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Shiinake no Hitobito 25

Thank you

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Feb 27, 2014 23:24 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 25

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: This was
Box: something that happened 7 years ago.

Box: My name is (scribbles go here).
Box: That day, my younger brother and I had gone somewhere on our father's orders.

Box: And there, two girls were fighting.


Man: These two live in the shadows.
Man: From now on, they will serve as your bodyguards.

Box: Dad had changed since mom died.
Box: He'd always been a strange sort of person, though.

Man: That decides it...
Man: The winner is hereby appointed to (scribbles go here).

Utsuki: ...Understood.


Utsuki: Hello.
Utsuki: Allow me to guard you from today onwards.
Box: That girl's eyes

Box: were red and as black as death, but...
Utsuki: I am Utsuki.
Box: they were incredibly beautiful.


Man: Something's come up.
Man: Utsuki, Shizuka, I leave the rest in your hands.

Man: (scribbles go here)
Man: You will succeed me at some point.
Man: Become someone who won't bring shame to the "Shidou" name.

Haru: Y...yes!

Box: The Shidou Financial Group...
Box: Back then, it was where I belonged and the life I'd been born into.


Box: That was

Box: where I spent my days with her.

Haru: Um... how about we play togeth...

Haru: Wow, this is really fun!!
Haru: C'mon, you give it a try too, Utsuki-chan!

Man: Juunigesshuu member
Man: Utsuki.


Man: She moved across the world, from one battlefield to another, as a female soldier...
Man: after which, she became a member of Tsuki no Sato.
Man: It's said that she acquired a name in the Juunigesshuu in the span of a single week.

Man: ...If I had known about her sooner, she'd have likely become one of my direct subordinates.
Woman: Tsuki no Sato is under your personal jurisdiction isn't it, president...?

Man: Forget I said anything.

Man: At any rate, people whose hearts are that empty are quite handy.

Haru: This is tasty!!
Haru: The lemon really lightens the flavor! What do you think, Utsuki-chan?
Haru: Here, just have a bite...


Utsuki: I am fine with this.

Haru: ...Okay.

(gray sfx): Guuuuurgle

Haru: U...Utsuki-chan.
(small text): Your stomach disagrees.
Utsuki: ...It is not an issue.

Haru: You're kidding.
Haru: There's no way you could be having only 3 dango...

Haru: It's been a month since you came here, but...
Haru: is that all you've been eating?


Utsuki: One meal of these 3 is nutritious enough.
Utsuki: Please pay it no mind.
Haru: E...even if you say that...!!

Utsuki: Please pay it no mind.

Haru: This is it, but...

Haru: Couldn't you make something delicious using the ingredients in here as a base?
Cook: You really can't enter the kitchen without permission, young master!!

Cook: I apologize, but unless I have your father's approval, I can only make what is on the designated menu.

Haru: Alright.

Haru: Then I'll make it myself.
Cook: Wait a... young master?!


Utsuki: I do not understand.

Utsuki: Why are you trying to make something using only those ingredients?
Haru: So you'll eat it, Utsuki-chan.

Haru: If it's made of the same things as these dango, then you won't have any problems eating it, right?
Haru: Just wait a bit, and you'll see. I'll make something yummy!!

Haru: Okay! Try some, before it gets cold.


Haru: H...how is it?

(white sfx): Spit
Haru: EHHHH?!

Utsuki: It tastes like a scorpion tail I ate in the Sahara.
Haru: So that means I managed to refine it into poison?!
(small text): Sorry.

Haru: I'll go remake it...!!


Haru: Both of today's?!
(small text): Sorryyy!!

Haru: I...I'm not done yet!!

Cook: The young master seems to be enjoying himself.


Cook: Aside from his younger brother, there aren't any other children in this Shidou building...
Cook: around the same age as the young master.

Cook: Looking at the dining table tells you all you need to know, doesn't it?

Cook: His mother has passed on, his father goes out everyday... and his brother is receiving an education elsewhere.
Cook: With these circumstances, your presence is likely very important to him.

Utsuki: ...Is that so.


(Haru background sfx): Badump badump badump

Utsuki: It's good.


Haru: I... I did iiiit!!
Cook: Well done, young master!!

Haru: I'm gonna keep cooking from now on, too!! Thank you!
Cook: WHAA?! Er, I'm happy for you, but th... that would be problematic!!

Utsuki: In 2 minutes, you have Aikido and swordsmanship practice for 3 hours.
Utsuki: After that, you have 2 hours of etiquette studies.
Utsuki: Then, an hour each of... economics, biology and mathematics.
Utsuki: Before bed, you have listening comprehension for English, German and Arabic.
Utsuki: Your schedule for tomorrow is also very full.

Utsuki: You do not have the time to be doing unnecessary things.


Haru: No sweat!!
Haru: Thanks for worrying about me, Utsuki-chan!

Box: That's right...
Box: Back then, all I wanted was to see her face light up with happiness.

Haru: ...Wh-


Haru: What are you doing, dad!!

Haru: Are you okay?! We've gotta hurry and treat that!!
Cook: I...it's alright, young master.

Cook: This was all due to my own misconduct, after all...

Haru: Misconduct...?
(Haru): But all he did was let me cook?!

Man: You have a party to get to in a few minutes. Do not be late, (scribbles go here).

Man: The host is a valuable client of mine, so don't make any careless mistakes.
Man: What are you doing? I will deal with this piece of trash who deceived you.


Man: I have no need for an incompetent who can't even follow one simple order.
Man: You're fired.


Box: ...I hate this!!
Box: I refuse to believe that nothing can be done.
Box: Haven't you ever thought about other people?! Don't you ever think of wanting to help them?!
Box: Whatever happens, my feelings won't change!! I absolutely won't become like you!!


Utsuki: Again...?

Utsuki: All you've done since that day is defy him.
(sfx): Ouch...
Haru: It's not like I'm doing it on purpose.

Haru: I just... want him to listen.
Haru: I want him to understand.

Utsuki: No matter how many times you do this, the result will be the same.


Utsuki: I don't understand you.

Haru: S...sorry.
Utsuki: Even if you apologize, it is still a problem.

Utsuki: I do not understand why you behave this way.
Utsuki: Even if you keep this up, nothing will change.
Utsuki: If you continue to do such unnecessary things, there is also a possibility you will lose your life.

Haru: But...
Haru: Even so, I don't think it's impossible to understand.

Haru: I mean, when you said "it's good", I felt like my feelings
Haru: got across to you.


(Utsuki): I don't understand.

(Haru): It's okay if you take it slow.
(Haru): Let's walk together with our heads held high.

(Utsuki): I don't understand it, and yet...


Man: What is the meaning of this,
Man: Utsuki?

Man: Really, now.
Man: Everyone keeps going and disobeying my orders...

Man: Fine.
Man: I'll beat both of you little shits into shape.


(Soldier): ...What should we do with them, president?
(Man): Lock them both up... until the matter is over and done with.


(Man): From now on, exterminate all shinobi of Tsuki no Sato in this town!!

(Utsuki): This is my fault.
(Utsuki): Why did I do such a thing...

(Man): It would seem I overestimated you... Utsuki.
(Man): Ultimately, you were just a mere human...

(Man): What a pity. That single action of yours will lead to Tsuki no Sato's destruction.
(Man): Go on and mourn how completely and utterly powerless you are.


(Utsuki): ...I know

(Utsuki): that the way our master changed after his wife's death... isn't my fault.
(Utsuki): That him turning against Tsuki no Sato... isn't my fault.

(Utsuki): I know that.
(Utsuki): I know that, but...

(Utsuki): I was the spark for it...

(Utsuki): Once again, I've
(Utsuki): destroyed everything!!


(Utsuki): The first comrades I encountered were only held back by my presence...

(Utsuki): It was the same with the next unit I joined.

(Utsuki): I was the reason why fellow soldiers killed each other...

(Utsuki): Him...

(Utsuki): And her...

(Utsuki): And...

Haru: It's alright.


Utsuki: U...
Utsuki: Um... how long have you been there?!
Haru: Since "I was the spark for it", I guess...

Haru: Sorry... I was pretty noisy out in the hall...
Haru: Didn't you notice?
(small text): Ahaha...

Haru: Utsuki-chan...
Haru: I don't think I have the right to say this...


Haru: But...
Haru: Even so, I still want to...


Haru: Kh!!

Hiromu: --So
Hiromu: that's it, huh...

Hiromu: In the end, there's no way that...
Hiromu: you, who prepared things at the last minute and turned everything upside-down...
Hiromu: would be able to regain control of the situation with a single attack!!


Haru: As you said, I may have ended up turning everything upside-down.

Haru: But
Haru: thanks to that, I was able to live as myself.

Haru: Thanks to Utsuki-chan, I've truly grasped what it means to live.

Haru: I don't have a single regret.
Haru: Rather, I'm grateful.


(Haru): Thank you.

(Haru): Thank you for
(Haru): being here with me, Utsuki-chan.


sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff

sfx bubble: Huff
sfx bubble: Huff


Box: That day,
Box: I, Shiina Haruhiko,
Box: became the master governing Tsuki no Sato.

Haru: All set!


Box: Even though I say "governing", I'm still a student, and one preparing for exams, at that,
Box: so it's not like the life I've been living has changed all that much.

(box in ninja's hands): Porrakinol-X

Haru: ...Thanks.
Box: Well... it left me suffering with hemorrhoids, though...

(left of mother): Natsumi~
Box: Everything that happened a month ago still feels like it was yesterday.

Shiwasu: Has everything come back to you?

Haru: No...
Haru: My memory's still patchy in places... and I still don't know what my real name is, either.

Shiwasu: ...If you two hadn't been there 7 years ago, Tsuki no Sato might have been erased entirely...


Shiwasu: You guided the shinobi who were inside the Shidou building and informed everyone of Tsuki no Sato's crisis...

Shiwasu: You were a behind-the-scenes hero.


Shiwasu: Even so, a powerful mind technique was used on you.
Shiwasu: It was in our side's best interests...

Shiwasu: As a side effect, it damaged your memory, and the results still remain, even now.
Shiwasu: For that, I truly apologize.

Haru: A Shidou like me couldn't just waltz into the devastated Tsuki no Sato all of a sudden, after all.
Haru: So I understand.

Haru: What about the Shiinas... my family?
Shiwasu: You were introduced to them by Tsuki no Sato, but... they are completely ordinary people who know nothing about shinobi.

Haru: I see...

Haru: Er, Shiwasu-san?!

(Woman): Oh dear...
Juunigeshuu member
Shiwasu, aka Shiina Touko
(above Haru): Hellooo??
(Touko): I guess it broke...
(small text): My husband and daughter really are ordinary people, though.


Utsuki: G...
Utsuki: Good morning, Haruhiko-sama!
Yayoi: Hmph.

Haru: Utsuki-chan!
Haru: Yayoi-chan!
Haru: Morning~

Box: By the way...
Box: My school, which had been half-destroyed, was as good as new in 2 days.


Hiromu: Morning, Shiina! Utsuki!!
(small text): And Hanajima.
Hiromu: I'll say it as many times as I need to, but I still haven't given up yet!!

Box: ...This person is the same as always.
Box: Only the memories of the master dispute were erased, but...
Haru: Hiromu-kun... could you stop saying that everyday?
Hiromu: That's sensei to you, Shiina Haruhiko!

Hiromu: ...Dad's not long for this world...

Hiromu: I'm not going to force you, but
Hiromu: if possible,
Hiromu: I'd like you to come and see him.

Haru: ...Yeah.
Haru: I'll go see him soon, I promise...


(sfx): Chatter chatter chatter
Ninja: Ooh, I see you are studying long into the evening!!
Ninja: As expected of our master! Well done, well done!!

Ninja: But why is he going to such lengths?
Ninja: With our power, he could get into one of the top tiers at Tokyo University...

Satsuki: You fools!

Satsuki: Our master, Haruhiko-dono, chooses to handle his own matters himself.
Satsuki: He faces them head-on with no deception or hesitation...
Satsuki: Surely he is an ideal master for us!

Haru: Hey, now!! Enough already, give me some peace and quiet!!
Ninjas: By your will!!


Haru: ...Utsuki-chan.

Utsuki: Please continue what you were doing, Haruhiko-sama.
Utsuki: I shall wait right here.

Haru: Okay.
Haru: Sorry, It'll just be a little longer.


???: Are you about ready, then?
Haru: J...just give me a little more time!
Haru: Please, just a little!!
Haru: Let me talk to her a little bit longer!!

Utsuki: ...Um,
Utsuki: I will go with...

Haru: No way.
Haru: I'm gonna forget everything, even you, y'know?!

Utsuki: But...
Haru: You still have a place where you belong, so you should treasure it.
Utsuki: --But!!

Haru: Don't worry!

Haru: I'll study and become a great and skilled man... enough that I can protect you and the other shinobi... and I'll come to see you again.


Haru: And
Haru: next time, we'll definitely stay together forever.

Haru: Even if I lose my memories,
Haru: this promise will be the one thing I never forget, no matter what happens. That won't change.

Utsuki: ...Right!
Utsuki: I'll be...
Utsuki: waiting.

(Utsuki): ...Haruhiko-sama.

sfx bubble: Creak


(bottom right): End.

(bottom left): Final chapter: Thank you


Special extra manga
"Kasashita-ke no Hitobito" (those of the Kasashita household)
Black box: Final edition

(sfx): Slurp
(Hyouma): I am an utterly worthless man...

(Hyouma): Saying I'll take over the family business, and then going off to attend high school...
(Hyouma): I wasn't feeling well during that last decisive battle of the master dispute, so I couldn't participate...
(Hyouma): And worst of all,

Natsumi: Heeeey there! Didja wait long, boyfriend of mine?
(Hyouma): I'm involved with the master's younger sisterrrrr!!


(Hyouma): Just what the heck am I doing?! Even my abilities as a shinobi are the lowest of the low, aren't they?! Am I aiming to be a reverse gold digger, or something?!
(sfx): Staaaare
(Hyouma): No, it's absolutely not for some contrary reason like that! In all honesty, I'd never have thought that Haruhiko-dono would become our actual master.

(Hyouma): It's just a coincidence. Just a...

Natsumi: Aaalrighty, where shall we go for our first date?

Hyouma: Hmm...

Hyouma (half-hidden): Karaoke
Natsumi: Let's go to the arcade!!
Hyouma: ...Sure.


(2nd panel, right of Natsumi): C'mon! Do the peace sign!

(above Hyouma): What's with that throwing method...


Natsumi: Ahhhh, I can't even begin to describe that movie!

Natsumi: But it was crazy interesting, wasn't it?!
Hyouma: Hm... I thought it wasn't that good until the last part.

Natsumi: So what'd you think, Hyouma?
Hyouma: Like I was saying...

Natsumi: Did you have fun?

Hyouma: Um.
Hyouma: Well...

Hyouma: ...Just how many years do you think we've known each other, geez.
Hyouma: I mean... it should be obvious, right?!


San: I was bored to tears...
(San): This needs to be more interesting...

Hyouma: ACK!!
Hyouma: H...hold on!! You've got it all wrong!!

(bottom): That's all, folks!


(above ninja): UWAAAAH!!
San: Oniisan...
(on CD): First Date


(top): The instantaneous clothing change technique

Haru: Utsuki-chan really is the fastest at the substitution and clothing-change techniques.
(Yayoi sfx): Feh.
Haru: One strike of Mubyoushi is faster from start to finish, though...

Utsuki: Um... it's just stripping off everything in the air...
Utsuki: and putting everything on while landing, though...

Utsuki: There's no telling what might happen in public, so this is enough of a substitution technique.
(right of Haru): Oooh.

(Haru): Sorry, Utsuki-chan... and all you readers out there.
(Haru): I was able to see everything clearly just now.


(top): Though he may not look it, he's serious.

Haru: I wonder what's going on, for Mutsuki-san to be wearing a suit...
Utsuki: Apparently, he's going to go confess to someone.

Haru: WHAAA?!
Utsuki: It seems a woman caught his eye during the master dispute... so he's going over to tell her his feelings.

(above Haru): Good luuuck!!

Mutsuki: Please cure my hemorrhoids for life!
(right of bubble): Hm...
Jun: This is an internal medicine clinic, you know.


(top): Faced with this man among men, no woman can remain dry...

Sano: You always seem so lonely.

(Sano): If you'd be alright with me, why don't we help each other out?

(Shizu): Is...
(Shizu): he a monster?!


(top): The things we do for love...

Yayoi: Hey!! You blasted waiter!!

Yayoi: What's the meaning of this?!
Man: P...p-please accept my most humble apologies!!

Man: Your meal will be on the house, so please allow us to bring you a replacement!!
Yayoi: You think I'll forgive you with that?
Man: We... we are truly very sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Yayoi: It has already passed on, so there's nothing more we can do for it...
Yayoi: I will take responsibility and eat it.


(top): The things we do for love......

(Naga): Utsuki may have feelings for someone else, but my heart won't change...
(Naga): Even if something were to happen between her and Haruhiko...

(Naga): For now, the fact that I can be by her side
(Naga): is enough for me...
(small text): For now, anyway...

Utsuki: Please wait, Haruhiko-sama!
Utsuki: I'll test it for poison first...

sfx bubble: Mm.

sfx bubble: Mn
sfx bubble: Nn...

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah

Utsuki: It's safe to eat, Haruhiko-sama!
(sfx): Phew...
(Naga): Wait wait waaaaait, hold on a second!!!


(top): The taste of a home-cooked meal

Haru: You're making dinner today, mom?
Touko: It's been a while since I last stretched my cooking muscles and gave you all a feast!

Family: Let's eat!!

Haru: Woah, this is good!
(sfx): Flap flap flap
Touko: There's plenty more where that came from~


(top): Father-daughter ties

(Otoha): I can't recall anything about it, but one thing I know for sure...
(Otoha): Since that day, dad changed.


Otopapa: Where have you been wandering around all this time, leaving me heeeere?!
Otoha: My oh my.


(top): A persistent man

Hiromu: I won't give up, no matter what!!
Hiromu: Utsuki!!

Hiromu: Utsuki!

Hiromu: Let's get...

Hiromu: U...

Hiromu: Utsuki! Marry me!
Utsubot: Yes!
(sfx): Vrr vrrr
(Shizu): He's escaped from reality...


Otoha: My, my.
Otoha: Those arrangements are outside my area.
Otoha: It's unfortunate, but couldn't you consult with someone else?

Otoha: Ah,
Otoha: Actually, hold on.

Otoha: Your face... has the look of someone who might die any moment, so
Otoha: I shall introduce you to a certain personage.
Otoha: He is a 3rd year in high school... a boy who wears a band-aid across his nose.

Otoha: Though he may look unreliable,
Otoha: he will surely give you aid.

Kusu: W...who're you?
(small text): What business do you have in this school?
Kusu: A boy with a band-aid on his nose?!
Kusu: Oh... another one, huh.


Kusu: Hm? What?
Kusu: "Is it really okay to trust a suspicious person like me?" was your question, right?

(left of Kusu): Hmm.

Kusu: It's not a matter of trust or suspicion...
Kusu: Lying doesn't work on him.

Kusu: I don't really know what it is about him, but... that much, I can say for certain.
Kusu: Shiina-kun!
(sfx): Rattle

Kusu: You have a visitor.


Haru: Erm... just give me a second. I've got a bit more to finish up...
(above Haru): Umm...
Kusu: Take these documents too while you're at it, vice-general chairman!

Haru: Oh, this really is hard to swallow, huh?
Haru: Sorry. I may look unreliable, but go ahead.
(small text): Well... that might actually be the case...

Haru: If you don't have a problem with someone like me, I'll listen to what you have to say.


Haru: I am the master of Tsuki no Sato,
Haru: Shiina Haruhiko.
(bottom): "Shiinake no Hitobito" FIN

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