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Haikyuu!! 185

Legs Don't Fail Me Now

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 11, 2015 01:40 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 185

Reserved for Casanova Scans.


sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
white sfx: Tweet

Iwa: So this is where you were.

Iwa: 'Could've sworn you said you wouldn't come, since you'd be pissed no matter who won.
left: Deuce in the final set!!!!
Volume 19 is a huge hit and on sale now!!!!
Chapter 185: Legs Don't Fail Me Now | Furudate Haruichi

Oikawa: No matter who wins, I'll get to see how crestfallen the losers are!
Iwa: You're such an asshole.

Oikawa: They can't afford to keep playing so passively.


Tsuki: One touch!

Oikawa: What happened to that glasses guy?
Oikawa: Back during that first practice match, he seemed kinda shrewd and lanky, but now look at him.

(Tsuki): One more time.

Noya: Daryaa!
Asahi: Hrg!

Gata: Free ball!


(Tsuki): A time differential from the right.

Tsuki: We're expanding it.

(Tsuki): Nishinoya-san's field of view.


(Tanaka): It's amazing how he can make split-second calls and and even turn them into directions for other players.

Voice: It's in the air!

Voice: Asahi-san!
Voice: Back attack!!


Goshiki: Gha!
Tendou: Tsutomu!

(Tsuki): One more time.

Gata: Hit it over!


(Daichi): He's gonna spike.

(Taki): That's 3 in a row to Ushiwaka...!


(Tsuki): It hit the tape...!

Ukai: Alriiight!
Takeda: Now's our chance...!

(Tanaka): Dammit, my legs feel heavy...!!


(Tanaka): Don't give out now, legs!!

(Tanaka): I'm gonna
(Tanaka): hit it.

(Shou): Tsukishima's

(Shou): doing a broad attack?!


(Tendou): It's a bluff.

(Tsuki): He saw through it, but
(Tsuki): I netted us a few extra milliseconds.

Tanaka: GHAA!

Suga: Br-



Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
Box: Karasuno High School, match point


Shiratorizawa Academy
2nd Time-out
white sfx: Tweeeet
Crowd: Woah, seriously?

Iwa: Karasuno really is omnivorous.
Iwa: That's the first time I've seen glasses guy do a broad attack.
small text: Even if it was a decoy.

Oikawa: It wouldn't be easy for us to abandon our highly-perfected time differential attacks,
Oikawa: and Shiratorizawa won't deviate from their standard style of individual strength.
Oikawa: That's how we've become champions.

Oikawa: However, Karasuno probably doesn't have a "play style they need to maintain."
Oikawa: They probably had one back during their "champion" era, though.

Oikawa: That's why they don't hesitate to seek out new methods.
half-hidden text: Read blocking can't catch this!!
Oikawa: They've even thrown away that miraculously superhuman quick set in favor of something new.


Oikawa: The traditional, steady Shiratorizawa

Oikawa: and the fresh, reckless Karasuno.

Oikawa: I'll be pissed no matter who wins, so they should both just lose.
Iwa: You're such an asshole.

white sfx: Sluuurp


Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!
Shimada: They must all be on their last legs.

Shimada: Ushiwaka's been spiking a lot, so it's only natural he would be, but
Shimada: in Karasuno's case, their offense involves lots of approach runs.
Crowd: Shiratorizawa!

right: Go!
left: Synchronized attack!!
Shimada: From a viewer's perspective, it might seem like they're using a lot of unnecessary movements, but
Shimada: how to slip through Shiratorizawa's blockers is the biggest factor in Karasuno's attacks.

Shimada: Tanaka, Azumane, and Sawamura, who've been playing without rest this whole time, have likely surpassed their limits already.


(Ukai): Ushijima's scored about 40 points.
(Ukai): He's singlehandedly responsible for about half their points... even though we've had him completely marked and he's had a lot of hard-to-hit tosses.

(Ukai): I knew it already.
(Ukai): I knew it, but even so

(Ukai): Ushijima Wakatoshi is really something else.
Shirabu: Ushijima-san,

Shirabu: when you said "toss to me no matter the circumstances,"

Shirabu: you meant so long as you're
Shirabu: in usable shape, right?

Semi: Hey! I've got no idea what you're saying, but why the heck are you talking to him like that?!


Ushi: That's right.

white sfx: Tweet

Ushi: Let's go.


Daichi: If volleyball were a game of one-on-one, we wouldn't be able to beat Shiratorizawa.

Daichi: They're superior to us in height and individual offensive power.

Daichi: But there are 6 people on the court.

Daichi: We won't win
Daichi: due to some miracle.

Daichi: Our goal hasn't changed.
Daichi: We're gonna win this battle.


(Ukai): Both sides have used up their time-outs.

(Ukai): The next time you step off the court,

(Ukai/Washi): come back victorious.

left: There's no turning back from this battlefield!!!

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