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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 184

This Feeling is a First

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 11, 2015 01:40 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 184

Reserved for Casanova Scans.


Volume 19 goes on sale 12/4 (Fri)!!!
Chapter 184: This Feeling is a First
Furudate Haruichi
(left): Match point, Shiratorizawa!!!

(Tsuki): Agh, it hurts. This really sucks.

bubble: Go for it, Tsukki!
bubble: Don't run in intending to be a decoy.
bubble: Come to a full stop and jump straight up!
Tsuki: You changed the ball's course, didn't you?


Akaashi: You noticed? Impressive.
Bokuto: Tsukki!!
Akaashi (half-hidden): You can get so used to a certain course that
Akaashi (half-hidden): or maybe the rotation
Yama: Tsukki!

(Shimizu): That composure... or rather, "focus."
(Shimizu): He probably isn't thinking about
(Shimizu): the current situation out there, but what he'll do when he returns.

Yama: Tsukki!!!


Crowd: That glasses guy from Karasuno came back!

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
white sfx: Tweet


Box: Serve
Kawanishi (Yamagata) | Goshiki | Shirabu
Ushijima | Oohira | Tendou
Box: Net
Kageyama | Narita | Azumane
Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Sawamura
Shiratorizawa Academy member change
IN #7 Yunohama
OUT #12 Kawanishi
Tendou IN
Yamagata OUT

Crowd: A pinch server for Shiratorizawa, huh.
Crowd: Must be the guy with the jump floater serve.

Ukai: Tsukishi-

Tsuki: The bleeding has stopped.
Tsuki: The dislocation has been firmly set in place.
Tsuki: As it was the pinky finger, it will have a minimal effect on my playing.
Ukai: ma.

Shimizu: ...That's the gist of it.

(Ukai): I never thought I'd see the day where you would be so insistent about rejoining a match.


Saeko: Is Kei alright?!
Yachi: Well... he injured his pinky finger, and it's been splintered to his ring finger, so it seems he's going to continue the match.

Yachi: But he's

Ukai: Move up, Sawamura.
Yachi: probably still in a lot of pain.

Shou: I bought you some time.

Shou: ...is what I'd like to say, but it was all Yamaguchi's doing.
Tsuki: Thanks for the honesty.

Crowd: One more point!
Crowd: One more point!


Crowd: One more point!!
Crowd: One more point!!

Daichi: It's probably going to be a jump floater.
white sfx: Tweet
Daichi: We'll move our defense forward a bit.

(Daichi): If we can reclaim the ball here, Asahi will be up next to serve.
Sawamura | Hinata (Nishinoya) | Tanaka
Azumane | Narita | Kageyama
right of box: ※ Current rotation


Noya: Daichi-san!
Daichi: Hoo!

Daichi: YESSS!

(Reon): If only he weren't around,
(Reon): Karasuno's defense would be full of holes.


Crowd: H-
Crowd: He went and used a dump shot at a time like this!!

Tendou: Gaah.

(Tobio): He saw through it...!

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

Sideburns: Aaalright!
Sideburns: Aaalright!!
Sideburns: That just took years off my life, dammit!!
large white sfx: Tweeet


Karasuno High School member change
IN #11 Tsukishima
OUT #8 Narita

Narita: It's all up to you, Tsukishima!

Tsuki sfx: Nod


Narita: Pheeeeew...

Ukai: Well done.

Ukai: Playing "like always" in this situation is no small feat.

Narita: Thanks!

Tanaka: Tsukishima!
Tanaka: Lookit you, you bastard, strolling on out here like you're some sort of hero!!


Tsuki: Um... about our 3-man blocks...
Tanaka: The cold shoulder, huh.

Saeko: Alright,

Saeko: Tobio and Kei are both back in...!
Saeko: Now, it's time for a counterattack!!

Daichi: This is where we really dig our heels in!!

Team: YEAAH!!!


Tsuki: I doubt it's even a possibility, but you don't need to hold back on my account.
Tobio: I'm not gonna, so don't bring it up
Tobio: if you already know that.

Crowd: Man, I really hate serving during the endgame when we're behind...
Crowd: I don't care if you screw up here, just please let it go over...

(Ukai): Attack.

Box: Azumane's serve
Voice: Give it all you've got, Asahi!!


(Asahi): To think that everyone looking away from the server
(Asahi): would be this heartening.


Reon: Kh!

Reon: YESSS!!

Man: Good!
Man: Alright!


Tendou: Ball
Tendou: pleaaase~

Saeko: Him again...?!

Voice: Go for it, Wakatoshi-kun!!


(Tsuki): Doing something like this...
(Tsuki): Am I an idiot?
(Tsuki): I'm not Hinata or anything,

(Tsuki): I just want to try fighting to the very end.

Tsuki: One
Tsuki: touuuch!!!

left: Roar!!!

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