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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 5

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Dec 18, 2009 18:13 | Go to DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI

-> RTS Page for DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 5


Nonchan: A week from tomorrow,
Nonchan: The one who helps the most number of ladies becomes the successor of Hibiki.
Sakkun: If and when you lose, / we'll have you hand over-
Sakkun: That uniform!


- My sound echoes most when I'm with you.
- I hope that my sound reaches you, wherever you are.


HiroC: Tsukasa, 15 yrs old, freshman in High School.
HiroC: Commission request, "to help her school club"...
OnoD: {Woah-} It's been a long time since I've seen a school ground!!
HiroC: Alright then, let's show our spirit and take this first commission on!
OnoD: Energized, are we?
HiroC: Of course.
HiroC: There's no way I'll hand over "Hibiki" to some maniacs.
sfx: grind
OnoD: You can say that again!
sfx: look around
OnoD: Anyway, where's Tsukasa-chan? / I don't see her anywhere...
sfx: hurtle


sfx: bash
sfx: run
HiroC: Hey... OnoD!?
OnoD: ...Nn / ...Ngh / ...!!
sfx: roll roll
Tsukasa: I'm so sorry!! Are you okay!? / I lost control when I was kicking against the wall...
Tsukasa: Ah!
HiroC: So you play soccer, Tsukasa?


HiroC: That's a bit unusual for a girl.
Tsukasa: It's actually Futsal. / You don't need as many people as soccer since there's five on a team.
Tsukasa: Our match is in a week.
Tsukasa: But I'm hardly athletic...
OnoD: Ah.
sfx: sit up
OnoD: You demonstrated that well with my body.
HiroC: He's come back.
Tsukasa: Sorry...
HiroC: So that's why you're practicing alone even on the days you don't have club activities.
HiroC: You're working really hard~ {I see a lot of ball marks on the wall.}
Tsukasa: I want our team to win in the next match!
Tsukasa: That's why I want you guys to help me with practice-
OnoD: If it's soccer, leave it to me!


OnoD: In my hometown, / In ancient *Kouchi, I was feared as the wild bonito!!
sfx: pop
HiroC: Are you sure they weren't mocking you...?
Tsukasa: Bonito...?
HiroC: (thought) But I guess he's right... / we have OnoD, who used to play soccer when he was little.
HiroC: (thought) This commission will be a piece of cake!
HiroC: Then what should we start with?
Tsukasa: I guess...
Tsukasa: For starters, I'd like to be able to aim my shots...
OnoD: Fear not!
OnoD: Booyah
OnoD: In ancient Kouichi, I was once feared as the **Shinkou Pear!!
HiroC: That's different from what you said a second ago.
OnoD: Right then!
sfx: stomp
TNL: *Kouchi is a prefecture in Japan (OnoD's hometown). / **OnoD is thick, and therefore has misread the name of the pear "Niitaka" as "Shinkou".


OnoD: It's time I show you what I'm made of!
sfx: Tada
OnoD: Look, look HiroC! Don't you think this *uniform design totally rocks? {Make sure you don't fall for me,}
TNL: *5x4 is a brand of deodorant in Japan. OnoD is famous for his ample armpit sweat.
HiroC: Now then... Tsukasa!
Tsukasa: Y-Yes!
HiroC: I'm not too familiar with soccer,
HiroC: but the point is, you want to be able to aim, right?
OnoD: Ah~ it's been so long since I last wore a uniform♡
Tsukasa: I guess so...?
HiroC: Then leave it to me, as I've done karate before!
sfx: whistle


sfx: fwump
OnoD: Eh?
sfx: clump
OnoD: Ehh??
OnoD: EHHH!!!?
sfx: thunk
HiroC: Okay, / the object is to aim for the ball while making sure not to kick the obstacles on the ground!
OnoD: Nonono, my ball will cease to exist.
Tsukasa: {mumble} Make sure not to kick the obstacles...
OnoD: Hey, are you listening!?
OnoD: I said...
Tsukasa: Eyes on the ball... pin-point... {mumble}
OnoD: Are you serious!!?
sfx: dash
sfx: bam


sfx: smack
Tsukasa: Woah...
Tsukasa: I shot a goal for the first time...!
OnoD: My dear boy... {Thank god you were safe...}
OnoD: Wahhh...These people are scary...
HiroC: See? It's all a matter of carefully shooting the ball!
Tsukasa: Yes!
OnoD: I'd like to be careful of this ball.
HiroC: Great, / then let's try 100 more shots!
Tsukasa: yes!
Cat: Meow!
OnoD: Wh... / EHHHHH!?
Tsukasa: Oops...
sfx: run run
OnoD: Try not to look down at the ball so much! Weave through the obstacles- / Don't hold the ball for too long- / that's right, a swift pass!


HiroC: Haaaaa
HiroC: I haven't exercised this much in a really long time.
sfx: gasp gasp gasp
OnoD: I know! / Thanks to that, I'm dripping with armpit sweat.
Tsukasa: What? I thought it was a design.
OnoD: Who would make a t-shirt with such a weird design? {Ahaha}
HiroC: {Mm...} Though you have improved a little, / it's still about one goal in every five shots...
sfx: exhale
OnoD: Hey, why'd you join the Futsal team, Tsukasa-chan?
OnoD: If you're not fond of sports much, then I'm sure there are loads of other clubs you could've joined...
Tsukasa: ...I didn't have many friends in Middle School...
Tsukasa: and when I realized it, I was always alone.
Tsukasa: I learned of Futsal when I got into High School...


Tsukasa: My sempai on the field looked sparkly almost, / as if they're having so much fun...
Tsukasa: I thought then, that team play is so awesome!
Tsukasa: I wanted to join that circle.
HiroC: But it's amazing that you were able to do something you weren't fond of!
Tsukasa: ...Well... it was fine until then.
Tsukasa: After that, the third years all left and the club barely has enough members...
Tsukasa: Because of that, someone like me had to become a Regular.
Tsukasa: Everyone tells me that there's nothing to worry about, and that I should just do my best, / but all I'm really doing is dragging everyone down...
Tsukasa: I want to fight with my teammates, and win a match!
HiroC: So you learned what sharing happiness with others is like?
HiroC: Right.
sfx: stand


HiroC: So for the final week before the match, remember what you learned today.
HiroC: Good luck on your self-training!
HiroC: (thought) That's one commission behind us.
HiroC: We have to head to our next commission now...
HiroC: Hey, get your butt of the ground OnoD, we're going!
Tsukasa: ....Eh...
OnoD: Let's rest a little~
Tsukasa: W-Wait!
sfx: grab
Tsukasa: I'm still not good enough yet! At this rate, I'll only be a burden to my team... / Please, I don't mind if it's a little at a time. Can't you stick with me until the match?
Tsukasa: I mean... / there's only a week left!!!
["...One week."]


Sakkun: You have one week left.
Sakkun: Cherish your last feast.
Sakkun: Remember, / a week from now,
Sakkun: You will no longer belong here...
HiroC: ...I'm sorry, Tsukasa.
HiroC: We're a busy with a lot of things right now. / Alright...?
Tsukasa: ...But I'm so scared. / There's no way I'll be able to win a match like this...
HiroC: Just like you have a match you can't lose, we have a match we can't lose either.


HiroC: So, we're sorry.
HiroC: You got a hang of it today, didn't you? / The rest depends on your will. If you try hard enough, you'll improve. So try it out.
Tsukasa: Wh...What do you mean, it depends on my will...?
Tsukasa: I've tried my hardest until now...
Tsukasa: And still, I'm not improving. That's why I asked you guys...
Tsukasa: I'll probably lose like this... / in the match, and even against myself...
sfx: startle
HiroC: Wh... / What are you talking about, Tsukasa? If you say that-
HiroC: We'll lose too...
sfx: yank


OnoD: So what if we lose?
HiroC: ...What?
OnoD: What's wrong with us losing to "Black Hibiki"? / I don't care about winning, when there's a girl looking so torn in front of me.
HiroC: (thought) What the heck is he saying?
HiroC: ...Are yo aware of what you're saying, OnoD...?
HiroC: Us losing would mean,
HiroC: the end of "Hibiki" for us... / How is that possible!?
HiroC: And to avoid that, we have to solve as many commissions as possible...
HiroC: We have a time limit...


HiroC: And there's no guarantee that the next commission will be as easy as this one... / that's why we have no time to lose...
OnoD: I don't care about that.
OnoD: Who care's about winning or losing?
OnoD: Sorry to be blunt, but that's really low of you, HiroC. / You don't deserve to wear that uniform right now.
HiroC: .....Nn!!!
sfx: grab
HiroC: Why are you talking like that too....!?

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