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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Shiinake no Hitobito 22

I came to rescue you

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 3, 2013 12:15 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 22

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

All page numbers are based on the raw, to make things easier on the scanlators.



(right of bubble): Hmm...
Junko: So, in other words,

Junko: Shiina Haruhiko has returned to the master dispute?
Junko: Is that even possible?

Shiwase: Those who acquire a piece, by whatever means, become masters.
Shiwase: That is an ironclad rule.


Ninja: He's really got the devil's luck...!!
Hana: More like, as expected of Haruhiko-dono...

(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama...

Junko: Hmm...
Junko: I don't see what has you so happy...
Junko: After all, look at the situation.


Junko: From now on,
Junko: you will be fighting against that former master of yours.

Junko: I fully believe that "the rules being absolute" for ninjas, but
Junko: you're all quite composed, aren't you?

(right of bubble): Hmm...
Junko: Especially you, the most relieved of everyone here.

Junko: I shouldn't even have to say this to you, who chose Shiina-kun as a master.
Junko: I'm a bit worried, you see...


Junko: that I can't quite medically determine whether you have truly become my subordinate or not.

Utsuki: Ah...
Utsuki: gh...


(bottom): Chapter 22: I came to rescue you


Haru: Er...m, how should I put this...

Haru: S...sorry the room is so cramped...

Retsu: It's fine.
Retsu: It's only natural for shinobi to hide in cramped places.
Retsu: Rather than worrying about me, think about how to rescue Utsuki and the rest!!
Retsu: ...is what he says.


Natsumi: Haru!
Natsumi: Do you know where the remote is?

(Haru): ...!! Amazing...
(Haru): Hiding himself, even though he's so huge...

(Haru): UWAAAH!!!


(Haru): It really was impossible, after all!!
(Haru): You could call it hiding, but he's just sitting, isn't he!!

Natsumi: It kinda smells like an animal in here.

Natsumi: Just what sort of-

Natsumi: Sorry... for interrupting.
Haru: Whaa?! Interrupting what...?!


Retsu: Way to go, Shiina!
Retsu: Okay, let's have a strategy meeting!

Retsu: That said...
Retsu: The enemy master, Yamamoto Junko, also has 3 shinobi of the combat variety.
Retsu: We of the ram faction specialize in information gathering, so Hazuki's the only one with fighting power...

Retsu: Even if they were to fight us fairly, we'd still stand no chance of winning.

Retsu: And I don't think Otoha-san's going to help out this time.
Haru: Nah... this is my problem, anyway.


Haru: The enemy is undoubtedly searching for us right now,
Haru: so even staying here is dangerous.
Retsu: Just can't catch a break, huh.

(Utsuki): I believe in you,
(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama.

Haru: But we've gotta do this.

Haru: We'll slip past the enemy and into their base.
Haru: If we don't have any opportunities to do that, we'll just make one!!


(right of bubble): Hmm...
Junko: Not being able to find them, even though we have this many out searching...
Junko: What's going on?

Fumi: Those following Shiina Haruhiko are of the ram faction... they are an underhanded information corps who are akin to beasts.
Fumi: If we err at all, it could take dozens of days to find them.
(right of bubble): Hmm...
Junko: What a bother.

Junko: Perhaps a little strategy meeting is in order.


Man: Hey, you over there!! Nurse!

Utsuki: Huh?!
Utsuki: You mean me?
Man: That's right!!
Man: I've been waiting forever. When am I gonna get my checkup?!

Utsuki: But I-
Man: If you don't know, then go ask!
Utsuki: R...right!

Utsuki: Um.

Utsuki: Excuse me, um...


Utsuki: This man would like to know when he will be receiving his checkup?

(Utsuki sfx): Phew...
???: Hey!!

Doctor: The dressings in that room still need to be changed.
Doctor: Hurry up and get to it!

(above Utsuki): All done!


(above woman): Nurse!!
Man: What are you doing, Utsuki-dono?

Man: You should be handling hospital security...
Man: Do you truly have the spare time to play house like this?!

Man: Or perhaps...
Man: you intend to violate the rules and betray us?!

Utsuki: ...is that how it looks?
Man: Hmph.

Man: Junko-dono called for you.
Man: Go ahead.


(right of bubble): Hmm.
Junko: Utsuki,
Junko: Yayoi...
Junko: There's something I'd like to ask you...

Junko: Would you perhaps know Shiina Haruhiko's movement patterns?
Junko: We've searched high and low, but haven't found him at all, you see.

(right of bubble): Hmm~
Junko: This smells nice.


Yayoi: Hmph.
Yayoi: Before that, what the heck?! What's with this outfit you prepared for m-

Fumi: Don't answer a question with another question,
Fumi: you vulgar woman.

Yayoi: ...Hmph.

Junko: Hmm...
Junko: So... do you know about them, or not?

Utsuki: ...Uh.


Junko: ...Uh?

Utsuki: ...Umm.

Utsuki: I don't... know.


Junko: How sad.
Junko: Why has this turned into the likes of an interrogation, even though we're comrades?

Fumi: Alas...
Fumi: It is truly saddening.


Fumi: Please do not display such disgraceful behavior in front of me, your senior.

Fumi: Now, then.

Fumi: Let's answer one more time, shall we?!

Utsuki: --I


sfx bubble: Beep
Hana: Ha...
Hana: Utsuki-dono and Yayoi are very important to Haruhiko-dono... they aren't mere pieces.
sfx bubble: Beep
sfx bubble: Beep
Hana: Therefore... if you wait, rather than search, he will come here sooner or...
Hana: later...
sfx bubble: Beep

Ninja: Hanajima-donoooo!!!

Fumi: Tch.
Fumi: What a ridiculous act...


Hana: You mustn't do that, Utsuki-dono, Kaoru.

Hana: We are shinobi...
Hana: No matter what atrocities we commit, we must follow the rules.
Hana: This is not the time to throw childish tantrums.

Utsuki: ...Hanajima.

Junko: He may be a foolish man, but

Junko: I'm not so sure such an underdog would return to this hospital, seeing as it is guarded by
Junko: 3 members of the Juunigesshuu and 160 ninjas...


Fumi: If he and his group do come,
Fumi: I will show my respect by chopping them into pieces with my lightning-fast "mubyoshi."
(roughly translates to "no quarter")

Junko: This is a hospital, so don't do anything that would be disruptive.

(Utsuki): If I had only kept a closer eye on Haruhiko-sama back then, this wouldn't have happened.

(Utsuki): Hanajima was right about Haruhiko-sama's personality. He probably will come to rescue us.


(Utsuki): But that would just be suicidal!!
(Utsuki): Those following Haruhiko-sama are an information corps, the ram faction...
(Utsuki): The difference in fighting power is much too great!!

(Utsuki): In the worst case scenario, I'll be ordered to kill Haruhiko-sama!!

(Utsuki): It's always like this...


(Utsuki): Everything I do, thinking it's for Haruhiko-sama's sake,
(Utsuki): ends up having the opposite effect...

(Utsuki): Both now...

(Utsuki): and back then...


(Utsuki): Just what should...
(Utsuki): What should I do?!

Junko: I have to get to work soon.

Junko: Patients will be coming, so please step back.
Fumi: Right.

(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama...

Junko: Hello.
Junko: And what ailment has brought you here today?


Junko: It's Shiina!!
Junko: Shiina Haruhiko is here!!

(Utsuki): Ha...
(Utsuki): Haruhiko-sama?!

Junko: What the heck are you doing, Utsuki?!
Junko: The enemy is right in front of you!!


Haru: I came to rescue you,

Haru: Utsuki!!

Utsuki: Ha...
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama...

Fumi: Impossible!?
Fumi: How did he get in without anyone noticing him?!

Junko: You can berate yourself later, Fumizuki. Just surround him for now!!


Fumi: ...What are you so smug about?!
(Fumi): Juunigesshuu Ninja Arts...

(Fumi): Mubyoshi!!

Haru: ...Too bad.

Haru: I'd...
Haru: hoped to trade blows with you.


Fumi: Wh...at?!


Shizu: So this is the rumored "mubyoshi"...

Shizu: Seriously?
Shizu: It's utter shit.

(Utsuki): ...No.

(Utsuki): That isn't Haruhiko-sama!!

Junko: Hmm...?!
Junko: Wait a sec,
Junko: what's going on?!
Junko: This isn't anything like what Shiwasu told me...!!

Junko: On top of that... there are hardly any of our shinobi here...
(small text): Just 5?!
Junko: What are the rest doing?!


Haru?: Yeah,

Haru?: we already captured all of them.

Haru?: This area is completely under my control.

Junko: H...how...
Junko: could you even do that?!

Haru?: Sorry for giving you the wrong idea, but...
Haru?: I am not Shiina Haruhiko.


Hiromu: I'm Shidou Hiromu.


Hiromu: ...judging by your current state, I guess you still haven't made a breakthrough yet,
Hiromu: Utsuki.
Hiromu: That really is too bad.

Hiromu: ...May I ask you something?

Hiromu: Why...
Hiromu: all the fuss over that guy?


Fumi: ...Woman!!

Fumi: I will make you regret...
Fumi: injuring my face!!


Hiromu: Stop right there, Shizuka.
Hiromu: I'll handle this.

Hiromu: Sorry, but
Hiromu: I'm not nearly as kind as Shiina Haruhiko.


Haru: Our resolve brought us this far, but...
Haru: Something seems really off...

Retsu: Even though it's a hospital, no one's going in or coming out.
Retsu: Plus, there's a strange air around the place...

Retsu: Maybe there's already something...

Retsu: Hey!!


Hiromu: Yo,
Hiromu: Shiina!

Haru: ...Hiromu-kun!!


Hiromu: I don't know the particulars, but
Hiromu: it looks like we're both still in this...

Hiromu: ...let's go.

Mina: H...
Mina: Hiromu-dono... p... please wait.

Mina: Why are we also passing up Hazuki?!
Hiromu: ...Minazuki.


Hiromu: I already told you that I'm gathering pieces "to obtain Utsuki."
Mina: But that's...

Hiromu: She is still out of my reach.

Hiromu: This is just in name only.

Haru: Utsuki-chan!!


Utsuki: Haruhiko...sama.

Shizu: There's nothing wrong with being assertive,

Shizu: but
Shizu: you are far too weak.


Hiromu: In other words,
Hiromu: I can't leave this in your hands.
Hiromu: I'll be taking Utsuki's piece!

Hiromu: Become someone a bit more suited to battle,
Hiromu: Shiina Haruhiko!

Hiromu: I'll wait for half a year.
Hiromu: Grow stronger by then.


Box: It's frustrating, but he's right.

Retsu (half-hidden): Shiina?
Box: Some time later, I would encounter Fumizuki-san's master,
Box: who had lost the will to fight, and Yayoi-chan...

Box: But until then, I wasn't able to move so much as an inch...
Retsu: Hey!


Retsu: HEY!!

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