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Iron Knight 3

Acid Town

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 16, 2013 02:04 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 3

Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

(Also, if you're translating it into another language and Numazawa's dialogue is hard to figure out, feel free to PM me for the plain English version.)



(right): ...Snow falls, silently piling up.
???: --Where are you heading?

(below panel): IRON KNIGHT

???: What do you want to do?
???: What are you fighting for?
???: Why are you so used to this?

???: I want to know about you.

Teppei: --Nng...

Teppei: ...Hwa!


Teppei: ...The snow's
Teppei: really been coming down, huh.

(Teppei): What in the world was that...
(Teppei): A fever dream, I guess.

(bottom right): Yagi Tomohiro

(top, star): The new serialization's 3rd chapter!! With an increase to 23 pages!!
(left): Bizarre melted apartment complexes...?!
Chapter 3: Acid Town


Teppei: Smoke...!!

sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
Teppei: ...People...


Crowd: Who's that kid?
Crowd: ...Was he here with us?
Crowd: Could he have come from outside?!
Crowd: Seriously...?!

Teppei: ...Ah.
Teppei: Ah...!

(Teppei): Crap...
Teppei: U...m...
(Teppei): It's been over a month since I last talked with someone, so I've forgotten...
(Teppei): how to.


Boy: ...Te...cchan?

Boy: Tecchan!!
Box: Kuramochi Kazuki
Woman: Teppei-chan...?!

Teppei: Kazumochi!!

Kazu: Tecchan!!
Teppei: Kazumochi!!
Kazu: You're alive!!

Teppei: You're alive...!!
Kazu: Uwaah, thank god...!!


Woman: --That's right,
Woman: you two have been inseparable since you started elementary school.

Teppei: Yeah!
Teppei: We've been in all the same classes!
Kazu: And he stayed at our place for about a month, too!

Woman: It's truly a miracle... you surviving on your own for over 40 days,
Woman: and then getting past those monsters and coming all this way, on top of it...

Woman: Just how did you get through?
Teppei: Huh?
Teppei: Well...

(Teppei): Ah...!
(Teppei): I hadn't thought about it at all until now, but
(Teppei): should I tell people that I can transform into a monster...?

(Teppei): Being able to turn into a monster like that, with the world the way it is now...
(Teppei): How would everyone react to that...?
Kazu: ...? Tecchan?


Woman: ...Ah!
Woman: I'm sorry! You don't have to talk about it if it's something you'd rather not remember.

Kazu: Who cares either way! You're alright, after all!
(Teppei): I'll tell them someday.

(Teppei): I'm different from the other monsters, but everyone would definitely be afraid anyway.
(Teppei): I mean, I look kinda scary like that.
(Teppei): I'm sure a good time to talk about it will come along sooner or later.

Woman: That's true! It's enough to know you're alright.
Woman: I haven't felt this happy in quite a while!
Teppei: ...Um! Auntie!

Teppei: Do you know what happened to everyone else?
Teppei: Like where my dad,
Teppei: Tsubasa-chan, and all the other people are?

Woman: ...Sorry, I don't.
Woman: At the very least, they weren't part of the evacuation group we were with...

Woman: But I'm sure they're just fine!
Woman: Your father and Himegami-san's father are both policemen and incredible people!

Kazu: Come to think of it, wasn't Himegami-neechan with you?
Kazu: What happened to you guys after school that day?

Teppei: I don't know...
Teppei: I was heading home with Tsubasa-chan, but my memory after that is a complete blank.
Teppei: When I woke up, I was alone...

Teppei: ...Huh?
Teppei: By the way...

Teppei: What about your dad, Kazumochi?
Teppei: He's here, right?


Woman: ...Well, you see,

Woman: we got separated from his father...
Woman: while coming here.

Woman: But it's nothing to worry about.
Woman: I'm sure we'll meet up again!

Man: Hey!

Man: Sorry to interrupt your chat, but
Man: could you bring that kid over here?

Man: Er, I'm not saying you're a bother, if that's what it sounded like.

Man: What I mean is...
Man: if you could tell us whether it's better out there than in here yet.


Man: I guess you wouldn't think so, since you came here from out there, though.

Man: Do you know why such a large group of people are staying here,
Man: and why the monsters outside stay away?

Man: The answer is because there's someone even more dangerous in here.
Man: We're stuck as his slaves.

Man: If it would be feasible for us to escape and survive outside, then we should do it
Man: before he and his group find out.
Man: Yesterday, someone named Oono-san and his family left too, so...

(sfx): Kerchak
sfx bubble: Creaaak

Man: They're here!!

Woman: Teppei-chan, listen carefully!
Woman: You absolutely mustn't defy that group coming in!
Woman: Especially their leader!


Woman: Don't give him any reason to start a fight, no matter how trivial!
Woman: And don't make eye contact with him!
Woman: It's that tall man in the ballcap and hoodie...!

Man: Shut yer traps, all've ya!!
Man: Numazawa-san's got somethin' to say!!
Man: Quiet down! Quiet down!!

sfx bubble: ...Schluck
sfx bubble: ...kch
Numa: Are you lok
sfx bubble: Kch
sfx bubble: Khch
sfx bubble: Gluch
Numa: trying to hyg someking hrom me, huuh?
sfx bubble: Schuk

Numa: Krying to make a hoola me? Speak uhk witha troof right now!
sfx bubble: Kch
(Man): We keep telling you, we can't understand what you're saying...!

Numa: You, ankher me!
Man: Er-
Man: Er, um! Could you say it again one mo-


sfx bubble: KHHHCCHH!!

Man: Forgive me, I'm sorry!!
Man: I understand, I'll do whatever you say!!

Numa: Haaahahahaha...!
sfx bubble: Kchk
sfx bubble: Hurk

sfx bubble: Ptoo

Man: Ahh!
(sfx): Sizzle


Man: UWAAH!!
Man: It's melting!! It's melting!!

Teppei: What's with him...!
Teppei: That's...!

Kazu: The police called them "goblins."
Kazu: He's the same as those things wandering around outside,
Kazu: just with a human form.

Kazu: He's the lowest of the low...!!
Kazu: Guys like that should just disappear from the face of this planet...!!

Man: Even before becoming a monster, that Numazawa bastard,
Man: who headed up a local group of thugs, was the kind of guy who didn't know when to quit!

Man: Once, a dispute with another group escalated
Man: and one of his own asked for help from a vicious yakuza syndicate.


Man: They came, and the members of his group were beaten half to death.
Man: Countless went missing, too.
Man: As for the guy himself, he was tortured and forced to drink sulfuric acid...!

Man: Everyone thought he'd sustained serious injuries and disappeared, and yet
Man: when the world went crazy, he resurfaced as that monster...!
Man: The acid he spits out melts anything it touches!!

Teppei: Acid...

Man: Dammit, why does such a dangerous bastard with his unsteady mentality
Man: have such a dangerous power, on top of it...!


Numa: ...! Hey...!
Numa: What, you luckig for a height, you liggle sit...!
sfx bubble: Kch

Teppei: Shut up, you eyesore.
Teppei: Going and getting a big head just 'cause you got your grubby hands on that filth of a power...
Teppei: Just looking at a sleazebag like you makes me wanna puke.
Teppei: Go die in a ditch.

Kazu: Tep...?!


Kazu: Tecchan!!
Woman: Teppei-chan!!

Numa: I'll bead the sit ougga...!!

Numa: Ow...?!

Teppei: What a weak punch!
Teppei: Aren't you embarrassed to hit someone with that thing?

Numa: ~~~~kh!!


Woman: Stop!!
Woman: Please stop!!
Woman: I'll take responsibility for that boy's behavior!


Woman: Urgh!!

Numa: Lagely, every lask one of you's...
Woman: Kuh...!
sfx bubble: Kuchk
Numa: been hooking gun on me!!

Woman: That's not true...!! We've been obeying you without question, haven't we!!
Woman: Bringing you food and whatever else you demand!!
Woman: We haven't offered even the slightest resistance!!

Numa: Id was a regellion the inskant
Numa: you dign't report that gis brat and that ogher person had enterg my territory!!
sfx bubble: Kch

Teppei: ...? Other person?
sfx bubble: Guchk
Numa: And also...!!

Numa: You all purposely turng a brine eye to the fack that
Numa: the Oono hamily escaked the day behore last, dign't you!! Gig you think we woulgn't hind out?!


Numa: How agout I dell you what hackened to them?!
sfx bubble: Guchk
Numa: We hollowed them and killg every lask one!!

Numa: Hubby,
Numa: his wihf,
Numa: ang their 2 brats.
Numa: We kulverized the whole hamily!!

Crowd: Oh my god...!!
Crowd: Oono-san...!!
Crowd: So they didn't manage to get away after all...!!

(Teppei): So that really was...
(Teppei): this bastard's handiwork...!!


(Teppei): I see now...!!
(Teppei): So that's how it is...!!

Numa: Egery lask one of you keep going and gefying me!!
Numa: You're all hucking caggle!! I'm the king og this town!!
sfx bubble: Hurk

sfx bubble: Gluch
sfx bubble: Khhk
Numa: Execution!!

Kazu: Mom!!
Kura: Kazuki!! Get back!!

Kazu: Noo!! I don't wanna!!

Kura: Get away from me!!
Kura: Please, get back!!

(Teppei): There's no need to think about the consequences...!!



Man: Wh...
Man: What the hell is that kid...!
Man: Doing that to the half-goblin Numazawa-san...!

Man: Ah...
Man: Don't tell me he's...!


Numa: I'll bead the sit ougga...!!
Numa: I'll gill you...!!
sfx bubble: Slurp
Numa: I'll bead the sit ougga you...!!

Numa: Kill...!!
sfx bubble: Gluch

(left): Superacid vs. molten iron!!


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