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Kimi ni Todoke 34

Episode 34

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Oct 20, 2009 09:27 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

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Episode 34

[Text Right] I felt their presence. And for a split second, I felt as if time had stopped.

Miura: I'm happy for you, / Sadako-chan. // You're completely one of the class now!

[Summary & Main Cast]
- Kazetani Shouta→
- ←Kuronuma Sawako 16 years old, High School Sophmore
[Sawako Text] Nicknamed Sadako. People fear her to have a sixth sense because of her super gloomy looks. However, her motto is "One good deed a day". Has a crush on Kazehaya.
[Kazehaya Text] Is popular in his class for his refreshing demeanor and his kindness to all his classmates. Can't help but be particularly aware of Sawako.
☆ This is Sawako. I wasn't able to communicate with my classmates, but ever since the seat change put Kazehaya-kun next to me, my world has changed for the better. ☆ Right now, Kazehaya-kun is "Someone I like". I keep hoping for "more", but wasn't even able to hand him my chocolate. ☆ I have become a Sophmore. I am currently sitting next to the very outgoing Miura-kun. ☆ I am very happy that I'm in the same class as Kazetani-kun. ☆ After school, Kazehaya said to me "I'd assumed that I was the closest guy to you in the class... but was that just wishful thinking?". Even though he is the closet to me, I couldn't say because it would hold a special meaning. ☆ With the mid-term tests coming up, Miura-kun suggested that I hold a study period! Kazehaya-kun came too. ☆ And afterwards, Kazehaya-kun said to me "You don't have to trouble yourself with what I said the other day... just forget it." I keep thinking of all the things I should have said. ☆ Seeing that I haven't been able to talk much with Kazehaya-kun lately, Ayane-chan told me that if I wanted things to change, I had to make the change happen. I guess I'm not the only one that's scared. ☆ I feel that the distance between between me and Kazehaya-kun has grown bigger than before. When I was watering the flowerbed, Miura-kun started talking to me...

[Yano Ayane]
Is calm and usually the one to point things out.

[Yoshida Chizuru]
Is very maternal and passionate about people.

[Sanada Ryu]
In the Baseball Club. Has feelings for Chizuru.

[Arai Kazuichi]
Teacher. Quite full of himself. Nicknamed "Pin".

[Miura Kento]
Has interest in Sawako!? Is light and cheery.

Sawako: ...One of the class!? // [thought] Me!?
- Flashbacks
Sawako: [thought] .... This is....!! // The.... // thing I've been dreaming about...!!
- To be one of the class...!!
Miura: Haha / What, you just realized that now? / You don't have to think of yourself as the "oddball of the class" anymore.

Miura: You're doing great, even without Kazehaya's help!
SFX: Start
Miura: ..... / Aren't you happy? // Did you want to continue to be the oddball and have Kazehaya look after you?

Sawako: ....No...... // [thought] - It was always my goal, // It was always my dream, // Always // To be one of the class. // - But.
[Flashbacks] "Kuronuma!" // "Kuronuma!!"

- "Kazehaya" can't leave oddballs alone!
[thought] He always // talked to me so naturally, // .... that I had forgotten the most important things.....
- "And you're so easily cared for by Kazehaya-kun just because you're gloomy!"
Sawako: ...... / That's only because I'm gloomy....
Miura: Ah- / I guess that's true-!
SFX: Stab
Sawako: [thought] I'm happy, but shocked at the same time.

Sawako: [though] And I'm supposed to have been idolizing that part of Kazehaya-kun.
Miura: It's not a surprise that you misunderstood things. // Considering you were treated in such a way by Kazehaya.
Sawako: [thought] What!? / He saw right through!! / My thoughts!!
SFX: UWAAA~!! // He's an Esper! My instructor!! // Ahhhhh...
Miura: I'm sure Kazehaya didn't mean any harm. // But I have to say it was a bit insensitive of him.
Sawako: N- / Not at all!!

Sawako: Kazehaya-kun is equal to everyone! / He's so bright! / And refreshing!! // He even greeted me with a smile everyday! // ...When I talked about my feelings, / He believed me... // ...That's why.... / Kazehaya-kun was the first person that ever made the wall disappear...
Sawako: [thought] That's right. // That's why I ended up liking him. // But still, // I // Can't seem to be satisfied with just that, anymore.

Sawako: [thought] So much that, // I can't believe myself.
Sawako: It was me that... / ...misunderstood things....
Miura: You knew it was a misunderstanding...?
Sawako: Ah, please no more!! / If I say anymore, I'm just going to sadden myself!!
Sawako: [outside box] Please forgive me!!
Miura: I see-
[out of bubble] Well, I knew I'd eventually have to set things straight...
Miura: ....Poor her. / You're a cruel man, Kazehaya. // ...You know!
[out of bubble] Standing up for him so earnestly...
Miura: Don't you think it really would be better not to get close to Kazehaya anymore?

Sawako: ........ / Huh!?
Miura: Don't you think that'd be best for both of you?
Sawako: B-but I was told the opposite by Ayane-chan... / What... for the both of us?
Miura: Yeah, for the both of you! // Sadako-chan needs to be able to stand on your own two feet and enjoy adolescence! // And Kazehaya's fulfilled his role so he's freed as well! // Sadako-chan.
SFX: Um, um...

Miura: Kazehaya, / has someone he likes, you know. // I wasn't sure if I should tell you but... // You shouldn't have to be troubled by Kazehaya anymore.
[back text] - "I have been,"

[back text] "Long since been turned down anyway."
Kurumi: I don't want to cause trouble for Kazehaya. // That's why I need to like, just start over from zero! / I'll find a new love and everything!
Miura: There will be loads of fun stuff n the future...
SFX: Stand up
Miura: Er? // Hey, / Sadako-chan!? // [out of box] Yoohoo
SFX: wobble wobble
Miura: Where are you go...
SFX: Pat!

Miura: ....Sadako-chan...
[backtext] ... There was someone... // There really was someone he liked...
SFX: hahaha
Miura: Eh- / A joke, for real! / Were you really that serious about it!? / [out of box] Uh, sorry, sorry!
Miura: I didn't intend to make you cry~! / There's gotta be someone more suited for you, Sadako-chan...
Sawako: Ngh.

Miura: It's- / It's alright! // Here now, smile your pretty smile!! // You can do it! You're not bad at all!!
SFX: drip drip
[back text] ... the tears won't stop. // "You just have to do something about it yourself, Sawako."
[box] ...Ayane-chan... / Maybe it is impossible for me.
[back text] "I don't wanna cause trouble."
[box] ...I... all this time... / I've been relying on Kazehaya-kun too much.

[box] The time really has come. // I had been trying not to face the facts.
Miura: It's okay, it really is! / You should have more confidence in yourself!
SFX: pat pat / Right!!
Miura: There are loads of guys out there! // ....then, wanna go with me?

Miura: I'm, / Okay with it. // If it's you, Sadako-chan.
SFX: Rustle.


Kazehaya: What the heck are you doing!?
Miura: Eh?? / I'm not-
SFX: surprised
Kazehaya: What are you making her cry for!?
Sawako: Ah!?

Miura: I'm really sorry, Sadako-chan.
Sawako: EH!? / No, you've done nothing wrong, instructor. / In fact, you were trying to cheer me up....
SFX: dribble
[box] ...Both // Both of them, / they're being so attentative~!!
Sawako: It's really no ones fault, / but I'm just~~~~!!
Miura: Shoot / [out of box] There she goes...
Kazeyaha: Then why...
Miura: Now, now!

Miura: Just leave it for now. What's with you so suddenly? / And just when she was praising you for being bright and equal and refreshing, too.
Kazehaya: Equal...?
SFX: Rustle
- Ah!

- It's Kazehaya-! // [outside box] He~y! / Ahaha
- What're you guys, / doing....
- Kazehaya (Angry?)
- Easy Guy? / Oh~ you're from the next class!
- Sadako!! (crying)

SFX: Silence / Don't tell us...
- ...Don't tell us it's a tug-of-war!! / Ahahaha, couldn't be!!
- What, you fighting over Sadako, Kazehaya? / Haha, just kidding!! Ahaha
- You're so popular, Sadako, being fought over by two guys!!
Sawako: Such... such a joke....! / I don't see the humor...

Kazehaya: That's right.

- Eh.
- What'd you say, Kazehaya? / You like Sadako?
Kazehaya: I do.
SFX: Ah....

Kazehaya: I like Kuronuma.

[Will Continue]
- Next chapter. "Kimi Ni Todoke" is taking a break, but we'll be presenting you a mini fan book. "Kimi Ni Todoke" will be back in the 12th edition in stores 11/13!

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2009

Congratulations on what appears to be your first translation here! Good luck with your future work.
#2. by Liila ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2010
I just read the chapter that you translated.. xD I dont know where that guy came from.. but still loved the chapter! could you translate the other chapter? or tell me what happens? Im so curious.. and so excited about how things turned! :D

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