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Haikyuu!! 188

A Battle of Philosophies

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 14, 2016 00:28 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 188


Tendou: Jump for it, Taichi!!!

Tsuki: Do it!!

(Shou): Minus tempo
(Shou): back attack!!

left: The final play!!!

bottom: Haikyuu!! | Furudate Haruichi

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa


Ushi: Shirabu!

Tsuki: Straight spike!!

Yachi: Hinata...!!


Shou: Gh...!
Tanaka: Ngh!

Shou: Tanaka-san...!

Tanaka: Kageyama, last hit's yours!!
Tanaka: You okay, Hinata?!
Shou: Yug.

Goshiki: It's in!
(Gata/Shirabu): They just had to send it over there, didn't they...!


(Shirabu): There's no
(Shirabu): room for
(Shirabu): hesitation.

Shirabu: Ushijima-san!

Goshiki: Follow-up!!
(Goshiki): It's frustrating that I'm not the one getting this toss,
(Goshiki): But

(Goshiki): the fact that I'm even looking forward to his spike
(Goshiki): is equally frustrating.

(Tsuki): Here it comes.
Tsuki: We'll block it.


Daichi: Ngh!
Tsuki: And...

(Washi): It's the first time
(Washi): today that they've

(Washi): closed him out of a straight
Tsuki: Now!
(Washi): using 3 blockers...!

Tsuki: About our 3-man blocks...
Tanaka: The cold shoulder, huh.

Tsuki: All this time, we've been closing him out of cross-court spikes, but
top label: Cross
left label: Staight
Tsuki: on the very last play, let's close him out of the straight.


(Tsuki): I'm betting the entire set,
(Tsuki): and maybe even more than that, on
(Tsuki): this "trap."

(Tsuki): The dozens of times today we've jumped as a 3-man block
(Tsuki): have always created a clear path for a straight spike.
(Tsuki): The timing is on point, and we never let him hit from "above" us,
(Tsuki): so the only spike he can comfortably hit is a straight.

(Tsuki): Ushiwaka is
(Tsuki): well aware of all that.


(Ukai): He managed to hit it cross-court at the last second,
(Ukai): even though his form was out of whack...!


(Shou): ...Dammit.
(Shou): Dammit.

(Shou): Dammit,
(Shou): he's so cool...!!!


Kawa: They're definitely gonna hit it!!

Daichi: Asahi, last hit!!


Tanaka: Hrg...!

(Tanaka): Free

(Tanaka): ball...!!

Kawa: Watch for #10!!


(Tendou): He isn't dashing up here...?!

(Shou): Slow my tempo down
(Shou): from minus to 1st, and then

(Shou): join in.

Tendou: Damn you...!

(Team): No one on defense!! 3-blockers vs. 5-spikers in a
(Team): full team 1st tempo synchronized attack!!!


(Gramps): Volleyball is a game of "height", where it's obvious that strength comes with being tall.
(Gramps): There is also strength in bringing each "individual" to his peak,
(Gramps): and in searching for new battle strategies.
(Gramps): That's precisely why so many varieties of offense and defense exist today.

(Gramps): "Strength" actually means diversity.

(Gramps): The famous
(Gramps): volleyball coach Arie Selinger once said

(quote): "there is no reason to not believe that advancement and revolution will come in the future."


top: Chapter 188: A Battle of Philosophies

Scoreboard: Karasuno

Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa
white sfx: TWEEET
Box: End of the match

Box: Set count | 3 (Karasuno) - 2 (Shiratorizawa) | {numbers go here}
left: The fierce battle has ended!!! Next issue, we have lead color!!!
Box: Winner: Karasuno High School

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