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Soul Catcher(S) 11

Crave the desire to change. That's all you need.

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 23, 2013 16:26 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Eiichi): It's "jet black."

(Eiichi): Such mediocre conducting... Tenrai's sound swallowed it in the blink of an eye,
(Eiichi): and he became nothing more than a metronome hashing out the tempo.
(Eiichi): No matter how many colors are added to black, it can only remain the same, so

(Eiichi): it's already impossible for this "color" to dramatically change.
Kamine: A rainbow!!

Kamine: Please!!
Kamine: Bring out a rainbow!!


Eiichi: ...What?! Just now...
Eiichi: What the...
Eiichi: A rainbow?!

Eiichi: Did he say a rainbow?!
(bottom): Opus 11: Crave the desire to change. That's all you need.
(note: this is evidently the title of a song by THE ROOTLESS)
(left): Can he turn this around?!

(below panel): Shinkai Hideo

Eiichi: Grandpa!
Box: Ichou Eiichi (age 4)


Gouken: Hey there, Eiichi.
Gouken: So you made it!
Ichou: Sorry, dad. I know you said to wait until the whole thing was over, but...
Gouken: It's fine, don't worry about it! Right, Eiichi?

Eiichi: Grandpa, today's performance was great!
Eiichi: It was really skillful!

Eiichi: A whole ton of colors came out!! It was pretty!!
Eiichi: Like a rainbow!!

Gouken: Fua fua fua!
Gouken: So you were able to see colors, were you.


Gouken: Eiichi... some time ago, there was an incredible man named Casals who was called the "god of the cello."
Eiichi: Cas...?
Gouken: Evidently, he said that "all music, in general, is a succession of rainbows."
Eiichi: Succ...?

Gouken: If you can produce a rainbow on your own... you might be able to become a god as well.
(small text): Fua fua fua!!
Eiichi: A god?!

Eiichi: I wanna try!!
Gouken: Fua fua fua...
(Eiichi): What is the meaning of this.

(Eiichi): Kamine... Shouta!!
(Eiichi): Why is the word "rainbow" coming from the mouth of a beginner like you!!


Kamine: Tokisaka!! I can't see your hands!! Your hands!! Send them out!!

(Tokisaka): I am!!

Kamine: Otowa-senpai!! Use that sound!! The one that consumes all others!!

(Otowa): There are too many high-level players!!
(Otowa): I can't overpower them!!

(Karin): Kamine... Otowa, Tokisaka-kun...
(Karin): what are you doing...

(Karin): I'm already being smothered by Tenrai's sound.
(Karin): It's the same for the 30 people from Takekaze.
(Karin): We're just being overwhelmed, and
(Karin): Kamine is little more than a metronome...!!

(Karin): And yet, why are Tokisaka-kun and Otowa trying to synchronize with Kamine's conducting,
(Karin): rather than Tenrai's sound...?!


(Karin): Why is Kamine trying so desperately to be a conductor
(Karin): in the middle of this hopeless situation?!!

(Karin): Kamine... you would... go that far as a conductor...

(Eiichi): No way... is he
(Eiichi): going to change the sound...?!


(Tamaru): The song...

(Kodama): stopped...
(Kodama): mid-way...

(Eiichi): He didn't...
(Eiichi): make it in time...


(Tamaru): He had... lost track of where he was in the score.

(Tamaru): So that's what caused the performers' confusion, hm...
(Tamaru): If he's a beginner at conducting... there's just no helping that.

Eiichi: ...What... were you trying to do?
Eiichi: Tenrai's sound is practically set in place.
Eiichi: Despite that, why did you try to bring forth a different "color"?

Box: Even if I talk about what I "saw", I'm sure he won't understand... but...
Box: That's the only way I can explain it...

Eiichi: Kamine Shouta.
Eiichi: Just what did you see?


Kamine: I was swallowed up by total darkness in a raging sea...
Kamine: I'd wanted to produce a clear sky like in your conducting, but... when rain comes down in torrents... it causes a rainbow, doesn't it...

(Eiichi): So that's why
(Eiichi): he said "rainbow."

(Tokisaka): Kamine... your mind's jumbled, isn't it?
(Tokisaka): You've never been able to talk to others about such things...

(Tokisaka): Or could this have been vexing enough...
(Tokisaka): that you've completely forgotten that...?

Eiichi: Have you
Eiichi: heard of "synesthesia"?


Eiichi: As an example, recalling a shape when you see a number.
Eiichi: Feeling a sweet sensation when looking at something fluffy.
Eiichi: Being able to see a color when your nose picks up a certain scent.
Eiichi: Feeling as if you're also being touched when someone else is.
(on right person): 1 is like a square.
(above tongue person): Sweet!
(on sniffing person): Green... purple... blue...
(on left person): Is someone touching me?
Eiichi: It is said to be when two or more sensations are produced in relation to one stimulus.

Eiichi: I have a type of synesthesia called "chromesthesia."
Eiichi: I can see colors when I hear sounds.
Eiichi: "Do" is orange, "Re" is silver, sad sounds are blue, and happy sounds are yellow.
Eiichi: Sounds become colors and allow me to understand all sorts of things.

Eiichi: The most excellent of performances is 7 colors... no, even more colors than that are simultaneously visible.
Eiichi: Just like a rainbow... that sound is what I'm always aiming for.


(Eiichi): Still, what you demanded was not 7 colors, but a rainbow itself.
(Eiichi): That's far too concrete...!!

(Eiichi): He didn't see "jet black", but a "raging" "sky and sea" in "total darkness"... and then "a rainbow"...!!
(Eiichi): What sharp "synesthesia"!!

Eiichi: The "Tenrai Wind Festival" is in about a month... this is akin to a pop quiz, but
Eiichi: I wonder how much you'll grow.

Eiichi: This is a first for me, Kamine Shouta!!
Eiichi: Doing music, I've never felt like this before.


Eiichi: I absolutely
Eiichi: don't want to lose to you!!!


(Tamaru): For Ichou-kun...
(Tamaru): to go so far as to say that...!!

(Kodama): Kamine... just what is it about you...!!

Eiichi: Let's meet again at the event itself!!

???: Sorry for the intrusion.
(above students): Goodbye~

Kamine: Hey...
Kamine: Tokisaka...

Kamine: I'd thought... I could conduct today
Kamine: like I've been conducting all along...
Kamine: But I was too naive...

Tokisaka: Kamine...
Kamine: I'm really no good after all...
Kamine: I'm no good at all...!!


Kamine: I wanna
Kamine: study more.

Kamine: Music, and conducting!!
Kamine: Study enough that I won't lose to any conductors anywhere!!!

Tokisaka: Yeah! Of course!!

Tokisaka: We'll start by getting you to the point where you can read sheet music!!


(Eiichi): He can't even read sheet music...
(Eiichi): Forget a beginner, doesn't that make him a complete amateur?!

(Eiichi): To have such a
(Eiichi): concrete image with zero musical knowledge...

(Eiichi): If he studies up on it...
(Eiichi): just how far will he end up going...?!!

Otowa: ...You're overwhelmingly lacking in the fundamentals department.
Tokisaka: There's a limit to how far self-study can take you... what should we do...

Otowa: There's...
Otowa: someone ideal for that
Otowa: among our section leaders.


Otowa: "The Walking Dictionary of Music"
Otowa: is what I like to call him.

Tokisaka: We have someone like that among the section leaders?
Otowa: I realized it when I pestered him for a session, but... he hides it from those around him.

Otowa: The "bassoon/bass clarinet" section leader,
Otowa: Mikitani Shinobu.

Karin: You're kidding, right?
Otowa: I'm serious.
Tokisaka: No, but, I mean... it's Mikitani-senpai...
Otowa: Seriously, I'm serious.

Otowa: Anyway, go see Mikitani.
Otowa: I'll lose interest soon enough the way you are now, Kamine.


Otowa: You can come see me again
Otowa: when you've grown and become more interesting.

Kamine: ...Right.

(Otowa): ...that day may come quicker than you'd think...

Tokisaka: ...I still can't believe it, though...
Tokisaka: About Mikitani-senpai...

Tokisaka: Ah! there he is.


Oura: Enough is enough already, Shinobu!!
Oura: You're getting in the way, y'know!!!

Tokisaka: It's Oura-senpai!
Tokisaka: The clarinet section leader!
Kamine: Are they...having an argument?

Miki: B...but... this song...
Miki: I thought it would be better... for the clarinets and bass clarinet to practice it together...

Oura: That's just for your own convenience, isn't it?!
Oura: We're not doing that song today! Leave it for later!

Miki: But... we're performing it at the "Tenrai Wind Festival"...
Oura: I told you, that doesn't matter. I mean, Tenrai's the best, anyway.


Miki: I see...
Miki: That's true. Sorry.
Box: Ah... H-his heart...

Miki: What's convenient for me really doesn't matter.
Miki: I mean, I'm like a ballpoint pen that's out of ink, so...
Box: He's folding it up and making it smaller... on his own...!!

(sfx): Ufufufufufu...
Miki: Even if I weren't around, it really wouldn't bother anyone.
Bassoon/Bass Clarinet
Section Leader
Mikitani Shinobu
Box: He's utterly spiritless!!

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