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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Match Girl 2

"What it ultimately boils down to"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 2, 2015 20:48 | Go to Match Girl

-> RTS Page for Match Girl 2

Reserved for Waterflame Scans.


top: Chapter 2: "What it ultimately boils down to"


Oono: Hey,
Box: Oono Masayoshi (16)
Oono: stop tossing your cigarette butts on the ground.

Box: Does confrontation scare you?
Box: It's okay.
Box: Japanese people apologize without reservation,
Box: and old men just turn a blind eye to things.

Box: Plus, this is Akihabara.
Box: I'm sure everyone here has a strong sense of justice.


Box: As a devotee of the popular tokusatsu hero "Akujiki Man III",
Box: I enforce the same sort of justice as the protagonist, Izumi Taiga.

Oono: I mean, smoking while walking is against the law to begin with!!
Oono: What are you gonna do if you expose children to it!!

Oono: Did you know that removing graffiti in New York reduced the amount of crime?
Oono: There's a connection between a town's landscape and its criminal activity, you know. This is Akiba, which is said to stink of otaku even under the best of circumstances, so you can at least clean up after your own cigarettes.


Oono: W- what an intolerant guy...
Box: 10% of people get unjustifiably angry when given advice.


Box: I won't yield to violence, though if I get rough-housed every time, it's definitely going to interfere with my daily life.
(Oono): Maybe I should take up a combat sport too, like Taiga's.

Oono: Stop throwing your cigarette butts on the ground!!
Man: I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore!
Box: If I were strong, that would be the end of my problems.
Man: I'll clean up my act!
white text: I'm really sorry!!

Box: Justice needs persuasive force.

sign: Making your fantasies a reality


Making your fantasies a reality
2F Ma tch Gi rl

Oono: Fantasies? Into reality?
Oono: And it's got "girl" in the name, no less.
Oono: Only in Akiba.

Oono: I guess it's a maid cafe.
sign: Match Girl

white sfx: Ring
Oono: Ooh.

Oono: Wow, it really feels like a professional shop.
Oono: I wonder what they sell.

Rin: This is a specialty match shop.
Rin: Welcome.


Rin: You have a strong sense of justice, don't you.

Oono: Ah.
Oono: I guess you saw me getting beaten up back there?
(Oono): A little... girl?

Rin: Your face looks rather awful. Would you care to wash it?
Oono: Can I? Thanks.

Rin: Not at all. You are a customer, after all.
Oono: Oh, sorry, I'm not buying anything.

Rin: Allow me to brew some coffee.
Oono: I'm not a customer, though...

rectangle label: Sample


Rin: Some coffee for our customer.


Rin: This is a type of coffee known as Kopi Luwak. It is valued rather highly.

Rin: Help yourself.
sfx bubble: Flicker
white text: Here

Oono: Er,
Oono: um, what the...?

Rin: These fantasy matches are what we sell here. While one of these is lit,
Rin: it will give concrete form to your thoughts. In other words, your fantasies.

Rin: One box is equivalent to a year of your lifespan.
Rin: The fantasy may seem a bit old-fashioned, but the retro look is quite stylish.

Oono: Huh?


Rin: You desire persuasive power, do you not?

Oono: How did... you...

Rin: I am the proprietress of "Match Girl."
Rin: My name is Rin.


Oono: And I ended up buying it.
Oono: I didn't give her any money, though...
Oono: Lifespan? A year?
Oono: I was totally tricked, wasn't I?

Oono: Man, what the heck am I doing.

black sfx: Gyahahaha!

(Oono): Geh. It's the guy from before!!


Guy: It fell!!
Guy: Oh nooo, you dropped your cigarette butt!!
Guy: Oh man, he's gonna say it! We're gonna get a lame-ass "don't throw your cigarette butts on the ground" lecture!

(Oono): They're picking a fight with me!!!
Guy: C'mon, say it.

Making your fantasies a reality
2F Ma tch Gi rl

Rin: These fantasy matches are what we sell here. While one of these is lit,
Rin: it will give concrete form to your thoughts. In other words, your fantasies.

(Oono): Fantasies?
(Oono): No, what I have

Guy: Huh?
Guy: What're you doing?


(Oono): is a sense of justice.
Oono: I'll return to you every last cigarette butt

Oono: you have ever dropped.

Guy: Aw man, I'm in trouble nooow~
Guy: Let's smack'im around!!!

Guy: Here we go...


Guy: Wh-what the?
Guy: What the hell
Guy: is this!!!

Guy: Kh!
Guy: Ahh!



Box: Justice has been done.

Box: I have it now.


(Oono): The persuasive force I lacked.

sign: Roadway

signs (repeating): Evil


Making your fantasies a reality
2F Ma tch Gi rl

Oono: Hello,
Oono: I was hoping to get another box.

Rin: I am glad to see you are enjoying yourself.
Oono: Ahaha.
Oono: I'm punishing bad guys.

Rin: Be that as it may, please be careful.


Oono: Eh? Of what?!
Rin: Well, as an example,

Rin: this coffee I offered you the other day.
Oono: Uhh, that expensive something or other?

Rin: "Kopi Luwak" is a coffee bean which is picked out of a civet's feces.

Oono: F-feces?!
Rin: Civets eat tasty coffee cherries, and only the beans are excreted without being fully digested. That's the process behind this valuable and expensive coffee.
sfx bubble: Plop plop
Rin: It is quite famous.

Oono: O-oh.
Oono: So why bring it up?

Rin: Put simply,


Rin: it ultimately boils down to
Rin: shit.

Rin: That might be something to keep in mind.
paper, top right text: Receipt
paper, large text on left side: 1 year of life

Oono: I don't really get what you're saying...

Oono: Well, whatever. I'll probably come again.
Oono: Bye.

Rin: Maintaining a sense of justice is a wonderful thing.


tv text: Missing girl safe and sound
Announcer: The young girl who had been missing is now safely under protective custody.
Announcer: The perpetrator was caught red-handed and has been arrested.

Girl: That's scary...
Girl2: I'm glad she's safe, though.

Oono: Geez,
Oono: I'd have caught the guy
Oono: if it happened in front of me.

Rin: However, this country is a peaceful one,
Rin: and it has an excellent police force.
Rin: About all you'll find are molesters or people tossing cigarette butts.


(Rin): What will you do with all of that excess persuasive force?

Box: Another cigarette butt?
Box: Enough already.
Box: Cigarette butt, cigarette butt, molester, cigarette butt, cigarette butt.

Oono: C'mon,
Oono: you've gotta put your cigarette in a trash can.
sfx bubble: Chk
Box: Japan is way too peaceful.

Oono: Maan...


Oono: If only something like the stuff in tokusatsu shows would happen...

Oono: Crap...!!!


Oono: Ah.

Oono: It's Atopapa, the monster from episode 13!!
Oono: It's Atopapa!!
Oono: Wait, nevermind that-


Man: UAAAH!!!
Man: What the- what is that!!!

Oono: Aw, it slipped out.
Oono: This all started because of you, you know.

(Oono): Maybe I should scare him a bit more.
Box: Fools need to be taught a lesson.

Box: Repent, you fool.
Box: Suffer even more, you fool.

Box: Fools need to...


Rin: it ultimately boils down to
Rin: shit.
Rin: That might be something to keep in mind.

Box: Oh.

Box: I get it now.

Box: My sense of justice
Box: is one that liked to find fault with evildoers.


(Oono): Man, I'm petty.


Oono: R... right, I have to hurry and
Oono: use a match to return things... to normal.


Rin: The ability to recognize one's own faults
Rin: requires a strong sense of justice.

Rin: So,

Rin: how will you go about saving the world now?
left: Chapter 2 / End

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Nov 2, 2015
Awesome to see someone pick this up! Thanks!
#2. by waterflame ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2015
Sweet on top of being your 300th translation(congrats) It's also been released :p !

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