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Haikyuu!! 189

Declaration of War, Part 2

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 14, 2016 00:28 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 189

[p000 (cover)]

black text: To a new stage...
large blue text: Fly, Karasuno!!
dark blue text: Lead color commemorating Karasuno High School advancing to the nationals!!
red text: Haikyuu!!


top: Lead color!! Haikyuu!!
Box: Match over
large sfx: TWEEET

Set Count
3 (Karasuno) - 2 (Shiratorizawa)
{numbers go here}
Scoreboard: Karasuno | Shiratorizawa

left: At last, at last, at last...!!

Box: Winner: Karasuno High School


red text: Once again, the crows
red text: take to the national skies!!

(bottom right):
(sorry, the starred text above the logo is way too small for me to read)
Chapter 189: Declaration of War, Part 2
Furudate Haruichi

bottom left: The manga continues on page 31!!


Sideburns: Uo-
Sideburns: ooh...
right: The desperate struggle is at an end!!

Crowd: WOAAAHHH?!!

Crowd: No way!
Crowd: Seriously?!

Aki: Hey! That's my little bro! The one with the glasses!

Michi: ...They did it...
Michi: Aahh...
Michi: They really did it.


Voice: Karasuno
Voice: is going on to the

Voice: Spring High Nationals...!!!

Tendou: There goes my paradise.


Tobio: Hey, we're lining up.
Shou: ...I-
Shou: I can't stand.

Teams: Thank you for the game!!

Semi: That was nuts...!

banner: We are the strong


Oikawa: Can't that Ushiwaka bastard look more frustrated over this?

Washi: ...Karasuno's #10 is about the same height as me, isn't he...
Man: ? Oh, yeah, I guess.
Washi: Well, he'll probably grow taller...

Washi: The higher he sets his sights, though,

Washi: the tougher things will be.
Asahi: Sorry, Hinata. we tried to close him out of the straight, but we weren't fast enough...
Asahi: You okay?
Shou: Completely!
Tobio: You were pretty much able to narrow down the ball's course, so even this guy could receive it.
Tobio: ...No, make that get hit by it.
Shou: Don't put it like that!!

Iwa: ...Kageyama
Iwa: sure did a good job out there...
Oikawa: ...You noticed it too?


Oikawa: When
Oikawa: that glasses kid returned, he probably gave them some sort of blocking instructions.
Oikawa: Likely "block Ushiwaka out of a straight", I guess?

Oikawa: That's why Tobio immediately switched places with shorty after the serve, so he'd be there to receive a cross-court spike.
Tobio: Hinata, switch.
Shou: Hogya?!
Oikawa: Nishinoya-kun was off-court, after all.

Iwa: And then the dreaded last-second return toss.
Iwa: As expected of your pupil.
Oikawa: He's no pupil of mine!!

Oikawa: And to top it all off...
Oikawa: He "matched" the rhythm of all those unorthodox plays shorty pulled off.
Oikawa: He's so perceptive, it pisses me off.

Iwa: Well...
Iwa: What led to that "good job" was
Iwa: the 1st year glasses guy's blocking, though.


Oikawa: Still,

Oikawa: a spiker like shorty makes you want to try tossing to him.
Oikawa: He's got Tobio wrapped around his little finger.

Oikawa: Oookay, time to head back!!

Takeda: Guys...!
Takeda: Well done...!!

Ukai: Sawamura...!
Ukai: Good job...
Ukai: Good job pulling off that 3-man block at the end...!
small text: Not to mention the receive afterward!

Noya: Even if it feels like your thigh muscles are ripping apart,
Noya: I'm counting on you guys for the aerial battles.
Daichi: ...I made a promise.


Ukai: Tsukishima!!!

Ukai: Whatever anyone says,
Ukai: you're the MVP of the day!!

Tanaka: I'm usually the MVP, but I'll let you have it this time, Tsukishima.
Ukai: You're basically the MVP for mental strength.

Reon: ...Shirabu,
Reon: you alright?
Shirabu: Ah.
Shirabu: Yeah.

Shirabu: My head's a bit of a mess,
Shirabu: and I just can't believe we lost.

Reon: Well... I don't think any of us ever thought we'd lose.


Washi: If you play a feckless game, I'll make you run all the way back to school from here, got it!!

Washi: We'll have a meeting when we get back, so

Washi: hop on the bus once the award ceremony's over.

Washi: ...And after that, I'll expect 100 serves from you.

Box: Shiratorizawa Academy, eliminated in the finals of the Miyagi Prefecture Spring High Representative Playoffs

Tendou: ...Wakatoshi-kun,
Tendou: you really got worked up at the end there, huh?

Ushi: Shirabu!

Tendou: Usually, you'd pull yourself together or let somebody else handle it.
Tendou: They didn't block it, but I was deathly afraid they would.


Ushi: ...I wanted to say "I'm stronger than you" to him.

Ushi: It might be childish,
Ushi: but I still
Ushi: wanted to say it.

Tendou: It's not all that childish. It's what was driving you.
Tendou: ...That was a nice straight back there.
Tendou: It was like I was seeing a whole new side of you.

Tendou: Anyway, I'm giving up on volleyball after high school.
Tendou: When I see you on TV after you've hit it big, I'll brag about how "I was close friends with Ushijima", so work hard, 'kay?
Ushi: ...Sure.
Tendou: And then in documentaries and stuff, they can interview me as an "old friend."
Ushi: Sure.


Ushi: "Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio,
Ushi: who sprouted from concrete."

Ushi: Next time,
Ushi: I'm going to beat you.

Shou: We're definitely gonna make it all the way to the same stage, you just watch!!!
Tobio: I'm definitely gonna make you say that I'm better than Oikawa-san!!!


(Izumi/Kouji): What the heck are you, Shou-chan...?!


Yama: Tsukki? The award ceremony's starting.

Tsuki: I said I'd stop "however many" I could,
Tsuki: and yet all I managed was one.
Tsuki: Just one, across five sets.

Tsuki: How la-
Tsuki: No way in hell is that lame, you moron!

Tsuki: Mor-?!

Yama: This is no time for self-pity. We're going to the nationals!
Yama: ...but before that, the award ceremony!


Announcer: We praise both schools' hard work, and wish for Karasuno's success in the Spring High School Volleyball Nationals Competition held in January.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, let's have another hearty round of applause.

(Team): We're doing this.

(Team): We're going

(Team): to the Spring High...!!!


sign: Shop closed

Clerk: Oh my, dear me...

Ukai: Recently, I saw a relative's 1-year old end up like that...

Ukai: Eat or sleep, choose one!

sfx bubble: Caw!


Box: Sumida City Gymnasium, Tokyo
small text: In collaboration with the Sumida City Gymnasium

Box: The Spring High Volleyball

left: And now the stage shifts to the Tokyo preliminaries!!!

Box: Tokyo Representative Playoffs Finals

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