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Soul Catcher(S) 20

Goddess of the Storm

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 9, 2014 19:54 | Go to Soul Catcher(S)

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Translation reserved for iMangascans.

If you translate this into another language, PLEASE credit me (lynxian) as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

All page numbers are from the tankobon, to make things easier.



(Kasumi): I don't need to think about... winning or losing.
(Kasumi): All I want is the same sort of enjoyment that Kamine-kun and Tokisaka-kun showed me that day.

(Kasumi): I've taken the "easy" way out and turned away from reality, from Mizuki, and from what I "enjoy."

(Kasumi): To my

(Kasumi): old self,

(Kasumi): I say... goodbye!!


(right): Opus 20: Goddess of the Storm
(song reference: Arashi no Megami by Utada Hikaru)


Crowd: Who is that on the piccolo?!
Crowd: Fukikoshi Mizuki's older sister...?! I didn't know she had one...!!

Crowd: I know about the younger sister, but...
Crowd: I'd heard that she had already surpassed her older sister in middle school?!!

(Kasumi): Mizuki... I'm going to be a bit selfish here...!
(Kasumi): I also... want to enjoy the present!


Mizuki: ...This... taste...
Mizuki: O...

Mizuki: Oneechan...!!!

(Mizuki): She's... finally back... the sister I admired
(Mizuki): and strove to be like, whose sound until that day was more beautiful than anyone else's...!!


(Mizuki): ...Rather, there are even more flavors to her playing!!
(Mizuki): Sweet, spicy, and sour... there's even a bitterness which accents the taste...!!

(Mizuki): Amazing...
(Mizuki): What did you do for my sister...?

Box: Even if you hate competing... everyone has something they put their all into.
Box: Something they'll fight for.
Box: Fukikoshi-senpai realized... that she needs to fight "to keep enjoying herself."
Box: That's all... that Tokisaka and I conveyed to her.


Box: A beautiful, fleeting flower

Box: has changed into a beautiful, strong goddess!!

(Miki): She did an incredible job... on that final solo...!

(audience, black sfx): Silence

Kamine: ...Wh...
Kamine: Huh...?
Kamine: Was it...
Kamine: not... good enough?


Ichou: Not at all.

Ichou: Bravo.

Crowd: Wow!!
Crowd: Well done!!
Crowd: That was so moving!!

(Gouken): "A first-rate performance brings the audience to their feet."

(Gouken): But "the best performances
(Gouken): first stun people into silence."

Ichou: So this is your stage debut...


(Ichou): You truly are interesting beyond measure,
(Ichou): Kamine Shouta!!

Mizuki: Oneechan!!

Mizuki: Oneechan!!
Kasumi: Yeah.
Mizuki: Oneechan!!
(sfx): Pat pat
Kasumi: It's alright.

Box: The 3rd performance is Takekaze's...
Box: ...It's starting.


Box: Ichou's conducting!


Crowd: "Carmina Burana"!!
Crowd: That song's famous!
Crowd: It's played on the variety show "Hoko x Tate", isn't it?

Box: What magnificence.
Box: The ambiance of the piece, coupled with
Box: an overwhelming sound pressure
Box: that you'd never think is coming from a mere 30 people...!!

Crowd: Is he really only 16?!
Crowd: How did he get that good?
Crowd: My goosebumps are getting goosebumps...!!

Box: This transcends making the audience feel moved or stunning them into silence.
Box: It's... a sense of dread toward something which has far surpassed yourself.


Box: What's in front of me is so awe-inspiring
Box: that I can't help but respect him...!!!

Box: So there's still
Box: this much of a difference between us!!!
Box: Am I

(Kamine, fading text): going to lose...?

Girl: Hey, this is bad, isn't it?
Girl: It was kept secret until the day of, so we ended up...


Girl: overlapping like this.

Kamine: Um... what are you talking about?
Girl: You haven't seen it yet, Kamine?

Girl: The thing is...
(sfx): Thud

Mizuki: O-
Mizuki: Oneechan?!!


Kamine: Fukikoshi-senpai?!!

Kodama: What a high fever...!!
Kodama: To think she stood on stage in this condition...!!

Karin: She was hiding...
Kasumi: Ah, it's so cold, isn't it? I don't handle winter well~
Karin: You're shivering way too much, Kasumin.
Karin: the fact that she'd caught a cold...

Kodama: Mizuki-san, are your parents here?
Mizuki: No, they had to work...
Kodama: Tamaru-sensei, where is the closest hospital...?
Tamaru: It's about 10 minutes from here by car.

Kodama: Everyone from Meien, listen up.


Kodama: I need to take Fukikoshi to the hospital.
Kodama: I expect I will also have to wait there with her.

Kodama: I won't be able
Kodama: to conduct our third song.

Band: No way...
Band: What are we supposed to do?!

Tamaru: These are unforeseen circumstances.
Tamaru: We can extend the intermission between your 2nd and 3rd portions... and I could conduct for you, if you'd like?
Kodama: No... I don't wish to trouble you.

Kodama: Our third song is "El Cumbanchero."
Kodama: This is a tough decision...!!


Kodama: You can conduct it, can't you.
Kodama: Kamine!!!

Kasumi: Do it... Kamine-kun.

Kasumi: I know... that you always studied hard in the back of the room
Kasumi: during our rehearsals of "El Cumbanchero"...


Kasumi: I have to leave for a bit, but

Kasumi: I'll be with you all in spirit!
(sfx): Smile

Kamine: Please allow me
Kamine: to conduct it!!!

(students' sfx): Chatter chatter

Otowa: Good timing.
(sfx): Grin
Otowa: I've got some very bad news, Kamine.


Otowa: You've been so focused on "Kobiki-uta" that you haven't taken a good look at the program, right?
Otowa: Even if this sort of thing happens, it can't be changed... that's why I love the Tenrai Wind Festival.

Otowa: Our third song, "El Cumbanchero",
3rd Portion
Sonitus Academy High School | Jupiter from "The Planets" Suite | G. Holst
Meien High School | El Cumbanchero | R. Hernández
Takekaze High School | El Cumbanchero | R. Hernández
Tenrai High School | Disney medley
Otowa: is also being performed... by Ichou Eiichi's Takekaze High School.



Birthday: April 14th
Height: A little taller than Karin
Main instrument: Flute
Sub instrument: Piccolo
Favorite food: Tarts
Favorite music: Rock, pop

When she was a kid, she played the folk song Yagi-bushi on a shinobue (Japanese transverse flute) at a festival.

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