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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Catcher(S) 17

That is thoroughly bitter...

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 8, 2014 21:46 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: The sand... in Fukikoshi-senpai's heart... is falling... at this rate, that flower will...!
(right): Kasumin's heart...!!

(Mizuki): "When she'll soon be unable to play the flute..."
Box: Don't tell me that

Box: when that flower wilts, Fukikoshi-senpai
Box: will become unable to play the flute?!
(bottom): Opus 17: That is thoroughly bitter...

(below panel): Shinkai Hideo

Box: What's going on...?
Box: What did... this girl sense...?!

Kamine: U...um...
Kamine: Little sister...


Kamine: Have you sensed something... in Fukikoshi-senpai's sound...?
Kamine: Like "it's steadily getting worse"... for example?

Mizuki: ...You...
(sfx): Lick

Boy: You're saying strange things, too! Are you the same as Mizuki?!
Boy: How interesting!

Box: He just jumped right into the conversation...
あれ こっちが食い付いたぞ...
Boy: I am Kyokuyama Christopher Harumi! I'm a 2nd year! And half-Japanese! I returned from studying abroad recently!!

Mizuki: Kyochris-senpai, you're annoying.
Chris: That nickname is tasteless!! Just be normal and say Chris!!


Chris: It's troubling how many tasteless abbreviations Japan has!
Chris: Our school's name should be shortened to "Soni High", rather than the SGH we use...

Kamine: Soni High is really strong, huh, Kyochris-senpai?
Chris: You've already adopted it?!
(small text): Well, whatever.

Chris: We received a silver in this year's Western Kanto Competition, but
Chris: we went to the nationals the year before.
Chris: Well, concert band is a battle! Results are everything!

Kamine: A battle?
Chris: Our band's participation in competitions and contests is only a race to the prize.

Chris: A "concert" is simply a regular annual event.
Chris: Moreover, the result of good ticket sales is their "influence"!
Chris: Through such an easy to understand result, motivation, ambition and technical skill all improve!!


Mizuki: There are people who say that way of doing things isn't "music" or "art" anymore, but
Mizuki: if you ask me, they're completely missing the point.
Mizuki: I mean, we, who are all about results, and the audience, both get a good time out of it.

Box: ...It's different from the standard image of "the arts", but
Box: surely,
Box: if it makes people happy, then... it isn't wrong.

Mizuki: Someone like my sister, who runs away at the drop of a hat wouldn't understand that, though.

Box: ...Why is she... badmouthing Fukikoshi-senpai so much...?
Box: ...But this isn't mere hostility...


Kamine: Are you possibly... trying to instigate her?
Kamine: It seems like... you want to get your sister to act the same way.

Mizuki: So the rumors of that unusual conducting at Tenrai were true.
Mizuki: What a strange guy... I'm not doing that at all.

Mizuki: Seeing as oneechan isn't likely to say it... allow me to teach you
Mizuki: just how horrible a person she really is...!!

(Mizuki): About oneechan, who started playing the flute in 4th grade...


(Mizuki): The sound of her flute
(Mizuki): was more beautiful than anyone else's.

(Mizuki): Her talent was recognized by a teacher who had taught countless professionals,
(Mizuki): and every day, they had strict lessons long into the night.

right label: Mizuki
left label: Kasumi
(Mizuki): She took 1st place in every solo contest she entered.
(Mizuki): I even picked up the flute out of admiration for her.

(Mizuki): Oneechan was always leagues ahead of me.

???: Kasumi, please become a professional player.
???: You can become even more skilled.
???: Please go out into the world.

???: Your big sister is amazing.
???: You should become just like her.
???: She would play much better,
???: if she were at your level.

(Mizuki): I felt frustrated, but, beyond that, I was... proud of her.


(Mizuki): It happened when I entered middle school...
Teacher: You're aiming to be a professional flutist too, aren't you, Mizuki...?
Mizuki: ...Yes!

Teacher: I'm saying this for your own good.
Teacher: You should give up playing the flute.

Teacher: Even if you were to become a professional, "sisters" who play the same instrument will inevitably be compared to each other.
Teacher: Kasumi is... extraordinary, so...
Mizuki: But...! Please... don't say that...

Mizuki: I... don't want to give up the flute...!

Teacher: There's just no helping it, then... well, if you're able to... place higher than your sister in the next solo contest, I'll reconsider it...


(on sign, partially cut-off): 28th Solo Music Competition

(Mizuki): All the hours of practice I've put in...
(Mizuki): This is where it all comes out!!
(Mizuki): At the very least, I won't lose to the other kids!!

(Mizuki): All that's left is oneechan.
(Mizuki): I wonder just how good I've gotten...
(Mizuki): I'm scared, but... excited, too.

Mizuki: Good luck, oneechan!
Mizuki: We're competing for real!
Mizuki: Let me hear the performance of a lifetime, okay!


(sfx): Smile
Kasumi: Sure.

Mizuki: No...
Mizuki: No way...
Mizuki: Oneechan


(Mizuki): is playing
(Mizuki): so shoddily.

Mizuki: No way...
Mizuki: No way!!
Mizuki: This isn't her sound at all!!
Mizuki: Why...!!

(Mizuki): Could she... have heard that conversation...?
(Mizuki): This is... to let me win...?!

(Mizuki): What the... does she think I'd be happy with this...?!
(Mizuki): I've really worked hard to beat her in a serious competition, y'know?!
(Mizuki): Does she think I'd end up losing if she went all-out?! Is she making fun of me or something?!!

Mizuki: Urg... what is this...
Mizuki: What is this sensation?! It's bitter...!!


Mizuki: Oneechan's sound has a "bitter"...
Mizuki: taste... to it?!

(Mizuki): What happened to... the sister I admired,
(right trophy):
1st place
Fukikoshi Mizuki
(left trophy):
3rd place
Fukikoshi Kasumi
(Mizuki): who I held so much pride in...!!!

Teacher: You've steadily grown better since placing higher than your sister... you've certainly surpassed her, Mizuki.


Mizuki: Oneechan merely ran away, sensei.
Mizuki: Instead of competing with me.

Mizuki: I realized something that day, so
Mizuki: I'm grateful, but...

Mizuki: I hate the likes of my sister, whose sound only grows
Mizuki: more and more bitter.

Mizuki: I've gotta get back to the women's dorm. See you around, Kamine-kun... oneechan.


Kasumi: ...How... did things end up this way...
Kasumi: Mizuki having to give up the flute if she couldn't beat me...
Kasumi: It's strange, isn't it?

Kasumi: Losing and winning... both scare me...
Kasumi: When I win, someone else loses and suffers...
Kasumi: I'd be happy if everyone could have fun, regardless of winning or losing... that's the sort of music I want to play.

Kasumi: Kamine-kun,
Kasumi: is that... really such a bad thing?


Box: They aren't wrong...
Box: I mean, even now, the older sister is trying to enjoy music... and the younger is growing stronger through competitions. Both of them continue to play the flute.
(sign): Music Storage Room
???: Thanks, good work today.

Boy: Huh? Where're you going, Kamine?
Kamine: Out for a bit...
Box: ...What will come... of my getting involved in this...?!
Box: Neither of them is wrong... neither of them is to blame...

Box: And yet, why is the sand... in Fukikoshi-senpai's heart
Box: steadily falling without any sign of stopping...?!!

Box: Is she really going to become unable to play?!
Box: That's... kinda depressing...
Box: But...
Box: What can... what should I do...?!


Kamine: I ended up...

(on sign): Tenrai Symphony Hall
Kamine: coming here, huh...

Kamine: The place where I...
Kamine: will conduct...!


(above bulletin board): Upcoming Events

Box: We're... running out of time...

Box: I want to conduct here... and win against Ichou...
Box: Can I...

Box: really pull it off...?
(on sign): Do not feed the pigeons


Box: Hold on, is that old man seriously feeding the pigeons anyway?
sign: Do not feed the pigeons
Box: He's gonna get in trouble...

Box: Huh...? He...
Box: doesn't have any food with him.

???: Graaaandpa,
???: Where are you?!

???: Oh, there you are. You can't just go disappearing like that!


Ichou: Kamine
Ichou: Shouta?

Kamine: Ichou?!

Gramps: Do you know him, Eiichi?
Ichou: I do, Grandpa!


Ichou: This is the guy I was talking about before, Kamine Shouta!
Box: Ichou's... grandpa?!

Box: Could it be... that he was
Box: directing the pigeons...? Nah, that's impossible, right?!

Gramps: Fua fua fua~
Gramps: I see, so it's this boy, huh...
Box: But this old ma... this person

Box: is the world-renowned conductor,
Gramps: I've heard about you from my grandson.
(left): The legend appears!!
Box: Ichou Gouken!!!

(bottom): Next time, what will this "world-renowned conductor" say to the "aspiring conductor"?!

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Posted on Mar 9, 2014
thank you, lynxian!!!!!!

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