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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 12


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 25, 2013 17:22 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Miki: Teach you music from the ground up?
Miki: Why me...?
(Kamine): He's small...
Toki: This guy is an outstanding amateur who doesn't really know where to start, so...

Box: ...what was that just now...?
Miki: Oh, I see.

Miki: You tried everyone else and finally got down to me, right?
Miki: Everyone's really busy, so I'm just the only one who seems free.

Kamine: Th...that's not it! We heard that you're the most knowledgeable in the ba...

Miki: A worthless yes man like me wanting to study and become equal to everyone else is pretty brazen, right? That's what you mean, right?
Box: His heart collapses... no matter what we say...


Box: It's a real minefield!!
(bottom): Opus 12: Minesweeper

(below panel): Shinkai Hideo

Miki: I mean, I'm just section leader because I was my entire section for 2 years, and
Miki: meetings would still go on just fine without me,
Miki: since I'm just a chicken who doesn't say anything anyway...
Box: He set off a chain reaction!!


Miki: I'm not even knowledgeable enough to teach in the first place.
Kamine: Ah.

Kamine: Wait!
Kamine: Please wa...

Kamine: Mikitani-senpai... I also
Kamine: want to work my hardest.

Kamine: I want to learn and study
Kamine: a ton of things, as quickly as possible.
Kamine: Won't you... please teach me! ...I have


Kamine: somebody I want
Kamine: to beat!!

Miki: ...Come with me.

Miki: To become able to read sheet music... all you can do is accustom yourself to musical notation.
Miki: I guess copying music scores would work best? ...So,


Miki: in one week, transcribe 100 of the concert band's pieces,
Miki: focusing on the ones we'll be performing in the competition.

Miki: There is a "condensed score" included with each song.
Miki: It's a score with only the minimum amount of notes necessary, enabling songs written for large groups to be performed on the piano,
Miki: so it should be easy to get a grasp of the big picture... Transcribe 100 of those,

Miki: And, if you can accomplish that,
Miki: I'll teach you the fundamentals...

(Toki): He... hasn't had any intention of teaching from the start...!!
(Toki): By giving us such an unreasonable demand, he's trying to drive us away.


Kamine: I have one week, right?
Kamine: Got it.

Toki: Are you sure about this, Kamine?!
Toki: It's 100 songs, you know.
Kamine: No idea, but

Kamine: I kinda couldn't tell him "I can't do it."
Toki: Why?

Kamine: When I grabbed Mikitani-senpai's arm before,
Kamine: I could feel that

(Kamine): his body was as strong as steel.
(Kamine): It was like an athlete's body.

Toki: Wha... being physically fit is definitely important when it comes to the concert band, but...!!


Kamine: I don't know why he's hiding it from everyone, but
Kamine: there's knowledge and strength packed into that tiny frame of his.
Kamine: He must have put in a ton of effort...!!

Kamine: I think it would be rude to say
Kamine: "I can't" to someone like that.

Kamine: We need Mikitani-senpai's strength
Kamine: to win against Ichou and bring us to the nationals.

Kamine: So now, I'll also do
Kamine: what I have to.


Utebi: Oh?

Utebi: Tokisaka~
Utebi: Is Kamine taking a break today?

Souma: Huh?

Souma: Tokisaka-kun,
Souma: is Kamine-kun out today, too?


Otowa: Tokisaka,
Otowa: Kamine hasn't shown up the last 5-6 days.

U/S/O: Just what
U/S/O: is he doing?

Toki: Right now,
Toki: he's working his hardest.

U/S/O: That's fine, then.


Kamine: Mikitani-senpai.
(sfx): Haah haah

Kamine: I finished.
Kamine: Would you take a look at it?

(Miki): ...He actually did it. ...But what now?
(Miki): I kinda really don't want to teach anyone...

(Miki): I guess I'll find a mistake and use that as an excuse
(Miki): to turn him down...


Miki: ...Huh?

Miki: If you're only showing me the condensed scores you copied...
(above Miki): Wouldn't it be about this high?
Miki: This is the master copy, right? Then, where's the rest...

Kamine: No... everything I wrote
Kamine: is right there.


Miki: No way... you're kidding...
Miki: You really... wrote it all...?!

Miki: A piece of music is made up of the "condensed score"... the "section scores",
Miki: sheet music for each instrument, which the players use,

Miki: and the "full score",
Miki: sheet music the conductor views, where all the section scores are written as a whole, in descending order...!!

Miki: Altogether, it's more than 1,000 pages!! And yet, you wrote it
Miki: in one week?!!!


Kamine: The contents were complete jibberish to me, but
Kamine: Ichou would probably have understood all of it!!

Miki: Why... would you...
Miki: go this far... Kamine-kun...?

Kamine: Since I started aiming to be a conductor,
Kamine: I've changed the way I relate to people.

Kamine: If I ran because I couldn't do anything, when faced with something I didn't want to deal with,
Kamine: the same thing would undoubtedly be waiting for me wherever I went.
(above figure): Nooo!
(above figure): Here, too?!


Kamine: I will probably be accosted by
Kamine: things I don't want to deal with my entire life.

Kamine: But, while it's incredibly hard and painful, if I get through it quickly, then even if I'm faced with the same thing again,
Kamine: the courage gained from "my past self who didn't run away" makes resolving it that much easier.
Kamine: That's... what I've come to realize.

Kamine: It seems a bit more...
Kamine: hopeful that way, doesn't it?

(Miki): Kamine-kun...


(Miki): ...People who can... think like you do sure are great...
(Miki): I wish I...

Miki: I think I could... probably teach you for a little bit,
Miki: during rehearsal...

Kamine: Thank you!


Miki: ...and there you have it.
Kamine: Wow... there's really a clear difference between double time and simple time!

Box: Mikitani-senpai's explanations are easy to understand.
Box: He must review this stuff a lot.

Kamine: Oh, I don't really get this part either...
Oura: Ahh!
Oura: The science room's in use!

Oura: And by Shinobu, no less.

Box: Oura-senpai!
Box: And the clarinet section...!


Girls: Ah!! Shinobu's teaching Kamine something~!!
Girls: Ehh? No waay?!

Girls: What's with this "Musical Grammar Even a Monkey Could Understand"?
Girls: That's hilarious!! I mean, monkeys totally can't do music~

(sfx): Kyahahaha!
Oura: Shinobu, don't tell me

Oura: this guy brainwashed you, too?

Oura: What in the world's going on? Does everyone want to go to the nationals so badly that they've lost their minds?
(sfx): Giggle giggle giggle
Oura: If we just do what we did last year, we'll take first place in Western Kanto. That should be more than enough.


Oura: Didn't you say that guys who keep shoving their point of view onto other people are a real eyesore?
Oura: And that if we're gonna get a useless gold no matter how many times we do it, then that's fine the way it is?

Box: What the... her heart...

Box: It's like she has
Box: no ambition at all.

Kamine: Mikitani-senpai...
Miki: It's alright...

(sfx): Annoyed
Miki: I'm really just a useless person, after all.

Oura: Then why not quit?


Oura: I bet nobody would even notice
Oura: if you weren't around.

(sfx): Giggle giggle giggle

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Nov 26, 2013
thanks, lynxian!! can't wait for the next chapter!
#2. by Freida24 ()
Posted on Nov 26, 2013
Thank you very much! <З

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