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Iron Knight 1


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 2, 2013 06:13 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 1

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



(top left): Iron Knight

Box: --Even in the deepest darkness,
Box: your flame will become a guiding light for us all.

Box: A strong will and a body of iron.
Box: You are a knight.

(right): The shadow of a monster surfaces amidst the flames of the world's destruction

Box: An iron knight.


(top, star):
A boy in a place devoid of everything and everyone.
The birth of a dark hero!! A ghastly new serialization with lead color and 54 pages!!

(center, blue text):
He is the world's salvation.
The one who will destroy the envoys of hell.

(center): Iron Knight

(bottom left):
Yagi Tomohiro
The manga continues on page 37!!


TV: Right now, the car containing suspect Karasuba, who committed 14 cases of kidnapping and murder, the details of which have remained closed off to all but the police and other authorized persons,
TV: is entering the Magatama Northern Police Station! After this, the suspect will be...
(center): Starting the morning off with a big news story?!
Girl: There he is!!
Girl: He's on TV!! In the back, next to the suspect!!

Girl: Look!
Girl: See! Right there!!
Box: Himegami Tsubasa
Man: Haha! Teppei-kun slept in and missed it.

Tsubasa: Geez! I'm gonna go wake him up!

(white sfx): Rattle
Tsubasa: Teppei, you sleepyhead!!
Tsubasa: Get up!!

Teppei: Nrgh... too tired...
Tsubasa: Your dad's on TV!!


Tsubasa: Owww!!
Box: Ushizume Teppei
Teppei: Ack! Sorry, Tsubasa-chan!
Tsubasa: Your head's as hard as a rock!!

Teppei: Morning, uncle, auntie!!
Woman: Good morning!

Teppei: Where's my dad?!
???: They've already finished the segment he was in!
???: The Northern Station's report apparently gave your father credit for having caught the criminal!

Teppei: He's so amazing!!
Teppei: That's just what you'd expect from my dad!


???: Alright, go on and eat your breakfast already!
???: You're going to be late!

(white sfx): Tap tap

Teppei: I'm heading out!!

Man: Teppei-kun is such an energetic, good kid.
Man: We should really just adopt him.

Woman: Don't be like that! Kyohei-san would be left all alone, you know.
Woman: That boy's his only family.
Man: I'm kidding.
Man: Well, now that the incident's been resolved, even a wet blanket like him is bound to come home.

Tsubasa: Hey, Teppei!!
Tsubasa: Wait up, will you!!

Teppei: Let's go tell everybody in the shopping district
Teppei: that my dad's a hero!


(right): You can only read Yagi Tomohiro-sensei's manga in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Man: Mhm, I saw it on the news. He caught that dangerous yakuza thug.
Man: It's such a relief~

Woman: Whaa?! Your father was the one who caught the criminal?!
Woman: That's incredible!

Woman: I see, I see.
Woman: So it's your dream to become a policeman someday, huh.
Woman: That's quite the goal you've got!

Teppei: Y-yeah!
Teppei: I'm gonna work hard!
Woman: Aren't you just the coolest~!


Woman: Tsubasa-chan, Tsubasa-chan!

Woman: I hear that police wives have all sorts of difficulties, so do your best!

Man: Oho! Ain't that impressive!
Teppei: The criminal's a die-hard villain who killed off tons of the police detectives who went to arrest him!
Teppei: And my dad's the one who caught the guy!
Woman: Well, now!
Tsubasa: Teppei!! Let's go already!!

Tsubasa: C'mon! We're gonna be late!
Teppei: Quit dragging me!
Woman: Watch out for cars!

Man: Time sure does fly. That rowdy youngster went and became a police detective and now his son is already ten years old.
早ぇもんだ あの悪たれ小僧が刑事になってこさえた子供がもう十歳だ
Man: Looks like he inherited the preference for an overbearing wife from his old man, too!
Woman: His mother must be smiling down on him from heaven.


Tsubasa: Okay, we'll meet up at the blackboard plaza after school again.
Teppei: Yup.

Boy: Heey, Tecchan!

Teppei: Yo, Kazumochi.
Kazu: I see you came with your wife again today!
Teppei: Haah?!

Teppei: You've got it all wrong!!
Kazu: Uh huuh.
Teppei: There's no way I'd like such a harpy!!
Teppei: Someone more like a "Yamato Nadeshiko" would be way better!!
Kazu: Uh huuh.

Teppei: Anyway, did you guys see the news this morning?!
Student: Morning, Tecchan~
Student: We watch anime in the mornings, so nope.
sfx bubble: Beep
Teppei: Then watch it now!!


Student: WOAH?!
TV: Each body salvaged has a build much like a human's...
TV: There are variations in size, and reports state that some are so massive they cannot be moved from the riverbed...
Student: What is that?!
Student: Gross!
TV: Some of the bodies are wrapped in plastic sheets and are unnaturally...
TV: There are those with designs resembling tattoos and those with traces of what seems to be dental work...
Student: I know about those! They're talking about cryptids!

Boy: They're finding stuff like that all over the world nowadays!
Boy: People online are calling them "goblins"!
TV: There are also eye-witness accounts of a living specimen in the area...
Boy: Whatever you wanna call it, that's an alien, isn't it?
Teppei: Er, this is incredible too, but it's not what I meant!
sfx bubble: Beep

TV: --Suspect Karasuba Rikio, a former member of the Hizuka Group, an affiliate of the violent Kiyanagi-kai syndicate, was apprehended last night...
Student: Hey, c'mon!!
Student: AHH!! Don't just go changing the channel like that, Teppei!

Teppei: You see that thug there?
Teppei: My dad's the one who...!
(sfx): Rattle
Teacher: Back to your seats! And no turning on the TV as you see fit!


Boy: Woah!! There's a whole ton of helicopters!!
Teppei: Wow!!

Teacher: Hey, now!
Students: Where?!
Students: Oh man!!
Teacher: We're in the middle of class!!

Student: Huh...
Student: There really are a lot of them.
Student: What's going on...

Man: Takamura-sensei!
Man: Could I have a minute...?!

Student: Awesome!!
Student: I bet they're coming to getcha!!

Taka: Attention, please!!
Taka: Listen up, everyone!!


Taka: Umm, we've received word from the police station that
Taka: a large number of people
Taka: affiliated with violent gangs will be gathering in these streets throughout the evening!

Taka: Thus, we will not be holding the remainder of today's classes!
Taka: All of you should get your things together immediately and make arrangements to return home!
Students: YAAY!!

Taka: Hey, quiet down! Don't get so excited!!
Taka: Make sure you don't stop off anywhere on the way! Keep your eyes open, alright!!
Teppei: I'm going over to the blackboard plaza for a bit.

Student: Hm?
Student: Oh, meeting up with your wife again, huh.
Teppei: I keep telling you, she's not my wife!
Teppei: We just walk home together lately!


Tsubasa: He's late...
Tsubasa: Maybe he left already...

(writing): Someday, I wish Teppei wi
Tsubasa: ...Fufu.

Teppei: What about me?

Tsubasa: WUAAH!! WUAAH!!
Teppei: GAAAH!!

Teppei: Tsubasa-chan, do you believe that thing about this blackboard being a magic charm?
Teppei: Nowadays, it's more like one of the school's seven mysteries.
Tsubasa: Why not! What's the problem with that?!
Tsubasa: Wishes written on this blackboard really do come true!

Tsubasa: It has the power to gather up the feelings of the writers and change them into hope!
Teppei: That's just dumb! Anyway, why were you writing my name before?
Tsubasa: WUAAH!!
Teppei: GAAH!!


(white sfx): Vrrrr

(white sfx): Vrrr vrrr
Teppei: Oh!
Teppei: My dad's calling! That's rare!

sfx bubble: Beep
Teppei: Hi! What's up, dad?

Kyohei: Teppei! Where are you right now?
Teppei: At school, in the blackboard plaza!
Kyohei: You're still at school?! Hurry and get back to the Himegamis' house!

Kyohei: ...Also,
Kyohei: I have something important to tell you.
Kyohei: It's possible that I...
Kyohei: might not be able to return home anymore...

Teppei: Huh?
Teppei: Whaa...?!
Kyohei: The Himegami family will look after you from now on,
Kyohei: so please get along with them...
Teppei: Why...?! Can't you come home, now that the incident with that dangerous criminal's been settled?


Kyohei: I'm really sorry... I think something even bigger might happen from here on out.
Kyohei: As a police detective, I have to fight to the bitter end to protect this town.

Kyohei: ...Teppei,
Kyohei: do you remember the two promises we made, the last time we spoke to your mother?
Teppei: ...to be sure to live well,
Teppei: and to become someone who protects the people around them...

Kyohei: Very good. You and I have to keep that promise, right?
Kyohei: I'm going to work hard from now on in order to do just that,
Kyohei: so whatever happens, make sure you also live well, and, someday, become an adult who protects someone.

Teppei: ...? Did something happen?
Kyohei: Not exactly...
Kyohei: ...I'm out of time...
Kyohei: Stay well, Teppei...


sfx bubble: Beep...
Teppei: ...What's with him.
Teppei: Does he even know how many weeks it's been since he came home?

(Teppei sfx): Slump

Tsubasa: ...Something
Tsubasa: to
Tsubasa: make
Tsubasa: Teppei feel better!

Teppei: Huh?
Tsubasa: There, all done! It's been written on this blackboard, so you'll cheer up in no time!
Teppei: Come again?

Teppei: Like that can even be considered a magic charm anymore.
Teppei: How point-

Teppei: less...
(sfx): Kiss

Tsubasa: Um.


Tsubasa: You feel better now...
Tsubasa: ...right...?
Teppei: Y-yeah...

Tsubasa: Y'know, your dad being busy means
Tsubasa: that there are still lots of bad guys in the world, doesn't it?
Teppei: Yeah.
Tsubasa: Then you'll have your turn at them in the future!

Tsubasa: I hope you become an excellent police detective and work alongside your dad someday.
Tsubasa: And when that time comes, um...!
Tsubasa: I-I'll be your bride, so...!

Teppei: O...
Teppei: Okay...!

Tsubasa: So, erm...
Tsubasa: take my hand and let's go home, okay...?
Teppei: Y-yeah!
Teppei: U-um, say, Tsubasa-chan!


Teppei: I'll definitely become an amazing police detective someday!
Teppei: And so you and everyone else can keep smiling, no matter what happens,

Teppei: I'll become a hero,
Teppei: like my dad,
Teppei: who protects the people of this town!


Teppei: ...Urgh...

Teppei: ...What...
Teppei: is this...
Teppei: ...A fire...?


Teppei: What's going on...?
Teppei: Why was I sleeping out here...
Teppei: Did something happen...?!

Teppei: I...
Teppei: was heading home from school with Tsubasa-chan, and then...
Teppei: And then...
Teppei: ...huh...?
Teppei: What...?

(white sfx): Wahahahahahaha

Teppei: A voice...?

(white sfx): Wahahahahaha
Teppei: Ah...!!
Teppei: Is there...!!

Teppei: Is someone...
Teppei: Is someone there?!

Teppei: Is some...
Teppei: ...one...


(large black sfx): HA HA HA HA HA


Teppei: Guagh!
Teppei: Hurk!

Monsters: Grrr...
Teppei: Uaagh!
Teppei: Gueeh!

Teppei: Hot...!

(white sfx): Bubble
Teppei: What the...!
Teppei: What is this...?!

Monsters: GYAHAHAHA!!
Monsters: HYAAHAHAHA!!


(large sfx): HA HA HA HA HA HA

(black sfx): Sway

(white sfx): Thud

Teppei: It wasn't a dream...

Teppei: Heeey!!

Teppei: Heeey!!
Teppei: Is anybody here!!

Teppei: Somebody!!
Teppei: ...Anybody...


Teppei: ...I'll leave the money here.

Teppei: This area should be the northern part of Magatama Town.
Teppei: I'm pretty sure I've passed by here before, when I went to the police station where dad works.
Teppei: If I go that way, I'm bound to find someone...

(white sfx): Gulp gulp

sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Crinkle
sfx bubble: Crinkle

Teppei: What in the world happened...?
sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Crinkle crinkle
Teppei: I hope Tsubasa-chan and everyone else are alright...
sfx bubble: Crinkle
sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Gulp

Teppei: ...Wha?
Teppei: Did I already throw away the empty can?


Monster: Hahaha...!!
Monster: Fooound you...!!

Teppei: Uwaah!!


Monster: Shut up, kid!
Teppei: Guh!
Monster: Be good, and I won't have to hurt ya.

Kara: Well, first off, let's have a chat!
Kara: All sorts of stuff's happened since yesterday, and everything's in chaos, huh?!

Kara: Now then.
sfx bubbke: Glug
Kara: Where should we start?

Teppei: ...how did the town get like this...?
Teppei: Just what...
Teppei: are you and those creatures...?


Kara: We are the transcenders of ancient times!!
Kara: Devils!! Or maybe gods!!
Kara: Those who have been chosen!!
Kara: Those who have returned home!!

Kara: It's not only this town,
Kara: but the whole world that's become like this!!
Kara: The era of chaos is here again!!

Kara: Originally, humans shut this power inside of themselves and lived their lives desperately keeping it hidden!
Kara: Just a bunch of pitiful mammals carrying on their shabby civilization in complete ignorance!!
Kara: But that's all over and done with now, too!!

Teppei: Those were... humans...?
Kara: It's a revolution!!
Kara: Last night, we were finally released and became the new rulers of the world!!


Kara: Thus we, who are newly-made gods,
Kara: have a reponsibility to weed out the humans who went off track and evolved into a foolish, weak, inferior species!!
Kara: Just like what happened in this town!!

Teppei: No way...!
Teppei: Do you have some screws loose?!
Teppei: There's no way the town would end up like this for such a ridiculous reason!!

Teppei: You're all nuts!!
Kara: Like I saaaid!!
Kara: It's not "you"!! It's "we"!!

Kara: The likes of you and me are gonna destroy the world!!
Kara: Enough already. Take a good look at your own body!!


Teppei: UWAAH...!!

Teppei: What is this...!!
Teppei: What the heck is this!!
Teppei: Metal...?!

Kara: Well, you'll get used to it soon enough!
Kara: Or, more like, those feelings of uneasiness will quickly disappear.

Kara: Superior beings like me, who have a balance of demon and human elements,
Kara: can keep their personality intact and transform freely!

Kara: But that's impossible for you!
Kara: You don't have the human factor capable of controlling that ability.

Kara: This is going to be fun!! Watching you, who's become nothing more than a demonic beast
Kara: like the lot swaggering around out there,
Kara: reduce your own town to ashes!!


Teppei: As if that would happen...!!
Teppei: No way...
Teppei: If I go to a hospital or something, then this will...!!

Teppei: Ah...!!
Teppei: I recognize your face now...!!
Teppei: The one from yesterday's news...!
Teppei: You're that dangerous criminal my dad arrested...!!

Kara: And? What are you gonna do if I am?
Teppei: I'll tell my dad, and he'll catch you again!!
Teppei: Even if you guys are monsters, I'm sure the police can stop you...!!


Kara: C'mere a sec!!
Teppei: Uwah!!


Teppei: UWAAAH!!

Teppei: AAAHHH!!

Teppei: Gack!!

Teppei: Urgh...
Kara: Now take a look behind you!!

(sign, partially hidden): Magatama Northern Police Station


Kara: What was that about somebody catching me?!
Kara: Huuh?!
Teppei: Da...d...

Teppei: Ah...
Teppei: Maybe...
Teppei: Maybe he's at home...
Teppei: with everyone...


sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Huff


Teppei: The shopping district...
Teppei: Everyone...

Teppei: ...Tsubasa-chan...
Teppei: Where is she...?!
Teppei: What about uncle and auntie...?!

Teppei: Tsubasa-chan's house...


Teppei: ...No...
Teppei: Then, my house...
Teppei: ...huh...?

Teppei: Uh...?
Teppei: Where was my house, again...?! What sort of house was it...?!
Teppei: Um...?
Teppei: Er...?

Teppei: ...Oh...!

(Teppei): That's right...
(Teppei): The school...!!
(Teppei): At times like these, the school area becomes an emergency shelter...!!

Teppei: The school...!!
Teppei: It's over there...!!
Teppei: I remember now...!!

(Teppei): The school...!!
(Teppei): That must be where everyone is...!!


Teppei: Uurh...
Teppei: Uah...

Teppei: UWAAAH...!!
Teppei: UEEEEEH!!

Kara: You get it now, don't you?
Kara: What happened to the weak humans' town.


Teppei: Bueeh...!
Teppei: Tsubasa-chan...!!
Teppei: Uncle... auntie...!!
Teppei: Dad...!!

Kara: Tch!!

Kara: You've still got attachments to humankind?!

Kara: Look!!

Kara: At the darkness!!
Kara: Look at this blackened world!!
Kara: Look at the end of humankind!!

Kara: All that's left is to clean up the trash!!

Kara: Burn to ashes each human worm stubbornly clinging
Kara: to life, along with their towns!!
Kara: You received power in order to destroy the world!!


Teppei: Urgh...
Teppei: Gueh...

Teppei: Ah...

(Tsubasa): ---to make...
Teppei: What was it...
Teppei: In the past... someone...
(Tsubasa): feel better!

(Teppei): It's dark...
(Teppei): I can't see a thing...

Teppei: A light...
Teppei: Light...
Teppei: Light...

sfx bubble: Fwoosh!!

Teppei: ...It's hot...


(above large writing): Win!!

(large writing): Stand up

(blackboard bottom right; "|" indicates a different writing): Tomorrow will definitely be a good day | We'll definitely keep living | Everything's OK | It's always darkest before the dawn| Please God

(blackboard bottom center; "|" indicates a different writing): Don't lose!! | I want to see everyone | Someday, I'm sure

(blackboard bottom left; "|" indicates a different writing): Don't give up!! | Fight on!! | We'll come back here with everyone| The world will go back to the way it was


(Tsubasa): Wishes written on this blackboard really do come true!

(Tsubasa): It has the power to gather up the feelings of the writers
(on blackboard, bottom): Don't lose
(on blackboard, left): Something to make Teppei feel better

(on blackboard, partially cut-off): Surely
(on blackboard, partially cut-off): Everyone will

(on blackboard, partially cut-off): There's still someone

(Tsubasa): and change them into hope!

(on blackboard): Stand up


Kara: A big old steaming pile of the losers' whining.
Kara: Just looking at it makes you sick to your stomach,
Kara: doesn't it?

Kara: All that pointless blather is over...!
Kara: Tonight, we're going to bring this town to its knees.
Kara: Burn it to the ground with your own hands!!

Teppei: This is...


Teppei: This is the town my dad protected...
Teppei: The town that
Teppei: Tsubasa-chan and everyone else will return to.

Kara: Haah...?!

Teppei: I don't know what's happening in the world right now,
Teppei: and I don't know what will happen from now on, either.

Teppei: But even so...!!
Teppei: I won't hand this town over to any of you...!!
Teppei: I will definitely take it back!!

Kara: You still don't understand what you are yet, do you...!!
Kara: You're a demon who'll burn the world to ashes!!
Kara: A vanguard of darkness for the creation of a world for we chosen ones who have overthrown humankind!!


Teppei: You think I'm going to do that just because I've gotten a bit of power, you Tengu bastard?!

Teppei: I'm not like all of you...!!
Teppei: I won't become an ogre or demon like you lot!!

Teppei: I'm going to fight for the people important to me!!
Teppei: I'm going to fight for the person who gave me courage just now!!
Teppei: I'll become a knight who protects everyone!!

Kara: Yooouuu...



sfx bubble: Shut
sfx bubble: Tense

sfx bubble: FOOOOSSSSHHH!!!

sfx bubble: Ruuuumble!!




Kara: DAMN YOU!!

Kara: Ushizume's...!!
Kara: Braaat!!

Kara: I'll rip you to shreds with winds from the darkness!!


Teppei: My power exists to protect everyone...!!
Teppei: Your attacks won't even scratch me!!

Teppei: You wanted to see just how merciless my flames are, didn't you...!!
Teppei: I'll give you a good look!!

Kara: Wai-


Teppei: I...
Teppei: won...
Teppei: Haha...

Teppei: It's almost dawn...
Teppei: I've got to...
Teppei: I've got to go look for everyone...

Teppei: But first, I'll rest a bit...

Monsters: Gyahaha
Monsters: Gehahaha
Monsters: Gigigi

Monsters: Kehehe
Monsters: Gigigigigi


Monsters: Gyagyagya
Monsters: Gehehehe
Monsters: Gigigigi
Monsters: Gyahahahaha

(Teppei): One more time...
(Teppei): ...no...!

(Teppei): I'll fight...
(Teppei): However many times it takes...!!

(Teppei): Until I take back the city everyone calls home.
(Teppei): Until everyone's able to come back here.
(Teppei): Until that day...


(Teppei): I'll climb back to my feet however many times I need to,
(Teppei): and keep fighting...!!

Chapter 1
(bottom left): A new hero is born!!
(bottom right): Next issue, the new serialization's 2nd chapter!! With center color and an increased 25 pages!!

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