
Box: Behind them are the legs to propel them forward!!
Box: And Tokisaka is tying all those sounds together!!

Box: The music
Box: is perfect!!


Baby: Kyaa!!

Box: Any moment now!!
Box: Only a little more, and this sound

Box: will reach...
Box: his dad's heart!!


(Souma): Otowa's sound... suddenly
(Souma): became weaker...?

(Souma): No way...
(Souma): Usually, this register would be no problem for him, but...

(Souma): In front of his father... he's nervous... and wants to be acknowledged...
(Souma): and the high notes just won't coming out?!

(Souma): He can't endure the 1st trumpet's responsibility of handling the high register?!
(Souma): After this... the 1st part has a solo, too...!!
(Souma): If Otowa's sound disappears, the song will end up stopping midway!!

Souma Shunpei (Tp.)
Otowa Satoi (Tp.)
(Tokisaka): Otowa-senpai's sound...
Tokisaka Hibiki (S. Sax)

(Tokisaka): is fading!!!

Souma Shunpei (Tp.)
Otowa Satoi (Tp.)
Tokisaka Hibiki (S. Sax)


Souma Shunpei (Tp.)
Box: Otowa Satoi (Tp.)
Tokisaka Hibiki (S. Sax)

(Utebi): Through... eye contact...
(Utebi): he instantaneously...
(Utebi): switched Souma to 1st... and Tokisaka to 2nd?!

(Utebi): This is a place in the music where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parts overlap!!
(above image):
"Bugler's Holiday"
Last section
(right of Tokisaka): Rests for about 2 measures
(right of Otowa): Rests for about 4 measures
(Utebi): He hasn't just kept the song from falling apart! By passing the 3rd part, which has a slight break, to Otowa, it lets him pull himself together!!

(Utebi): Oi, oi... that level of improvisation isn't something an amateur could pull off!!
(Utebi): Just what the hell're you able to see!!


Otowa Satoi (Tp.)

Box: And now, for the finishing touch!!
Box: With this,

Box: it's ov...
Baby: Auu

Box: Erm.

Baby: Goo~~
Baby: Auu~~


(sfx): Ta-da!
Baby: Aoo!


(dad sfx): Sigh

(sign, half-hidden): Director's Office


Dad: While you're in high school... you should continue with the concert band.
Dad: However,
Dad: I will approve under the condition that you give your all in both studying and band activities, and produce results.

Dad: If you aren't able to obtain the absolute highest result when you perform at the national competition,
Dad: you will give up the concert band entirely.

(Souma): That means first place in the national concert band competition!!
(Utebi): That's unknown territory, even for us!!

Otowa: Got it.
Otowa: Thanks, dad.

Dad: Also... I believe your name was Kamine-kun?
Dad: That was a wonderful performance.


Dad: If you're the conductor,
Dad: I'm certain everything will be fine.
Kamine: Thank you
Kamine: very much!!

(signs, half-hidden):
Music Storage Room
And the advisor's workroom!!!
Assume that I'm always in - Kodama
Kodama: KAMINE!!
Kodama: What do you think you're doing!!

Kodama: Making off with a section leader and the band president as you please!!
(white sfx): GRRAAR
(black sfx): Yeep!
Kodama: Putting on a concert whenever you feel like it!!

Kodama: And why do you all look so happy! I'm pissed off here!!
(all sfx): Smile
Kodama: Don't go making trouble for the hospital!!


Kodama: ......well, whatever.

Kodama: Get yourselves in the zone soon, though,
Kodama: because I got a phone call from Tenrai High School.

???: Sensei!! Were we invited to the "Tenrai Wind Festival"... this year, as well?!
(sfx): Nod
???: Seriously?!
???: I was worried we wouldn't be this year.

Kamine: Tenrai? What's that?

Kodama: Tenrai High School was the one
Kodama: who took first place in the last national competition.
(sign): Tenrai Private High School
(left): The greatest possible wall!!

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#1. by Freida24 ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2013
Just registrer here to say "thank you" lynxian :)
I'm in love for this manga.
#2. by lynxian ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2013
Aww, you're very welcome!

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