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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 6

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Dec 18, 2009 18:10 | Go to DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI

-> RTS Page for DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 6


OnoD: Who cares about winning or losing?
OnoD: Sorry to be blunt, but that's really low of you, HiroC.
OnoS: Right now, you don't deserve to wear that uniform.
HiroC: ...Why...
HiroC: Why are you talking like that too...!!??
sfx: GRAB
[OnoD's words are merciless...]


- A cold winter is here!
- Read "DGS" and hustle, hustle!


HiroC: .....Nn-
OnoD: "How heavy a worry is shouldn't be measured by others."
OnoD: "To do our best to put a smile on the girl's face," / "is what Hibiki does".
OnoD: HiroC was the one that said those words to me!
OnoD: (Flashback): - I kind of expected "Hibiki" to do more impressive things.
HiroC: Hmm?
OnoD: I mean-
OnoD: You say this is a secret organization, but all the commissions we get lack the dynamic factor~ / And today...
sfx: Rip
OnoD: I thought we were investigating ghosts, and it turned out we were asked to fix a broken copy machine.
HiroC: OnoD.


HiroC: I've said it many times,
sfx: MEOW
HiroC: Nya-san, wave by yourself!
HiroC: Troubles cannot be measured in size. / And besides, that's not for someone like us to decide.
HiroC: Sorry, sorry.
sfx: flap
HiroC: Even if it might be a worry that sounds ridiculous to others...
sfx: munch munch
HiroC: ...if it fills that person's heart, then it should be considered.
OnoD: (End Flashback) - I know you really do want to help people...
OnoD: The person who taught me what "Hibiki" was, / when I was clueless-
OnoD: -it wasn't any random person...
OnoD: It was you, HiroC.
OnoD: If you throw those morals away,
sfx: touch


OnoD: then that's when
OnoD: we really lose the right to wear these uniforms.
sfx: let go
HiroC: ...How pitiful...
sfx: thump
OnoD: Eh?
HiroC: I'm saying it's pitiful / that now I'm being told those words by a kouhai like you...
- "No matter what the worry may be, we will put forth our effort to help the girl" ...is it?


HiroC: I'm sorry, Tsukasa...
sfx: startle
HiroC: ...I'm sorry I said something so awful, / when you were kind enough to rely on us...
HiroC: It would be wrong of us...
HiroC: Of our "Hibiki",
HiroC: if we were the ones to take away your smile.
HiroC: Thanks... OnoD...
sfx: extend
HiroC: For our one and only beloved lady!
HiroC: That is...


sfx: punch
HiroC: Dear Girl~Stores~ Hibiki,
HiroC: right?
HiroC: Tsukasa! We're gonna drill you like mad for the last week - you'd better be prepared! / Er-
sfx: quiver quiver
HiroC: H-Huh...?
OnoD: Tsukasa-chan!?
Tsukasa: I... I thought you two would break out into a fist fight... and I didn't know what to do...
sfx: flustered / panic
HiroC: We scared you didn't we? I'm sorry! / But it happens all the time! It's okay!
OnoD: What!? It doesn't happen all the time!!!
HiroC: Idiot! Go along with me at a time like this!!


Teammate: Tsukasa!!
sfx: kick
sfx: whistle
OnoD: Tsukasa-chan's team won!
OnoD: She looks so incredibly happy.
HiroC: *sigh* But we ended up losing.


OnoD: It's not over yet! / There's the chance that "Black Hibiki" wasn't able to help out a single person...
sfx: open
HiroC: I highly doubt that. / It's time, let's go.
OnoD: ...But,
OnoD: I think this was best for us, in the end.
OnoD: This is the result of us not bending our morals!
HiroC: I guess you're right.
HiroC: At least,
HiroC: we were able to protect Tsukasa's smile.
OnoD: Ah~... I wonder if this was our last mission...
OnoD: I wanted to be with Hiro a little longer~
HiroC: I'm relieved I won't have to babysit you anymore.
OnoD: What!? This is the end. You could be a little more 'dere' for me...
HiroC: I thought you said you didn't need 'dere'?


sfx: wind blowing
sfx: bam
sfx: bam
Suwa: Ah-
Suwa: Now then.


Suwa: The time has come to finish the battle.
BH: Wahaha! / I'll praise you for not chickening out!
BH: But in the end, it was all a farce.
BH: You foolish dwarfs shall writhe in agony.
sfx: tada
BH: Even if thou shalt cover thy ears, the resounding sound of thy grave of death is as good as the bell of dawn that we ring with these hands.
OnoD: What's with those words and that pose...
OnoD: Like I said, I have no idea what you mean.
Suwa: Now, I will announce the results.
Suwa: The winners will continue on as "Hibiki", / understood?


Suwa: The number of commissions solved by "Black Hibiki" is- / four. Four ladies.
sfx: clench...
Suwa: And the number of commissions that "Hibiki" solved was...
Suwa: ...One.
sfx: tap
Suwa: The winner is-
Suwa: HiroC and OnoD's "Hibiki".
HiroC: Wh... eh? Why?
OnoD: It's about as bizarre as how bizarre our different guesses were!!
OnoD: How can that be!? No matter how you look at it, the difference is obvious...
Suwa: Just listen.


Suwa: Indeed, the number of commissions you solved was one...
sfx: fluff
Suwa: However,
Suwa: But did you really only help one soul in the process?
sfx: Meow
HiroC: An!?
HiroC: What are you carrying...
sfx: rustle
HiroC: It's an email that was sent to the organization.
sfx: realize

The email:
Subject: This is Tsukasa.
Dear HiroC & OnoD,
We finished our soccer match today!
It was our first victory!
It's all thanks to the both of you!
Thank so very much!
I wanted to thank you directly in person, but I didn't see you guys after the match, so I'm sending this email instead.
I have photos of the match, so I'll send them too!
These are my precious teammates! Five members on the team

Suwa: Didn't I say it at the beginning?


Suwa: "The one to help the most number of ladies is the winner".
Suwa: There are times, / when just one person's smile can make a whole chain of people happy.
sfx: jump
HiroC: Huh...?
BH: It may be true that "Hibiki" can only help out one person at a time,
BH: but that doesn't necessarily mean, / that you can only help one person.
HiroC: Eh...?


BH: If you bring one lady a smile, and she's able to share it with others around her, / then someday, the whole world will echo with smiles.
BH: That is why you must always focus on one person, from the bottom of your heart. / You cannot take one person for granted
sfx: lift
BH: That is our, and...
BH: Your "Hibiki"!!!


- OnoD is in complete confusion!
BH: Dammit! / And here I was, thinking we could actually take over "Hibiki".
sfx: droop
BH: It's no use. A challenge is a challenge. Let us losers make a graceful exit.
OnoD: Um...
OnoD: You've lost me for quite a while now... / Who the heck are you guys...?
BH: Mm? Ah, right. We never introduced ourselves properly. / We are-
BH: The previous members of "Hibiki".


sfx: blank stares
HiroC: Then that makes the two of you... / our sempai...!?
HiroC: Why did it end up like this...
OnoD: Hey!!
OnoD: Explain, pervert!!
OnoD: It's all your doing anyway, right!!?
Suwa: Ngh
BH: You're wrong to blame the Commander in Chief, OnoD.
OnoD: What do you...
BH: The answer is within yourselves.
BH: We acted upon our own will.
BH: We did it in order to save our little kouhai from forgetting the whole purpose of "Hibiki".
BH: Well, even though it was for entertainment, it was fun!
BH: We even got to work as "Hibiki" again.
BH: We're still in great shape to do this stuff♪ *snicker*
OnoD: By 'previous members of "Hibiki"'...
sfx: Ah!
OnoD: Could it be that you two are... voice actors!?


Suwa: No. / the fact that you two are voice actors is a complete coincidence this time around.
sfx: appear
OnoD: Eeek!
OnoD: Geez, you scared me!!
Suwa: In "Hibiki", members are chosen by how much their occupation is able to help the ladies at the given time.
OnoD: Eh, really!?
HiroC: Then they're...
BH: You'll find out who we are someday.
sfx: jump
BH: The two of you,
BH: we know you're busy, but you'd better not slack off.
BH: Keep in mind that the one lady who you're helping is connected to ladies all around the world.


BH: ...That uniform.
BH: Don't misuse it.
BH: Don't you dare forget what "Hibiki" is shouldering... and how important it is!
BH: Adieu!
sfx: Wahaha...!
sfx: jump
OnoD: Ah, wait...!! / I still have things to ask you....
OnoD: ...Geez.
OnoD: They have their say and then take off...
OnoD: I didn't get them until the very end....
- The purpose of the uniform...
OnoD: Haaa... / A lot of things sure happened these past few weeks~


sfx: stretch
OnoD: We were thrown around by those two, / and we were nearly kicked off of "Hibiki"... / I was totally depressed just a second ago, you know?
HiroC: ...Sorry. / If only I'd kept a level head.
HiroC: It was probably because I felt in debt,
HiroC: after what happened with Ayase-chan and all...
HiroC: That smile, / we weren't able to give it to her.
HiroC: I was probably a little desperate... I'm really sorry.
OnoD: ...All's well that ends well, or something like that, right?
OnoD: And besides, I had fun.
OnoD: I was able to see a lot of HiroC's expressions~!
sfx: jab jab
OnoD: Even super sadists can look like that when they're cornered! Heh heh.


OnoD: HiroC,
OnoD: let's go home.
OnoD: To our place!
HiroC: (thought) - It'll be alright. I won't make mistakes, because I'm not alone.
HiroC: Yeah.
[A few days later.]
OnoD: Hi-
OnoD: Hi-Hi-HiroC!!!!


sfx: gasp gasp
OnoD: This is no time to be playing dead!!
HiroC: Uuuu~~~ you're too loud, OnoD~~~~ let me sleep!!!
OnoD: Take a look at this!!
sfx: toss
HiroC: Nnn~?
sfx: flip
HiroC: Whaaat?
HiroC: Are you finally on the newspaper or something....
HiroC: EH...
Newspaper: Black Rose Capsule's National Tour Starts!!!


OnoD: Those two were members of a Visual Kei band! / No wonder they looked and talked like that...
sfx: shocked
HiroC: So this is what they meant when they said we'd find out soon enough...
HiroC: Woah, national tour, it says!
OnoD: If you think about it, it means that when these two were on duty,
OnoD: they were juggling both music and "Hibiki" jobs too, right? / That's crazy...
OnoD: We need to work harder / to value our work in "Hibiki" too.
HiroC: We can't lose, / ...yeah...
sfx: ding-dong
OnoD: Oh?
OnoD: A commissioner right off the bat?


sfx: clack
Men: Hibiki-san!
sfx: bustle bustle
Men: Deliveries for you!! / Can we get your stamp?
OnoD/HiroC: Ngh!!?
OnoD: Whwhwhwh... / What's this!? Why does it suddenly look like hell in here...
sfx: shake shake
OnoD: A mountain of boxes...!!
HiroC: Hn?
HiroC, OnoD.
HiroC: It's a memo...
sfx: rustle


OnoD: ? / What is it?
OnoD: Hm, lemme see... "Dear HiroC and OnoD, we threw darts to decide how many concert goods to make, and we ended up ordering way too many☆"
sfx: quiver quiver
OnoD: "As sempai, we order you to sell off these candies and t-shirts! Good luck! Sincerely, your Black Sempai, aka Sak-kun and Non-chan♡"
sfx: crumple
HiroC: ....Don't... / increase our workload, you Black Sempai!!
- The third season... they're faced with a mystery that started in "Hibiki"!? And what is the Commander in Chief's secret and past about...? Look forward to it!!

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