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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 180

Steadfast, Part 2

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 6, 2015 15:14 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Saeko: Yowch!
Saeko: I hope Shouyou's okay!
left: A break for Karasuno!!!
The 6th novelization will go on sale this December!!!
Haikyuu!! | Chapter 180: Steadfast, Part 2 | Furudate Haruichi

Saeko: But it's definitely reassuring to have someone handling the... block follow-up, I think it's called?
Box: Attack
Box: Block follow-up
Shimada: On that last play, everyone already knew that "only Azumane would be spiking", so they got into follow-up positions, but

Shimada: fundamentally, Karasuno's style involves sending everyone in to attack at once.
Shimada: Those who don't spike ultimately become "decoys."
text: Synchronized attack
Shimada: They're more focused on "how to avoid being blocked" than "what to do when they're blocked."

Shimada: So... when that happens, it's generally out of their hands.


Shimada: When we were in middle school, we'd often get berated to "make sure you get in there on the follow-up!", though.
Taki: I tell'em that when I'm coaching, too. Well, even as a player, you end up hoping someone's got your back.

Taki: ...I mean, it's frightening.

Voice: Reon!

Voice: Nice kill, Oohira!
Reon: Yess!!
Boxes: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

Boy: They should just use Ushijima-senpai to score the rest of the points
Boy: while Karasuno's "glasses guy" isn't around.
Crowd: Oohira!

(Shirabu): It's better that everyone other than Ushijima-san earn points while Karasuno's glasses guy is gone.
Crowd: Oohira!


Box: Narita ↔ Nishinoya
(Shou): I can taste
(Shou): blood in my mouth...

Tsuki: You better buy me some time, got it?!

white sfx: Tweet

Voice: Nishinoya!
Noya: Got it!


Shou: Ngh!

Semi: Alright, nicely done, Wakatoshi!!

(Suga): Straight spikes are #8's forte.
Voice: Tsutomu!!
(Suga): Even with that knowledge, I won't be able to stop him.

(Suga): I'll close him out
(Suga): of a cross-court spike.


(Suga): If he hits a straight,
(Suga): Daichi's in position for it!

(Goshiki): Fine by me!!

(Goshiki): It's a straight
(Goshiki): battle!!!


(Daichi): It's going long...!

Voice: Suga!
Suga: Hah!

Takeda: Alright!


(Suga): If we choose to play it safe here,
(Suga): it'll be no different than the past.

Crowd: Karasuno's setter plans to spike again?!
Crowd: He doesn't learn, does he?!

(Ukai): The team's "average"
(Ukai): isn't that high at all.


(Ukai): But the way you are now, you at least know
(Ukai): that you can entrust things you can't do to those who can.

(Ukai): Still, there is
(Ukai): one thing you simply can't pass off to someone else.

(Ukai): The will to attack.

(Ukai): Managing to receive the full brunt of

(Ukai): Shiratorizawa's attack
Tsuki: One touch!!
(Ukai): is probably something other teams have pulled off before now.

(Ukai): But after that,
(Ukai): after the successful receive or one-touch, what's left is


(Ukai): the power to score.
(Ukai): I keep telling you
(Ukai): that when it comes to scoring, you can puff out your chests with pride.
(Ukai): So

Ukai: don't yield an inch!!!

text: Synchronized attack,
text: full team!!!


(Tendou): Judging by his form, it's not gonna be a back toss.

(Tendou): I haven't seen him team up with #10 even once.

(Tendou): On that note, he teams up with that bearded guy in the back a lot.
(Tendou): No, wait.

(Suga): "We'll do it again
(Suga): next time."

(Tendou): I get it.
(Tendou): It was my loss as soon as I got caught up
(Tendou): in this train of thought.


sfx bubble: Bump

(Suga): "Will he toss it to me?"


(Suga): That thought never enters our minds.

(Suga): "I'm going to spike it."
(Suga): Just how much do we confuse the enemy blockers by surging forward on that one thought alone?
Tanaka/Noya: WOO WOO WOOOOO!!!

(Suga): I know the answer from watching this guy every day.
Shou: Alright!!

Washi: Satori!!!
white sfx: Urk

Washi: Get in there, dammit!!
Washi: I don't care if you misread it!!


Washi: I put you in there knowing that was a possibility.

Tendou: Kaaay.

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
above box: ※ Current rotation
Box (top):
Oohira | Ushijima | Kawanishi (Yamagata)
Tendou | Shirabu | Goshiki
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
Azumane | Narita (Nishinoya) | Sugawara
Box: Serve
Box: Sugawara's serve
white sfx: Tweet

Karasuno High School member change
IN #9 Kageyama
OUT #2 Sugawara


Shou: Is Frazzleyama-kun finally back on his feet?

Tobio: ...You better mind the back of your head.

white sfx: Tweet
sfx bubble: Spiiin


Gata: Ngh!


(Gata): He hits a serve like that as soon as he's back in?!
sfx bubble: Sting

Voice: It's coming back over!

Ukai: Free ball! Pay attention and-

Tobio: I've got it.
Daichi: I've-

(Shirabu): He's setting the ball off a first touch

(Shirabu): like that?!


Crowd: W-
Crowd: WOAAAAH!!! There it is!!!
Crowd: That went straight down to the floor!!!

Boy: ...I d-
Boy: don't really get what just happened, but that was fast.

Guy: Seriously, how'd #10 know to be there?!
Guy: Did they decide on it beforehand, or something?!


(Gramps): While the setter's on the move,
(Gramps): there's no reason for short stuff, who loves attacking, to stay still.

(Ukai): Without even a word from me,
(Ukai): it surpasses my wildest dreams.

left: That's how they are!!!

(Ukai): Their tenacity toward scoring.

Voice: They're one point apart!!
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Voice: Now I've got absolutely no idea how this is gonna go...!!

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