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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 13

When one door closes, another opens

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 2, 2013 18:32 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



(right): Mikitani's ridiculers...

(below panel): "Soul Catcher(s)" volume 1 goes on sale 9/4!!

Kamine: When... Mikitani-senpai's self-hatred explodes, he ends up folding his heart in on itself over and over again, but
Kamine: he recovers every time and trains both his mind and body for the sake of music...!!

Kamine: What
Kamine: are you all being so flippant for?


Kamine: You guys have no right to laugh at him!!!
(bottom right): Kamine, enraged!!
(bottom): Opus 13: When one door closes, another opens

(below panel): Shinkai Hideo

(Oura sfx): Annoyed

(Oura sfx): Glance


Oura: ...I really
Oura: don't understand it at all.

Oura: Baseless self-confidence like Karin's that "next time for sure, we'll make it to the nationals",
Oura: feelings like Otowa's and Tokisaka's, of trying to become even better despite already being monsters,

Oura: and people like you and Shinobu,
Oura: who continue to work hard when you don't even know if it will pay off...!


Oura: They all annoy me.
Oura: Come, let's go.

Kamine: ...She's... only excessively tough
Kamine: on you, isn't she?

Kamine: It looked like she was reacting to the music scores I'd transcribed, but...
Kamine: is she really that against putting in effort...?

Box: Also, it's strange.
Box: She seems to be gazing into the distance, but it's as if she's looking at something incredibly close by... just what's up there...?


Miki: Kamine-kun... you truly are something else...
Miki: How... did you know...?

Kamine: What's that...? It looks pretty worn...

Kamine: Th...this is... wait, seriously?!
Kamine: Amazing... I've never seen something like this...!!

Miki: Megumi and I... have attended school together since elementary.


Miki: Back then, when we first heard an amateur orchestra performance through the Gunma Symphony Orchestra's "traveling music classroom*,"
Miki: it hit us that we wanted to play, too.

(below panel): ※ A program designed to introduce music to children and students within the prefecture.

Miki: In middle school, we both started playing the clarinet.
Miki: We encouraged each other to get better and go all the way to the national competition.

Kamine: ...Hold on. This is Oura-senpai we're talking about, right?!
Miki: Megumi wasn't like this at all back then!!

Miki: Our middle school was pretty strong and had participated in the national competition numerous times up through the year we joined.
Miki: We thought we'd definitely be able to improve there if we worked hard.
Miki: From our 3rd year in middle school to our current 2nd year of high school, we've participated in the Western Kanto musical competition five times.


Miki: We received a "useless gold" 5 years in a row.

Miki: Coming up against the same wall every year for five years,
Miki: little by little, Megumi ended up becoming the way she is now...

Miki: I really am a failure of a human being...!!
Miki: I've known her for so long, and yet... I can't do anything for her!!

Miki: Kamine-kun... since I've gotten to know you, I've been thinking...
Miki: that you might be able to save Megumi...!


Miki: The "way you are now" is just like the "way she was back then"!!
Miki: Isn't there... anything you can do?!!

Miki: Someone like me, who gets pushed around by everyone, is the lowest of the low...!!
Miki: But even so...!!
Miki: Please, I'm begging you...!!


Kamine: All the same,

Kamine: I'd be outnumbered if I just barged into the clarinet section...
Kamine: But I waited until club activities were over so I could have a face-to-face talk with her, so...
Kamine: where are you, Oura-senpai...

Kamine: ...Then again, it'll be hard to talk to her after the way I flipped out last time...

Kamine: Someone's playing a piano...?

Kamine: I'm pretty sure... it's coming from the auditorium's stage door...


Box: She's... good...
Box: ...Rather, that sound... is really...

Kamine: Ah.

Oura: K...Kamine?!
Oura: What are you doing over there...?!
Kamine: Er... well...

Kamine: I just got caught up in listening to your playing.
Kamine: I think it's really beautiful.


Oura: Are you trying to flatter me?
Oura: I'm leaving.

Kamine: Oura-senpai, do you
Kamine: recognize this?

Oura: Where...
Oura: Where did you get that...

Kamine: Mikitani-senpai has been carrying it with him all this time.
Oura: Shinobu was...?!

Kamine: This is impressive... I've done it a bit myself, so I understand that, but
Kamine: I noticed that this was too elaborate to have been done on the computer... it's handwritten, isn't it.


Kamine: This is the last score among the over 5,000 that you transcribed
Kamine: during your middle school days, right?

Oura: Just how long does he plan to carry that thing around...

Oura: Looking at it seriously pisses me off...!!
Oura: The same goes for Shinobu... and for you!!

Oura: Even though he's always saying he's "useless" and "a waste of space"!
Oura: Even though he's also only experienced getting useless gold after useless gold!
Oura: Even though he puts in such an effort with nothing to show for it!


Oura: He doesn't give up!!
Oura: Why!? I don't get it at all!!

Oura: No matter how hard he works, he'll just end up with the same result!
Oura: The more effort he puts in, the more pained and frustrated he'll feel afterward!
Oura: If he were more laid-back about it, he'd be a hundred times happier!!

Box: This isn't... a matter of whether or not she has ambition.
Box: She doesn't believe

Box: there is anything above that ceiling over her heart...


Box: She doesn't believe that there's a different world
Box: beyond the borders of her box.
Oura: The same goes for you, too.

Oura: Just when did anyone promise you that you'd
Oura: be allowed to conduct any sort of concert at all?

Kamine: I'm... working hard... because I want clearance to do just that!!

Kamine: Please try performing under my direction one time.
Kamine: It... just might change your mind...!!


Oura: No.

Oura: I won't do something
Oura: as pointless as that.


Oura: And throw that score away.

Box: This situation is completely different from those of
Box: the other section leaders.

Box: Everyone so far had been struggling to overcome
Box: their current problems.

Box: But... Oura-senpai doesn't understand the very notion
Box: of "overcoming", itself...!!

Box: I can't make an ally out of Oura-senpai...!!
Box: I can't fulfill my promise with Mikitani-senpai!!

Box: What can I do!!
Box: Just what am I... supposed to do!!
Kamine: DAMMIT!!


Kodama: So this is where you were, Kamine.

Kamine: ...Kodama-sensei?
Kodama: Please come to the music room immediately.

Kodama: The entire band is having an emergency meeting.

(sign): 1st Music Room


Kodama: Now, then... there is only one topic to discuss.
Kodama: It concerns the "Tenrai Wind Festival"...

Kodama: We intend to perform 3 pieces... but
Kodama: I've been mulling things over, and

Kodama: I am thinking of
Kodama: letting Kamine conduct one song!!!
(left): This won't end well...!!
(bottom): What is Kodama expecting?! Will Kamine take advantage of this chance?! Don't miss the developments next issue!!

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2013
yay! thanks lynxian!!
#2. by Searth ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2013
Hey, Ive been reading your translations since manga 8, and have reached this now and was wondering...when the next one will come out :D. Waiting for next translation ;__;

#3. by lynxian ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2013

I honestly can't give an exact date, but the next chapter is about 50% done? It'll likely be posted by the end of the weekend, but my weeklies (HQ!! and Iron Knight) always get priority so it may be a little longer.

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