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Iron Knight 5

Scale Shield

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jan 6, 2014 18:31 | Go to Iron Knight

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Chapter 5: Scale Shield
Teppei: ...In the end, I came back to my senses
Teppei: and beat the crap out of that bald Tengu creep!

(left): Recounting his journey thus far to Yuki

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro

Teppei: Then I left the town after a month, searched for everyone while fighting monsters, and ended up here.
Teppei: That's the gist of it.

Yuki: ...I see...
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: So that's how it was...

Teppei: I'm sure that as long as you're... how to put it... kind and just,
Teppei: and have a strong heart, you'll be able to stay human, even if you become a monster.
Teppei: It's all about not being a demon on the inside!

Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: That's a little off, isn't it?
Teppei: Huh?

Yuki: If that's true, then why did that bald Tengu and Numazawa keep their reason and personalities?
Yuki: Because they're actually good people? I don't think so.


Yuki: You're probably right about a strong nature being the key to keeping one's personality,
Yuki: but humanity isn't just about kindness and order.
Yuki: There's also desire, hatred and cruelty.
Yuki: Those elements are also a factor in the makeup of people's souls.

Yuki: And factors like those translate into power much more readily.
Yuki: That's why the wicked became strong.
Yuki: I think that the so-called ogres and demons you've seen are human, except in appearance.

Teppei: Wh-
Teppei: What's with that! No, more like...!
Teppei: Do you know something about it...?!

Yuki: Not really.
Yuki: That's just the feeling I've gotten from watching this town over the past month.


Crowd: I wonder if
Crowd: that boy was truly a monster, down to the very core...
Crowd: He didn't seem that way to me...
Crowd: At any rate, we can't stick around with him.

Crowd: You saw their battle, right?
Crowd: We'd end up trampled underfoot if we were anywhere nearby.
Crowd: More importantly, now's our chance to think up a way to escape from here!
Crowd: While Numazawa's not around!

Crowd: Where would we even go?!
Crowd: The Yamatoyama base, of course!
Crowd: Hasn't there been talk of survivors gathering there?!
Crowd: And how are we going to make it there, with all the monsters around?!
Crowd: Let's wait here for rescue!

Man: There's really no need to be so hasty, is there?
Man: Numazawa's sustained a serious injury.
Man: It wouldn't be strange for a normal animal to die from a wound like that.

Man: Right about now, he's probably off somewhere exhausting his energy.
Man: Even if he recovers, it will probably take a number of months
Man: and he might not even come back here.


sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Crunch
sfx bubble: Grind

sfx bubble: Glurk
sfx bubble: Scrape
sfx bubble: Crack
sfx bubble: Snap
sfx bubble: Gulp

Man: N...Numazawa-san...!

Man: That's enough already, isn't it...!
Man: Four people have died between yesterday and today as bait to gather up goblins...!
Man: C'mon, already...

(sfx): Grab
Man: Huh?


Man: Wha?!
Man: AHH!

(white sfx): Crunch

Numa: Don't give me gat crap...!
Numa: Keek a close eye on that lot in cown.
Numa: I'm gonna kill every lass one of ghem...

Numa: in three days...!!
???: --That guy will come back soon.

Yuki: Goblins' vitality easily exceeds that of animals.
Yuki: It generally takes a few days to recover from a wound that's not fatal.

Yuki: He will return here to get revenge on you and slaughter everyone in town.
Yuki: And this time, he'll be at full power.


Yuki: You injured his tongue and were on par with him when his attack power had decreased, but
Yuki: as you are now, you won't stand a chance next time.

Teppei: Then I'll go at it prepared to die!
Teppei: I won't hesitate anymore! I'll beat him, even if it means taking him down with me!

Yuki: ...There's probably something you can do, before you go getting desperate like that.
Yuki: The power of flames isn't your only strength.

sfx bubble: Sizzle

Teppei: Ooh!
Teppei: Metalworking!
Yuki: I figured you'd be able to do this sort of thing too, since you can handle melted iron.


Teppei: So this means I can make a weapon!
Teppei: Like a huge sword or something!
Yuki: Right now, you don't have any casting techniques or sanding tools,
Yuki: so about all you can make is something simple for stabbing or hitting.

Yuki: Also,

Yuki: what you need most of all in this fight is not a means of attack.

Man: That black thing...
Man: It's that kid... he's been standing like that over there for a while now.

Man: What in the world is he doing...?
Man: Is he waiting for something...?


Man: Wha?!

(Yuki): He will undoubtedly launch a surprise attack from a distance.

(Yuki): When his tongue recovers, both his long-distance attack power and range will be much better than before.
(Yuki): Additionally, he's already familiar with your close-range attack power from personal experience.


(Yuki): I expect he will keep attacking relentlessly and won't approach

(Yuki): until you've been driven to desperation.

(Yuki): So,


Yuki: if you create a shield out of the casted metal from your body,
Yuki: you might be able to defend against that sulfuric acid.

Yuki: I mean, even though he showered you with acid last time, your shell was about the only thing that melted.
Teppei: Uh,
Teppei: It hurt like hell, though.
Yuki: If it had been anyone else, I'm sure their leg would have melted right off.

Yuki: First, we'll fortify your defense.
Yuki: If we do that, then...


Teppei: I'll be able to get right up in his face!!

Numa: What an idiok...!! That won't work ag all!!

(Numa): --Still, the scariest thing about acid is its corrosiveness.
(Numa): More of the surface will melt as more time passes.
(Numa): Not to mention how unbelievably fast-acting that acid is.

(Numa): There's no longer any way of preventing that from happening.


Teppei: Okay, so...
Teppei: How about something like this, where the top layer can rip off? Kinda like a fish's scales.
Yuki: Ooh! Nice!
Yuki: That way, you'll be able to endure the acid's corrosion several times!

(Yuki): The strength of humankind lies in every specially-made tool they invent and create.
(Yuki): A systematic power which led to the building of civilizations.

Yuki: You will win, Teppei-kun...
Yuki: Through your strength as a human being...


Crowd: Is that... Numazawa?! He came back?!
Crowd: And he's fighting with that kid...?

Kazu: Tecchan...


Numa: Kah...!!

Teppei: No matter how tough your body may be...!!

Teppei: Your tongue's a different story!!
Numa: GRAP!!

Teppei: HAAAAAA!!


Numa: Gh!
sfx bubble: Snap!!

Numa: GU
Numa: AA
Numa: AA
Numa: AA

Numa: AUGH!!


Teppei: Ew!

Teppei: Now you can't attack with acid anymore!!

Crowd: Did he...
Crowd: win...?
Crowd: Against Numazawa...!

Numa: Huff
Numa: Huff
Numa: Huff
Numa: Huff


Numa: Gue
Numa: eeuurrrghhh!!

Teppei: Wha...!!

Crowd: What the heck's that...!!
Crowd: It's coming this way!!

Yuki: That much power will...!


Crowd: Waah!!

Kura: Kazuki!!

Kazu: UWAAAH!!

(right): An ocean of acid nears his friend...!!
Teppei: Kazumochi!!

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