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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Iron Knight 2

Iron Fire!

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 7, 2013 01:15 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 2

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



(right): The deep scars are still raw...

(on sign): Reception
sfx bubble: Rustle
sfx bubble: Rustle

Teppei: Here...!
Teppei: I found it!!

Teppei: This is it...!!
(top paper): Refuge Operations 1
Yamatoyama City
Evacuation Plan


A hero born alongside an explosive flame!! With center color and an increased 25 pages for the new serialization's 2nd chapter!!

Chapter 2
Iron Fire!

(left): In his left hand, the flames of life. In his right, food for the soul.

(bottom): Yagi Tomohiro


(sfx): Tighten
Teppei: All set.

Teppei: That's about all I can fit.

(Teppei): It's been 1 month since that day when the world changed...

(Teppei): I've probably done all I can in this town.
(Teppei): I cremated the people who'd died and searched for any who were still alive.
(Teppei): ...There didn't turn out to be any, though.

(Teppei): Still, based on the body count, most of the town probably took shelter somewhere safe.

(Teppei): Tsubasa-chan and my classmates weren't among the people I did find.
(Teppei): I'm sure that my dad and everyone else are all safe and sound...!

Teppei: I've waited here for a month, but no one's returned yet.
Teppei: I bet they can't come back because of those monsters...


(sfx): Smack!

Teppei: So I've gotta go to them!
Teppei: Then we'll all come back to this town together!

Teppei: Well, off I go!

(Teppei): I'm headed for the base in Yamatoyama.
(Teppei): It looks like that's where the people around this area go when they need to escape in an emergency.

Teppei: I get it now. A place like that would definitely seem safe!
Monster: Khhrrr


Teppei: I know you're

Teppei: there!!

Monster: GYAAOO!!

Monster: UAAARGH!!


Teppei: Ooh.
Teppei: You're pretty big, huh.

Teppei: Finishing move!!

Teppei: Iron Fire!!

Teppei: Allow me to explain my Iron Fire move.
Teppei: It's a finisher where the energy that erupts from my hand is added to my punch.


Teppei: Saying the technique name out loud definitely makes a difference!
Teppei: I bet that makes it like, 3 times more powerful.
Teppei: I should've come up with it sooner!

Teppei: ...Phew.
Teppei: Guess I'll rest around here for today.
Teppei: Moving around at night's gonna be trouble.

Teppei: Now how far did I walk today?
Teppei: Let's see...

Teppei: ...Woah?!
Teppei: I'm already about a quarter of the way there!

Teppei: I kept fighting for the month I used Magatama Town as a base, so there are fewer enemies in the area now.
Teppei: If I keep up this pace, I'll probably be there in no time.

Teppei: Uoh?!

Monsters: Gigigi
Monsters: Grrrrr
Monsters: Gegegege
Teppei: Not wasting any time today, huh!
Teppei: That's fine by me!


Monsters: GRAAAAAH!!

Teppei: Iron Fi...!!

Teppei: Ir...!!
Monsters: UOOOOH!!

Teppei: Dammit! They're all coming at me at once!!
Teppei: I can't get my technique's full name out!!

Teppei: Time to get a little serious...!!

Teppei: ROOAAAR...!!

Teppei: Iro-
Monster: SHAAA!!

Teppei: Fi-!!


sfx bubble: Huff

sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff

Teppei: That gave me a little trouble...
Teppei: Having a long technique name isn't gonna work!

Teppei: I know! I'll use letters to abbreviate it.
Teppei: It's "Iron Fire", so...
Teppei: I.F.!!

Teppei: Haah...
(Teppei): I wasn't able to go as far as I'd thought I would today...
(Teppei): This far out, there really are a lot of enemies around.

(Teppei): But...! That's exactly why I've got to fight...!
(Teppei): It's dangerous for monsters like these to be so close to my home base...!
(Teppei): And when I bring everyone back home...

Teppei: ...huh?


Teppei: Crap!
Teppei: How did it know I was here?!

sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff

Teppei: ...Having types around who've got good noses or ears
Teppei: is seriously a pain!!

Monster: Gii?!


Teppei: Argh! Geez, another group of them!!

Teppei: Dammit!!
sfx bubble: Bubble
Teppei: Bring it on!!

Teppei: I.F.!!
Teppei: I...
Teppei: ORYAA!!

sfx bubble: Wheeze
sfx bubble: Wheeze

Teppei: So hot...
Teppei: I really need a break...
Teppei: Getting a fever wou...

Teppei: --Urg?!


Teppei: My arm...!!

(Teppei): Not good!!
(Teppei): If I release any more power, it'll melt my arm off!!

(Teppei): I used too many thermal explosions...!!
(Teppei): If I don't cool off somehow, then it won't be long before...!!

sfx bubble: Sizzle

Teppei: Oh...!!
Teppei: It's raining...!


(Teppei): My temperature's gone down a lot...
(Teppei): And the rain does a good job of hiding my scent, voice and breathing.
(Teppei): What a lifesaver...

(Teppei): Come to think of it, didn't this sort of thing happen after the first time I fought, too...?
(Teppei): That time, I made do with a nearby pond.

Teppei: Guess I'll tone it down and keep fighting, for now...
Teppei: No...
Teppei: It would be way more dangerous to hold back and fight slower at partial power.

Teppei: I've experienced enough of this over the last month, so
Teppei: starting tomorrow, I'll try to avoid fights as much as possible and move discreetly.
Teppei: It'll take more time that way, though...

Teppei: ...It's not much of a conversation when you've only got yourself for company...
Teppei: Hahaha.

Teppei: I wanna see everyone already...


Teppei: If all my opponents are guys like you morons, I'll manage easily!!

Teppei: Gah!


(Teppei): There are so many enemies that I haven't been able to make any progress at all...
(Teppei): At this rate, I don't even know how long it's gonna take to reach Yamatoyama...

(Teppei): I'm lonely...!!
(Teppei): How long will it be before I can see another person...!!
(Teppei): I want to talk with someone...!!

(sfx): Sniff

(Teppei): The smell of blood...!! It's human... and it smells pretty fresh, too!!
(Teppei): Could it be someone who's injured...?! A survivor...?!

(Teppei): But it's also as if something's gone bad...
(Teppei): It's a mixture of something rotting and another strange smell...


(Teppei): A man...

(Teppei): A woman...

(Teppei): And children...
(Teppei): Probably 2 of them...
(Teppei): A family...

(Teppei): What's with these melted bodies...
(Teppei): When bodies decay after a few days, it's not like this at all.
(Teppei): If you look closely, the ground and walls around them are melted, too...

(Teppei): The parts that are left haven't even decayed at all.
(Teppei): Whatever happened to these people probably took place yesterday or today.

(Teppei): If I'd been a bit less cautious, I'd have gotten here in time to do something.


(Teppei): Why did I take so long...

Monster: Gigigi...


Monsters: Gyahahahahaha
Monsters: Khhrrrr
Monsters: Gegegegeee

Monster: Gi...?


Teppei: VRAUUGH!!


(white sfx): AAAAAH!!

(Teppei): It's hot...!!
(Teppei): The blood running through my veins is boiling...!!

(Teppei): But I don't even care anymore.
(Teppei): I shouldn't have been so cautious from the start.

(Teppei): Right here, right now...!
(Teppei): I'll...!!

Teppei: Beat them
Teppei: all to a pulp!!


sfx bubble: Thump

sfx bubble: Wheeze
sfx bubble: Wheeze
sfx bubble: Wheeze

(Teppei): I'm burning from the inside out...
Teppei: Uegh...

(Teppei): Augh... dammit.
(Teppei): This is where it's gonna end for me?
(Teppei): I haven't even be able to protect anything...

(Teppei): Going out like this...

Teppei: Tch!!
(Teppei): An enemy...!!
(Teppei): Dammit, there was still another one left...!!

(Teppei): It's no use...
(Teppei): I can't move anymore...


Teppei: It's cold?!
(Teppei): Cold air?!
(Teppei): What the?!

???: Hey there!


???: Good evening!
???: Nice to meet you!

(left): This... rabbit?! sticks out like a sore thumb

(bottom): Next time, the new serialization's 3rd chapter!! With an increased 23 pages!!

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