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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Haikyuu!! 182

A Message Conveyed

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 4, 2015 22:10 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 182

Reserved for Casanova Scans.


Sideburns: D-
Sideburns: Did he block it just now?!

Boy: Would you call that a block, or a hit?!
The anime's second season is airing with rave reviews!!!
Chapter 182: A Message Conveyed | Furudate Haruichi

Tobio: Don't get so excited over a fluke.
Tobio: A block like that will interfere with the receive.
Shou: Ngh...!

left: A fierce battle...!!!

Man: He instinctively chose to jump from back there...!
Washi: HAAAH?!

Goshiki: It...
Goshiki: It'll be a cold day in hell before Ushijima-san gets blocked by a no-name 1st year!

Ushi: That's true.


(Goshiki): Ushijima-san is a super ace who the opponent always marks.
(Goshiki): Of course there are times when even he's blocked,

(Goshiki): but
(Goshiki): for that short 1st year to...!

Shiratorizawa Academy member change
IN #19 Shirabu
OUT #3 Semi
white sfx: Tweet

Box: Hinata's serve
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Narita IN
above box: ※ Current rotation
Box (top):
Shirabu | Tendou (Yamagata) | Oohira
Goshiki | Kawanishi | Ushijima
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Narita | Azumane | Sawamura
Kageyama | Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya)
Box: Serve

Reon: Even if you make that face, #10 over there still has to adhere to their rotation.

Tobio: You can do your approach any way you like, Narita-san.
Tobio: I'll match you.
Narita: O-
Narita: Okay!


Ukai: Get out there!

Karasuno High School member change
IN #12 Yamaguchi
OUT #10 Hinata

Sidelines: Go for it,
Sidelines: Yamaguchiiii!!!

Daichi: Push'em hard.

Daichi: You've got nothing to be afraid of.


(Yama): My goal is
(Yama): a diagonal straight toward Ushiwaka.
(Yama): But a soft serve would be pointless.


Reon: Hayato!
Gata: Dammit!

Shimada: Free ball!!!
Voice: Got it!

Azumane: Here we go!!!

text: Synchronized attack!!

(Goshiki): C'mon.
(Goshiki): Right here!!


Voice: Daichi-san!

Crowd white sfx: Woaah!!
Crowd: Alri-

Box: Karasuno High School's point

Box: Net touch


Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

Saeko: A lucky break?!
Shimada: ...I don't think that's all it is.

Gramps: If our side pushes at them with all our might, they'll want to push back in kind.

(Gramps): Attack.

(Gramps): Attack.
(Gramps): Attack as if your chances of winning
(Gramps): will disappear the instant you go on the defensive.
Daichi: Hit'em hard!


Gata: All yours!
Goshiki: Kh!

Gata: Wakatoshi!

Asahi: Wait for it!
Asahi: Waait for it!!
Asahi: And...

Asahi: now!!


(Asahi): He doesn't usually hit from the left side, the toss was a high set from the back, and he was against 3 blockers,
(Asahi): and even with all of that, we still can't stop him...?!
Asahi: One touch!!

Tanaka: Got it!!

(Narita): I won't make it...!


Tanaka/Daichi: Al-
Tanaka/Daichi: RIIIIIGHT!!!

Tobio: It was too high, right? I'll fix it.
Narita: No, that's-
Narita: Er...
Narita: Okay!

(Shirabu): It's their first quick set together of the day, and they do it now, of all times?!

Crowd: Look at that...!!
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Crowd: They caught up...!!

Voice: Hit'em again, Yamaguchi!
Yama: Hoo...
Yama: Hoo...


ref sfx: Tweet

(Yama): It's going long...?!

Shirabu: Goshiki!


Goshiki: Argh!
Gata: Sorry, I was late on the call.
Goshiki: No, it's-!!
Goshiki: Ugh.
Goshiki: Dammit!

Tanaka: Yama-
Tanaka: guchiiiii?!!

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Crowd: They've taken the lead...!!

Crowd: Wow! 3 points in a row!!
Crowd: Shiratorizawa got 6 in a row earlier, y'know.
Crowd: Well, Karasuno's still going strong, so they might do it too!


Washi: Ti-

Ushi: What's the matter, Goshiki?
Ushi: You're quite capable, so there's no reason to berate yourself.

Goshiki: Right.


(Reon): ...The unadulterated,
Ushi: We'll take it back on the next one.
Goshiki: Right.
(Reon): uninspiring, truth.

(Reon): Without a doubt, those are the only words
(Reon): he need give, as a super ace, to the ace.

Shou: Way to go, Yamaguchi! Hit'em again!!

Ukai: Keep calm, Yamaguchi!
white sfx: Gulp

Tanaka: "Then be super pleased with the half you did like!
Tanaka: Hold onto the good feelings real tight, so you don't forget'em!!"
Yama: Hoo...


(Shirabu): Perfectly done, Oohira-san.


Voice: Goshiki!

Crowd: Woah. What a crazy angle...
above boy: Yikes.
Crowd: Right above the blocker who hadn't cleared the net yet...!

Crowd: Nice kill, Goshiki!


Crowd: Goshiki!
Crowd: Goshiki!

Man: He just wanted to recover from that last serve receive, though.
Boxes: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

Box: Serve
Goshiki | Shirabu | Tendou (Yamagata)
Kawanishi | Ushijima | Oohira
Box: Net
Narita | Azumane | Sawamura
Kageyama | Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya)

Tendou: Keep your cool, Goshiki~
Box: Goshiki's serve
Goshiki: I know!

Goshiki: Hoo...

Goshiki: Here we
Goshiki: go!!!

Trio: Bring
Trio: it on!!!


Tanaka: God-
Tanaka: dammit.

(Taki): You mean #8 isn't an impulsive type?!

Semi: Tsutomu is Shiratorizawa's only 1st year starter.
Semi: Don't underestimate him.

Noya: Gha!
Tanaka: Noya-san!


Box: Shiratorizawa Academy,

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
left: It's crunch time...!! Next issue, we have opening color pages!!!
Box: match point

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