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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 176


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 5, 2015 17:45 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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sign (half-hidden): Shiratorizawa Academy
Tendou: Did you watch "Sadako" last week?

Ushi: I didn't.
Tendou: Maaan, it was scary. I ended up watching it 'cause the leading actress, Brunhilde Reiko, is insanely cute~
Ushi: I see.
Tendou: Brunhilde Reiko's great, isn't she?
Ushi: I have no idea who that is.
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Chapter 176: Fresh | Furudate Haruichi

Tendou: So anyway, there was this other girl in it too, but she was kinda... not up to snuff, y'know?
Reon: Tendou's really the only one who can get fired up talking about TV shows with Wakatoshi.
Semi: No matter how you slice it, he's not fired up at all.

left: The heated final set!!

Tendou: You know, no matter what you do, you never look like you're having fun!
Semi: That's rude!

Tendou: Why'd you start playing volleyball, Wakatoshi-kun?

Ushi: My father taught me for a while.
Tendou: That so!


sign: Ushijima
Voice: We think it might be best if we rectify his left-handedness while he's still young...
Man: !? I'm telling you, that's not necessary...!
Voice: This is how things have always been in our household...

Man: But,
Man: well,
Man: I'm sorry.
Man: It's just...

Man: I'm certain that his having something that sets him apart from most people
Man: will become a source of strength for him...!

Man: I won't interfere with anything else, so...!

Tendou: Your dad played volleyball?


Ushi: Yeah, in the 2nd division league.

Ushi: He suffered a number of injuries and ending up retiring before getting married, though.
Tendou: Woah! What'd he go by?
Ushi: Utsui Takashi.
Tendou: Never heard've him...
Tendou: Wait, his last name isn't "Ushijima"?
Semi: Tendou really has no off switch, huh.
white sfx: Clack
Ushi: That's because he married into the family.
Ushi: My parents divorced some time ago, though.

Tendou: Er.
Tendou: Sorry.
Ushi: Okay?

Tendou: Do you still see him?
Ushi: No, he's overseas right now.
Tendou: Huh! Cool!
Tendou: Sooo,

Tendou: if you become a star, even your dad will see it.
Ushi: ...I suppose so.

Reon: I think Shiratorizawa won the nationals during his father's generation.
Tendou: Really?! That's awesome!
Tendou: So you basically wanna be like your dad, right?
Ushi: ...Not particularly.
Tendou: Oh. Okay.

Ushi: I just


Dad: Our ace is literally the best in Japan!

Dad: When we were 3rd years in high school, he was 190 cm tall and still growing.
Dad: But he didn't just have physique working for him. He was the sort of guy who made you think
Dad: "if I toss to him, he'll definitely score"!
Dad: You feel like he can pull off anything!
Dad: It's... really exciting!!

Ushi: wanted to be like that.


Crowd: It's a break
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: for Karasuno!!

Crowd: Did the libero just do a toss? And everyone else went into approach runs??
Crowd: Karasuno's still got new tricks to bring out, this far in?!

Crowd: Interesting!
Crowd: Attacking en masse really is the way to go.
Crowd: Nah, you've gotta have someone handling the follow-up.
Crowd: You just need to make sure you don't get blocked.

Gramps sfx: Hoho!
Gramps: Maan, that was one awkward-looking toss!
Gramps: It's plain to see that he's pretty bad at overhand passes!
Noya: Hah!
Gramps: And because of that, he not only chose to do the more difficult back toss, but also made it a success. That kid's got spirit!


Shimizu: ......You can try it too if you want, Kageyama?

Tobio: ...I can't.
Tobio: I haven't practiced that

Tobio: alongside Nishinoya-san.
sfx: Yeaah!!

white sfx: Tweet
Box: Shiratorizawa Academy, 2st time-out
Crowd: That was quick!
Crowd: Already?
Crowd: Well, if a point gap develops, the 5th set will be over in a flash.
Crowd: They're probably working out how to handle Karasuno's serves.

Asahi: Hoo...
Noya: Hit'em again, Asahi-san!
Box (top):
Kawanishi (Yamagata) | Goshiki | Shirabu
Ushijima | Oohira | Tendou
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Tanaka | Sugawara | Tsukishima
Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura | Azumane
Box: Serve

Washi: Just take the ball back! That's all!!
Reon: Karasuno's really hitting us with some ridiculous attacks...


Ushi: Yeah.
Ushi: It's the first time I've seen
Ushi: a libero toss while everyone else moves in to attack.
(Reon): That's rare.

Tendou: Even though you admired their play just now, you still don't like #10, right?

Tendou: I think your dislike of him
Tendou: comes from the idea that he's an unknown.
Tendou: 'Cause people are scared of what they don't understand.
left of Shou: Karasuno's #10
left of girl: Ghosts
above creature: Sea squirts

Ushi: I'm not scared of him.
Tendou: No, I mean that whole "something about him bugs me" thing you've got going!

Tendou: At the very least, that sort of feeling
Tendou: is a new experience for you, isn't it?


Box: Time-out over
Voice: Focus!
Box: Azumane's serve
Voice: Hit'em again, Asahi!

2nd panel, white sfx: Tweet

last panel, white sfx: Bam


Crowd: ...Th-

Crowd: This time the net-in came from Karasuno's side!!!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Boy: I can't believe they've got a 3-point lead...

Girl: Th... there's no way we could lose, right...?
Girl2: Totally not. I mean, we always win...

Shimada: Good, good!
white sfx: Tweet
Shimada: If they increase the point gap, the servers won't be under as much pressure...!

Voice: Hit'em again!!

Ukai: Alriiight!


Tendou: Ain't that a sight for sore eyes.


Crowd: Nice kill, Ushijima!

Crowd: Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

Ukai: C'mon, you can get through this...!

Box: Serve
Box (top):
Ushijima | Kawanishi (Yamagata) | Goshiki
Oohira | Tendou | Shirabu
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Tanaka | Sugawara | Tsukishima
Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura | Azumane

Crowd: Hit'em hard!!
Box: Ushijima's serve

Trio: Bring
white sfx: Tweet
Trio: it oooon!


Crowd: Nice kill, Ushijima!

Asahi: Sorry, we'll get the next one!
Crowd: Ushijima!
Crowd: One more!
Crowd: Ushijima!


Daichi: Gh!

Asahi: Hrg!

Asahi: Suga, last hit!

Shirabu: Tch!

(Tobio): A return hit that the setter's forced to receive...! Impressive...!


Shirabu: Tendou-san!
Tendou: You got it~

Tendou: Hup!


Crowd: Nice kill!!!

(Noya): Just now,
(Noya): I figured from the positioning of his body that he'd definitely spike it toward me, and even if it swerved, it would still be within Asahi-san's defensive range.
(Noys): But he went and changed the course right before he hit it...!


Crowd: That's 3 points in a row!!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: They caught up in a flash...!

Dad: It's best to join a strong team.
Dad: The sort of place where you can become strong is one with both powerful and interesting people.

Tendou: Nice toss, me!
Goshiki: Nice course!!!

Dad: And with that strength,
Dad: you'll combat all sorts of people.
Dad: Strong types.
Dad: Strange types.
Dad: New types.

Dad: They will make you even stronger.

Dad: ...Well, that's if you decide you want to continue playing volleyball, though.
Dad: No matter what you choose,


Dad: I just hope you'll come to like volleyball.

left: A sudden attack...!!!

Reon: That was a sharp trajectory. Nice going, Wakatoshi!

Ushi: To borrow one of Tendou's phrases,

Ushi: I'm on fire.

Noya: We'll get the next one!!

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