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Soul Catcher(S) 15

My Note

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 3, 2014 22:55 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

-> RTS Page for Soul Catcher(S) 15

Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: Mikitani-senpai... this "Kobiki-Uta performed for the concert band's sake"
Box: is almost over.
Box: Let's raise the tension for the 4th movement, "Finale."
(right): Conduct!!

(below panel): Volume 1 goes on sale 9/4!!

Box: First, you two!
(baton strips):
Snare drum
Increase the tension!!
Box: I'm counting on you!!

Opus 15: My Note
Shinkai Hideo
(note: song reference is "Boku Note" by Sukima Switch)
(Miki): I'm begging you, Kamine-kun... please rethink this...!


Miki: That song... is the one we performed for a competition in our 3rd year of middle school...

Miki: In the Western Kanto Competition, I... made a mistake
Miki: in the final solo, and for a moment, the entire song stopped!!

Miki: I was the trigger that made Megumi like this...!!

Kamine: Mikitani-senpai...
Kamine: If that were true, then


Kamine: you wouldn't want to play it... and yet, you continue to carry around
Kamine: the score that Oura-senpai transcribed, don't you?

Miki: ...I
Miki: don't know why...
Miki: I just... feel like I need to carry this with me for my entire life...

Kamine: ...I think
Kamine: the answer's in this piece.

(Kamine): Let's find it!

(Miki): Kamine-kun...
(Miki): What... are you planning to do?!


(baton strips):
Bass clarinet
overcome everyone else
through volume

(Miki): I can't do that!!

(Miki): That's just plain impossible!! The bass clarinet... someone like me... can't stand out!!

(baton strips, half-hidden): Louder, bass clarinet!!
Box: ...I heard about it from Tokisaka.

(Toki): The bassoon and bass clarinet
(Toki): are ninjas.


(Toki): There's a limit to their volume, so identifying them amidst a large group is difficult, but...
(Toki): Their "tone" is unlike that of any other instrument... They have no substitutes.
(Toki): Their presence or absence from an ensemble has a massive impact on the depth of sound and range of expression.

(Toki): Instruments whose greatness is only realized once they are gone.
(Toki): That is the truth of the bassoon and bass clarinet!!


(Oura): ...What
(Oura): are you doing, Shinobu, Kamine...!!

(Oura): We have both bass clarinets and sopranos, so
(Oura): if you force things like that... it will destroy the balance between the two...!!

Box: Thanks to the trauma of your botched solo, you're afraid to stand out.
(Otowa): "The walking dictionary of music"
Box: And so you hid your knowledge and physical strength.

Box: Why, then,
(baton strips): That's not enough, bass clarinet!! Louder!!
Box: did you keep at it?

Box: Why are you working so hard like this
Box: to follow my conducting?!

Box: It's likely due to... an anguished desire of "not wanting your failure to be an impediment
Box: anymore."


Box: If so, then you should play this song, which you once botched, with all your might,
(baton strips): Give it all you've got
Box: and turn that desire into resolve, right here and now!!

(Oura): What's...
(Oura): ...with you...!!

Box: !! ...Just a little more.
Box: Now comes


Box: Utebi-senpai's timpani solo!!
(baton strips): Bass clarinet, match the timpani's tension

Utebi: C'mon and let's do this, Mikitaniiiii!!

(Miki): No way.
(Miki): Impossible.
(Miki): I can't. No way.


(Girl): ...Mikitani single-handedly...
(Girl): overpowered the bass part?!

(Girl): I never knew... that Mikitani
(Girl): was capable of a performance like this!!

(Oura): ...This sound...
(Oura): of Shinobu's...

(Oura): Why is Kamine able to draw it out of him?!!

(Oura): When we were in elementary, we admired the orchestra,
(Oura): and the two of us started playing the clarinet... even though it was difficult,
(Oura): we had so much fun that that didn't even matter.


(Oura): He's returned to the sound
(Oura): from back then?!!


(Souma): This is bad, Kamine-kun.
(Souma): Mikitani's sound is so strong that it's destroying the balance between soprano and bass!!

(Toki): The climax of this song is a round of bass vs. mid-range!!
(Toki): A round doesn't work unless all parts are equal in power!!

Man: The soprano part's way too weak!!
(above man): Gehaa!
Man: What're you gonna do about it!!
Man's label: Mid-range
Woman's label: Soprano
(left of woman): Ehhh...

Box: That much is obvious!!


(Band): Oura?!!

Box: Nope,

Box: it's the Oura faction!!!


Box: The people who adore Oura-senpai... have earnestly followed her lead!!
Box: The closeness of the clarinet section will become the sopranos' power!!

(Oura): This...
(Oura): has made me remember

(Oura): that I love music.
(Oura): I love music so much it hurts.

(Oura): The grand parts,
sfx bubble: Creak
sfx bubble: Creak
(Oura): the hard parts and the bothersome parts,
(Oura): I love them all.
sfx bubble: Craaack

(Oura): How I wanted to aim for the top, improve,
(Oura): and work hard... despite the frustration!!


(2nd panel sfx): Huff huff huff

(Oura): The goal's...
(Oura): so far away that I can't even see it.

(Oura): But... it's a wide open space.
(Oura): I have room to grow.

(Oura): I wonder how far away Shinobu is?
(Oura): I'm going to catch up to him right away!!


Box: Now... Mikitani-senpai.
Box: ...This is your final solo.

Box: It shouldn't be so hard, right?
Box: After all,

Box: every last one
Box: of your mines has already exploded.


Box: The next day

(top of paper): Voting Results

Toki: Ah! Hello, Kodama-sensei!!
Toki: Are the results...
Kodama: Hello.

Kodama: I just put them up.


(on paper):
Voting Results
○Band President
○French Horn
conduct 1 song.
The matter is settled.

(left panel):
○Bassoon/Bass Clarinet
As more than half the votes are in favor, Kamine Shouta will be allowed to conduct 1 song.

(bottom left): Victory!!

(bottom right): He's gained an incredible opportunity...!! And next issue, we head into new developments!!

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2014
can't wait for the next chapter!
thanks, lynxian!!
#2. by Hegano ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2014
Hey, I find it fantastic that your Translating this manga! Keep it up, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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