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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shiinake no Hitobito 24

You will always regret it

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 24, 2013 01:01 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 24

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: A few hours earlier

Ninja: Hiromu-dono!
Ninja: It appears that someone is spreading sleeping gas throughout the school.

Ninja: Please take this medicine right away.

Hiromu: ...Shiina's doing, huh.

Ninja: Utsuki-dono was already put to sleep on the rooftop, though...
Hiromu: That's fine.
Hiromu: Even if she woke up, this would only be hard on her.

(Shiwasu): I think you're afraid of Shiina Haruhiko.

Hiromu: What is Shiwasu talking about?
sfx: Hmph...
Hiromu: Just what about that guy would I have to be af...


Hiromu: I see... so that's what you meant, huh...

Hiromu: It all makes perfect sense, now...
Hiromu: Ninjas specialize in manipulating information... how could I not have realized it before?!

(Hiromu): No... I might have been vaguely aware of it...
Hiromu: That damn Shiwasu...

Hiromu: Devote half our manpower to
Hiromu: Completely blockading the perimeter of the school! Make it so Shiina can't possibly get away!
Ninja: Y...yes!!

Hiromu: I'm afraid of Shiina?
Hiromu: Not even close, Shiwasu!


Hiromu: Rather, this is a chance I've only ever dreamed about!!

Box: Chapter 24: You will always regret it


(Yayoi): Juunigesshu ninja arts
(Yayoi): Hinazutsumi!!

Shizuka: ...Tch!!

Mina: I'll bring down

Mina: this muscle-head just like I did last time!!


Retsu: Yo.
Retsu: Long time no see, Minazuki!

Retsu: Why are you with a guy like that again...
Retsu: He's a Shidou, y'know?!

Retsu: Weren't you devoted to your principles?

Mina: Haz... no, Retsu, huh...
Mina: It's only natural that influence lies with those who have power!!

Retsu: Hmph...
Retsu: Well, if you're satisfied with that, then so be it.

Retsu: I definitely won't lose!!


Mina: Kukuku...
Mina: Is that really something that someone of your ability should be saying?

Hiromu: Looks like you've gotten somewhat stronger.
Hiromu: But...

(black sfx): Clack


Satsuki: Fuo fuo fuo.
Satsuki: So close.

Haru: Satsuki-san!!

Hiromu: This is not a war you can win by just growing a little stronger.


Retsu: What insane numbers!!

Rin: Oh my, you're only worried about the numbers?

(Rin): Anma Ninjutsu
(Rin): Gekkabijin!!!
(roughly: Demon Massage Technique, Night-Blooming Cereus)


Rin: Motivation's at an all-time high, too~♡

Yayoi: Here they come!! Brace yourselves and stay focused!

Hiromu: Don't get careless, now.
Hiromu: Were more likely to let our guard down by mistake, since we have the upper hand.


Yayoi: Hmph!

Yayoi: You idiot!!
Yayoi: I told you to focus, Shiina Haruhiko!

Yayoi: All the pieces are right here, right now, so this is where the master of Tsuki no Sato will be decided.
Yayoi: If we lose, it's all over!!

Yayoi: It doesn't really matter to me, but...
Yayoi: You've really worked hard for this day, right?!

Yayoi: You only have one opponent...


Yayoi: You just stand there unperturbed and wait, like he is.

Yayoi: I'll create a pathway for you.

Haru: ...Yayoi-chan.

Retsu: Oh man, you're really confessing at a time like this?
Yayoi: WHA?!

Naga: Love is strictly prohibited in the Juunigesshu, you know?!
Naga: I mean, even I'm...!!

Yayoi: Th...
Yayoi: Th...
Yayoi: That's not it at all!!


Fumi: Heh.
Fumi: What was it you were planning to do in this battle?
Fumi: You think a damn greenhorn like you can do anything?
Fumi: Don't get so full of yourself!!

Fumi: Take this!!
(Fumi): Juunigesshuu Ninja Arts


(Fumi): Mubyoushi!!!

Ninja: ...Wha?
Ninja: Th...that's?!

Mutsuki: Feh...
Mutsuki: Do you really think someone who wears pants like those, shouts, and is all about appearances,
Mutsuki: would be able to perform Mubyoushi, Fumizuki?


Fumi: P...pops?!

Ninja: Mutsuki's... on Shiina's side?!

Ninja: Why is the Juunigesshu's strongest shinobi siding with him?!


???: Don't lose your heads.
???: You guys are disgraceful!

Rooster Faction
Juunigesshu member

Kan: It's more like "former" strongest, right?

Kami: His strength's just like Cinderella~

Kami: See?
Kami: Time's already up.


Kami: Say your prayers!!
Kan: Get that bloody arse of yours cured already!!

Mutsuki: Phew...
Mutsuki: Don't get the wrong idea, you brats.

Mutsuki: There's a reason why
Mutsuki: I'm on my knees.

(Mutsuki): Full recovery!!!
(Mutsuki): Mubyoushi!!!


Ninja: E...eeek!!
Ninja: Mutsuki and Shimotsuki...!! What a monstrous tag-team!!

Mutsuki: ...Oho.
Mutsuki: I remember those eyes.
Mutsuki: So you're the assassin from back then...

Shizuka: Come to think of it, I haven't gotten to fight you yet, now have I.
Shizuka: Mutsuki.

Mutsuki: Does a woman who lost to Utsuki
Mutsuki: truly believe she can win against me?
Shizuka: Keep the past and present separate, won't you?


Shizuka: Also,
Shizuka: those are certainly some big words, coming from someone who the Shidou Financial Group threw out with the trash.

Mutsuki: Feh.
Mutsuki: On that topic...

Mutsuki: why are the Shidou once again involved in this conflict?


Shiwasu: What a
Shiwasu: twist of fate this is...


Shiwasu: The previous winner... was a man who went by the name "Shidou."

Shiwasu: He was an elusive man of few words, but
Shiwasu: he had quite the greedy mentality and a strange sort of charisma.

Shiwasu: Placing our trust in such a man, we made this town grow...
Shiwasu: We believed we had found the best possible master.

Shiwasu: However, we of Tsuki no Sato were the only ones who thought as such.


(???): I have no need for a system that remains shackled to old traditions.
(???): Get rid of them.

Shiwasu: More than half of the Tsuki no Sato shinobi were killed, and the rest driven out of the town...
Shiwasu: Gradually, they rebuilt and once again began the search for a master, but
Shiwasu: the remaining candidates were of his bloodline.

Shiwasu: I wonder if those two have realized it yet.


Hiromu: I once had an older twin brother.

Hiromu: I really looked up to him.
Hiromu: No matter who he was up against, he wouldn't cower or draw back... I can vouch for that.

Hiromu: I was proud to have a brother like that,
Hiromu: but

Hiromu: for the longest time, I'd believed he was dead.


Haru: ...I'm sorry.

Hiromu: You're sorry?
Hiromu: That's it?

Hiromu: Because you disappeared, that person put me through the strict training expected of a Shidou!!
Hiromu: You think those two words are enough?!


Hiromu: What were you doing?!
Hiromu: You just forgot about us and were living a normal, carefree life, right?!
Hiromu: Am I wrong?!

Hiromu: But I'm not particularly bitter about it.
Hiromu: Rather, now I'm grateful!!

(Hiromu): U...um...
(Hiromu): Could I have your name...


(???): These two will serve as your personal bodyguards.

(???): Shizuka and
(???): Utsuki...

(???): Hiromu, you'll be placed under Shizuka's protection.

(Hiromu): I was still very young and had neither the right nor the courage to object.


(Hiromu): I'd thought I would never see her again...


Hiromu: I'd thought
Hiromu: that Utsuki was seeing the shadow of my dead brother in you...

Hiromu: But that wasn't it! You hadn't died, you'd just become someone else!!

Hiromu: You have my thanks.
Hiromu: This will settle everything!!


Hiromu: I won't be going easy on you anymore!


Yayoi: Shiina!!

Mutsuki: Don't lose your head,
Mutsuki: Yayoi...


Mutsuki: We're already doing what we can.
Mutsuki: You've done what you could for him.
(sfx): Crack

Mutsuki: Just concentrate on the enemy in front of you now.

Mutsuki: What's the matter? Weren't you going to come at me again?
Mutsuki: The longer you wait, the better my physical condition will become, you know.


Utsuki: ...Ugh.

(Utsuki): The sleepiness has worn off, but... my body... won't move...!!

Utsuki: Ha...
Utsuki: Haruhiko-sama...!!


Hiromu: A substitution technique, huh.

Hiromu: So you've come far enough in half a year to pull this off...

Hiromu: I keep telling you, though.
Hiromu: There's no way you can win against me.


(Haru): He's fast!!


Hiromu: I'll say this first, but
Hiromu: you don't have the right to be chosen by Utsuki.

Hiromu: You will always regret running away
Hiromu: from the Shidou name.


Mutsuki: The frightening thing about Shiina Haruhiko
Mutsuki: is how he never backs down.

Mutsuki: If he has a reason to succeed,
Mutsuki: that is...

Shizuka: Do you really think... he can win on emotion alone?!
Mutsuki: Heh.
Mutsuki: Do I look like such a romantic to you?

Mutsuki: I'm simply speaking logically.
Mutsuki: Don't you know?


Mutsuki: He's the man who
Mutsuki: single-handedly mobilized all the shinobi of Tsuki no Sato 7 years ago.


Mutsuki: Well...
Mutsuki: Even I only realized it recently, but...
Mutsuki: I don't think he'll lose to a rich young master who's only
Mutsuki: done what he's been told.

(Haru): My vision's... hazy.

(Haru): No! I can't black out...
sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff
(Haru): Power, speed... any way you cut it, I can't beat Hiromu-kun in either of them...

(Haru): Then...
(Haru): What can I best him in?

(Haru): What can I...


(Mutsuki): You must be able to move your feet quickly, or using Mubyoushi will be out of the question.
(Mutsuki): Try starting with stealthy footsteps.

sfx bubble: Clench

(Mutsuki): You've become able to do it to an extent, but...

(Mutsuki): not all that well. If you were to use Mubyoushi the way you are now...

(Mutsuki): It would have an irrepairable effect on your body.


Utsuki: We're finally reaching the conclusion!

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