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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 174

A Battle of Milliseconds

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 21, 2015 11:26 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 174

DO NOT USE. Reserved for Casanova Scans.


below tankobon: "Haikyuu!!" volume 18, the first series guidebook "Haikyuu-bon!", and "Let's! Haikyuu!?" volume 2 all go on sale 10/3 (Sat)!!

right: Victory will always be ours.

The second half of compilation movie highlights has been released, and we have a supersized center color page for the climax of the 4th set!!
Chapter 174: A Battle of Milliseconds
Furudate Haruichi

bottom: Highlights of the second compilation movie, "The Victors and the Defeated", are out now with great reception!!


top: The artist of the second season's | opening song, | Haikyuu!! Summit Project
top: SPYAIR, voice their gratitude!!
small text: A special message from SPYAIR, who are pumped over doing the 2nd season's opening theme!!

(center, left):
Opening Song
The CD for "I'm a Believer" goes on sale 10/21 (Wed)!!
small text: (label: Sony Music Associated Records)

Box: SPYAIR here! We were all "guwaa" at being able to do the opening this season, too! We're unbelievably grateful! This new song is an incredible piece of work packed with our feelings toward "Haikyuu!!", which all who watch the series will enjoy! To be frank, we don't think you'd be able to find another song that better fits this "Haikyuu!!" season if you searched the world over! Everyone has their day-to-day struggles, but we hope that listening to this song will give them the strength to move forward!!
Box: Profile: IKE (Vocals), UZ (Guitar & Programming), MOMIKEN (Bass) and KENTA (Drums) form a 4-man rock band from Aichi Prefecture. SPYAIR, who performed "Imagination", the opening theme for season 1 of the anime "Haikyuu!!", will also handle the theme for season 2.

(the bottom part is about goods for sale, so nothing of interest)


Shou: Hey, Frazzleyama-kun!

Shou: I'll hit whatever crappy toss you throw my way!

Tobio: I don't do crappy.
Shou: Got it!
white sfx: Tweet

left: This will decide it!!!

Karasuno High School member change
IN #2 Sugawara
OUT #11 Tsukishima
Noya: We're counting on you for a good one, Suga-saaan!!
bottom: "Haikyuu!!" and "JA ZEN-NOH Iwate" are teaming up to sell ingredient boxes! Check the bottom of this website for details!! http://www.ja-town.com/shop/c/c2101/

Shimada: If they're bringing Sugawara in as a pinch server here,
Shimada: that means Kageyama's gonna see the rest of the set through.
Taki: Well, it wouldn't really do them any good to suddenly change setters at such a crucial point.


white sfx: Tweet
Suga: Here goes!!

Voice: Forward!
Voice: Reon!

Man: He never lets up on that aim, does he.


Suga: Hrg!

Asahi: Nice one, Suga!!

(Tendou): That impressive tossing form


(Tendou): is out of whack!!!


Suga: It's out!

Tendou: Tch!

Shou: Howaa!

Yachi: Al-

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Karasuno High School
4th set, set point

Aki: That Kageyama-kun's a strong setter through thick and thin!
Aki: I get the feeling he should've let the left-hand hitter handle it, though! I mean,that's one spiker who can really fight!

Gramps: I guess you'd call it a silent boast.


Gramps: It's like he's saying "we may seem frazzled and be teetering on the edge, but we don't intend to ease up on our attacks."

Gramps: "You middle blockers better stay vigilant,
Gramps: got it?"

white sfx: Tweet
Suga: Here goes!!

(Suga): Let's shake them up!!!

Voice: Reon!
Shirabu: Oohira-san!
(Shirabu): This time it's in the back...!

Shimada: Alright! That'll keep him in check!

Reon: Right!
(Reon): Were you trying to shake us up?


Daichi: Dammit...!
Voice: Nice kill, Oohira!

Shimada: He both received and spiked it...
Crowd: Oohira!
Crowd: Oohira!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Karasuno High School member change
IN #11 Tsukishima (Nishinoya)
OUT #2 Sugawara

Semi: Go on and hit another one, Reon!!
Box: Oohira's serve


(Ukai/Takeda): Another net-in...!
Ukai: Shit.

(Noya): Like hell I'll let that happen again!!


Tobio: Ngh!

Voice: Nice kill, Tanaka!!!
Tanaka: Yes!!

Suga: Good good good good...!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Karasuno High School
4th set, set point

Voice: Give it all you've got, Kageyama!!
Box: Kageyama's serve


(Aki): The defense has moved a bit back, so he's using a soft shot that drops in front! He's good!

Man: Forward!!


Gata: Hng...!

Noya: Free ball!!!


(Tobio): It's too short...!

(Gramps): Volleyball isn't a game where you carry the ball.

(Gramps): Get a better sense for the feel of the ball.
(Gramps): Use your hands or feet, either's fine.
(Gramps): In that instant when you control it, the ball becomes like

(Gramps): an extension of your body.

(Tendou): He used his left hand as his body shifts toward
(Tendou): the right.


Suga/Yama: Oh
Suga/Yama: heeeeell

Ukai: Talk about turning disaster into opportunity...


Suga/Yama: YEAAAAAAH!!!
Ukai: Man...
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Boy: Woah, they did it.
Box: End of the 4th set | 27 (Shiratorizawa) - 29 (Karasuno)

Washi: Are your feet glued to the floor, you bastard?! That ball was salvageable!
Man: That #10 might be small, but he's got a great sense for the game...

Crowd: Awww...
Crowd: Seriously?

Washi: Don't get caught up in their weird-ass rhythm, dammit!!
Washi: That set should've been ours!!

Aki: Hoooly crap.
Saeko: YESSSS!!!
Shimada: It's 2 sets each, 2 each...!!
Yachi: I think my heart stopped...
Taki: Oh maaan, that's the most nervous I've been all game...


Shou: Eep!

Tobio: ...Nice
Tobio: cover.
Shou: Make a "nicer" face if you're gonna say that.

Shou: Anyway, Kageyama!

Shou: We get to play
Shou: another set...!!

Voice: I hear they're playing a full set in the boys' finals!
Voice: No way, really?!

Voice: Hurry up!
Voice: The 5th set is only 15 points, so it'll be over before you know it!!


Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!

Saeko: Go give'em all you've got!

Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!

Crowd: Shiratorizawa!

Yui: Ah...!

Yui: Sugawara's in the starting lineup...
Suga: Let's take the lead early on!
Noya: Yeah!
Yui: for the final set...?!
bottom: The final battle, at last!! Next issue, we have lead color!!!

sfx bubble: SLUUUUURP

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