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Match Girl 4

"Tokyo Tower"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 30, 2015 02:06 | Go to Match Girl

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Reserved for Waterflame Scans.


top: Chapter 4: "Tokyo Tower"


Box: Kanoko-chan is a selfish girl.

Kanoko: I don't wanna get in line!!!!
Box: Tanaka Kanoko (18)

Isami: We need to stand in line, or we won't be able to take the elevator to the viewing platform.
Box: Naitou Isami (18)
Isami: Or we could go somewhere else?

Kanoko: NO!!! 'Cause we'll definitely see a beautiful sunset from the viewing platform!!!
Kanoko: I even wore clothes that scream "Tokyo Tower" today, y'know!!!
Isami: I... is that so...


Isami: Just wait a bit.
Box: But I now

Box: have the power to grant every one of Kanoko-chan's selfish desires.
Isami: There we go.
Box: The trick behind it is a secret, though.

Isami: Looks like we don't have to stand in line after all, Kanoko-chan.
Kanoko: You're right! How wonderful.
Kanoko: We're so lucky!

Kanoko: Oh!


Kanoko: We can even take the stairs! How neat! Let's do it, Isami-kun!!
sign: Viewing platform open-air stairs
Isami: Uh.

Isami: Kanoko-chan, the viewing platform is still 150 m away, you know.
Kanoko: They said even children can climb that in 15 minutes, so we have plenty of time! ☆
Box: Kanoko-chan is a capricious girl.
left text: To all the people I made disappear: I'm sorry.

Kanoko: Oh!
Kanoko: I want some soda.
above Isami: Here we go again.
(Isami): Looks like I'll have to go back to the vending machine downstairs...

Isami: I'll go buy some.
Isami sfx: Clang clang clang
Kanoko sfx: I'll wait here~

Isami: Augh, what a pain.
Isami: I'll just use this!

Isami: Here... soda...
Isami sfx: Huff huff
Kanoko: Thanks, Isami-kun! That was fast!!!
small text: Amazing!


Kanoko: But
Kanoko: climbing stairs is tiiiring.
Box: Kanoko-chan loses interest in things quickly, too.

Kanoko: So!

(Isami): Crap.
(Isami): Crap.
(Isami): So soft.

Kanoko: Thanks, Isami-kun!

Box: Even so, that smile makes it all worthwhile.
right of Kanoko: This is nice~
(Isami): Crap, she smells good.


Kanoko: I thought we'd have a good view, but with all this steel everywhere, I can't see a thing.
Isami: We're pretty high up, so it'd be scary if we could.

Kanoko: This is way more boring than I thought it'd be!!
above Kanoko: Heeey!
Kanoko: Tell me some tourist information about Tokyo Tower, Isami-kun!

Box: As you wish.
Isami: Leave it to me.

sfx: Poof
book cover: Tokyo Tower Guidebook

Isami: Let's see...
Isami: It stands 333 m tall and weighs 4,000 tons.
Isami: It is prided as the world's tallest free-standing steel tower, and was constructed to significantly boost the range of television waves.
Isami: The Eiffel Tower has a variety of ornamentation, but
Isami: every steel beam of Tokyo Tower serves to support the structure.

Kanoko: Wow, Isami-kun!
Kanoko: Look, it's a crow!!
Kanoko: It's able to fly all the way up here!
Box: Kanoko-chan doesn't listen when other people talk.


Isami: So, what are you doing for dinner?
Isami: I know of a really good western-style restaurant in Asakusa.
Isami: Do you like beef stew, Kanoko-chan?
Kanoko: Well...

Kanoko: I wanna watch the Giants' game at 8, so I'll be heading home.

Box: Kanoko-chan is a Yomiuri Giants fan.
Isami: Oh, then, how about we go to the stadium? Suidobashi Station's closeby, so...
Kanoko: They're playing in Hiroshima today, you know~
Kanoko: And you can see the players' faces muuuch better on the TV broadcast. ♡

Box: By the way, I'm a Hanshin Tigers fan.
Box: Later, I'll fantasize about the Giants suffering a crushing defeat.

Isami: I guess we'll head home
Isami: after watching the sunset.


Kanoko: Yup.
Kanoko: Right after.

Box: I see.
Box: Today will end after this climb...


Kanoko: Huh?
Kanoko: Did you say something, Isami-kun?

Isami: Nope. Nothing at all, Kanoko-chan.

Voice: Ah. Um,
Voice: we've gotten pretty far.
sign: Now at 75 M
Voice: I wonder how far up the tower that is.

Rin: We are right around here at the moment.


Rin white sfx: Tap tap tap

Isami: You're...
Kanoko: Someone you know, Isami-kun?

Rin (half-hidden): I am the ma
Isami: WAAAH!
Kanoko: Isami-kun.

Rin: I...
Rin: am Rin.


Kanoko: I'm Kanoko. Nice to meet you, Rin-chan.
Kanoko: Have we met somewhere before?

Kanoko: Hold on, what's that!! A parfait?!
Kanoko: Gimme one of those too, mister!!
left of clerk: Comin' up.

Rin: This is 33 cm tall,
Rin: and is stacked with strawberry ice cream, strawberry mousse, and strawberries.

Rin: It is called the Tokyo Tower Parfait.

Kanoko: Kyaa!!!
Box: Kanoko-chan loves sweet things.

(Isami): Are all girls like this?
Isami: I'll have a coffee.


Rin: You appear to be having quite the enjoyable date.
Kanoko: Hm? Date?

Kanoko: Oh, is that what this was?
white sfx: PFFFFT

Kanoko: I mean, we're not going out.
left of Kanoko: Right?

Kanoko: I see, yup.
Kanoko: So it's a date.

Kanoko: Today's date
Kanoko: was really fun, Isami-kun.


Box: You're using past tense,
Box: Kanoko-chan.

Kanoko: Aww, it's all gone.
Kanoko: I've always wanted to eat a parfait, y'know.

Box: I would
Box: let you eat as many as you want, Kanoko-chan.

Kanoko: Thanks for the treat!! Let's go, Isami-kun!
left of Kanoko: Thanks!
Isami: Eh? Let's rest a bit longer.
Kanoko: Now.

Rin: If you...


Rin: have reached the bottom of your parfait, you can order another.

Rin: There is no way of knowing whether the new parfait will taste the same, though.

Isami: I don't get what you're saying at all.


white sfx: Clang clang clang

Kanoko: Hehe. Am I heavier after that parfait?
Isami: Nah, you're like a feather.

Isami: Now, anyway.
Kanoko: Huh?

Isami: Er, nothing.
Isami: Umm...
Isami: It's thanks to this Tokyo Tower that we'll be able to watch the Tokyo Olympics on TV, you know.

Kanoko: The Tokyo Olympics!!
Kanoko: I'm looking forward to them! I wonder if any Giants players will be there. It's 6 years from now, I think?
Isami: 5 years.
Kanoko: Five, huh... that's a long way off.

Isami: Not at all.
Isami: 5 years will pass
Isami: in the blink of an eye.


Isami: Take today, for instance. It's already sunset.
Isami: Time flies when you're having fun.

Isami: I want
Isami: things to be like this forever.

Kanoko: What's up, Isami-kun?
Kanoko: We should have reached the viewing platform by now...

Rin: We are right around here at the moment.


Rin white sfx: Tap tap tap

Kanoko: Eh?
Kanoko: Rin-chan, how did you...

Isami: You only imagined it, Kanoko-chan!
Kanoko: Kyaa!

Kanoko: There's something off with the signs, though.
all signs: Now at 75 M

Kanoko: And there are a lot of crows, too.


Kanoko: It feels like we're climbing the same set of stairs on a loop...

Kanoko: Put me down!
Isami: Guah!

Kanoko: Something strange is going on, Isami-kun.
Kanoko: What's with this place...

Isami: Aw, man. Now there's matches everywhere.
Isami: You're so insensitive, Kanoko-chan.


Isami: I made all those people outside the elevator disappear for you, y'know?
Isami: That soda I gave you tasted good, didn't it? I was a perfect Tokyo Tower tour guide, wasn't I?
Isami: C'mon, let's keep having fun while we climb the stairs to the viewing platform for eternity.

Isami: I'll fulfill every last one
Isami: of your selfish desires, Kanoko-chan.

Kanoko: Fulfill...
Kanoko: my desires?

Rin: While one of these is lit, it will give concrete form to your thoughts.
Rin: In other words,


Rin: these fantasy matches will
Rin: turn your fantasies into reality.

Kanoko: Fantasies...

Isami: Kanoko-chan!

Kanoko: Look, Isami-kun!
Kanoko: The sunset's so pretty!!


Kanoko: So let's end things here for today.
Kanoko: Okay?

Box: Kanoko-chan is a selfish girl.

Box: Kanoko-chan is always so lively.
Isami: How about we go to the beach?

Box: Kanoko-chan runs fast.
Isami: Let's keep the date going until we're worn out.

Box: Kanoko-chan eats well.
Isami: We'll go eat some delicious food.


Isami: I want to stay with you forever and ever and ever!!!

Kanoko: Look at you crying, even though you're a guy...
Kanoko: I wonder which of us is truly the selfish one.

Isami: Kanoko-chan!!


Kanoko: Sorry.
Kanoko: But still,

Box: Kanoko-chan is...

Kanoko: thank you.


Kanoko: Return everything to how it was.


Isami: W...hy did you...
Isami: change it b...back...

Kanoko: Hehe. We sure were an embarassing pair at 18,
Kanoko: you old coot.

Kanoko: But remember

Kanoko: how we went on to see the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony together, and how exciting it was?
(note: the 1964 Tokyo Olympics)
Kanoko: Even members from the Giants' V9 era were there.
Kanoko: We got married, you became known as "dad", and that later changed to "grandpa."

Kanoko: And now, I've fallen ill
Kanoko: and have an old coot in tears here with me, clutching my hand.


Kanoko: I've enjoyed eeeevery last bit of it.
Kanoko: It would be such a waste to stay as we were at 18 forever, you know?

Kanoko: Making lots and lots of happy memories...
Kanoko: That is my fantasy.


Kanoko: Take me to the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony too, okay?
Isami: Eh?
Kanoko: In 2020. There's still 6 years to go, but

Kanoko: I'm not about to die so easily.

Kanoko: If you reach the bottom of your parfait,
Kanoko: you can order another.


Kanoko: So I wanna eat a Skytree Parfait, okay?
Kanoko: Isami-kun.

Box: Kanoko-chan is a selfish girl.
bottom: Chapter 4 / End

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