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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Catcher(S) 14

Prog Rock

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 3, 2014 22:54 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

A few lines in this gave me quite a bit of trouble, or I'd have finished it sooner.



Kodama: I am thinking of letting Kamine conduct
Kodama: just one song at the "Tenrai Wind Festival"!!

Oura: Hold on, that doesn't make any sense, Kodama-sensei!!
Oura: This is a serious issue that concerns the entire band, isn't it!!

Kodama: It is... that's why we're having this "discussion."
Kodama: During our next concert rehearsal... I would like you all to perform one song under Kamine's direction.


Kodama: I've come to realize that... we shouldn't get worked up
Kodama: and blindly decide without thinking, as we've been doing.

Kodama: Once you've experienced Kamine's conducting first-hand as "musicians",
Kodama: I want all of you to decide
Kodama: whether to accept or reject him!!
Opus 14: Prog Rock
Shinkai Hideo


Kodama: Each section has 1 vote, and majority rules.
Kodama: Section leaders will get their members' opinions on the matter and decide whether they are for or against it "as a section."

Kodama: To prevent the possibility of a tie, the band president will also be included, making it a total of 13 votes! If the majority approves, then Kamine will be allowed to conduct one song!
Box: Section G
Box: Section F
Box: Section E
Box: Section D
Box: Section C
Box: Section B
Box: Section A
(below right column): For
(between columns): Decision line
Box: Section M
Box: Section L
Box: Section K
Box: Section J
Box: Section I
Box: Section H
(below left column): Against

(Toki): ...As it stands now...
(sfx): Whisper
(Kamine): Yeah... we'd lose.

Kamine: We have far too few definite allies.
Toki: ...Then

(Toki): we have no choice but to get more than half of the band
(Kamine): on our side for this vote!!


Kodama: I'll just go ahead and ask, but is there a song you'd like to do, Kamine?
Kamine: Wha?!
Kodama: We can still change the pieces for the performance, but...
Kamine: Erm!!

Kodama: ...well, even if I say that, it would be hard on you to decide on the spot like this.
Kamine: Well, um...

Kamine: I... might... have one... sort of... maybe...
Kodama: You have one?!

Kodama: Please tell us.
Box: No, no way. If I say that,
Box: I'll definitely make her angry.... but

Box: if I can take advantage of this opportunity even a little, then...!
Kamine: S...
Kamine: something like a "concert band arrangement of Kobiki-Uta"...

Kodama: Pure Japanese style, huh!
Kodama: It's a festive song and we have the sheet music for it, too.
Kodama: That might work well!


Oura: Enough of your fooling around, Kamine!!

Box: Crap!! She really did get angry!!

Oura: That's just a song you happened to see among the "final transcriptions", isn't it!!
Oura: Why bring up such a thing now!!

Miki: U-
Miki: Um!!

Kamine: Mikitani-senpai!!

Miki: I...
Miki: I am...


Miki: I am also against performing
Miki: that song.

Kamine: Wh...
Miki: At the... very end of that piece...

Miki: There is an unaccompanied... bass clarinet solo...!!
Miki: I couldn't handle... having a part where my instrument is the only one playing!!

Miki: If I were to screw that up again...
Miki: If my reed were to make a squeaking sound...!!
Miki: A chicken like me could never do it!!


Box: Th...they just keep exploding!! Could his meekness have its roots...
Box: in... that song?!

Kodama: ...Since this is the conductor's request, I won't accept any objections.
Kodama: Please make your decision after the performance,
Kodama: alright?

Box: I might have
Box: made a huge mistake... in my song selection?!

(white sfx): NUAHAHAHA!
Utebi: You really pissed Oura off now, didn'tcha, Kamine!!

(white sfx): DOAHAHAHA!
Utebi: You did it!! Oh man, you really did it!!
Kamine: Utebi-senpai, you're really loud...

Utebi: But it wasn't a bad choice.
Utebi: Oura's an underground super idol, after all.


Utebi: The girls who follow her around aren't just a part of the clarinet section!! Some are from others!! The so-called "Oura faction" is a major force in the band.
Utebi: She has the competence and organizational ability that could only come from leadership experience!!

Utebi: I don't get their feelings at all, though!!
(Utebi sfx): WUAHAHAHA
(left): Eh? No waaay

Kamine: It's Oura-senpai...

Oura: You can't play this part, Manami?
Manami: It's incredibly difficult... and I don't know the alternate fingerings, either...

Oura: I was thinking about that, and made these.
Girls: Huh? What are they?

Oura: The fingering chart in miniature book form!!
(sfx): Ta-da!!


Girls: Kyaaa! They're so cute!! And there's one for everyone!!
Girls: It's so easy to read!!
Girls: Did you make these yourself, Megu-senpai?!
Girls: Amazing!!

Oura: Take good care of them, okay?
Box: Oura-senpai still loves music, even now.
(bottom): Yeees~♥

Box: And
Box: that "person who loves music" is also loved herself.

Box: She's aware of all sorts of things and can adjust to them, and that has enabled her to keep loving music all this time.
Box: Those feelings gather people around her.
(on headbands): Megumi

Box: It's a mutual trust that's the complete opposite of this person...

Box: Her love of music remained the same, and the only thing leveled was her ambition.
Box: Then, at some point, she probably no longer knew if


Box: there was a need to emerge from the box she had created.

Box: Her irritation towards people who try to reach the outside
Box: is actually irritation with herself, for being unable to break out...

Kamine: I have to win over Oura-senpai,
Kamine: or this band is finished.

Kamine: I've got to break her out of that box...!!

Kamine: There's no time to waste... Seeing as I can't read the score, all I can do is keep listening to the CD and master it that way.
(sfx): Clack

(sfx): Flip flip


Kamine: Tokisaka!!
Kamine: Tokisakaaa!!

(Kamine sfx): Huff huff

Kamine: For "Kobiki-Uta",
Kamine: don't... go with your usual alto sax...

Kamine: Play the tenor sax instead.

Kamine: I'm counting on you!!


Toki: K...Karin-senpai?
Karin: ...Yeah.

Karin: The "concert band arrangement of Kobiki-Uta"
Karin: opens with an unaccompanied tenor sax solo.

Karin: Is he
Karin: telling you to play that solo?!!

Toki: He... can read sheet music now...!!!
Toki: That transcribing paid off!!!

Box: The day of the ensemble
(sign): 1st Music Room

Kodama: ...Alright, Kamine.
Kodama: Please begin.

Tuba: ...Hey,
Tuba: what about Tsuruno?


???: There's no contrabass.
(sfx): Chatter chatter
???: ...Skipping, huh.
???: He's sure got it easy, being the only one in the contrabass section.

Box: ...Don't... worry about that... Oura-senpai... showed up.

(Oura): There's no way I could skip out on this... I'm responsible for my section members, too!

Kamine: Let's begin.

Box: The 1st Movement, "Theme"... is the woodcutter's song.

Box: The clarinets create the sound of the saw, and then
Box: the stage belongs to Tokisaka.


Box: This is our real battle,
Box: so let's start it off with the right sort of sound.

(Toki): It's created a really tense atmosphere!
(Toki): I guess that was the "right sort of sound"...?


(Toki): Wait a second.

(Toki): Did he...
(Toki): speak just now?
Box: 2nd Movement: Bon Dance

(Utebi): Oh?

(Utebi): Whoops... Hold back on the strikes...
(Utebi): while reducing the volume, right...?
(note: f = forte, mp = mezzo-piano)

(Utebi): ...Huh?
(Utebi): He didn't say anything.

(Utebi): How did I understand what he wanted?


(Otowa): ...What
(Otowa): is this...?!

(Souma): What's
(Souma): going on?

Box: I understand it... I can... read the score...
Box: The image of

Box: the information within it is
Box: rapidly permeating my body!!

Box: There are too many things I want to convey!!
Box: There's no time to speak!!
Box: I have to make them known somehow!!
Box: Convey them!!

Box: Convey them!!


(baton strips, from right to left):
Don't rush the tempo
Bass part, livelier playing
Bring the rhythm out more
Soar, piccolos
Trombones, make the sound stagger and sway
Tenor sax, punctuate each note


(???): It's as if... I can hear concrete directions coming from the movement of his baton...!!!
(baton strips): Softer

(???): Thanks to transcribing 1000 sheets worth of 100 songs and studying the basics of music,
(???): Kamine's "interpretation of the piece" and "emotions" are now much easier to convey to us!!

(???): In a real performance, spoken directions should be avoided as much as possible!!
(???): This doesn't even begin to compare to his methods so far.
(???): This is...!!

(???): Realistic conducting!!!
(baton strips, from right to left & top to bottom):
Play as one
Together with the clarinets
Bass part, carry the tension
Percussion, more forcefully

Box: This is a battle... With this song, I'm fighting... to win you over
Box: as an ally, Oura-senpai!!

Box: To do that, your strength is absolutely essential...

Box: Mikitani-senpai!!
(left): Connect their hearts!!

(bottom): Conducting from the new, improved Kamine...!! Next issue, the conclusion of the "Mikitani & Oura" arc!!

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