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Haru Polish 7

Mino Pottery and the Shirakawa-go Village

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 9, 2013 04:26 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 7

Translation reserved for Orinjido Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

Holy crap, what? Yes, after lord knows how long, it's another chapter of Haru Polish! Honestly, this series is one of my easier ones to translate, so I'm going to work on finishing it up.



(top) Chapter 7: Mino Pottery and the Shirakawa-go Village


Shun: Steady...
Shun: Urk.
sfx bubble: Clonk

Wakana: You have to bring it to a definite stop, Tachioka-kun.
Shun: R...right...

Wakana: You won't be able to swing the katana unless you build up your strength.
Shun: Yes...
Shun: I'll work harder.


sfx bubble: Clonk

sfx bubble: Clonk

sfx bubble: Clonk

Shun: H-hey, Hasegawa!


Hina: I'm not improving at all!! My head hurts!!
Shun: There, there. How about we start with a lighter weight wooden sword.

Shun: Ouch.
Shun: My hands have blisters, too...

Shun: My upper arm's sore...
Hina: Mine, too.
Wakana: You two really won't be able to swing a katana like that, you know.

Wakana: You
Wakana: won't be able to slice anyone.


Hina: Right...


Hina: Wooow!

(Shun): Why?

(Shun): Even though she was worn out from swinging a wooden sword too,
(left of Haru): Ah, this is hard...
(Shun): even though she shouldn't have more strength than me,

(Shun): why
(Shun): is she able to swing a katana so smoothly?


Haru: Hey, how'd you do?
Haru: Did you get a good grip on it?

Shun: Um...
Shun: Well...


Wakana: Nihon-me "Ushiro."
(Ushiro = behind)
Wakana: She did it perfectly, didn't she?
Ogami: Yeah.

Ogami: She only saw it once, but...

Ogami: the way she raised her left knee,
Ogami: and the timing of her waist turn...

Ogami: she's able to do them without being taught.
Ogami: The same goes for the way she carries her body and swings a katana.


(Ogami): That...
(Ogami): can cut.


Wakana: Did something happen, Ogami-senpai?

Wakana: Your face is pale.

Ogami: Nothing in particular.
Ogami: I'm just lightheaded.

Wakana: ...But you're sweating an awful lot...
Ogami: I'm telling you to drop it.
Ogami: Don't worry about me.


Ogami: Okamoto.

Haru: How was it, senpai? My swordsmanship!
Haru: I can already swing a real sword!!

Ogami: Yeah...
Ogami: That's true.

Ogami: But

Ogami: you need to put more strength into it.
Ogami: You can swing it, but at this rate, you'll injure your arm in no time.


Haru: But even Katayama-senpai swings it around with those thin arms, doesn't she?
Wakana: Eh?

Wakana: ...That's not true at all, Haru-san.
Wakana: I'm worried that they're becoming rather beefy, you see.

Wakana: I can keep a firm grip on it because of my large biceps...
Hina: I wanna see!!

Wakana: Wha...?
Hina: I wanna see your biceps!
Haru: I wanna see them, too!
(right of Hina): C'mon~

Wakana: But it's not exactly something I want to show people...
Ogami: What's the problem with showing them?

Wakana: Alright.
(Wakana sfx): Ahem.
Wakana: Well, then... just for a bit...


Wakana: There!

(above trio): Ooooh!
Wakana: Aaand that's all!!
Wakana: I won't show them anymore!!


Hina: That's so cool! I want to build up a ton of muscle, too~
(Shun): Is that so...

Haru: Alright.
sfx bubble: Grip

Haru: I'll get even stronger too,
Haru: and quickly wield a real sword!!

Wakana: Aaand time's up on your katana usage.
Ogami: Give it here.

Haru: Whyyy!
Wakana: If we let you hold onto it for a long time, you'll end up going off into your own little world.
Ogami: Do practice strokes with a wooden one.


Haru: I totally won't go crazy like that, though~
(left of Haru): Again...
Wakana: We're not going to risk it.

Haru: Ahh, I really wanna get my own practice sword soon...
Hina: I'm gonna make mine look cool!

Shun: Our own practice swords, huh...
Shun: But where and how would we get ahold of them?
Shun: I guess we could buy them on the net...

Wakana: Oh, about that,
Wakana: I was thinking we'd go put in an order to have katana made for everyone.
Hina: Where're we gonna go for that?!

Ogami: Gifu.


Hina: Gifu Prefecture?!
(left of shadow): It's hand power.
Shun: The Gifu of Hida-Takayama City, Sekigahara, Hida beef, Mino pottery and Gero Onsen fame, where Mr. Malik was born?!

Wakana: Speaking of Gifu, there's also the village of Shirakawa-go.
Ogami: Takayama ramen, too.
Haru: Do we really have to go all the way out there to get a sword?

Wakana: Of course, there are places much closer to us, but...
Wakana: Ogami-senpai was rather adamant about it.

Wakana: Is there some reason for that?
Ogami: Who knows...


Wakana: Putting aside Ogami-senpai's evasiveness, Gifu's Seki City is the leading blade producer in Japan.
Wakana: I figured we could use Golden Week for a field trip to go take a look, but
Wakana: what do you guys think?

Haru: Uwaah! A trip with everyone?!
Shun: If we're going to Gifu, does that mean we're gonna stay overnight?
Hina: Yaaay! I wanna go!!

Hina: What about snacks?!
Wakana: Hm?

Hina: Is there a 500 yen limit?!

Wakana: As if...
Wakana: We aren't children anymore, you know.


(Wakana): The limit is 800 yen!!

(Hina): Nice!!

Haru: Going on a trip to get my very own katana...
Haru: It sounds kinda cool...

(Haru): Just what sort of adventures... and trials are waiting for us...?
Demon: If a katana is what you desire, you must come and defeat me.
Mage: Only the chosen one may draw forth this katana!
Shun: Yeah, no.


???: Good work today.
???: You too~

Hina: I wonder what kind I'll get.
Hina: I can get a cool design added to it, too.

(Haru): I can't wait~
(Haru): I really want to hold my very own katana as soon as possible.

(Shun): A trip... a co-ed trip...
(Shun): I'm... kinda already getting nervous.

(Shun): Come to think of it, how much is an imitation sword, anyway?
(Shun): There's travel expenses, too.
(Shun): I wonder if we're taking the Shinkansen.


(Shun): I'll have to ask my mom for some money...

Girl: Hey,
Girl: you guys are from the Iaido Club, right?

(Shun): Wh-what the?!
(Shun): What's with these scary senpai?!

Hina: Yup, that's right.
Haru: Do you need us for something?


Girl: Why don't you stop playing around with that Iai stuff?
Girl: Could you just quit already?

(Shun): Huh?! They're picking a fight with us?!
(Shun): Why?!

Hina: No way!!

Haru: Why do we have to listen to you and quit?!


Girls: What'd you say?

Shun: Okamoto! Hasegawa!
Shun: C'mon!
Shun: Let's go, okay! Let's go!

Boy: Give it a rest.
Boy: You're scaring them.

Boy: Sorry for being so abrupt.
Boy: We're members of the Kendo club.

Boy: Let's get along as fellow practitioners of martial arts.
Shun: L...let's.


Boy: The dojo you're using...
Boy: originally... belonged to our Kendo club.

Boy: That Ogami in your group arranged it on his own accord and stole it from under us.
Boy: As a result, we're stuck using a cramped space with the girls...
Shun: O...ow...

Haru: W-what are you doing?!
Hina: Stop it!!


Hina: Ah...
Boy: Ogami from the Iaido Club was problematic,
Boy: quarreling with the Kendo club, and ultimately resorting to violence against the captain.
Boy: According to the rumors, anyway.
Boy: Please be extra careful, president.

(Hina): That's right, I remember now!!
(Hina): As the student council president, investigating that was also my goal!!

Hina: Hey, Kendo Club! Don't cause any more trouble!!
Hina: I, Hasegawa Hinako, a member of this Iaido club and the student council president, won't allow it!!

Boy: Quit your whining.
Boy: Going and taking advantage of our kindness...
Shun: Owowowow!


Boy: It's all because you lot had to join up.
Boy: The Iaido club should have been long gone by now, but
Boy: thanks to all of you joining, they avoided being demolished.

Shun: Uwaah!

Haru: P-
Haru: Please stop!!

Boy: This is the hand of someone who has seriously swung a wooden sword every day.
Boy: Those little games of yours can't produce this level of strength.

Haru: S...

Haru: Sto...


Boy: Say you'll quit, and I'll release his hand.
Boy: With all of you gone, the club will successfully meet its end.
Shun: Guwaa!

Boy: Go on, say it!
Boy: It'll be easier for everyone.


Boy: Agh...
Boy: Guh...

Girl: Wh-what's wrong?!


Boy: Ga-guh gaah...
Girl: Get ahold of yourself!

Ogami: What do you think you're doing to my kouhai?

Boy: Ogami...!!


Ogami: If you have business with the Iaido Club,

Ogami: then I'll be your opponent.
Girl: Eep...

Ogami: Bring it.


Ogami: Come...

Girl: Ahh...
Girl: Uwaa...

Girl: What are you lot up to?

Girls: Captain!!


Cap: What's the matter, Ogami?
Cap: You're making quite the frightening face.

Cap: Alright, let's get going.
Girl: Ah...
Cap: Don't go causing so much trouble for the other clubs.

Girl: This guy weighs a ton!
Girl: Seriously, what a pain.
Cap: Ogami...


Cap: You're...
Cap: being pulled even further in than before.

Cap: You had best...
Cap: take care.

(Haru): Ogami-senpai...
(Haru): Something seems... off about him...


Wakana: Hm?
Wakana: What are you all doing, hanging around out here?

Shun: Erm...
Hina: Nothing.
Hina: We're heading home.

Sign: Girls' Locker Room
Cap: Listen.

Cap: Don't involve yourselves
Cap: with Ogami... or the Iaido Club anymore.


Girl: ...But why...
Cap: You will be at risk if you do.

Cap: At one point, my brother's best friend attempted suicide.
Cap: It was due to anxiety over his entrance exams or something similar...

Cap: It was... the same sort of feeling you get from Ogami.
Cap: You could think of it as being clothed in a dark... sinister air...
Cap: Or being drawn into another world...

Cap: Keeping away from people like that is for your own good.
Cap: Ogami,
Cap: What's all this about you telling us to get out?

Ogami: Sorry, but I want to use this dojo.
Cap: Stop screwing around. What sort of arbitrary--


Ogami: Please...

Ogami: I want a place where I can swing a katana.

Box: I didn't know what his goal was, but... I understood, at least, that getting involved with him was dangerous.
Box: After that, he quit the Iaido Club... and I figured he had achieved his goal, but...
(Cap): From the way he looked today, that doesn't seem to be the case at all.


Cap: Anyway... just forget about him.

Cap: Unless you two want to get dragged in, as well.


Cap: Still...
Cap: why would he return to the club?

Cap: Did he
Cap: find something...?

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah

sfx bubble: Haah

sfx bubble: Haah

Ogami: ...Your house is in the other direction, isn't it.
Ogami: Why did you come this way?


Ogami: Okamoto...


Haru: I've been worried about your state of mind for a while now, senpai...
Haru: I'm sorry for following you...

Haru: But even though you aren't doing Iai kata,
Haru: you've had a sort of bloodlust surrounding you this while time...

Haru: A...and
Haru: it's as if you're really going to be killed...

Ogami: ...It's because of that lot from the Kendo club.
Ogami: And I'd always kept it in check, too.

Haru: Kept it in check...?
Haru: Just... what is it...?


Box: The journey to Gifu...
Box: What awaits them is a cursed katana.

Box: Is what coils around Ogami-senpai truly that katana's curse?

Box: If so, is it something which can be undone?
(right of Hina): 800 yen~ 800 yen~

Box: The key lies
Box: in the ability to hear the katana's voice.
Box: In Okamoto Haru...


Straight to the point!
Sword Seminar, Iai course
(top, white banner): Art: Minamoto Yuu
(above leaf line):
Miscellaneous info on Iai and Japanese swords | Number 3 is "The History of Japanese Swords, Part 2"

Speech bubble: It's surprising how similar the histories of computers and Japanese swords are~

(black banner): From a weapon to a symbol
(quick note: the bolded parts here are also part of the translation)

Ooishi: Woah, that's a new iPad, isn't it? Is it yours, headmaster?
Headmaster: Indeed. Jealous, are we?
Ooishi: Even though you're an Iai teacher, you're surprisingly fond of new things, huh.
Headmaster: What are you saying? This is the same as the samurai's katana having become shorter.
Ooishi: Huh? What do you mean?
Headmaster: You can carry a laptop, but they're quite heavy and unwieldy, and, in my case, I had no choice but to take one with me when it was indispensable. However, I can carry this normally, it's easy to take out, even on the train, I can use it to show data to people, and it's very convenient when I suddenly want to look up something.
Ooishi: That's true~
Headmaster: It was the same in the Sengoku era. Disputes occurred not just on the battlefield, but also in cities and towns. It was a world where you didn't know when you would be attacked next. For that reason, they always wore a short sword that could be drawn at any time.
Ooishi: I see. So you're saying that this is the Sengoku era of business.
Headmaster: ...I don't really get what you're saying, but whatever. After the battle of Sekigahara, there was an era of peace established by the Tokugawa Shogunate and practical use of katanas became near-nonexistant. Even so, the style of samurai who carried both a katana and a short sword continued. In other words, they wore katana for protection purposes and as a symbol to denote samurai status. Subsequently, you could say that the katana's appearance having remained largely unchanged to this day is because there was no longer a need to revise it, as it wasn't used in actual combat anymore.


(black banner): The start of modern-day Iai
(quick note: the bolded parts here are also part of the translation)

Ooishi: So without any fighting, Iai and other sword techniques went into decline, right?
Headmaster: On the contrary, they became quite popular.
Ooishi: Why's that?
Headmaster: I believe that samurai came to regard them more as a means of training their minds and bodies than a way to polish their skills to cut people for actual combat. For that very reason, the study of Iai and other sword techniques continued through the Edo era, and some several hundred schools were born.
Ooishi: Ohh, makes sense.
Headmaster: As was mentioned before, the Iai created by founder Hayashizaki Jinsuke was a technique of drawing out the long sword hung from the left hip, blade-down. However, the seventh head to take over the teachings of the Hayashizaki Musou-ryu, a man named Hasegawa Chikaranosuke Hidenobu, is said to have changed it in the Kyoho era (1716-1736) to a technique of drawing out the katana worn at the hip, blade-up. By that point, it had been more than 100 years since the peaceful Edo era. The Hasegawa Eishin-ryu started by Hidenobu was the foundation of modern-day Iai.
Ooishi: So then, the Iai techniques taught nowadays weren't used in actual combat?
Headmaster: During the small span of the Bakumatsu era, and the upheavals, Boshin War, etc. therein, there were times when Japanese swords were used to fight. However, after the Meiji Restoration, a sword prohibition was put in place and katana became wholly unnecessary. Even so, the continuance of Iai and other sword disciplines, as well as their being taught even in the present day, undoubtedly point to their effectiveness in training the mind and body.
Ooishi: Training the mind and body, huh. I'm still awful at it, but I've got to work hard and train, too.

Ooishi's speech bubble: I borrowed the headmaster's iPad, but I don't get how to use it at all...
(left of large Ooishi pic): When it comes to Iai and digital stuff, I still have a lot to learn...
Headmaster's speech bubble: I'm far from losing to a youngin'.

(aaand I'd have done page 45, but Minamoto's handwriting is hard to decipher.)

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