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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Catcher(S) 16

The complicated feelings of playing an instrument

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 9, 2014 03:57 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



(left): Fascinating...

???: Oi, seriously?
???: What is the world coming to?
???: You must know something about it, so spill the beans!
???: I've got no idea!
Box: Clarinet section
(sfx): Freaking out

???: Oura's teaching
???: Kamine how to play piano.
Opus 16: The complicated feelings of playing an instrument
Shinkai Hideo


Kodama: --This is the end result, but
(on paper):
As more than half the votes are in favor, Kamine Shouta will be allowed to conduct 1 song.
The matter is settled.
Kodama: let's hear each section leader's opinion on it... this will serve as future reference for Kamine, as well.

(kanji character): Against
Euphonium Section Leader
Hoshiai Yoshiko
Hoshi: ...The balance was beyond awful. He was too biased toward the clarinets, and the brass couldn't resound at all.
Hoshi: Is he keeping the brass instruments in mind, too?

Boy: Frankly, I didn't feel anything.
Boy: I don't understand why he has support... wasn't Karin originally against it, too?
(kanji character): Against
Trombone Section Leader
Kanaibuchi Ryou

Karin: It's not like I fully acknowledge him... but

Karin: seeing his determination at Tenrai High School... and how he's grown since then,
(kanji character): For
Karin: I just thought that 1 song with him wouldn't be so bad.

(Karin): Plus, Tokisaka-kun's solo was really cool...


Trio: What about you, Mikitani?
Miki: Yeep!
Miki: I... I'm... well...

Miki: I felt
Miki: moved, despite myself.
(kanji character): For

Miki: I just thought that... if I also tackle the things I have trouble with,
Miki: like Kamine-kun does... then the future will be brighter...!!

Box: ...Looks like the performance gave him some confidence... I'm glad.

Miki: But the solo itself was cruel and unusual punishment.
Box: That's the sort of personality he's had from the start, huh.

Miyabi: ...Well,
Miyabi: there was one more unexpected vote among the "for" group.


Oura: ...I didn't
(kanji character): For
Oura: really have any particular reason for it, or anything.

Girl: You were so angry about it from the start, though...
(kanji character): Against
Horn Section Leader
Kanzaki Mai

(Kodama): Section leaders, be sure to cast your votes by the end of the day.

(Oura): It's been a while since I last blew with everything I've got...
(small text): I feel dizzy.
(Oura): Is this Shinobu's doing? ...No, more like...

(Oura): watching that guy conduct
(Oura): seems to really take it out of you...

(Oura): Ah...
(Oura): Crap...
(Oura): Too... light...
(Oura): headed


Kamine: Y...
Kamine: You alright, Oura-senpai?

Oura: ...I

Oura: I'm fine, so let go!!
Kamine: Sorry!!


Tuba: ...Well, whatever... rather, what bothers me a bit more than that...

Tuba: are the two who abstained.
Tuba: Putting aside Tsuruno, who skipped,

Tuba: why did the flute section abstain?
Kasumi: Hm...?

Kasumi: Well, y'know, whichever way the vote goes, it isn't any fun to be on the losing side, right?
Kasumi: I just thought that those people would end up leaving, and that would be awful~

Kasumi: I mean, those on the winning side and those on the losing side are all my friends!
Kasumi: And everyone should have fun!

(Hoshi): Doesn't that defeat the purpose of this vote?
(Karin): That's just like Kasumin.


Kodama: ...Kamine,
Kodama: I'll finish up by giving you my opinion.

Kodama: When I saw your conducting for the first time, at Tenrai,
Kodama: I could tell that you were serious about "wanting to be a conductor", so...

Kodama: please continue devoting yourself to it.

Kamine: I will.

Kodama: ...That is all!

Oura: Kamine,
Oura: here.


Oura: These are piano practice books.
Oura: You can have them.

Oura: Since you want to become a conductor, you should at least be able to play the piano.
Oura: Pieces by Bayer, Burgmüller, Czerny, Chopin, Bach and Beethoven.
Oura: They're my hand-me-downs, but... I'll give them to you.

Kamine: Ooh! Thanks a lot!

Oura: Well, bye...
Kamine: Ah! Um, Oura-senpai!!

Kamine: Would you
Kamine: teach me how to play the piano!


Kamine: I want to play like you do!!

Oura: ...I don't really mind.

(Oura): Starting tomorrow, alright?
(Kamine): Got it!
???: Do
???: Do
???: So
???: So
???: La
???: La...
???: ...So

Kamine: This is hard... "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"... is way too hard...!!
???: Fa...
(sfx): Cramped

Kamine: Playing one-handed like this... is almost getting me discouraged...
???: Fa


Oura: Keep going.

Box: Woah?! ...It kinda
???: Re
???: Do
???: Fa
???: Fa
???: Mi
Box: sounds like jazz?!


Box: Plus, if I follow along... playing becomes a lot easier!
Box: Th...
Box: This is fun!!

Oura: GYA!!!


Oura: W...what are you guys doing!!

Oura: ...Geez! That's all for today!
Oura: I'm heading back to my section rehearsal!
Kamine: Thank you!

Oura: Don't forget to review what we went over, Kamine!
Oura: And here!
Kamine: Huh?

Kamine: ...Is this a new piece of sheet music? Wait... it's kinda small for that...
Oura: Whatever! I'm leaving!

Kamine: What's up with this box?


Kamine: Th...
Kamine: This is...!!

Kamine: Does this mean that... Oura-senpai approves of me as a "music lover"?!
Kamine: That's so thoughtful!! And just like her!!
Group: Kamine, you're a blockhead!!

Group: And why the heck are you crying, Mikitani!!

Miki: I'm... I'm so happy...
Miki: Megumi's found such a good person.


Miki: As her cousin, I was really worried about her. Considering her personality and all...
Kamine: COUSIN?!

Kamine: Him and her?! They're related?!
(above group): Yup | Yeah | Uh huh

Miki: Please treat Megumi well (for the rest of your lives).
Kamine: What?! What's this about?!

Kamine: Let's see... which section should I go to next...

Toki: That "is he keeping the brass instruments in mind too" comment is bothering me, but
Toki: there's also the option of first making your rounds through all of the woodwinds.

Kamine: Hmm...
???: Ah! Kamine-kun!


Kamine: Fukikoshi-senpai!
Kasumi: Just Kasumin is fine~
Kamine: Er, that's... not really...

Box: This girl's sure incredible... she's not on guard against me at all.

Box: ...Huh?

Kasumi: I'm heading to the music store after this to buy some equipment, y'know~
Kasumi: I'll have a lot to carry, so could you come with me?

Kasumi: You seem to have the most free time on your hands, after all~
Kamine: Urk... Well, I don't exactly have anywhere to be, but...

Kasumi: Let's leave right now! Go, go!


Kasumi: I'm going to talk to the clerk, so you can wander around, okay?

Kamine: Wow... look at all these instruments...
Kamine: Saxes are expensive!!

Kamine: There's lots of sheet music, too.
Kamine: Ooh! A JPOP piano arrangement?

???: That song
???: tastes like a chocolate parfait.


Girl: This sound is chocolate, this one's nuts, and this one's ice cream! Oh, but it's green tea-flavored. Gross, that doesn't match up at all~
Box: "Seeing" music notes
Box: gives her a feeling of "taste"?

Box: This girl...
Box: has "synesthesia"?!
(for reference, she has "lexical-gustatory synesthesia")

Girl: You're in a concert band, too? Judging by your uniform, I'm guessing... Meien's?

Kasumi: Sorry for the wait, Kamine-kun!
Kamine: Oh...senpai. Just now...


Box: Huh...? What's with this tension...?

Kasumi: Mizuki.

Mizuki: Oneechan.

Box: Th...
Box: They're sisters?!!
Mizuki: "Kamine"... so you're the reason for those rumors... excellent.

Mizuki: We are from the Sonitus Academy High School concert band.
Mizuki: We've also been invited to the "Tenrai Wind Festival"... though,


Mizuki: we're certainly not gonna lose to the band my sister is part of, when
Mizuki: she'll soon be unable to play the flute.

Box: ...Wh...
Box: What did she... just say?

Box: Fukikoshi-senpai will soon...

Box: become unable... to play her instrument...?!

(left): What's going on here?!

(bottom): What problem does Kasumin have...?! And, next time, Kamine once again meets that man!!

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2014
thanks, lynxian! I'm so happy! :D

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