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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shiinake no Hitobito 23

Are you really alright with that?

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 20, 2013 15:55 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

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Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: One week later...

Kusu: Morning, Utsuki-chan.

Utsuki: Kusunoki-san!!


Kusu: Is he absent today, too?
(desk label): Shiina

Box: Chapter 23: Are you really alright with that?


Hiromu: Well, it's truly unfortunate, but...

Hiromu: Shiina Haruhiko is on an extended leave of absence.

Hiromu: I don't know the details or the circumstances, but I believe this was a tough decision for him.
Hiromu: All we can do now is trust he will return and welcome him back with open arms when he does.

Box: After that,
Box: Haruhiko-sama ended up
Box: disappearing somewhere...


(Hiromu): Utsuki...
(Hiromu): I'll give you that he's a great guy, but... that alone isn't enough of an explanation...

(Hiromu): What is the reason... for those feelings of yearning for Shiina?

(Hiromu): Could it be... that you met him somewhere
(Hiromu): outside the master dispute?

(Utsuki): He's starting to realize it.
(Utsuki): But there's nothing I can do...

(Utsuki): In the near future, he'll likely gain possession of all the remaining pieces.
(Utsuki): What will Haruhiko-sama do then...?


Hiromu: To think this sort of thing would happen...
Hiromu: I hadn't intended to drive him into a corner...

Hiromu: Or perhaps...
Hiromu: there's a reason he can't come to school?

Hiromu: Well, I'll just do what I have to do.

Hiromu: There's the promise I have with you, as well.

Hiromu: I don't intend to simply wait around.


Hiromu: Don't just go into hiding.

Hiromu: You have to grow stronger, Shiina Haruhiko!


Fumi: Shidou Hiromu and Shiina Haruhiko are both out of their minds!

Fumi: This is a master dispute where you steal pieces, and yet they have no intention of doing that!
Fumi: I went to hand my piece over to Shiina, and he said "I'd like you to decide what to do on your own." What sort of outcome is that?!

Otoha: My, my.

Otoha: You, who answered "then introduce me to a strong master" and came here, are just as crazy, wouldn't you say?

Otoha: Well, the "why" isn't important. Welcome aboard.
Otoha: It seems that the next battle is fast approaching, and...
Otoha: Fumizuki... before, you said that Shidou Hiromu "has no intention" of stealing pieces, but...


Otoha: His eyes show a willingness to kill.

Member of the Juunigesshu

Otoha: In terms of pieces, it's 3 vs 2, but our opponent is the Shidou Financial Group...
Otoha: I'd certainly like more fighting power...

Fumi: ...Um,
Fumi: if the other side is using armed forces, then why don't we use them too?!
Fumi: Kyouko-dono is the daughter of the Otoha Clan,
Fumi: so if you mobilize the clan members...


Otoha: All of that belongs to my father, not me.

Otoha: Please do keep this in mind.
Otoha: You can join us, but I have no intention of relying on anyone.

Sign: Otoha Clan


(Otopapa): ...Listen well, Kyouko. From today onward, you are my daughter.

(Otopapa): If anyone looks down on you or makes fun of you, I will return it to them in kind ten thousand-fold!

(Otopapa): Which of them do you like? Go on and tell me.
(Otopapa): You're my daughter, so don't hold back at all!!

(Otopapa): However, there is just one rule you must follow...

(Otopapa): I told you, didn't I, you blasted idiot!!
(Otopapa): It's already 7 PM! Don't give me any of your excuses!! Going out at night is strictly prohibited!!

(Otopapa): Please, Kyouko.
(Otopapa): I'm begging you, don't leave me alone...


Ninja: Kyouko-dono!

Otoha: I know.

Otoha: It seems he is quite quick to take action.


Otoha: It would be rather troublesome to have guns firing off here...

Otoha: Nagatsuki and the others from the monkey faction, gather as much information as possible on the enemy's strength!
Otoha: Kisaragi and the others from the ox faction will serve as support for everyone else!
Otoha: Fumizuki and the others of the horse faction will act as my guards!

Otoha: Now, then.
Otoha: Let's see how far we can take this...

Naga: Heh!

Naga: The day we beat the shit outta that disgusting bastard is finally here...!!
Fumi: Haah?!

Fumi: Don't you know how frightening the Shidou Financial Group is?! Easy-going, aren't you!!
Naga: Haah?!

Fumi: A sharp-minded woman calmly told me about it, but even so.
Fumi: What can we do against such a monster...


Fumi: To start with...

Fumi: why has the Shidou Financial Group gotten involved in this war once again?!

(Haru): "Whatever you say, I don't plan on backing out."
(Haru): "Please cooperate with me."

Otoha: ...My, my.
Otoha: Am I possibly expecting something?!

Otoha: Fufu.
Otoha: Certainly not...


(left of Otopapa): Wahahahaha!

Otoha: Father.
Otopapa: What's up, Kyouko? Come on over and join us too...

Otoha: I'm... going to go out for a little walk.

Man: B...boss!!
Otopapa: Kyouko!!


Otopapa: Do you mean to
Otopapa: violate the single most important rule of the Otoha household?!

Otopapa: And for a mere walk, no less?!

Man: Boss, if you get any angrier than that, your blood pressure will...!!

Otopapa: If you have something to say to me, I will listen.


Otopapa: However, going out at night is strictly prohibited!!
Otopapa: No matter the reason, doing so is unforgivable!! Understand?!

Otopapa: Now get back to your room this instant!!!

Otoha: Hoo
Otoha: Hoo

Otoha: Hoo

(Haru): "You can't go against the way of the world?"

(Haru): "Whether to follow something or go against it is something you decide yourself."


Otoha: Father,

Otoha: Is that
Otoha: because I might be attacked by someone if I go out at night?
Otoha: Much like what happened to your real daughter...

Otopapa: H...
Otopapa: How do you know... about that?!

Otoha: I've known for a while.
Otoha: Sorry... for not saying anything...

Otoha: I had a feeling that...
Otoha: if I let it slip, we would become str...
Otoha: we would both once again be left alone.


Naga: Move even a millimeter and I'll kill you.

Otopapa: ...Wha?!

Otoha: What do you think? These are my personal bodyguards.
Otoha: You have nothing to worry about now, right?

Otoha: Well, there's no time to waste. I'll be leaving now.
Otoha: Also...


Otoha: when I come back,
Otoha: you can scold me all you'd like, okay?


Hiromu: We will now award your
Hiromu: graduation certificates.
(on sign): Otokoyamanaka High School 32nd Graduation Ceremony

Hiromu: Representative
Hiromu: Otoha Kyouko!!

Hiromu: Otoha Kyouko!
Hiromu: This is proof that you have completed all the required coursework for Otokoyamanaka High School
Hiromu: on this day, March 6th, year x of the Heisei era!


Hiromu: Acting principal,
Hiromu: Shidou Hiromu!!
Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: Thank you.

Students: So the 3rd years are graduating already...
Students: Hey, did you hear? General Chairwoman Otoha was hospitalized in October.
Students: Apparently she was involved in some sort of yakuza dispute.

Students: I heard she had memory problems for a while, too...
Students: She really made an amazing recovery!!


Hiromu: She sure is strong.
Hiromu: No matter how badly she was beaten, she'd climb back to her feet.
Hiromu: Even when she lost consciousness, she wouldn't let go of her pieces...
Hiromu: If Utsuki weren't around, I just might have fallen for her.

Hiromu: By the way,
Hiromu: what's your business with me this time?


Hiromu: The ninja who was once my dad's follower...
Hiromu: Shiwasu.

Shiwasu: It's been a while. How is your father doing, Hiromu-kun?

Hiromu: ...I wouldn't know.
Hiromu: It seems he'll be handing over the company president's seat to me, but...

Hiromu: More importantly, if things continue the way they are now, Tsuki no Sato will once again become Shidou property.


Hiromu: --Are you really alright with that?

Shiwasu: You have 7, including Utsuki-chan, huh...
Shiwasu: The master dispute has certainly sped up a great deal in 6 months, thanks to the clash between you and Otoha Kyouko...

Shiwasu: Well, it doesn't particularly bother me.
Shiwasu: Whoever has acquired the pieces in this conflict becomes our master.

Hiromu: You sure are dedicated to the rules...


Hiromu: It's so strange.
Hiromu: Seeing how they've treated you so unreasonably...

Shiwasu: Speaking of strange things...
Shiwasu: Why are you, who had no drive, collecting pieces?

Hiromu: I only shook off the trouble that had landed in my lap.

Shiwasu: Shook off?
Shiwasu: It seemed more like you snatched it up, though.
Shiwasu: What a thing to do, all so a certain someone
Shiwasu: isn't taken away...


Shiwasu: I think you're afraid of Shiina Haruhiko.

Hiromu: Afraid? Me?
Hiromu: What reason would I have to be afraid of Shiina?!

Shiwasu: Well, you'll see what I mean

Shiwasu: soon enough.


Otoha: Oh my.
Otoha: This letter is addressed to me.

Otoha: "Congratulations on graduating."
Otoha: "I have found what it is you once told me I lacked."
Otoha: What's with this?! How tasteless!!

Otoha: Hm?
Otoha: I wonder when it stopped raining...


Boys: Etsuko-sama, you're definitely the only one who could succeed General Chairwoman Otoha.
Kusu: Of course! And I'll protect the order she established, too!
Boy: Nah... that'll just increase the number of pervs around here.

Kusu: Hey!! What's that supposed to mean!!

(Utsuki): What sort of feeling is this...
(Utsuki): I don't care about anything... I'm just living... without thought...

(Utsuki): Oh.
(Utsuki): This is how I used to be...


(Utsuki): Back then...

(Haru): "Why are you always focused on the ground?"


Utsuki: Ha-...!!

(Utsuki): I will tell you one thing first.

(Utsuki): I am only serving as your bodyguard. I will not inconvenience myself on your account.

(Utsuki): Pardon my rudeness, but
(Utsuki): please don't come near me.


(Utsuki): ...You stood up against them again, I see...
(Utsuki): No matter how many times you do it, the result is always the same.

Utsuki: Haah
Utsuki: Haah

(Utsuki): You're nowhere near a level where winning or losing is even a possibility.
(Utsuki): You understand that much, don't you?

(Utsuki): I cannot comprehend that.
(Utsuki): My mind is not simple like yours, so...

(Utsuki): for me, it is faster to just give up.


Utsuki: Haah
Utsuki: Haah
Utsuki: Haah

Utsuki: Th...
Utsuki: This smell is...?!

sfx bubble: Zzz...
sfx bubble: Zzz...

Shimo: Sorry...
Shimo: This is also on my master's orders, you see~


Kusu: That's right... "Just wait a little longer"
Kusu: and then♡

Students: Shiina-kun!!


Students: H...hold on!! Just where have you been all this time!!!
Haru: Well... you could say I had a situation at home.
Students: It's just like you to not have gotten any tougher since we last saw you!!
Haru: ....Wha?
Students: Here, this is all of the TENGU you missed, Shiina-kun.
Haru: Shouldn't that be homework?!
(small text): Wait, what the heck is that?!

Kusu: Don't you know that Utsuki-chan's been acting stranger and stranger since you left?!
(left of Kusu): Do something about it!!

Haru: ...Yeah.

Hiromu: Did you finish what you had to do?


Hiromu: Yo,
Hiromu: Shiina!


Hiromu: I haven't seen you in quite a while, but I assume you've been well?

Haru: Yeah... you, too... I've heard the rumors.

Hiromu: I have no reason to act stealthily, after all...
Hiromu: Well, as a result, I've drawn attention here and there, but...

Hiromu: All the... troublesome elements have already been removed,
Hiromu: so it's quiet these days.

Haru: ...Is that so.

Hiromu: Well?


Hiromu: What now?
Hiromu: Putting everyone to sleep...

Hiromu: Are you going to fight me?

Hiromu: It looks like you've grown a bit, but...
Hiromu: will you be able to win?


Haru: I have a "promise" with Utsuki-chan.
Haru: We made it... a long time ago...

Haru: And in order to fulfill that promise,
Haru: I'll have you return Utsuki-chan to me!!

Hiromu: Then
Hiromu: let's begin.


Shiwasu: There they go.

Shiwasu: Shiina Haruhiko
Shiwasu: and Shidou Hiromu.
Shiwasu: To think that the dispute concerning Tsuki no Sato would come down to those two facing off...
Shiwasu: How karmic...

Shiwasu: Allow me to see it through with my own eyes.


(text): Low-level ninjas' colors are decided according to their master's preference. If their master doesn't assign them one, they can wear the color of the Juunigesshu member they first arrived with.

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