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Soul Catcher(S) 10

Public Relations

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 23, 2013 16:25 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: Takekaze High School?! I've never heard of them... And their conductor... is a student?!
???: Plus, he's got enough skill to direct even Tenrai's sound...

(Tokisaka): Oh no... if Kamine becomes dispirited over the difference in their abilities...
Tokisaka: ...Kamine.


(center) Opus 10: Public Relations

(below panel) Shinkai Hideo

Kamine: Ah.


(crowd): Who the heck?

Kodama: Kamine?!
Kodama: Why are you...

Kodama: Tokisaka?! Otowa?! And even Karin?!

Crowd: ...Huh...?! Could she mean Tokisaka Hibiki?!
Crowd: Whaa?! No way?!
Crowd: And next to him... isn't that Otowa Satoi?!
Crowd: Kyaa!! Is it really him?!

Kamine: Huh?!
Kamine: What?!
Kamine: What's going on?!

Girl: Senpai... who are they?
Girl: Don't you read the monthly "Concert Band Journal" publication?! If you don't know about those two, then you need to study more!!


Crowd: His musical technique is absolutely top-class! A cool trumpeter who belts out high notes without hesitation or distortion,
Crowd: and has appeared on the cover of "Concert Band Journal" twice,
Crowd: Otowa Satoi!!

Crowd: Pure expressive power inside a passionate performance!!
Crowd: "His sound, which runs in the family," (quote from "Concert Band Journal") leaves everyone captivated!!
(above Karin): Kyaa!
Crowd: Tokisaka Hibiki!!

(Man): Meien is central as a strong group, but those two are far superior to the rest.
(Man): Kodama-sensei also does an excellent job cultivating them.

(right): Please give us an autograph later!
(Otowa sfx): Denied

Boy: Hey, hey,
Boy: you there.


Boy: You
Boy: conduct too, right?

Kamine: Huh?

Kamine: ...How do you know that?

Boy: From the sound of that baton case in your uniform's pocket... rubbing against the fabric.
Boy: I can hear the C flat it's making.


Tokisaka: Perfect pitch, huh.
Karin: ...Doesn't that mean he can hear every sound in the world in terms of music notes?
(sfx): Nod

Kamine: Are you the same as me? Wanting to conduct, and joining the concert band as a result?
Kodama: Hey now, Kamine! Don't group him together with you!

Kodama: He's Ichou Eiichi-kun,
Kodama: a 1st year at Takekaze High School.

Kodama: His grandfather is the world-famous conductor Ichou Gouken,
Kodama: and he's a well-educated young man who's had music drilled into his head since infancy!!

Eiichi: You flatter me.

Kamine: ...Say... what's that thing you've been doing for a while now?


Eiichi: Sorry, it's a habit.
Eiichi: I end up wanting to add musical accompaniment to the melody of people's voices.

Eiichi: Don't let it bother you! Please, keep talking!

Man: Takekaze's concert band was only established 3 years ago.

Man: They have neither leadership nor experience.
Man: In their 1st and 2nd years, they finished in the bronze category of the prefectural competition.
(panel body):
National Competition | Gold | Tenrai High School
Western Kanto Competition | Gold | Meien High School
Prefectural Competition | Gold
Bronze | Takekaze High School

Man: And then this year, Takekaze was the only participant in the prefectural competition
Man: who had a student in school uniform standing at the podium.
Man: Everyone thought they would finish in the bronze category again this year, as well.


Man: However, they placed first instead!
(center text):
Prefectural Competition | Gold | Takekaze High School
Man: The students had given their all, but
Man: those in charge caused an uproar by declaring that "the results had improved due to the student conducting"!!

Man: We at Tenrai regard Takekaze High School, led by the grandson of "the world-renowned Ichou", to be a rising star,
Man: and so have gotten them to appear at this year's "Tenrai Wind Festival"!!

Tokisaka: They made Tenrai acknowledge them... with just a single performance...!!

Box: This guy...
Box: His heart...


Box: is a mass of music.
Box: It has the feel of someone who loves music and has lived alongside it.
Box: It feels like there's even a danger of his being unable to survive without music.

Kamine: It's as if you, yourself,
Kamine: are made of music.

Eiichi: You say some strange things.

Eiichi: I may very well be comprised of sounds... seeing as they speak to my ears.
(Eiichi): Is he tired?
(Eiichi): Did something good happen?
(Eiichi): Is he injured?
Eiichi: They tell me the "feelings" and "condition" of the person producing that sound.


(Tokisaka): Th...that's
(Tokisaka): just like...

Box: my...
Box: "eyes"...?!

Eiichi: The sound of your breathing has stopped... have your throats seized up? What's the matter, you two?
Eiichi: Why are you so tense?

Box: There's no malice at all... no, there's not even the slightest bit of interest in thinking about me at all. ...and yet
Box: it's overwhelming!!

Box: I was really surprised that a student was conducting... but then
Box: I was happy, thinking "we're two of a kind."


Box: But... would it be impossible for a student conductor to compete
Box: against other championship schools, unless they're like him...?!!

Box: My way of thinking was naive...
Box: Everyone's coldness toward me
(Karin): "There's absolutely no way we'd be able to contend."
(Souma): "It would be impossible now, but..."
(Kodama): "He's a normal band member."
(Kodama): "I just want you to judge his character."
Box: was justified...!!

(sfx): Hoo... hoo...

Kamine: I'm...
Kamine: Kamine Shouta.


Kamine: The student conductor who will
Kamine: lead Meien High School to first place in next year's national competition.
Kamine: Make sure you... remember that!!


Man: Oho.

Kodama: Don't get cocky.
(sfx): Whack

Kodama: Sorry about that. I'll make him head back to school right away...
Eiichi: Show us!

Kamine/Kodama: Huh?!

Eiichi: I want to see him conduct! Can't we?! Everyone else wants to see it too, right, Tamaru-sensei!

Kodama: He can't!! He's still just a beginner.
Tamaru: But this is a good opportunity, Kodama-sensei.

Tamaru: To think Meien is also fostering a student conductor! It's truly interesting, no?
Tamaru: If he's a beginner, then he can conduct an easy song that anyone would know! Experience is everything, after all!


Kodama: ...Alright...
Kodama: He can conduct for a little while... and then we'll leave.

Kamine: I'm sorry for saying something strange
Kamine: and embarrassing you,

Kamine: but I... want to conduct.

Kodama: ......If you're going to do this...
Kodama: then don't have any regrets...

Tokisaka: May we join in as well?
(white sfx): Oooh!
(black sfx): Kyaaa!
Tamaru: Of course!
Tamaru: Hey, lend them some available instruments!


???: Nice to meet you, Tokisaka-kun.
???: It's an honor to be playing with you.

Boy: I'm Shigematsu Hiroshi,
Boy: a 2nd year at Tenrai High School, the sax section leader... and band president.
Tokisaka: President!!

Shige: Ah, don't be nervous!!
Shige: All the band members call me "Mister Average"... because I'm a commonplace guy who's neither good nor bad!
Shige: I hope to learn a lot from you!
(above girl): No fair, president!
Tokisaka: Not at all, I hope to learn from you, as well.

Box: It's just like a sea of people.
Box: Can I really do this...?

Box: No...
Box: I'm... sure I can.
sfx bubble: Tick tick tick tick tick

Box: I want to produce...
(Kamine): "It's like a rainbow that's been shoved down your throat..."
(Kamine): "It's incredibly refreshing!"
Box: a sound like that, too...!


(Tokisaka): How is he...
(Tokisaka): "Mister Average"?

(Tokisaka): His average is nationals-level, isn't it!!

(Tokisaka): Whether the three of us from Meien and the 30 from Takekaze High School...
(Tokisaka): were here or not, the result would be the same.

(Tokisaka): Our sound is being overwhelmed by Tenrai's!!!

(Tokisaka): Kamine... it's no use...!! My sound... is being drowned out!!

Box: ...I can't see Tokisaka, Otowa-senpai or Karin-senpai... dammit!!
Box: I can't steer at all!!


Box: I've been
Box: completely shipwrecked!!

Box: This isn't what I want!!
Box: At this rate... it'll all be over when I swing the baton...

Box: But...
Box: I don't know any other way to put it!!
Box: It might not get through to them... they might laugh at me... but
Box: I can only... say it!!

Kamine: A rainbow!!
Kamine: Please!!
Kamine: Bring out a rainbow!!

Eiichi: What...
Eiichi: did he say... just now...

Eiichi: A rainbow...!!
Eiichi: Did he say a rainbow?!
(left): What's with this reaction...?!

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