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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 169

Artificial Wings

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 10, 2015 23:23 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 169

DO NOT USE. Reserved for Casanova Scans.


Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Shou: That's the thing Ennoshita-san did in the Wakunan match!
Ukai: Bingo!

left: A fiery battle in the 4th set!!!

below panel: Haikyuu!!

Ukai: I think it's worth a shot precisely because...

Enno: What?!
Enno: You're scaring me here!


There's a supersized specially-drawn piece included on page 12!! Also, volume 17 is on sale now and a big hit!!

right: Our strength is vital
left: to offense and defense!!

bottom right: "Jump NEXT!!", on sale 8/17, contains a bonus story!! Be sure to check it out!!

Chapter 169: Artificial Wings
Furudate Haruichi


(Ukai): Turn that play into something that isn't a miracle!!!

Asahi: Orya!

Sidelines: YESSS!

Daichi: Last hit's yours,
Daichi: Tanaka!!
Tanaka: Got it!!!


Aki: A high set* from the back... that'll be tough...!

Reon: Back up, back up!

below panel: ※ High set: A toss delivered from the back or another spot that's a distance from the setter's usual position

Tendou: I'm staying riiight here.

Tanaka: The hell?!

Crowd: He blocked itttt!!
Crowd: Satori!!
Crowd: Tendou!
Crowd: Nice kill, Tendou!

Tendou: It's
Tendou: the miracle boy,
Crowd: Tendou!
Crowd: Tendou!
Tendou: Sa
Tendou: to
Tendou: ri!!!


Ukai sfx: Hoo

Saeko: Damn...!
Ukai: That's the sort of defense we're looking for, keep it up!!
Shimada: There was no telling where that spike would go, and yet he still managed to block it!

Reon: That was some nice blocking!

Tendou: With a stance like that, there's no real chance to get a look at the blockers.

Tendou: Also,
Tendou: spikers
Tendou: will often
Tendou: glance toward the spot they're thinking to hit from.

(Reon): And then he aimed for where the spike would be hit, huh...


(Reon): So basically, #5
(Reon): intended to hit along that trajectory regardless of how off-balance he was.
Tanaka (half-hidden): Sorry about that!

Tsuki: That was an impressive block just now.
Tanaka: Yeah, I guess!!

Gramps: That ain't half bad!

Gramps: Being able to pull off such a high-level move so easily, I mean.
(Ukai): That one step is all you need!!!

(Gramps): ...But this opponent wouldn't be called "champions" if that were enough to beat them.


Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: Hit'em hard!!

Box: Ushijima's serve

Asahi: Sorry...!

Crowd: A service ace!!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

Suga: Haaah??
Suga: Just how unreal can you get? Aren't you just a liiiittle too overpowered there, Ushiwaka-kun?

Shimada: We've been struggling so hard to try and get a break point, and yet they have no trouble at all doing the same...

Voice: One more!!


Asahi/Noya: Daichi
Noya: -san!
Daichi: Kh!

(Daichi): I won't let the point gap get any wider!!

Voice: Cover it!


(Tsuki): Target the shorter

(Tsuki): blocker.

Team: YEAAAH!!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

above box: ※ Current rotation
Box (top):
Ushijima | Kawanishi (Yamagata) | Goshiki
Oohira | Tendou | Shirabu
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Hinata | Tanaka | Kageyama
Sawamura | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
Box: Serve

Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Tsukishima's serve

Tsuki: Hold on.
Tsuki: How about you start getting us some points while you're in the front row?


Shou: You bet.
Box: Hinata IN

Suga: Come to think of it, didn't Ushiwaka say something to Hinata between sets?

Yama: "Incapable midgets have no right to exist,"
Yama: apparently.

Suga: Seriously?? Are you sure that's not some paranoid exaggeration?!
Yama: I thought so too, but that seemed to be the gist of it.

Suga: What d'you think Hinata's gonna do, being told something like that?
Narita: Is it really something to laugh about?!
Suga: Well,


Suga: if he were the sort of person who'd really lose heart over a comment like that,
Suga: he wouldn't be here, y'know?

(Tsuki): Ukai-san said to aim for #4 [Reon picture goes here], but
white sfx: Tweet
(Tsuki): I'm pretty bad at aiming my serves.

(Tsuki): Ah...
Box: #4

(Suga): Between them!
(Suga): That's a good spot!


Goshiki: Got it!

Goshiki: Sorry, it's short!
(Tsuki): It left them in disarray, so it turned out alright.

Shirabu: Oohira-san!

Ushi: You can't compete where height's concerned,
Ushi: so what are you doing with such an infantile level of skill?

(Shou): Ahh,
(Shou): dammit.


(Shou): Tall guys
(Shou): make me so jealous!!

(Shou): I'm jealous of them,
(Shou): but!!!


(Ukai): Even though he's
(Ukai): blocking,

(Ukai): it looks just like a spike approach?!!

(Gramps): The approach run is

(Gramps): what gives him wings.


(Shou): I'm jealous of them,
(Shou): but

Shou: That doesn't mean I can't

Shou: fight with height!!!
left: Hinata leaps!!!

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