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Soul Catcher(S) 18

The world of the world-renowned Ichou

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 8, 2014 21:47 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.



Box: I've got no idea just how amazing the "world-renowned conductor" is, but
(right): A sudden encounter...
Box: there's no way he'd be hanging out in a place like this.

Box: ...This old man
Ichou: Graaandpa!!

Ichou: I keep telling you that you can't just up and vanish without a word like that!!
Ichou: You're causing trouble for the staff, you know!!
Box: has really pissed off his grandson!!
(sfx): Eep!

Ichou: C'mon, it's time to go!
Gouken: Wait! Hold on.. Eiichi!

Gouken: Just give me a second!
Gouken: Hey, lad.


Gouken: You look like something's weighing on you heavily.
Gouken: What's troubling you?
Opus 18: The world of the world-renowned Ichou
Shinkai Hideo

Kamine: Um... could
Kamine: I ask you something?


Kamine: If you have someone trying to enjoy playing music,
Kamine: and someone trying to make music that's greater than anyone else's,
Kamine: which... is the right mindset?

Kamine: I don't know... and because of that,
Kamine: my concert band senpai's heart might end up withering.

Kamine: What do you
Kamine: think I should do?


Gouken: Beats me.

Gouken: Your troubles are more of a pain than I expected.
Gouken: If you're a high schooler, love troubles should be the only option, y'know!

Gouken: Right, then! How about I tell you a racy story that actually happened during one of my European tours.
Ichou: Grandpa!
Gouken: This one got Eiichi all excited, too.
Ichou: GRAMPS!!

Gouken: Sheesh.
Gouken: You youngins sure can't take a joke.

Gouken: Saying someone's heart is going to wither is an interesting way of putting it.
Gouken: It's as if you truly see it that way.

Gouken: What do you see when you look at me?


Box: ...I don't
Gouken: Why are you so surprised?
(small text): Fua fua fua.
Box: understand this old man at all.

Box: Right as I'm wondering whether he's just fooling around or not, he suddenly cuts straight to the point.
Box: With a shape and size that are both inexpressible, and an overall image I can't quite grasp,
Box: his heart is unfathomable.

Gouken: You've
Gouken: got some time to kill, right?

(sign top): Today's Event
(sign body): A performance by Ichou Gouken, coming off his successful tour abroad, and the SHK Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Box: Ah...!


Gouken: Give it a listen
Gouken: from the box seats.

Ichou: We would disrupt the people backstage, so we'll watch quietly from the wings.

Ichou: It's starting...


Box: Th...this is the conducting of the "world-renowned Ichou"!!

Box: It's nothing like I imagined.
Box: I thought he'd take control of every detail himself, but

Box: first he seems to wave the baton candidly,

Box: then his movements suddenly become strict and forceful.

Box: And after all that, he stops waving the baton entirely and even listens like a spectator...

Box: He's just doing whatever he wants...!!
Box: And yet...!!


Box: Even though he's so chaotic,
Box: it sounds wonderful.

Box: A single unwavering world.

Box: The world of
Box: Ichou Gouken...


(Ichou): Grandpa truly is incredible!
(Ichou): I can see the colors of the rainbow!

(Ichou): I wouldn't have thought to interpret the piece like that!
(Ichou): I can feel my horizons expanding.

(Ichou): Oh, but
(Ichou): if I were conducting, I'd do that part there

(Ichou): like this!


People: Eiichi... is truly intriguing.
People: For him to have his own interpretation of the piece at that age...
People: And he still maintains a sense of respect for the composer, too.
People: As expected of Ichou's grandson!

(Gouken): Eiichi... you've sure come up with an interesting style.

(Ichou): Ooh! We've hit that part!
(Ichou): I'd do it like this!

(Ichou): We're on the same wavelength here!
(Ichou): Then, next is...

Ichou: Eh...?


(Ichou): What was that?!
(Ichou): What just happened?!

(Ichou): ...Kamine Shouta... is he... conducting...?
(Ichou): It's nothing like grandpa's or mine, though...

(Ichou): You're interpreting it yourself...?!
(Ichou): You, who couldn't even read sheet music... just a little while ago?!

(Ichou): He's progressing!!!
(Ichou): At an extraordinary rate!! And in such a short time!!


(Ichou): ...Interesting.
(Ichou): You are truly an interesting one!! Kamine Shouta!!

(Ichou): I want... to conduct against him seriously all the more...!

(Ichou): What do you think of this,
(Ichou): Kamine Shouta!!


People: Woah!
People: Eiichi is putting real power into his movements!
People: It's as if he's the actual conductor, standing on the conductor's platform!

People: Who's the boy with the brown hair...?
People: He's rather unskilled... he must have just learned to conduct.
People: Those are the movements of someone who doesn't even know the composer's background...

(People): ...But

(Gouken): However...

(Ichou): And yet...


(People): they are oddly
(People): captivating.
(small white sfx): Clap clap clap


Kamine: Thank you very much,
Kamine: letting me listen for free...
Gouken: It's no problem at all.
Gouken: By the way, lad.

Gouken: Did you come up with an answer... for what's troubling you?

Gouken: Conductors and others alike occasionally speak selfishly.
Ichou: You go way beyond "occasionally", grandpa.

Gouken: So, "conductor" Kamine Shouta.

Gouken: I shall ask as a fellow conductor.
Gouken: What do you want to do?

Kamine: I...
Kamine: I really...


Gouken: That was a good look he had when he left.
Gouken: Better not get careless, Eiichi.

Ichou: Yeah...
Ichou: But I'm the one who will win.

Ichou: Look forward to the real battle,
Ichou: grandpa.

Box: Sonitus Academy High School

Mizuki: ...What reason could you have for coming here so suddenly?
Mizuki: Care to explain?


Kasumi: Kamine-kun.
Mizuki: And you even brought my sister along with you.

(Kamine): I...
(Kamine): I really don't want...

Kamine: This is a
Kamine: declaration of war.

(Kamine): my band members to give up music.
(Kamine): It might be selfish of me, but


(Kamine): I want
(Kamine): to lead them.

Kamine: We of Meien High School will win against Soni High.
Kamine: Also...

(Kamine): Because...
(Kamine): I am

(Kamine): a conductor!!!

Kamine: I will direct Fukikoshi-senpai,
Kamine: and she will definitely beat you, Fukikoshi Mizuki!!!
(left): He can't and won't retreat!!!
(bottom): The "aspiring conductor's" challenge commences!! Next time, the curtain finally opens on the Tenrai Wind Fest!!

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2014
thank you!!!

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