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Haikyuu!! 172

A Contest of Stamina

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 7, 2015 22:06 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 172

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Crowd: It's a break for Karasuno!!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
top: The 4th set enters its final stages...!!!
Boy: That Karasuno 1st year's got guts!
(bottom right):
Chapter 172: A Contest of Stamina
Furudate Haruichi
bottom left: Kimura Ryohei-san and Oosaka Ryota-san will be voicing Bokuto Koutaro and Akaashi Keiji, respectively, in the anime's second season!!! Plus, SPYAIR will once again be performing the opening song!!! Don't miss it!

Box: Shiratorizawa Academy 1st Time-Out
white sfx: Tweet

Shimada: To think he'd use a one-man time differential at a time like this!!
Taki: Wait, Tsukki knew how to do a one-man time differential?!
Taki: He sure took his sweet time!

Aki: The one-man time differential is a technique you don't see much of nowadays.
Aki: It's no good against read blocking, so
Aki: it isn't a trick you can pull off multiple times.

Saeko: Then that means
Saeko: he was waiting for a time when they "absolutely needed to score"!!


Shou: Damn you, Tsukishimaaa...!
Yama: Nice kill, Tsukki!!

Shimada: The one who scores is bound to leave an impression, but
Shimada: what's both essential for, and difficult about, getting a break, is the initial receive of the enemy's attack!
Shimada: In other words, without Tadashi's serve, which disrupted the opponent's rhythm, that break would never have happened!
Taki: Quit bragging about your student!

Washi: You're dropping your elbows!!
Washi: That's why spikes that should blow right past them aren't doing squat!
Team: Right!

Washi: You've got big frames, so your spiking should be
Washi: more like...
Washi: more...
Man: Dynamic?
Washi: That!

Washi: Karasuno's defense has definitely been evolving throughout the course of the game.
Washi: They're just stopgap measures, though.
Washi: But even so...


Ushi: No defense is without its holes.

white sfx: Tweet
Box: Time Out over

Ukai: Don't let your guard down!! And keep at it!!
Team: Right!!!

Ukai: Karasuno, fight!!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
Team: Ossu!!!
sfx bubble: Squeak

Voice: Hit'em again, Yamaguchi!!
white sfx: Tweeet
Box: Yamaguchi's serve


(Shirabu): Net-in!
Shirabu: Forward!


Reon: Hayato!
Gata: Got it!

Yama: Dammit...!
Boxes: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno


Taki: Man, Ushiwaka's still spiking with ease!
Aki: Still, he's been hitting an awful lot, and his legs are bound to be getting tired.
Voice: Nice kill, Ushijima!

Shimada: Yeah.
Shimada: If we stick it out long enough,

Shimada: even Ushiwaka's stamina will reach its limit...!

Gramps: Judging by their usual pattern, if things get any more disadvantageous for Shiratorizawa,
Gramps: they might just give Karasuno this set, let Ushiwaka recover a bit...
Gramps: and finish things in the next one.

Gramps: But they might just make off with this set too, if they work at it!
Shimada: Please stop that! Karasuno's going to!

(Gramps): Washijou-sensei's probably wavering right about now.

(Gramps): ...Karasuno, too.


Box: Goshiki's serve
white sfx: Tweet

Daichi: We're gonna take it back in one go!!!
Noya/Tanaka: Yeah!!

Tanaka: Hrg!

Tanaka: Sorry, Kageyama!
Tobio: Ngh!


Noya: Alright!
Noya: One more time!

(Shou): They're out of sync...!


Gata: Dammit!

Box: Karasuno High School
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Boy: Ooh,
Box: lucky!
Box: 4th set, set point


Saeko: Eeek! My heart skipped a beat for a second there!
Saeko: But things ended up alright.

(Shimada/Taki): It's their first 5-set match,
(Shimada/Taki): they're against a team who are nationals regulars,
(Shimada/Taki): and the 4th set and beyond is all uncharted territory.

Tendou: He's had to set things up for #10's crazy attack movements,
Tendou: and he's kept it up as a matter of course since the game began.
Tendou: Precision is likely expected of him moreso than anyone else,
Tendou: and even while he's under the most pressure from the opposing blockers,

Tendou: he's also handling the ball far more
Tendou: than any other player.

Tendou: He might've been the first
Tendou: to reach his limit.

Tobio: ......Sorry.
Tsuki: It creeps me out when you apologize, so could you not?

Tobio: Haah?
Tsuki: Well aren't you peppy.

Narita: Next time!!


Daichi: One more point to go!!
Daichi: We're gonna get it right here and now!!
Box: Sawamura's serve
white sfx: Tweeet
Voice: Yeah!

Voice: In front!

Daichi: Bastard...!
Voice: Nice kill, Ushijima!
Boxes: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

Crowd: Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!
Box: Kawanishi's serve


Shiratorizawa Academy member change
IN #7 Yunohama
OUT #12 Kawanishi

Yachi: Do you think Shiratorizawa has 2 pinch servers?
Aki: Well, it is Shiratorizawa.
Aki: They probably have plenty of top-class players on the bench.

Yuno: Here goes!!

(Ukai): A jump floater, huh.

Noya: Tch!


Daichi: Asahi!!

Takeda: Yesss!

Gata: Hng!


Takeda: He got it...!
Ukai: Ushiwaka's coming!!

Reon: Wakatoshi!

Tsuki: ...Ready, and

Tsuki: now!


Tanaka: Shit!

(Washi): When you're protecting one area of the court,
(Washi): it's inevitably at the cost of another.

(Washi): If they're in the back, then naturally

(Washi): the "front" is wide open.


Crowd: Way to go, Ushijima!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: Ushijima-kun!!
Voice: Nice kill, Ushijima!

Crowd: Ushijima!

Crowd: Ushijima!
Enno: Seriously...?

Tendou: I guess this is the deuce of despair for you,
Tendou: Mr. worn-out setter?

Tobio: ...? ...The only time I'll ever be in despair

Tobio: is when I become unable to play volleyball.
Tobio: Only then.

Tendou: They're demons, the whole lot of them.
left: Clear a path through this crisis!!!

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