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Haikyuu!! 164

Just 1 Point

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 6, 2015 12:48 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Shou/Yama: UOOOOOHHH!!!

right: "That moment"...!!!
The first portion of compilation movie highlights is out, and people love'em!!!
Chapter 164: Just 1 Point
Furudate Haruichi


white sfx: Tweeeet
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Box: End of the 2nd set
Box: 29 (Shiratorizawa) - 31 (Karasuno)
Boy: Holy crap, they actually took back the set...



Tanaka: Tsukishima! Izzat really you in there?! So you're seriously serious about this now, huh!
Tsuki: Oww!!
(Tobio): Tsukishima really isn't someone to take lightly after all...

Asahi sfx: UOOOH!
Daichi: Wait! Tsukishima'll collapse if we join in!!

Ushi: Sorry.
Reon: It's okay, there's always next time!


Suga: Sorry for saying that we can still give Ushiwaka a run for his money, even if we can't stop him.
Yama: Bwuh?

Suga: I mean, you had this complicated look on your face when I said it.
Yama: Geh?!

Yama: Nah, I thought that Tsukki was putting in plenty of effort, too.

Yama: But, see, despite how he looks, Tsukki hates to lose, so
Yama: I just figured that he was bound to try doing something about it.

white sfx: Tweeet
Box: Court change


Saeko: That's some crazy waterworks right there!!
Saeko: You're sure happy about your little bro's block, huh!

Aki: Kei is finally acting like he's a real part of the team...!
Saeko: So that's it!!

Saeko: That Kei's one amazing guy.
Saeko: He knocked Ushiwaka's spike right to the floor!

Aki: ...You know,
white sfx: Honk
Aki: Shiratorizawa's toss was probably a bit off-kilter just now.

Shimada: Huh. You think so?
Aki: It's only a hunch, but yeah.

Saeko: Eh?
Saeko: Then...


Takeda: Then,
Takeda: it was due to a mistake on our opponent's part?

Ukai: I wouldn't go so far as to call it a mistake.
Ukai: But, well, that wasn't the only factor...

Ukai: ...When the other team persistently manages to get one-touches off your attacks, preventing you from scoring,
Ukai: who do you think feels the greatest buildup of stress and pressure?

Ukai: It's the setter.

Ukai: So, it's only natural that a setter would want to shake off the blockers through his own power.
Takeda: Tsukishima-kun was what caused that disruption in the toss...?!


Ukai: See,
Ukai: our goal was to weaken Ushiwaka's attack power as best we could,
Voice: One touch!
Ukai: thus enabling us to get enough points in the 2nd set.

Ukai: But from the very start,

Ukai: Tsukishima was the only one who had no intention of remaining satisfied with that.

Asahi: That was a nice block, Tsukishima!!


Tsuki: They've likely faced blockers of my level before.
Tsuki: Still, I figured that things like Nishinoya-san's receives and the oddball combo's attacks, which completely bypassed the opponents' blocks,
Tsuki: had put considerable pressure on the other team's setter.

Asahi: You were thinking all of that?
Daichi: Scary.
Daichi: You're scary, Tsukishima.

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

(Tendou): That guy purposefully created what looked like an opening
(Tendou): to make Wakatoshi-kun think he'd make it through,
(Tendou): and then closed it.


Tendou: That damn glasses brat.

Saeko: Pheew...!

Saeko: I'd thought that block was another split-second super play, but
Saeko: it wasn't at all!
Saeko: To think he could have so much stuff on his mind while moving around like that.

Yachi: ...Tsukishima-kun is smart, so he seems like the sort of person who's constantly thinking about things,
Yachi: both in volleyball and life in general.
Aki: He's pretty eccentric, huh. Sorry about that.
Yachi: No, not at all!

(Aki): Well, that's probably largely my fault.
Tsuki: How'd today's practice match go?
Aki: It was no problem!
Aki: I hit a whole ton of spikes!
Tsuki: That's so cool!
Aki: "Even though it was like that in high school, why are you still playing?"
Aki: Isn't that what you want to say?


Yachi: But just now,
Yachi: I got the feeling that Tsukishima-kun was only thinking about stopping that spike.

Yachi: Single-mindedly,
Yachi: as if he were solving a difficult test question.

Aki: ...Yeah.

Voice: Tsukishimaaa!!


Shou: "1 point's as good as 100."
Shou: That was it!!!


Tsuki: Thanks.
around Tsuki: Seeing as you're a middle blocker too, why not give it a try.

Shou: Why yoouuuuu!
Tanaka: Calm down, Hinata!!
Tanaka: He definitely looks like he wants to say "you're a middle blocker too, so try it yourself", but calm down!!

Tsuki: Please don't get so excited over it.


Tsuki: It's just 1 point.

bag label: Shiratorizawa

left: Until 7/9 (Th), attendees to the first portion of compilation movie highlights will get Karasuno-themed gifts! From the 10th (Fri) on, there will also be Nekoma-themed gifts, so be sure to check it out!!


(Tendou): Craaap, we lost the set.
(Tendou): Tanji-kun's even scarier when he's not yelling at us.

Washi: Kenjirou.
white sfx: Gulp

Shirabu: ...Yes.

Washi: From the look on your face, you already know what I'm going to say.


Tendou: You alive, Kenjirou?

Shirabu: If this had been a practice match, I'd feel twice as humiliated.

Tendou: That so??
Tendou: It's not like your toss was bad enough to qualify as a screwup, though.
Tendou: I mean, it happens to the best of us.
Tendou: Plus, that glasses brat's block was pretty good.

Shirabu: This is no mere mistake we're talking about.

large sfx: SMACK!!


Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa


Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Daichi: We have absolutely nothing to lose.

Daichi: This is

Daichi: our best shot.

Tashiro: If a chance comes along,
Tashiro: grab onto it...!!

Daichi: We can do this.
Daichi: Let's go!!


Team: YEAAH!

sfx bubble: Clonk
sfx bubble: Tweet

sfx bubble: Bam
sfx bubble: Woaah!
sfx bubble: Tweet
sfx bubble: Clonk
sfx bubble: Clonk

Voice: The boys' finals aren't over yet?
Voice: I figured they would be by now.

Voice: It was Shiratorizawa versus... who, again?
Voice: Karasuno.
Voice: Ahh!
Voice: The one with that insanely fast attack!

Voice: Y'know,
Voice: I kinda feel like they might be able to pull it off.


Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

Crowd: Nice kill, Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!
Voice: One more!
Voice: One more!

Shirabu: Propriety can just
Shirabu: go screw itself.

left: The fierce battle moves into round 3!!!

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