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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soul Catcher(S) 19

Memories of Tomorrow

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 9, 2014 19:53 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

All page numbers are from the tankobon, to make things easier.



Mizuki: Beat me? Can oneechan even do that?
Box: Both of them are right. I can't deny either of their viewpoints, so
Box: I'll... do as I see fit.
Kasumi: Kamine-kun... I'm not cut out for something like that...

(Gouken): "What do you want to do, 'conductor' Kamine Shouta?"
Box: But...
Box: To prevent Fukikoshi-senpai from becoming unable to play her instrument,

Box: I'll go with this method, as it's how I want
Box: to handle the matter.

Kamine: I might be speaking out of turn, but...
(on paper):
Voting Results
Kamine: I think that... Fukikoshi-senpai doesn't get involved when it's


Kamine: a matter of winning or losing...
Kamine: because to her, that's the easiest option.
(bottom): Opus 19: Memories of tomorrow

Kasumi: Th...that's not true...
Kasumi: I told you... that I want to enjoy playing...
Kamine: ...Do

Kamine: you still truly
sfx bubble: Rattle rattle
Kamine: enjoy playing?
Kasumi: Eh?

Kamine: Not that long ago... I thought it best not to get involved with anyone... but
Kamine: I was just taking the easy way out.
Kamine: I would probably have never realized it if I hadn't met Tokisaka and started playing music.


Kamine: I chose the "easy way", but I didn't "enjoy" it in the slightest.
Kamine: Rather, it sapped all the enjoyment from everything...

Kamine: All my old methods are out the window,
Kamine: and I can say straight-out

Kamine: that things are far more enjoyable now
Kamine: than they were until yesterday!!

Kasumi: I...
Kasumi: I'm...

Mizuki: You really are weird, coming here to say such a thing
Mizuki: right before a performance.


Mizuki: Well, whatever oneechan says,
Mizuki: we're going into this with all we've got, to win.

Mizuki: I'll be waiting... oneechan.

Kamine: Fukikoshi-senpai!
Kamine: Why don't you, Tokisaka and I have a session together!
Kasumi: Whaa?!

Toki: Kamine, you play the piano instead of conducting.
Kamine: I'm still practicing playing "Twinkle, Twinkle" with one hand, so that's kinda beyond my skill level...
Toki: It's fine, we'll do an arrangement of it.
いいだろ 僕らがアレンジするよ
Kamine: Seriously?! Count me in!

(Kasumi): These two

(Kasumi): really...


Toki: Don't mess up, now!
(sfx): Ahahahahaha
Kamine: Shut up!
(Kasumi): seem like
(Kasumi): they're having a lot of fun.

(Kasumi): Since that day...
(Kasumi): Have I really been able to enjoy music...?

Kamine: Let's go once more from the top, please!!
(left): Tokisaka, let's really have some fun with this

(Toki sfx): Nod

(Kasumi): Am I...


???: They opened up the service entrance by the track. Bring it over there.

Souma: Time sure flies... it's already time for the real thing.
Toki: It really does.
Utebi: There we go.

Oura: Hm? Aren't we missing Kamine?
Karin: I bet he's shaking in his boots.

Karin: See? That person shaking up a storm over there is...

Kasumi: Ah, it's so cold, isn't it? I don't handle winter well~
Karin: Kasumin!!
(small text): You're shivering way too much.

???: There he is! And Kodama-sensei's with him!

Kodama: Sorry, this only arrived a little while ago... well, shall we go in?


Utebi: You nervous, Kamine?
Utebi: Just think of today as a "rehearsal."

Souma: That's right. Just conduct
Souma: the way you always do.

Otowa: Let's stir up some trouble.

Karin: Make sure you do it right, okay!

Miki: I'm going to
Miki: follow your directions to the letter!

Oura: That... looks good on you.

Toki: Kamine.

Toki: This is
Toki: our debut battle!!

Kamine: ...Yeah.


Kamine: Let's go.

Kodama: The "Tenrai Wind Festival" is broken up into three portions,
Kodama: and, in each, four schools take turns performing one song apiece.
Kodama: Normally, that would be inconceivable, but
Kodama: this facility's "double stage" system makes it possible.

(right): Tokisaka Hibiki's {this is a double stage!!} info corner
(the { } part is what's in the bubble, for reference)
In a standard concert, it takes time to transport the percussion instruments and set up the performers, but...
The Tenrai Symphony Hall has 2 stages in place, so while the next group to perform is getting ready on one stage, another group can already be performing on the second. As a result, the audience isn't kept waiting.
(above Tokisaka): It's just like the FNS Music Festival!
Wings | {Take} {Soni} Stage A | 1st floor seats | 2nd floor seats | 3rd floor seats
{Ten} {Meien} Stage B

Kodama: The piece Kamine is conducting, "Kobiki-uta",
Kodama: is the 2nd performance of the second portion.
2nd Portion
Selections from The Nutcracker Suite
Kobiki-uta for concert band
Carmina Burana
Shinato no jakuso


Toki: Takekaze is performing now... are you sure about not going to listen to them?
Kamine: So our first number's finished, huh.

Kamine: This is the first time I'll be standing in front of people, so
Kamine: it's kinda got me scared out of my mind...

Toki: It's customary to play a free piece which was performed in that year's competition for the first portion of the festival.
Toki: It's a sendoff of sorts, where the 1st and 2nd years, who will form the "main body" of the band next year after the 3rd years have retired, show just how much they can do on their own.
Box: In concert band competitions, a total of two songs are performed. The band selects a "required piece" from a predetermined list of 4-5 songs, as well as a "free piece" they want to play!
Toki: However, the second and third portions feature songs which were chosen with the audience in mind.

Toki: In other words, the real Tenrai Wind Festival starts with the second portion.
Toki: From here on out, the audience and performers will have an enthusiasm boost!!


Toki: And you've been entrusted with conducting that second portion!
Toki: That's really impressive!!
Toki: You, who are making your debut as a beginner,

Toki: will direct us.
Toki: You can definitely pull it off.

Kamine: Yeah!

???: Well, then,
???: let's head back in.


Announcer: The first performance of the second portion is by Sonitus Academy High School...
Announcer: The song is...
???: It's almost time...!

Toki: "Dance of the Reed Flutes"!

Kamine: They're...


Kamine: using a song where the flute takes center stage?!
Kamine: Fukikoshi Mizuki...
Kamine: She plans to make a real contest of this...!!

Crowd: The flute sounds beautiful!
Crowd: This is the song from that SoftBank commercial, isn't it?
Crowd: Fukikoshi Mizuki is truly talented!
Crowd: She's been famous since middle school, y'know.

(Mizuki): I had to be unreasonable to our faculty advisor
(Mizuki): so I could give your ears a real taste of my true ability...!

Toki: ...A standing ovation...!!
Toki: That's the greatest praise you can get...!


Box: ...It's finally
Box: my turn...!!
Kodama: Kamine.

Kodama: "Bow when you're introduced" and "only start conducting once the applause has stopped." Don't forget.
Kamine: ...Right.

Kodama: As for the rest,
Kodama: do as you see fit.

Kamine: I will!


Crowd: It's a student...
Crowd: Where's their faculty advisor?
Announcer: The second performance is by Meien High School...
Crowd: Who is he?
Crowd: Can he actually conduct?

Box: Dammit... thousands of unfamiliar hearts... are focused on me...
Box: I'm... going to lose my mind...!!


Box: Dammit... I wanna get out of here...!!

Box: ...But
Box: I am a conductor.

Box: I will guide the music... to reach
Box: even this audience's hearts!!


Box: In this piece, Fukikoshi-senpai can take center stage with

Box: the piccolo solo from the 2nd movement "Bon Dance" and the flute solo from the 3rd movement "Morning Song."
Box: I'll put a lot of energy into those parts.

Box: Everything else...
Tenor sax, sing out
with all you've got
Box: Depends on you...!!


(Kasumi): I kept... thinking yesterday,
(Kasumi): and couldn't sleep a wink.

(Kasumi): Even though all I wanted was to enjoy playing music...
(Kasumi): How... did such a horrible thing end up happening?

(Kasumi): No... in truth, I know exactly how.

(Kasumi): If I had only not cared about winning or losing from the start, I wouldn't be repeating the mistake I made back then.
(Kasumi): I'd thought that was the only way I could make it up to Mizuki.
(Kasumi): By doing so, I turned my back on a lot of things.

(Kasumi): But, strangely enough, what Kamine-kun said made me realize

(Kasumi): that my enjoyment has probably
(Kasumi): diminished little by little since that day...


(Kasumi): What should I do,
(Kasumi): Kamine-kun?

(Mizuki): I'll be waiting... oneechan.

(Kasumi): I see... it's okay this way, right?


(Kasumi sfx): Turn

Mizuki: Onee...
Mizuki: chan?

(conducting rainbow): Say goodbye

Kasumi: Goodbye.

Mizuki: Eh?!



Birthday: March 9th
Height: Same as Moko
Main instrument: Flute
Favorite food: Mille crepe
Favorite music: Classical, J-POP

She's a BACCHIRI-BEAR fan.

(note: Bacchiri-bear is a clothing/accessory brand that appears in the mangaka’s previous work LIGHTWING.)

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#1. by duenneud ()
Posted on May 10, 2014
thank you very much, lynxian!!!

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