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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 183

What He Desired

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 4, 2015 22:10 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 183

Reserved for Casanova Scans.


top: Opening with color!! "Haikyuu!!"

Voice: Just 1 point to go!!
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Box: Shiratorizawa Academy, match point
Voice: Just 1 more point!!

Gata: Nice serve, Tsutomu! Give'em another!
Goshiki: Right!
left: The final play begins!!!

Voice: 1 more point!!
sfx bubbles: Thud thud thud thud
Voice: 1 more point!!


right: Wings flapping, keep moving ever higher!!

top: Haikyuu!! | Opening color pages as the battle vs. Shiratorizawa reaches its peak!!

(left of tankobon):
Volume 19, the newest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 12/4!!
Look for Tsukishima on the cover
(bottom right):
Chapter 183: What He Desired
Furudate Haruichi

bottom left: The manga continues on page 29!!


Ushi: Will you be able to mercilessly use my skills, no matter the situation?
bottom: Big news!! This year, we'll be creating a collaborative poster with the real "Spring High Volleyball Tournament" again!! What kind will it be? Wait for the follow-up report to find out!! The "Spring High" begins January 5, 2016 at the Tokyo Gymnasium!!!

Shirabu: ...Yes.

left: It's finally reached match point in the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa game...!!!

Voice: 1 more point!
Ushi: Shirabu,
Ushi: you remember your promise, right?
Voice: 1 more point!

(Shirabu): It's better that everyone other than Ushijima-san earn points while Karasuno's glasses guy is gone.
(Shirabu): Ushijima-san doesn't even need considerations like those.

Shirabu: Yes.


Box: Goshiki's serve

Noya: Daichi-san!

Sidelines: Nice
Sidelines: receive!!

text: Synchronized attack!!


Daichi: YESSSS!!!
(Kawa): Even though they had plenty of other people on the approach, they let the guy who'd just done the receive hit it?!
Voice: Nice kill!!

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Voice: It's deuce...!!!

Man: They should be nearing the limits of their stamina, and yet
Man: they still sent everyone in to attack...!

Washi: Throwing their "numbers" at us...
Washi: I have to admit, it really is a powerful offense.


Washi: I'm second to none when it comes to receives,
Box: Washijou Tanji (18)
Washi: I have jumping power, and I'm confident in my attacks, too!

Coach: Well,
Coach: if you were only a bit taller...

(Washi): So I can't even compete because I'm short?
(Washi): I'll lose out to guys who only have height going for them?
Voice: One more!

Boy: One more, please!


(Washi): No one here "only has height going for them."

(Washi): I know that.
(Washi): It's something that

(Washi): makes me jealous,
(Washi): frustrates me,

(Washi): and that I yearn for more than anything.

(Washi): Is what I want a means to compete despite my height?
(Washi): No, I...


white sfx: Tweet
Box: Sawamura's serve
Box (top):
Goshiki | Shirabu | Tendou (Yamagata)
Kawanishi | Ushijima | Oohira
Box: Net
Box (bottom):
Kageyama | Narita | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura
Box: Serve
right of box: ※ Current rotation

Shimada: They need to pull off a break here,
Shimada: or Karasuno will still be teetering on the edge.
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Taki: C'mon...! Score this next point...!

(Ukai): Their strength and concentration are on the verge of collapse.
(Ukai): Just keep the powerful "cannonball" Shiratorizawa fires at you airborne, however you can.
(Ukai): As long as the ball doesn't hit the floor, it'll create an opportunity.
(Ukai): Please, hold onto that drive...!


(Shimada/Taki): It's gonna fall short...!

sfx bubble: Poff

Shimada/Taki: Pheeew....!

(Reon): Aiming for the edge of the net is taking it a bit too far...!


Ushi: Goshiki!
Goshiki: Got it!

Voice: Back attack!
Tendou: Kh!

Tanaka: Nnghh!

Yui: Get it! Get it!

Asahi: Get it over!
Asahi: Kageyama!


Semi: Now's your chance! Hit another spike!!
(Tendou): Our setter was forced to take the receive.

Kawa: Ushijima-san.

(Asahi): Don't rush this.
(Asahi): If we screw up the timing, it's all over.
Asahi: And...

Asahi: now!

(Washi): Is what I want a means to compete
(Washi): despite my height?
(Washi): No, I...


(Washi): want that simple strength which would
(Washi): allow even me to overwhelm all opponents.

Noya: Gh...!


Asahi: Get it over!

Voice: Free ball!
Crowd: They're hanging in there!
Crowd: But for a while now, they've been giving their all just to return the ball...!

(Gramps): They're using what little strength they have left and scrambling to take control of the rally. They aren't gonna lose
(Gramps): their drive or the ball.

(Asahi): It's still in the air.

(Noya/Tanaka): We haven't lost it yet.

(Suga/Yama): This point.

Daichi: We're definitely gonna score!!


(Shirabu): Shut uuup.
(Shirabu): Our side's

(Shirabu): stronger!!!

Voice: Nice kill, Ushijima!
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Crowd: Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!
Box: Shiratorizawa Academy, match point

Crowd: One more point!
Crowd: One more point!


(Takeda): Not good. That really dampened everyone's spirits.
(Takeda): But we don't have any more time outs...
Ukai: Don't

Ukai: look down,

Ukai: y'heaaar!!!

Ukai: Volleyball is

Ukai: a sport where you always look up!!!


Yachi: Huff!

Yachi: Huff!
Yachi: Huff...! Oh, thank god...!
Saeko: Hitoka-chan!

Suga: Take it back!!!

sfx bubbles: Huff huff

left: And a ray of hope arrives!!!!

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