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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

Iron Knight 4

VS. the Acid Ruler

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 22, 2013 00:54 | Go to Iron Knight

-> RTS Page for Iron Knight 4

Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



(below panel): IRON KNIGHT

Crowd: What the heck's going on?
Crowd: What is this, a monster flick...?

Kazu: Te...
Kazu: cchan...

Man: The hell's with that brat!!
Man: Showing off that he's the same as Numazawa-san!!

(left): To save his friends and town, Teppei will...?!

Man: Crap!!
Man: He's coming this w-!!
Man: UWAAH!!


Chapter 4: VS. the Acid Ruler
Yagi Tomohiro
(left): Taking on a monstrous appearance, he launches an attack on evil!!


Teppei: VRAUUGH!!


sfx bubble: Gluch
Numa: Take gat!

Man: UWAH!!



(Teppei): A long-distance acid attack...!!
(Teppei): And it's powerful, to boot...!!

(Teppei): I've gotta get in close, or I won't stand a chance!!

sfx bubble: Kch
Numa: DIE!!


sfx bubble: Guh!!

sfx bubble: GUOH!!


sfx bubble: Hack
sfx bubble: Cough
sfx bubble: Gaugh...!!

(Teppei): That didn't finish him off...!!
(Teppei): Like I thought, he's different from the small fry I've battled until now...!!

Numa: I'll kill you...!

Teppei: ...Ah!!

(Teppei): Crap...!!
(Teppei): If he takes over that high ground, it's all over!!

Teppei: Damn you...!! Hold it right there!!


Teppei: Gah!!

Teppei: Urgh?!


(Teppei): Ahh...!!


Teppei: Urg...!!
Teppei: Aah!!

Teppei: AAAUUGH!!

(Teppei): It's no good...

(Teppei): I'm gonna be killed.

sfx bubble: Kh...
sfx bubble: Gha...!!


Numa: Guh...!!
sfx bubble: Gch
sfx bubble: Bsh
Numa: Gan...
Numa: nit...!!

Numa: I'm...

Numa: gonna gill...
Numa: youu!!
Numa: And eggryone elhs here...!!
Numa: I'll pulgerize eggry one of you...!!

Numa: Nog ride now, but soon...!!
Numa: As soon as I cong back...!!


Numa: You're all deg mead...!!

sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff

sfx bubble: Huff
Teppei: Damn...!
Teppei: My leg hurts...
sfx bubble: Huff

Crowd: Ah...!
Crowd: He came back...!


Teppei: Er... uh...!
Teppei: Sorry for keeping quiet and not telling you guys! Somehow or other,
Teppei: I can transform into that monster thing... haha!

Teppei: Um... but!
Teppei: I'm completely different from the other guys, though?!
Teppei: I don't lose myself,
Teppei: and I wouldn't ever think about wanting to hurt people!

Teppei: I mean, it's totally the opposite...!
Teppei: I decided to use this power to help people in trouble, like you guys!
Teppei: My dad's an amazing police detective, so
Teppei: I decided to become a hero who protects everyone, just like him!


Man: ...We...
Man: can tell that you're perfectly rational...!

Man: But we don't know whether your personality itself is normal or not...!
Teppei: What do you mean...

Man: Before being penned up in here, back when we were on the move with the police and other evacuation forces,
Man: there was a rumor going around.
Man: It said that those monsters were the alternate forms of criminals and deviants...
Man: and that, those among them who had originally been the most villainous were incredibly strong and had retained their personalities...!

Man: It's a pretty absurd rumor, but if it's true...!
Man: If that power manifested in Numazawa due to his own brutality, then...!
Man: Wouldn't that strong power of yours, which enabled you to fight him on even ground, be some sort of reflection of your soul, too...?!

Teppei: Th-that's not true at all!
Teppei: Right?! Kazumochi, tell them...


Teppei: Tell everyone that I'm just a normal...
Kazu: Get away from me.

Kazu: Before, we said we'd gotten separated from my dad, but...
Kazu: that's a lie.

Kazu: He was killed...!!
Kazu: By human monsters like you and Numazawa...!!

Kazu: You guys are the reason the world has gotten so messed up...!!
Kazu: If only all of you didn't exist...!!
Kura: Kazuki...!

Teppei: Ah...
Teppei: I...
Teppei: I'm...


Teppei: I'm...
Teppei: the same as I've always been...

Kazu: Then that black monster
Kazu: has been your true self from the very start...!!

Kazu: Don't talk to me anymore!!
Kazu: Don't come near me!!
Kazu: You and I are through!!

(Teppei): ...How did things end up like this?

(Teppei): What am I supposed to do now?
(Teppei): What was the point of fighting all this time?


(Teppei): Nothing makes sense anymore...
(sfx): Crunch

???: Hello.

(Teppei): ...Who's that...?
(Teppei): Where did they come from...

???: ...You've sure lost a lot, huh?
???: Friends...
???: Goals, hopes...


???: ...So, why not stop fighting for humanity's sake?
???: There's no point, and nothing good will come of it.

???: In the end, even all the fighting you've done this far was meaningless, right?
???: Wouldn't it be better to give up on acting like a hero and just live doing whatever you want?

???: Just like your former friend said before, that might be your true self.
Teppei: ...Shut up...

???: Those people are sure awful, huh. You risked your life and saved them, and yet they gave you that attitude without even a word of thanks.
???: How about really cutting loose with that power of yours?

Teppei: Shut up...!

???: There's no need to hold back! I mean,
???: your power exists to burn cities to the ground, right?


Teppei: SHUT UP!!
Teppei: You're wrong!!

Teppei: My power exists to protect everyone!!
Teppei: I'll keep fighting and protecting people!!

Teppei: And it's not like I've lost my friends, either!!

Kazu: Uwaa...
Kazu: Tecchan...
Teppei: A man's friends will always
Teppei: be his friends, even if they cut all ties!!

Teppei: Don't just go saying whatever you want!!
Teppei: Just who the heck...
Teppei: are...


Teppei: ...you.
Teppei: And what're you laughing for...
???: Yuki!

Teppei: Huh? Oh, is that your name?
Yuki: Yup!
Yuki: It's my name!

Yuki: I want to
(left): This girl kindly smiles at him!!
Yuki: become your friend, too!

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