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Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden 10

Kyuujiu reveals the next target.

+ posted by maguregumo as translation on Jul 18, 2009 04:28 | Go to Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden

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Reserved for I Eat Manga
Proofread by NodakaHyuuga

//Akaboshi-Ibun Suikoden Chapter10//

[left note]
An Herculean girl appeared!!

Kosanjou: I’m telling you that I am frail and beautiful like a “flower of “Malus Halliana” // that would be broken by one touch!!
TLnote: Malus Halliana is a kind of flower that's originally from China.

Kosanjou: So this is some kind of mistake!!
They: …
1 of them: …

Rinchuu: …Whew. // She’s obviously missing a bit of THAT.

Kosanjou: What!? Do you think my boobs are not big enough!? // Shut your mouth!!
Rinchuu: Nope, I mean your intelligence!
Taisou: Nope, neither of those!
Suiren: …

Suiren: …They say that’s still small then what about mine…
Suiren sfx: Flat / Flat.

Kosanjou: Well, I got things to do so, I should go now. {small note: Thanks for worrying about me!} // I’m Kosanjou! / I feel like we’ll meet somewhere again!

Suiren: …What was that person…?
Taisou: Many people’re like that in spring!
Rinchuu: It’s already early summer!!

Kaoshou: Falling~Star---.

Kaoshou: Hi-ya.
Suiren: Whoa.

Kaoshou: Good work with the task!! // Come to Juujiha with that guy!!

Suiren: Kaoshou-san!?
Taisou: Eh?

Kaoshou: Boss is waiting for you.
Taisou: …

[middle note]
Summer! Beach! Vacation!!
[foot note]
Chapter 10 Kyuujiu reveals the next target.
TLnote: Kyuujiu=Timely Rain

[top sq note]
--Mou-Shuu Juujiha--
TLnote: Mou-Province
Outeiroku: Brotheeeer!

Outeiroku: Welgume bagghh--.
Taisou: Hmph.
TLnote: Outeiroku is saying “welcome back” but literally that’s how it is written in Japanese. Coz he got hit while he says it.

Taisou: How annoying!

Ryuutou: Bastard Taiso—u. / My grudge for you having shaved off my eyebrow…I mean…! // You’re the cancer of the organization!! Prepare yourself!!!

Ryuutou back note: Dam

Ryuutou back note: mi

Ryuutou back note: t---.

Outeiroku: Wow. / Ryuutou, your eyebrow got shaved again!! // The one he did to me was a “love whip”!!
Ryuutou: Shuddup you got thrown too, Outeiroku!!!

Sonjijou: Hi Falling Star boy!

Sonjijou: Welcome back♥ // Your elder sister was worrying about you♥ {small text: Hmph}

Sonjijou: Ah♥

Taisou: Don’t do that or I’ll milk you next time cow-boob-woman!!!
Suiren thought: You milk her!!?
Sonjijou: Don’t be so shy. {small note: uhuhu.}

Tiger: Rustle..
Sonjijou: ?

Sonjijou: Oh♥
Tiger: Bu----.
Suiren: Master-saaan!!!

Shoukei: Hi, welcome back Taisou. // By the way, these are the bills for your deficit spending---.
Taisou thought: SHINKOUENRYUU.

Shoukei: Gyaahh, what have you done--!!?

Suiren: …Huh? Where’s Rinchuu-san?

Suiren thought: Gyaaaaah!!! {small note: Rinchuu-sa---n.}
TLnote: Rinchuu’s drink was spiked with paralyzing drug.

Sonjijou: You shouldn’t trust people so easily little boy!
Chousei: It may be too much for a mischief-making punk.
Rinchuu: …

Kaoshou: Bhahaha. You guys are having fun.

=right page=
Chousei: How could you get into her boobs! {small note: perverted cat!!}
Tiger: Bu---.
Outeiroku: Bro~~!! {small note: let’s play!}
Sonjijou: Uhuhu. {small note: so cute!}
Ryuutou: Esoteric “Brain Splitting”!!! / Die. Ugh!
Shoukei: Whoa—h.
=left page=
Kaoshou: I want to play too!!
Suiren: …{small note: what mass chaos!}

Boss: It's good that you guys are so lively.

Ryuutou: Bo, / Boss!!!

Suiren thought: …This person is the “Taiten Gyudou”’s…

[sq foot note]
Timely Rain

Soukou: Welcome back Taisou. // It seems that you couldn’t bring Oushin here with you though.

Ryuutou: So you couldn’t fulfill the task. You useless fart… // …Yes.
Soukou: Be quiet Ryuutou.

Taisou: …A failure is a failure. I accept any punishment!

Soukou: …You never listen to others advice. / You hurt people who you don’t like. // I can’t keep quiet and forgive you.

Suiren thought: That was just a 「slap」though!!?

Soukou: It’s good that you have faith in yourself…

Soukou: However, Taisou.

Soukou: Don’t hasten to your death.

Taisou: …!

Soukou: You can’t forgive yourself still…// It looks like you're hurting others but actually, you’re hurting yourself right?

Taisou: Let go of me!!

Taisou: Listen up. I’m only using Taiten to fulfill my own purpose!! // When it’s done, I’ll fucking crush this organization!!!

Soukou: Okay. I’m looking forward to the day you do it. // As long as this country is filled with peace, there’s no need for “Taiten”.

Taisou: …

Taisou: --Tch. Whatever. // I don’t feel good when I talk to you!!

Suiren: …

Soukou: You must be Rinchuu, the Panther Head. / I’m Soukou.

Soukou: You must be worrying about Oushin’s safety but, / he’s fine. // Our man reported me that he’s harbored in Shika village.

Rinchuu: …Phew.

Soukou: It’s such a pity that I couldn’t get to meet him.

Soukou: Anyway, I’m glad that we saved you and your father. {small note: I knew something like this was about to happen so}

Rinchuu: …You misunderstand one thing…Oushin-sama is not…
Soukou: It’s not only by blood relation that we call people parents and kids.

Soukou: I treat every member of this Taitengyoudou // as my precious family.

Soukou sfx: shake // shake / shake
They: Boss----!!!
TLnote: Soukou’s drink was spiked too.

Chousei: YOU!!

Rinchuu: B…but you wanted Oushin-sama didn’t you?
Soukou: Ah, don’t worry about it!
TLnote: Chousei is giving some antidote to Soukou.

Soukou: Because we have // a REPLACEMENT!

Rinchuu back note: A replacement?

Kaoshou: There’re many reasons why we wanted Oushin so badly but…// mostly, we wanted his status as / “the strongest man in China”.

Kaoshou: However, Rinchuu, you too / are well-known as the “Panther Head”… // On top of that when they know that you’re chased by the country as a criminal, / THEY will have to let you into the mountain!

Rinchuu: They?
Taisou: Into the mountain?

Soukou: Your next task is to get us a stronghold. // Taisou…head toward the northeast with Rinchuu.

Soukou: Ryōzanpaku, that is the gigantic den of bandits, // the impregnable mountain fortress that was made by nature!!

Soukou: We’re going to take it over and // make it Taitengyoudou’s stronghold.

Shuki: What a shame~. You’re disqualified!! // Did you expect to get into the mountain with your ability?

Shuki: Don’t look down on the well-known face of Ryōzanpaku.

Shuki: Uh--, but yeah whatever. I don’t really care actually.
[bottom sq note]
The Fourth head of Ryōzanpaku.
Dry Land Crocodile
[foot note]
Such a bold man is an executive of Ryōzanpaku!! Is the collision inevitable!?

TLnote: the last [bottom sq note] I wrote #The Fourth head of Ryōzanpaku.
I mean he is not the top and only head of this mountain. There’re 3 other guys higher position than him. (like the head, 2nd head, 3rd head and then this guy)
My question is, that is there any better way to say it??

Edit: NodakaHyuuga told me to leave it as is.

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