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Iron Knight 9

The Yamatoyama Base Rescue Operation

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 26, 2014 21:43 | Go to Iron Knight

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia/Psylocke Scans/MTO.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Teppei: Tsubasa-chan is...
Teppei: inside the base...!!

Kazu: That's great, Tecchan!!
Teppei: Haha...!

Teppei: What's going on in there?!
Kikuta: That, I can't say...

Teppei: I've gotta get there...
Teppei: right away...!!

(left): Among the survivors... of the final place of refuge, the fallen Yamatoyama Base, is...?!

Saku: Hey, kid.
Saku: You're free to get all giddy over that, but you are already a part of this operation.
Saku: Leaving your post and other such irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.

(below panel): IRON KNIGHT


Teppei: Urh...
Teppei: I k-know...
Teppei: ...I understand that!

Teppei: B-but if we're thinking about the safety of the people inside the base, shouldn't I be the one to...
Saku: You aren't fit for such a dire infiltration.
Saku: Focus on the enemies in front of you.

Yuki: Teppei-kun, leave Tsubasa-san to us!
Yuki: We'll definitely get her out of there safe and sound!

Yuki: I hope I can become friends with her...

Teppei: Absolutely!
Teppei: I mean, Tsubasa-chan loves rabbits!
Yuki: Really?

Kikuta: Okay! You're all fired up now, right?
Kikuta: Let's move out, everyone!


Crowd: Good luck!!
Kazu: You can do it, Tecchan!!

(left): A decisive battle!! The rescue operation commences!!

(below panel): Yagi Tomohiro

Kikuta: Operation, start!!
Chapter 9: The Yamatoyama Base Rescue Operation


(white sfx): Twitch twitch

Yuki: Keep going straight from here.
Yuki: A large group of enemies is hanging around the northeastern apartment complex, so
Yuki: please take a detour there and continue on.

Soldier: With Yuki-chan around, we'll sure make quick progress.
Soldier: She's sure reliable.

Matsuno: Still, I really hope this operation goes well...
Matsuno: With those monsters as our enemies, I just don't know...

Kikuta: Don't you have any faith in Sakurayama-san's strategy?
Kikuta: You know, if times were different, his name would be in all the textbooks as that of a great commander!

Kikuta: If he hadn't been there that night, I bet no one would have gotten out of the base alive.
Kikuta: He's keeping tight command of this operation, too!


Kikuta: Plus,
Kikuta: this time, we've got Teppei!

Teppei: Enemy found!!
sfx bubble: Ping
sfx bubble: Thunk
sfx bubble: Ping

Teppei: UOOOH!!
sfx bubble: Ping
sfx bubble: Ping
???: This is gonna be interesting!


Kikuta: We will be infiltrating from this point on!
Kikuta: Cut a hole in the fence!

Yuki: ...It's no use.
Yuki: The enemies inside are likely arranged to prevent any blind spots.
Yuki: Looks like this is as far as stealth will take us.

Kikuta: In that case, it's our turn to commence battle!
Kikuta: We should get going before they turn their attention away from the fight with Teppei.

Kikuta: Once one of them is attacked, all of them will know about it!
Kikuta: Make it fast!!

sfx bubble: Peek


Goblins: SHAAAH!!

Teppei: These guys...!!
Teppei: They're throwing away their weapons and latching onto me...!!

Saku: So they really are going that route.
Saku: They'll fire armor-piercing bullets next.


Teppei: Urgh
Teppei: Khh!!
Teppei: Ow!!

Saku: Don't falter! We figured this would happen, so
Saku: go ahead and use that.

Teppei: Ro-
Teppei: Roger!!
Teppei: Owowow!

(Saku): What do you think is the single strongest handheld weapon?
Saku: That would be projectiles.
Saku: With them, you can attack an enemy one-sidedly without any of the risks that come from getting too close.


Saku: I may be putting it bluntly, but...
Saku: That's realistic warfare.

Saku: During the Stone Age, humans covered themselves with pelts,
Saku: destroyed beasts through the use of the then-unrivaled weapon of the "spear",
Saku: and took possession of the majority of the land.

Saku: I don't know where humanity's theories on battle will lead them, but
Saku: there is no better attack method than this.
Saku: That's why our enemy's using it.

(Saku): You'll use your fire to ignite the gunpowder in the gun chamber.
(Saku): This is even simpler than the artillery of 500 years ago, but
(Saku): it should be powerful enough.


sfx bubble: Bubble


Kikuta: Hahaha! Looks like things are heating up over there!
Kikuta: This is starting to get fun for me, too!

Woman: This isn't the time to be fooling around!
Woman: We've arrived at the warehouse where the civilians are being confined!


Woman: Quite a number of them are in a weakened state.
Woman: We might have even less time than we'd thought.
Woman: We have to find the real body as soon as possible!

Matsuno: ...I've found one that might be the real body!!
Matsuno: It's over by the communications tower!!

Matsuno: It's currently passing in front of the tower,
Matsuno: and it's moving slowly!!


???: Is that seriously the real body...?!
???: I've never seen one like that before...!!
???: Gross...!!

Saku: Give me a concrete report.
Saku: Is it traveling on foot?
Matsuno: Y-yes!
Saku: Alone?
Matsuno: There are several other goblins with it...!

Kikuta: What now, commander!!
Kikuta: Should we take it down?!

Woman: Let's go for it, commander!!
Woman: If we take it out, it'll be an instant victory!!

Matsuno: If it gets away, there's no telling what it might do next!!


Saku: ...Attack.
Saku: But remain on full alert.

Saku: Finish off the ones around it in an instant and strike the target.
Saku: Should something happen, deliver the final blow in a way that enables you to withdraw immediately.
Yuki: Roger.

Kikuta: Make sure to aim for the head or eyeball!
(sfx): Kachak
Kikuta: Here we go!!
Kikuta: 3
Kikuta: 2
Kikuta: 1!!

(black sfx): Bang bang bang!!


sfx bubble: Tap
Woman: D...


Woman: Did we get it...?!
Matsuno: Alright!!

???: Look...!!

???: The other ones are dropping like flies...!!

Teppei: Oh...!
Teppei: They won?!

Yuki: ...That was quick.
Yuki: Mere hand grenades were enough to defeat it...

Kikuta: The leader being utterly weak is something of a pattern.
Kikuta: It might even be below the average goblin in power.

Woman: Let's call the main force over.
Woman: The civilians need rescue, and fast.


Saku: No.

Saku: That was far too easy.
Saku: That goblin was a decoy.

Woman: Wha...?!
Woman: But given its characteristics and the situation, that had to have been the real body...!
Saku: That was completely different from our expectations of what might happen in its dying moments.

Saku: Their goal is to lure our main force inside the base.
Saku: It seems they are already well-aware of our plans.

Woman: But if the main force doesn't come out here, then...!
Woman: The captured civilians are at their limit!!

Saku: If I were the three-eyes, I would be lying in wait for a situation like this.


Saku: It's extremely dangerous out there.
Saku: Withdraw immediately.
Saku: I'm suspending the operation.

Kikuta: As expected of Sakurayama-san.
Kikuta: You really are far more skilled a commander than I.

(left): It was all a trap?! A sudden change in the young leader?!

Kikuta: You've got me all fired up now!!
(sfx): BANG!

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